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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m45 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m42 and  680_m45.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m45.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken
???         P2 Library sizes of Applications are increased

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
testtool: add support for new Controltype ValueSet intern feature-info:
+ CTValueSet + .GetItemText nNr + integer .GetItemCount + .Select nNr + integer .GetSelIndex + .SetNoSelection to support the controltype ValueSet before accessing the control the command SetControlType CTValueSet has to be issued. + integer .GetSelIndex when no entry is selected 0 (zero) is returned
not set
testtool: limit size of resultfile intern feature-info:
a New commandline switch has been introduces to limit the maximum amount of testruns storedin a resultfile. + -result nAmount nAmount gives the amount of testruns to be saved excluding the current run. testtool.bin -result 3 -> only the 3 newest testruns are saved (excluding the current one) testtool.bin -result 0 -> the resultfile gets deleted
not set
Support setting of environment varibles in BASIC intern feature-info:
+ SetChildEnv String Variable, String Content + String GetChildEnv ( String Variable ) the set environment will be passed to the childprocess started with the "start" command
not set
TestTool: setControlType CTTreeListBox deprecated intern feature-info:
The use of the command: 'setControlType CTTreeListBox' will not work anymore. Please don't use it anymore.
not set
testtool: new commands to min/max/restore windows i26121 feature-info:
added the following methods for Document-Windows + .Close + BOOL .IsMax + BOOL .IsMin + BOOL .IsRestore + .Minimize + .Maximize + .Restore
not set
testtool: read from windows registry i29104 feature-info:
+ getRegistryValue (sPath as string, sKey as string) as string On win32 systems return the Entry, if exists - else return empty string. On Unix / Linux systems return always empty string only the following schemata are allowed: HKEY_CURRENT_USER HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
not set
testtool: read out destination of symbolic links i29106 feature-info:
+ getLinkDestination (sLink as string) as string On Unix/Linux systems: Return the destination for a given Link. It sLink is no Link, return sLink. on win32 systems always return sLink
not set
First office start with "License Agreement"-dialog now testable i29643  no abstract found speclink qa
Increased row limit to 64k rows i1967 The maximum number of rows in a spreadsheet is 65536 in Excel, 32000 in Cell content below row 32000 is lost when an Excel file is imported into OOo/SO. The number of rows in a spreadsheet will be increased to 65536 for “Q”, with provisions to make it relatively easy to further increase that number in later versions. speclink sc
Field Options in DataPilot i23447 The DataPilot feature will be extended to allow more settings for each field, for better flexibility and compatibility. speclink sc
javamaker generates .class instead of .java files i21150 feature-info:
The javamaker tool (generating Java classes for UNOIDL entities) now directly generates Java .class files, instead of .java source files. All uses of the javamaker within the OOo code base have been adapted.
not set

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
30457 *Testpro Enable forScope and RTTI compiler switch
20313 Database Q-PCD Database-11: Create an AutoPilot for common data sourc
28528 Drawing Flag to hide extra 3D lines
20052 framewor Q-PCD Allow installation or modification of JRE via Tools/Op
20423 framewor Q-PCD Database-BC-01 - Table Wizard
21150 framewor Q-PCD Programmability-4: UNO ease of Use
27850 framewor Save a thumbnail of the first page of an OOo document
26400 framewor New Method to Maximize Windows
20304 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Live Deployment and GUI
28625 framewor FTP/HTTP image-related induced program lag - apparent freeze
29820 gsl Change some return types of ::basegfx::B2D/IRange
24832 gsl remove usage of gpc library
20355 Installa Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-5: Start Menu Integration
20356 Installa Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-7: Mime-type registration for OpenOff
20379 Installa Q-PCD ConfigAdminDeploy-50: system wide mime type settings
21321 Installa Q-PCD ThirdPartyIntegration-1: Send email and automatic conf
29558 Installa Move MAPI code to seperate executable
29348 Installa Change Windows startmenu Integration
25326 Installa Remove or substitute todays setup functionality
28127 l10n Ability to display Jewish date using the Hebrew numbering sy
29425 porting Enable file locking in sal by default
1967 Spreadsh Compatibility problem with MS Excel 97 (lines exceed, >32000
23447 Spreadsh Field options in the DataPilot
17664 Spreadsh spreadsheet / calc doesn't import Excel's OFFSET, expecting
26121 tools Testtool-function to maximize the active window
26857 tools New configuration options for configure script needed
26548 tools Please add --disable-directx to config_office
21019 ui Read-out and assign language of IME to CJK+CTL input text
27117 ui Remove URI handlers from Tools - Options - External Programs
11655 Word pro Entries from user-dictionaries are not used for suggestions
23372 Word pro Need Hebrew numeric numbering system

