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SRX644/45 is the codeline for 1.1/StarOffice 7. There is no separate branch for releasing an version. This codeline is "feature complete" since 09/2002. The HEAD of this codeline can be checkout by mws_srx645 tag.

Work for ports (e.g. MacOSX, Irix, etc.. ) and localizations are still possible.

If you are unsure if it is appropriate to set target milestone to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 please ask on for confirmation. Only issues which are either regressions or with assigned resources for fixing are allowed to set on this codeline. Exceptions have to be requested on

Nominations for OOo 1.1.1 :  severe issues P1+P2 plus some selected P3.

Nominations for OOo 1.1.2 :  bugfixes which can be done without risk.



IssueZilla Bug handling:

Issues for 1.1 are marked with a target milestone value for one of the OOo 1.1 targets.

Query for open OOo 1.1.x issues.

1.1.x issue stats

Plan (pdf):

February/March 2005: 1.1.5 bugfix release ?

ATTN: these dates may change !.


11/2002: release OpenOffice643 (OO643C) (November 22)

12/2002: start community branch cws_srx644_ooo_2003_01_12.

01/2003: start community branch cws_srx644_ooo_20030223

02/2003: start community branch cws_srx644_ooo_20030309

03/2003: release SRX644 as OOo 1.1 Beta.

03/2003: start community branch cws_srx644_ooo_20030412

05/2003 : release 1.1 Beta2

07/2003 (14th) : release RC (Release Candidate)

07/2003 (24th) : release RC2 (Release Candidate2)

08/2003 (13th) : release RC3 (Release Candidate3)

09/2003 (4th) : release RC4 (Release Candidate4)

09/2003 (19th) : release RC5 (Release Candidate5)

10/2003 (1st): release 1.1.0

12/2003 (18th): release 1.1.1a (early feedback version)

02/2004 (8th): release 1.1.1b (early feedback version)

03/2004 (30th): release 1.1.1

06/2004 (22nd): release 1.1.2

09/2004 (27th): release 1.1.3

12/2004 (22nd): release 1.1.4

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