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About The Competition

The Documentation Project/ contest is over. The judges have made the final selections from a total of 159 entries. Prizes have been generously provided by and Graham Lauder of . We hope everyone has enjoyed this contest and will be prepared for next year's, again sponsored by




1st Prize USD750

Matthias Ansorg

His Thesis kit (Template and Additions ) is, by far, the most comprehensive entry received. It makes good use of Writer features, and includes detailed instructions, and adds features for using Biblio.

2nd Prize USD300

Paul Gress

His calendar_pg.ots which makes good use of formulas, allows entries into cells and looks nice.

3rd Prize USD250

Aurélien Pocheville

His Beach.otp was judged to be most interesting .

4th Prize USD200

Michelle Williams

Her Origamiletter was judged to be the most original and aesthetic entry.

5th Prize USD200

Svatopluk Vit

His MapCharts.ots is somewhat large but is a well-executed Calc spreadsheet.

All submitted templates are available from



1st Prize USD750

Trevor Hitichings

This library contains six categories (Alpha Blocks [stackable], Bathroom, Kitchen, Misc, Stationary and Tools) with a number of 134 high quality graphics (150DPI png images with alpha transparency).

2nd Prize USD300

Andrew C. E. Dent

His Bullets collection is able to replace most of the bullets in the actual "Bullets" gallery. With alpha transparency and much higher resolution they look really "smooth" compared to the bullets used by now. It's a set of different colored bullets and even more black/white bullets for high contrast themes (accessibility).

3rd Prize USD250

Nicole Follet-Dunn

Clipart for Teachers will be quite useful to spice up school materials. They are not styled with sophisticated gradients and 3D-effects, but serve well for that purpose.

4th Prize USD200

Akira Matsumiya

Sale.otg uses text fields to enter old and new prices which are then formatted automatically.

5th Prize USD200

Gisbert Friege

His DPTC_pyramids.otg is a useful template to print out exercise sheets for primary school for teaching addition and multiplication.It's macro based and Draw is used to draw the lines of the pyramids and to print it out.

All submitted clipart is available from

We thank all participants. All contest submissions can be found at

Our contest sponsors

Our prime contest sponsor,, has committed USD$5000 to expand the number of templates in the document project repository. A panel of judges has evaluated and selected the finalists templates and collection of clipart.

OOGear is providing merchandize prizes. Thank you Graham Lauder!!

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