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
29256 api OOo crashes when executing macro
26038 api and are nearly
26146 api API: sw.SwXAutoTextContainer::XNameAccess::getByName()
26227 api API: sw.SwXTextGraphicObject::XTextContent
28639 api filters dont use provided status indicator
30026 api pkgchk does not register the SunSigma package for calc
29263 Drawing change Edit Group to Enter Group
29125 Drawing Graphics outside cutted in html-exported files
29129 Drawing different quality in same print job
29132 Drawing Parts of connectors not drawn when shifted
29174 Drawing Crash when selecting a target for a document hyperlink
29267 Drawing crash when I insert a chart and change the slide
29436 Drawing GPF when closing spellcheck-window in Draw
29761 Drawing Context menu in document missing
29763 Drawing crash when I use find and replacewith an empty document
29644 Drawing debug code has been checked in
29973 Drawing Insert duplicate slide - rectangle unvisible
30263 Drawing OOo terminates when reloading the bug doc
21479 Drawing Unexpected Curve drawing behaviour
24392 Drawing draw:marker not showing if svg:d before svg:viewBox
28641 Drawing Invalid drawing function by controls in draw document
27574 framewor reading file menubar.xml doesn't check extension
30196 framewor replace errormessage with better dialog
26374 framewor Change startup behaviour for first Office start
30445 framewor crash when I import emf or wmf files.
24366 framewor Ctrl-N does not use default template to create new document.
27758 framewor Testtool: Unable to acces browsebox (Tools/Configure->Events
28628 framewor Missing HIDs in dialog "Run Macro"
29356 framewor OLE-Objects: menu item edit->objekt->edit doesn't work
29643 framewor missing HelpId's in license agreement dialog
28378 framewor Mozilla, Thunderbird "send to" bug
8580 gsl Make resource compiler 64-bit clean
8605 gsl Make VCL 64-bit clean
25644 gsl While printing to a post-script printer or file special balt
28891 Installa Registration of jsreader and wps2star does not succeed
26912 Installa Clean up setup.inf
30474 Installa sysui: Unpackaged files in RPM
28276 Installa Substitute for Custom object reg4msdoc (windows only)
28277 Installa substitute for installation custom regactivex
28285 Installa No more copying from ooo-res to iso-res
28286 Installa No more basic procedure writing python.bat
28290 Installa Empty menu "Format" using native installer
28291 Installa Substitute for sversion file
28292 Installa Link in startup menu folder to quickstarter
28297 Installa Executables for each application
29198 l10n Command ".uno:TestMode" has no user inteface description
24019 l10n alphanumeric list becomes bullets when importing from powerp
25672 l10n Add Adobe specific text converters
27458 l10n Problem with date 25/4/3 (where?) 2004-03-28 (EU) and probab
8578 porting rtl_memory concerns for 64-bit targets
24006 porting cannot build --with-lang=FREN
29784 porting -ver flag should be required if building a CWS with 'setsola
29639 porting Increase Linux build optimization level from -O1 to -O2 -fno
25651 porting Consolidate tools & sal type declarations
28294 porting gcc 3.4.0 support tracking issue
24253 porting recent-files integration ...
29151 Presenta change AutoPilot to Wizard in Impress
29486 Presenta Preview doesn't show animation.
29496 Presenta ESC freeze the running presentation
29575 Presenta Change background for a single slide doesn't work.
27159 Presenta Error: Wrong clipping factor (out of range)!
27217 Presenta I don't see objects after loading the bugdoc
28010 Presenta PPT-export: Display objects on Background is always selected
28060 Presenta PPT-import: Area and line color are wrong after PPT-import
28259 Presenta Wrong bullets after PPT-Import.
28667 Presenta New button shows wrong icon.
29367 Presenta Refresh bug
29454 Presenta crash when opening presentation
29870 qa f_updt.bas needs to be fixed
30386 qa f_opt_ooo.bas includes missing .inc
5062 Spreadsh Copying formulas into more then 65536 leaves formulas incons
26407 Spreadsh dbf files are opened in the wp instead of sc
26411 Spreadsh Database Field of "0" Yields Err:504
29203 Spreadsh datapilot dialog has shareware style look
22541 Spreadsh Spreadsheet saved in Excel format won't open in Excel 97
25924 Spreadsh singleton / implicit intersection bug ...
29440 tools cws:gh6: command 'resetApplication' closes first window
1858 tools A series of patches to make gcc -Wall quieter
22729 tools unexpected -g1 compile flag from ENABLE_SYMBOLS =SMALL
29082 tools external edited file not recompiled after reload
26396 tools Configure check for bison to ensure version >= 1.875
26798 tools testtool: start always the first found .bas file in editor
26908 tools testtool: remove menu entry Extra->Record Dialogs
26967 tools testtool: show path of not found file
28946 tools accessibility depends on jurt
28717 tools Build failed in scp2/util: issue?
28734 tools Cleanup obsolete files, remove warnings etc
28953 tools Disable the output of to stderr
20002 tools TestTool application needs a UI refresh
21297 tools The system has a bug when decode base64 code in method decod
27931 tools Time formatting in scpzip
27968 tools Clean up environment variables in set_soenv
28579 tools CYGWIN mis-management ...
28787 tools Partial merge from cws_srx645_ooo112fix1
21242 ui Toolbox buttons do not change into a black and white scheme
28652 ui Online help is editble (it shouldn't)
8598 utilitie Date&Time fixes for 64-bit port?
11591 Word pro No access to bibliography database when all datasources was
29089 Word pro unnecessary repaint of view on moving Writer fly frame
29560 Word pro Activate outline numbering by button in tool bar
9055 Word pro g++ -Wall gives good warnings
28549 Word pro character styles lost upon save/reload
22362 Word pro Numbering/Bullets: Consecutive numbering: Only display for n
25849 Word pro Document using Field Type "input list" not loaded correctly
26375 Word pro Drag of table rows doesn't always work
26569 Word pro Loop when opening document from issue 22350
29190 Word pro State of toolbox item to insert chart objects broken
28786 Word pro sw/source/core/layout/trvlfrm.cxx:2570: warning: comparison
28911 Word pro sw/source/core/crsr/swcrsr.cxx
28922 Word pro comparison of GetVertOrient() and HORI_NONE
29146 Word pro Context menu on two groups of drawing objects -> crash
29335 Word pro Sending document as mail doesn't work
29438 Word pro crash with tables at end of columned section
29474 Word pro Selecting and deselecting a drawing asserts an leads to cras
29517 Word pro Listboxes missing in certain background tabpages
19649 Word pro Undo/Redo of Document Compare Crashes in certain circumstanc
21739 Word pro Undo Repeat doesn´t work
27145 Word pro Heading after section: Distance before heading will be ignor
28500 Word pro swriter crashes after loading file
29168 Word pro Doc file crashes OOo
29333 Word pro Doc crashes OOs 1.1.1 on Windows XP and Redhat 9.0
29393 xml Loading of XSLT based filters (Docbook, Word) fails

