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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.11

Change Log for 1.0.x Releases

May 1st : release of 1.0 for Solaris Sparc, Linux x86, Windows, Linux PPC

May 2nd : retagged solenv/inc/ (avoid errors with 4.0.1 4nt versions)

May 2nd : retagged sal/osl/unx/file.c (Script Errors during installation on solaris sparc)

May 5th : psprint/source/fontmanager/fontcache.cxx (#4366 fontcache problems)

May 5th : solenv/inc/postmac.h, solenv/inc/premac.h, solenv/bin/ (#2588, MacOSX port)

May 21: psprint/source/fontmanager/fontmanager.cxx (#i1610 improve font server discovery)

May 21: setup2/win/source/system/winos.cxx ( Register fonts in windows registry, change BoldItalic to BoldItalic )

May 21: ucb/source/ucp/file/[shell.cxx|filglob.cxx] (#4735 better handling of EROFS (net installation on RO - filesystems))

May 22: whiteboard/lingucomponent and scp/lingu (#4555 and #4687 register own hyph dict, #4435 segfault under Thesaurus, #4125 no shared spellchecking)

May 28: vcl/unx/source/app/[ossound.cxx|devaudiosoud.cxx] (#4353 some slide transitions freeze the slide show)

May 29: psprint/source/fontsubset/gsub.cxx (#4468 Installation aborted in RedHat 7.1, Kernel 2.4.18, glibc-2.2.4, and redhat updates.)

May 29: xmlhelp/source/com/sun/star/help (#5270 corrected syntactical error)

May 31:
Sorting order needs to be reviewed in Korean
Combination of mail merge and brochure printing doesn't work
Wrong line break when two punctuation marks are together
Extended tips for help window is english instead japan
Notes get printed only for the first time if the last page has no text.
Pasting HTML from IE6 into Calc does not convert localized characters
Hanging punctuation and forbidden characters don't work together
Loop/Memory shortage while formating CJK-Word doc
Numberformat AM/PM doesn't work if imported from Excel
Open hyperlink dialog "target in doc" when document has sections -> Crash
Wrong GBK code mapping in text filter: characters lost after export
Office corrupts long file names when opening from Windows Explorer
Basicdialog: UnoControlDateFieldModel: property "Dropdown" is not exported
UnoControlCurrencyFieldModel: property "PrependCurrencySymbol" is not exported
UnoControlButtonModel: properties "ImageURL" and "ImageAlign" are not exported
GPF-message in Multi-Inst.-sets is fallback language (Net-Inst)
crash while loading StarOffice 5.2 spreadsheet starting with Message Box
cell attributes dialog starts with wrong currency code
HTML CSS style font-size renders overview useless
External links to cellareas are imported as 3D
Crash: Templates -> Organize -> Drag & Drop doc from templates to documents
Lost chart settings on reload
Labels on Chart are rotated 270° on loading
Calc XML Import: Conditional formats not set correctly
Calc XML Import/Export: Sorting loses settings
Files with detective arrows can't be reloaded after saving
Undo makes chart loose data
ODK: correctly register the form.component.*  service implementations
Polish currencies
Wrong polish and czech currency number formats
HTML-import needs too many memory
memory leak in ScColumn::GetNeededSize()
sdc with shapes after saving as sxc not loadable
Redlining: Merge documents between sdc and sxc lost its dependencies
Default page format settings get lost when saving
Controls can't be printed after reloading
MAY is not imported as date with standard settings from csv file
format error in styles.xml (style-name tag is double?)
file-type-detection is broken on 'insert->file' in impress and draw
Form Fields do not print
Loop when starting spellcheck after manual correction
Problems using special user defined numberformats. Result is crash
Office is slow  when attempting to access a network directory
AutoPilot Memo does not store the prefix and the path for saving =>Basic-Error
Once closed resume from Fullscreen mode Button can never be reanimated
Listbox does not keep selection after reload when saved as .sxw
Marks (circles) for invalid data are lost when saving to sxc
slots.cfg-feature does not work on user-side ( user/config )
MS AutoTexts in .dot/.doc files won't be imported in the the AutoText module
thesaurus: click on synonymes with '*' at the end sets only '*' in 'replace'
Sections > NOT "Evenly distribute contents to all columns" won't be saved
crash > scrolling down the document
Crash > copy whole cell containing OLE object to an other cell via Xselection
copy/paste CJK chars as HTML from Calc to Writer, HTML or Draw -> garbage
"hide" function of section won't be actualized on load
Memory leak when repeating formatting action
No visible selection while selecting character blocks ijn preedit mode
crash > copy paste a Chart in an HTML document
Crash: Chart in Writer, resize inner size of Chart
jvmsetup fails in network installation
Allow rotation and mirroring of menu images to support vertical text layout
Allow rotation and mirroring of toolbox images to support vertical text layout
Format - Para - Alignmt - Justify -> missing strings (= function missing)
Provide support for rotation/mirroring of toolbox items in object bars
Office does not work with j2sdk1.3.1
crash after copy and pasting a control from text into calc doc over clippboard
grid control form-move slots disabled when in foreign form
Windows: There's no shortcut for "New" entry in file type context menu
After configuring the basic IDE macrobar(toolbar) the office crashes
unable to filter for a date field in the beamer with standardfilter
xml dialog im/export: missing attributes
Default filter in Access ADO tables don't work right
API: DataSource::XDataSource::getConnection: => crash
Registration of MS Office File Types on WINDOWS Plattforms
JDBC: crash when open a specific table a second time
Double clicking Office docs in Explorer does not work on a german NT4 system
UnoControlComboBox: text field cannot be disabled by "Enabled" property
error messages when create a adabas table in a special case
loadComponentFromURL with Hidden=TRUE shows the document
changing a dBase table structure reveals deleted rows
Office kills tempdir for other running office when terminated
Crash when open the columnformat dialog on a boolfield
Pre-configuring of browser required for registration on Unix
Loading a corrupt zip file results in an empty document
Opening files from quickstarter or desktop/command line -> no error handling
Missing errormessage when opening non-existing file from picklist
The sort button in a form doesn't work
Navigator: I can drag & drop a slide from the navigator during a skide show.
PPT-import: Crash when I load several .pot (PPT-Templates files at once
Impress: Area of a running presentation is too small.
Interaction "Run Programm"; GPF when the drive letter is missing or wrong.
Text animation does not show all of the text when line spacing is < 100%
PPT-Import: some round arrow Autoshapes looks wrong after import.
I can't change the color of an text underline with the stylist.
vert. white stripes in vert. text after texteffect checkerboard down
Loading/saving binary files takes much longer as in the 5.2.
Impressdoc saved with 5.1 crashes at loading
DTD: Unexpected attribute 'draw:writing-mode' in element 'style:properties'
XML: after saving as XML file layout looses graphic placeholder
Crash after a combination of copy/paste and moving via cursorkey
Office freezes when trying to open cgm file
Tools/Options/Drawing/Grid-options not saved
Inserting wmv kills Office
Background has changed without assigning one in the notes view
Autoshapes might destroy gradients
PPT-Import: Fontcolor from the notes master not imported
Master shows presentationsobjects after saving as template
Unnamed OLE not selected via doubleclick on OLE in Navigator
In an entered group "snap to object border/point" does not work
Office crashes after activating of the page preview mode
Font in outlineview not changeable (asian versions) via objectbar and context
CPU-consumption quickly 100% in the allow-effects-view
Document list in Navigator contains nonsense if OLE are inserted
Inserting an OLE via Navigator only works with named OLE
CGM import: each second object is not visible
Effects/Gradient: reworking coloring via handles->fill changed in objectbar

