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About The Competition is becoming more and more widely used.'s Open Document Format (ODF) has received both OASIS and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approval--a first for an office file format--and some countries, such as Belgium and Malaysia, to name but two, will be migrating government offices to ODF. But for all the application's and format's popularity, users lack a wealth of templates and clipart. Let's change that!

Here then is the challenge: Create and submit templates and clipart as part of the competition and be eligible for a share of the cash and other awards totaling over USD$5000. (You are always welcome to send in works outside the contest as well.) Winners will be given the opportunity of including their templates in the installation sets (details on licensing below).

The Documentation Project is running this competition in conjunction with, which is generously providing the funding for the prizes. We hope this contest is but a start of others, and we also think it is a fine occasion for the community to show their support of and contribute. We are thus calling on each user of the suite to provide templates or clipart items and send these in. These will ultimately become publicly available from

Contest Duration/Deadline

The competition will run from September 20, 2006 to October 31, 2006 at 23h59EDT (GMT-4). Submissions with a received datestamp later than 23h59EDT (GMT-4) on October 31, 2006 will not be eligible. Awards and prizes will be announced on December 1, 2006.

Conditions of participation


Templates and clipart submitted to in this contest must be licenced under either the Public Document License (PDL) license or LGPL licence. These are the licenses we use for non-code works. For more information on PDL, see; on LGPL, see

Winners will also be given the opportunity to have their submissions included in installation sets available from the site. Our policy holds that all work included in the sets have copyright jointly assigned to the author and to Sun Microsystems. For more information, see and our FAQ on the issue,

Some Ideas for Templates

Business cards, letterheads, cards, memos and faxes, invoices accounting templates, newsletters, resumes, expense reports, base forms, presentation template, cd cover, spreadsheet templates, calenders... for Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress... Use text fields for folks to personalize, have areas for businesses to insert logos, create all types of useful templates for all types of home and business uses for our community to share.

Some Ideas for Clipart:

Borders, frames, decorative objects, business objects, animals, flowers, backgrounds, OO Doodads.... let your creative juices flow.

What the judges will be looking for:

How to submit templates and clipart

For each entry, use the link in the list below that describes the component with which your submission will be used, attach it to the email message and send it:

Include your name in the email message plus an explanation of what the template does. A screenshot of the work would also be appreciated but not essential. If applicable for printing products, please reference the manufacturer and product number. Licensing and other information should be included in the document properties.

Add the following text to the document properties or, for clipart, the body of the message:

  1. Your full name

  2. A working email address

  3. Your full address including city, state/province, postal code and country

  4. License: PDL or LGPL

  5. The following declaration:

    "I confirm that I am the sole author of this template or graphic. This work is created from my own ideas and materials. No third party license or materials are included that will affect licensing under the Public Document License (PDL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Furthermore I confirm that I am entitled to place the submitted template or graphic under this license."


For more information, please ask on the mailing list. This list is moderated and you are encouraged to either subscribe or to monitor via the list archives starting at the Mailing Lists




1st Prize USD750

2nd Prize USD300

3rd Prize USD250

4th and 5th Prizes USD200

100s of T-shirts and other goodies for templates which will be part of the Documentation Project.


1st Prize USD750

2nd Prize USD300

3rd Prize USD250

4th and 5th Prizes USD200

100s of T-shirts and other goodies for clipart submitted which will be part of the Documentation Project.


Our contest sponsor

Our contest sponsor,, has committed USD$5000 to expand the number of templates in the document project repository. To have a share of this sum, your template or collection of clipart should be a significant contribution. A panel of judges will evaluate and select the finalists and, with the co-operation of the sponsor, allocate prizes in proportion.

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