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I need a symbol that Math does not provide. What can I do?

If you have a font containing the symbol you can define a userdefined symbol.

Follow these steps:

You can now use your symbol like any other symbol by selecting it in the Symbols dialog or entering %thenameofthesymbol directly.

StarMath Truetype font set can be found on the web via one of the search engines. Prevenance is unknown but it is useful.

If you don't have the symbol try looking in the StarMath font first; it contains about 25 additional symbols.

Another source of symbols is the so-called AMS fonts of the American Mathematical society.

You can download these in Postscript type 1 format from

If you use Microsoft Windows you might prefer to download the unofficial BaKoMa Truetype versions from

Refer to the documentation distributed with the fonts for conditions of use.

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