June 4th : #5523 MailDocumentConverter service not working with compiler optimizations

June 5th : #5181 array new[]/delete mismatches

June 9th : #4929 use system double<->string conversions on IRIX

June 12th : #2285 the cent symbol (and not a C) is the widely used replacement for the real Colon symbol of Costa Rican currency

June 14th : Calc: ScRawToken: don't confuse endian in binary loaded external and unknown token types (macro functions and AddIns didn't work on big endian machines if loaded from old binary format, when saved again the error was even made persistent)

June 18th : #4131 Presentation crashes when loading large (80mb) file (officecfg)

June 18th : #5445 soffice stops after issuing message aborted (vcl)

June 18th : #5157 input method problem (tools)

June 21st: : #5954 No text drawn if application window is partially outside the screen (vcl)

June 21st : #3763 spadmin corrupts PDF Converter command line (padmin)

July 8 th : #6261 localized builds won't install (setup2)

July 10th : problem with empty registry (setup2)

July 10th : #6257 OpenOffice fails to execute java applet on windows 2000 (setup2)

July 10th : problem in buildenvironment around zipdep (solenv)

July 10th : # 4655 Crash OPENOFFICE using save as (setup2, desktop, svx, tools)

July 17th : release of 1.0.1 for Solaris Sparc, Linux x86, Windows, Linux PPC

July 30th : #6635: Fix for problem with OroborusX 0.8 window manager

Aug 28th : #6886: integrate a bunch of MacOSX changes. Integrated patches: 5199 5564 5565 5569 5633 5636 5738 5850 5863 5864 5865 5866 5867 5868 5869 5870 5872 5874 5875 5877 5880 5888 5889 5890 5891 5893 5896 5898 5902 5905 5912 5913 5934 5935 5938 5972 5973 5974 5975 6024 6075 6075 6079 6080 6084 6126 6956 6957 6959 6961 6962

September 16th: #5242: Calc not recalculating certain Excel imported shared formulas if they were moved.

September 17th: #6478 Nicaraguan currency symbol is C$ instead of $C

September 17th: #7284 #,##0, number format code displays wrong value

September 18th: #7230 enable ca_ES locale, correct es_ES locale data

September 18th: Calc: formulas containing the FORMULA() function need RecalcModeAlways

September 25th: Calc: Insert/Delete/Col/Row: restart RelName listeners on every sheet, not just the modified sheet

October 7th: #8026 import number format codes containing trailing General subformat correctly

October 10th: correct fi_FI Finnish date format codes

October 10th: #3738 add sl_SI Slovenian locale data

November 17th: #6844 add et_EE Estonian locale data

December 8th: #3552 spreadsheet functions STDEV, STDEVP, VAR, VARP, DEVSQ, DSTDEV, DSTDEVP, DVAR, DVARP could give a #VALUE error if all values were equal with roundoff errors

December 2[0-4]th : scheduled release of 1.0.2

December 18th: #10184 certain imported Excel shared formulas could have broken cell references

December 18th: #10200 Cell references not properly updated in Excel imported shared formulas

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