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Legacy P2P Downloads

Note: These torrents are for legacy versions of These older versions are not recommended for normal use. Instead, you should download the most recent version of Apache OpenOffice. This will ensure that you get the latest features, bug fixes and security patches.

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To download using our BitTorrent servers, simply select your download using these three simple steps.

If you would prefer to use Magnet or Metalinks to download, please visit our Magnet & Metalinks Download Page.

To mirror all of the torrents, using a suitable client (e.g. Azureus), please use our RSS torrent feed.


Information on the P2P Project


About BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a P2P method where a central 'tracker' keeps track of who is downloading and sharing specific files.

When using BitTorrent to download, your computer automatically uses spare bandwidth to help share the file with others, and this means that you don't have to put up with slower downloads during peak download times (such as just after a release), because the more people downloading, the more people sharing.

Also, your download is automatically checked for integrity to make sure that it is identical to the official version.

To use BitTorrent technology, you must have a BitTorrent "client" installed.

BitTorrent Clients


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