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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m38 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m36 and  680_m38.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m38.

For our Solaris build a new base line is required. It is now expect to have Solaris 8 with the following patches applied:
The new baseline is required because of the change of the Compiler used for the builds.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken

What's new ?

As a highlight it is to mention that the binfilter cws has been integrated. This means that the code of the old binary filters has been moved into separate libraries and thus the size of the installation set increased. At this moment the code for the binary filters is still contained in the regulat modules, but not used any longer for import and export of the old binary formats. Work to remove this unused code will start soon so that the path to extend the row limit in calc and the removal of old code is free.

Feature title Spec. title Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
XHTML export enabled for Calc, Draw and Impress

XML Filter Configuration The expert user should be able to install XSLT-based input/output filters for StarOffice/ The average user should be able to use them seamlessly. For OOo2.0, XSL-transformations are also supported for the modules Writer/Web, Master Document, and Math. speclink framework
Migration of the old binary filters to a filter module and their removal from the office application(s)

testtool: new global variable to check version of office

no title found  no abstract found speclink qa
Display of readonly configuration elements

speclink ui
HTML export provide valid 'XHTML 1.0 Strict' output

The export of HTML now produces valid 'XHTML 1.0 Strict' output. The change will most probably taken place with SRC680m37. PostScriptum: An late revealed issue concerning validness of list items, has already been addressed and will be integrated in the follow up CWS xslterfilter02.
not set
word processing
Vertical formatting of individual table cells

Tables: Vertical Text Direction
speclink word processing
Enhanced Word Count

Enhanced Word Count Many people asked for writer to count not only the number of words in complete documents but also in slections made. Writer has a new menu entry that allows the user to count all characters and words of the current selection made. speclink word processing

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
20052 framewor Q-PCD Allow installation or modification of JRE via Tools/Op
20889 Spreadsh Calc needs to add support for protected scenarios
21150 framewor Q-PCD Programmability-4: UNO ease of Use
21465 Word pro WW8: Export hyperlinks to special outlines
24903 framewor Multiple header rows for tables
26165 framewor Writer core implementation of "Multiple header rows"
26167 framewor UI for "Multiple header rows"
26168 framewor Word/rtf im/export for "Multiple header rows"
26169 Word pro xml im/export and API for "Multiple header rows"
26859 xml Enable XSLT XHTML filter for Calc and Impress documents
27302 Word pro Q-PCD affiliate: Enhance Word Count (v.1.0)
27526 porting Changes for Sun One Studio 8 compiler
27527 porting Cleanup warnings etc.

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :(, but this will change soon :) )

ID Comp Summary
16128 Word pro Writer stops responding on opening a sxw document
16170 Word pro Thesaurus deletes preceeding word if blank line
16171 Word pro Thesaurus doesn't treat periods - end of line right.
16185 Word pro Open Office take a very long time opening RTF document
17565 Word pro Bad performance for opening files with very large tables.
18009 Word pro insert-file on XHTML - tables munged in MsWord export
19164 Word pro Bullets are not correct exported to RTF
23298 api API: sw.SwXDrawPage::GenericDrawPage
23508 xml XHTML filter - move of stylesheets from XMLOFF to FILTER pro
24463 Word pro Characters lost in copy/paste
24880 Word pro RTF: Background of bullets is black after import
25290 Word pro Image Flip not saved to MS word format
25373 Word pro Save As MS Word loses pagination
25601 Word pro ww8: default date format is different for different field ty
25668 Word pro RTF: OO crashes
25677 Word pro RTF -numbering corrupted
25782 Word pro insert file reverses order
25959 Word pro Multi-column import from Microsoft Word document incorrect
26284 framewor RTF im/export for "Multiple header rows"
26375 Word pro Drag of table rows doesn't always work
26550 Word pro Hang on reimporting a .doc with more than 4095 styles
26677 api API: toolkit.UnoControlContainer::XView
26809 xml Type detection fails at XML import if XSLT stylesheet has no
27068 xml CWS:xsltfilter01 XHTML filter not usable
27510 api API: svx.SvxShapeDimensioning::ShadowProperties -> Crash
27519 api API: sw.SwXTextDocument::XReplaceable
28187 Presenta Office sometimes crash when I click on 'Tools/Options'
28430 udk PyUNO-FAQ update: Q14 and Q16

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
  new cvs modules modules

Unconfirmed issues reported on m34,m36

ID Type Pri Owner Reporter State Comp OS TargetM Summary
28167 DEFECT P3 msc mjneedles UNCO Database Wind --- Improper representation of Smallint(3) field
29045 ENHANC P4 bh bigserpent UNCO Formula All OOo Later asterisk * as superscript from MathType is not understood
29093 DEFECT P3 mru arielt UNCO Formula All OOo 2.0 Overhead marks in equations rendered at letter center
26393 DEFECT P3 bh aparan UNCO framewor Wind not determined Pressing Esc to Cancel / Close any of the Dialog
27279 DEFECT P4 sba wleionline UNCO framewor All not determined With document including Floating Frame, something wrong when
29007 ENHANC P3 bh lcn UNCO framewor Wind not determined Format/Ruby only for Asian languages ?
29008 DEFECT P3 us lcn UNCO framewor Wind --- Format/Ruby window is complete ?
29009 ENHANC P3 bh lcn UNCO framewor Wind not determined Ruby format in HTML editor
28327 DEFECT P3 pl davidvo UNCO gsl All OOo 2.0 PDF Generation Failure for Word document with mathematical f
28996 DEFECT P3 cl andy_dd UNCO Presenta Wind OOo Later memory leak in batch document conversion
29120 DEFECT P3 cgu arielt UNCO Presenta All --- Presentation loads slides and remains stuck for some seconds
28825 DEFECT P3 spreadsheet bigserpent UNCO Spreadsh All --- copying data from imput line modifies the document
28481 ENHANC P3 bh aaronforjesus UNCO ui All not determined Dockable Dialog Boxes
28771 DEFECT P3 sba r6144 UNCO ui Linu --- Menu customization doesn't work
28772 DEFECT P3 sba r6144 UNCO ui Linu --- The setting of Options/View/Scale isn't saved
28785 ENHANC P3 bh lcn UNCO ui Wind not determined Options/Language settings ; UI needs to be improved
28599 DEFECT P3 sba redndahead UNCO ui Wind --- Look and Feel cannot go back to standard
29094 DEFECT P3 sba arielt UNCO ui All --- Page blink with motion on top of background
27906 DEFECT P3 hi tcsoftwareguy UNCO Word pro Wind --- Opening Help from Writer, causes an error & blank dialog
28593 DEFECT P3 jsk gemal UNCO Word pro All --- Error loading BASIC of document
28624 ENHANC P3 bh aparan UNCO Word pro Wind not determined Ctrl + arrow keys for moving objects by small values
28630 DEFECT P3 es aparan UNCO Word pro Wind --- Crash during view HTMLSource operation
29083 DEFECT P3 mru libbybai UNCO Word pro Wind --- automatic change of font in files created in OO and opened w

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