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
  new cvs modules modules

Unconfirmed issues reported since m32

ID Type Reporter Comp Vers Summary
30282 DEFECT kasey api 680m41 loadComponentFromUrl does not return null anymore
28167 DEFECT mjneedles Database 680m34 Improper representation of Smallint(3) field
30587 DEFECT jlp Formula 680m41 Printing from Formula Editor should take page format into ac
29525 DEFECT bigserpent Formula 680m38 Big symbols (integral, sum) display shifted
26729 DEFECT aparan framewor 680m32 User defined Toolbars - Configuring and User Interface
30423 DEFECT selecter framewor 680m41 soffice (so and swriter) abort in kill() from /lib/
30569 DEFECT lduperval framewor 680m41 Cannot start OOo
28327 DEFECT davidvo gsl 680m34 PDF Generation Failure for Word document with mathematical f
29209 DEFECT jrh Installa 680m36 Installation Issues for 680_m3* on Linux
30541 DEFECT aparan porting 680m41 The autopilot for Installing new dictionaries is broken
28996 DEFECT andy_dd Presenta 680m36 memory leak in batch document conversion
29094 DEFECT arielt Presenta 680m36 Page blink with motion on top of background
29562 DEFECT oharboe Presenta 680m38 Scrolling up and down in the slides view flashes on secondar
28771 DEFECT r6144 ui 680m36 Menu customization doesn't work
29758 DEFECT helmerj ui 680m38 changing the UI font doesn't work
30540 DEFECT aparan ui 680m41 Incorrect per cent of Scaling of User Interface in Tools > O
26541 DEFECT aparan Word pro 680m32 Navigator and keyboard accessibility
26669 DEFECT aparan Word pro 680m32 Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
27906 DEFECT tcsoftwareguy Word pro 680m34 Opening Help from Writer, causes an error & blank dialog
30567 DEFECT kevinphilp Word pro 680m38 Numbering style doesn't work
30560 DEFECT jorginho Word pro 680m41 Error Importing MSWord docs with an arrow that is too long.

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