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The Apache OpenOffice project, working with partners like SourceForge, takes great pains to ensure that our users have a good experience when they download OpenOffice from the web. We want them to have access to the latest version of OpenOffice, with a download that is free from corruption and viruses, and that is exactly what the OpenOffice project approved for release -- nothing more and nothing less.

Of course, not all users have the bandwidth needed to reliably download OpenOffice over the internet. So 3rd party distributors, offering OpenOffice on CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB memory sticks or other media, provide a useful service to the community. We are glad to encourage and support the efforts of distributors by listing their contact information on our website.

However, we also desire that users who purchase OpenOffice on physical media have a similar high-quality experience, receiving the latest version of the software, free of corruption and viruses, exactly as we approved it for release. So in return for listing a distributor on our website, we require that they publicly agree to adhere to the following Distribution Best Practices.

Distributor Best Practices

  1. Offer the latest version of Apache OpenOffice. Older versions lack features, bug fixes and may have security flaws.
  2. Subscribe to the Apache OpenOffice announcement mailing list so you are informed of new releases and patches.
  3. Ensure that no file corruption or viruses are introduced in your handling and packaging of Apache OpenOffice by verifying the file checksums (and not just sizes and dates). This should be verified on your final product, e.g., the master ISO image.
  4. Make it clear that you are charging for the media, packaging and convenience, and not the open source software.
  5. Do not suggest that the buyer is paying for support unless you actually provide your own support, e.g., more than just pointing the user to our community support forums.
  6. Act in accordance with the Apache Trademark Policy. In particular, use of the Apache OpenOffice logo is permitted on your website only when the website is the target of a hyperlink. Use beyond that, such as on a CD label, requires explicit permission, which can be sought per these instructions.
  7. Do not suggest that you are affiliated with or endorsed by the Apache OpenOffice project.

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