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Pressit CD Label Template

A Pressit CD Label template by Johan Vromans.

Origami CD Envelope Template

A CD Envelope template by Johan Vromans.

Fax Cover Sheet TemplateFax Cover Sheet Template

A Fax Cover template by Marc Dyksterhouse.

Simple Recipe Simple Recipe Template

A simple recipe template by G. Roderick Singleton

Shopping List Shopping List Template

This Shopping List Template Illustrates the use of field functions to provide a dropdown for each item by G. Roderick Singleton

2 Page Brochure Template

This 2 Page Brochure Template Illustrates the use of columns, headers, footers and page styles to provide a brochure with page wide headings and footings by G. Roderick Singleton

Seed Packet Seed Packet Template

A seed packet template

Humanist Font Report (USletter)

A Humanist Font Report for Writer

Humanist Font Report (A4)

A Humanist Font Report for Writer

Humanist Font CV/Resume (USletter)

A Humanist Font CV/Resume for Writer

Humanist Font CV/Resume (A4)

A Humanist Font CV/Resume for Writer

Humanist Font Presentation

A Humanist Font Presentation template for Impress
both by Matthias Ansorg

1st place winner of the 2006 Template contest. This Thesis template and kit makes good use of Writer features, includes detailed instructions, and adds features for using Biblio. by Michelle Williams

4th place winner of the 2006 Template contest. Origamiletter is one of the most original and aesthetic entries received. In addition, the writer added good artwork, and got around the problem with differences in fonts by adding text as a graphic.

0-20 Number Labels 7651[odt] 0-20 Number Labels 7651
ad_resume1[ott] ad_resume1
ad_resume2[ott] ad_resume2
ad_resume3[ott] ad_resume3
A-Z Lettering Labels 7163[odt] A-Z Lettering Labels 7163
A-Z Lettering Labels 7651[odt] A-Z Lettering Labels 7651
boleta_tradicional[odt] boleta_tradicional
business cards sandy[ott] business cards sandy
CD-JewelCase[ott] CD-JewelCase
certificate of appreciation[ott] certificate of appreciation
cms1500[stw] cms1500
CompDocTemplate[ott] CompDocTemplate
CompDoc_test[odt] CompDoc_test
comprobante-tradicional[ott] comprobante-tradicional
Confidential Labels 7651[odt] Confidential Labels 7651
ConflictOfInterestNotice[ott] ConflictOfInterestNotice
Congratulations Banner[odt] Congratulations Banner
Cross Labels 7651[odt] Cross Labels 7651
CV[ott] CV
dayreview[ott] dayreview
diarypage[ott] diarypage
DPTC_divi_2x6[ott] DPTC_divi_2x6
Envelope 10 Business[ott] Envelope 10 Business
eventlist[ott] eventlist
example-resume[odt] example-resume
Extra Savings[odt] Extra Savings
FaxCoverLetter2[ott] FaxCoverLetter2
fax cover sandy[ott] fax cover sandy
First Class Labels 7651[odt] First Class Labels 7651
Globe - Business Card 1[ott] Globe - Business Card 1
Globe - Business Card 2[ott] Globe - Business Card 2
Keep Dry Labels 7169[odt] Keep Dry Labels 7169
letterhead sandy[ott] letterhead sandy
MeetingFollowUp[ott] MeetingFollowUp
MeetingPreparation2[ott] MeetingPreparation2
MeetingPreparation[ott] MeetingPreparation
New Labels 7651[odt] New Labels 7651
Note Template[ott] Note Template
PastDueNotice1[ott] PastDueNotice1
PastDueNotice2[ott] PastDueNotice2
Petit[ott] Petit
Private Labels 7651[odt] Private Labels 7651
Quote2[ott] Quote2
Quote[ott] Quote
rbs[zip] rbs
Recycle Me Labels 7651[odt] Recycle Me Labels 7651
resume1[ott] resume1
resume2[ott] resume2
Resume - Fancy[ott] Resume - Fancy
ServiceTermination[ott] ServiceTermination
shadamata_Writer_Img_src[zip] shadamata_Writer_Img_src
shadamata_Writer[zip] shadamata_Writer
SimpleDocument2[ott] SimpleDocument2
SimpleDocument[ott] SimpleDocument
Sold Labels 7651[odt] Sold Labels 7651
Sudoku_blank[ott] Sudoku_blank
Tick Labels 7651[odt] Tick Labels 7651
Title Page Template[ott] Title Page Template
Pleading Paper Kit[zip] Pleading Paper Template (Oregon)
APA Research Term Paper[ott] Research Term paper Template that uses the APA Format Guidelines.
Trifold Brochure[ott] This is a trifold brochure that uses linked frames to manage the fold areas.
Pleading Template - Los Angeles[stw] Pleading Template for the Court Of California

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