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Target Milestones in

"Target Milestone" shows the OOo version, in which a RESOLUTION for the problem in the issue should be included. The contents of the "Target Milestone" can be changed by QA member of developers. For FIXED issue the developer/QA member will set the content of the "Target Milestone" to the version where the fix will be included. The issue will be verified before integration to the "Target Milestone" codeline. Once the fix has been confirmed as integrated on this "Target Milestone" the issue can be closed.
For more details see the Roadmap and the Q-concept document.

Target Milestone "OOo Later" for future release (4.0/???).

Features which have no assigned resources for the next release.

Target Milestone "OOo 3.2" for next release (3.2).

Features with assigned Resources for fixing and QA should already been allocated or assigned. The 3.2 codeline has been declared as "feature complete" in September 2009.
Defect which are marked with the keyword "regression", "accessibility" or "release blocker" or have Priority 1 should be set to this target

Target Milestone "OOo 3.x.y" for future bugfix release (3.x.y)

severe issues which occured in previous minor version can be proposed to release status meeting (

Target Milestone "OOo 3.x" for next minor releases (3.3)

Issues which are planned for the next of following releases should get target 3.x. At the time of integration the issues get assigned to the actual target.

Target Milestone (OOo PleaseHelp)

Tasks which have no assigned resources for any release yet.  Help for those issues is wanted, everybody is invited to look for issues to implement. Once a volunteer for implementation has been found the target milestone will be adjusted to one of the "real life" target described above according to Roadmap.

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