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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.13 Summer of Code Projects

This last summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), participated in the Summer of Code (SoC) initiative sponsored by Google. The SoC projects are listed below. Some of the participant students also graciously agreed to be interviewed, and their interviews can be linked from their names below. From their accounts, it is fair to say that the Summer of Code was a smashing success! Thanks to Google for making it possible and thanks especially to the students and mentors for making this last summer a great summer.

Project Student Mentor
OrgChart Matthew P. Eisenbraun Niklas Nebel
Tabbed Document Windows Andrzej Wytyczak-Partyka Andreas Schluens
OpenDocument Text Export Filter to JasperReports Majid Ali Khan Frank Schoenheit
Solver Component for Calc Andres Sebastian Rudqvist Valencia Niklas Nebel and Kohei Yoshida
Eclipse Integration Cédric Bosdonnat Juergen Schmidt
Improving the MS Word Filter Michael Ens Florian Reuter
Grammar Checker for Keli Hu Thomas Lange
NetBeans Integration Fintan Fairmichael Juergen Schmidt
Validation of Spreadsheet Functions Daniel R. Miller Niklas Nebel

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