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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m36 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m34 and  680_m36.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m36.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken

What's new ?

Feature title Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Alignment, Tabs and Asian Typography tabpages on styles

I added the Alignment, Tabs and Asian Typography tab pages to the presentation styles in impress, except the background style. For consistency reasons, I also added the Asian Typography tab page to the graphic styles. They already had the Alignment and Tabs page.
not found
Windows Explorer Infotips for OOo files

Infotip handler are small tooltip windows that show essential information about a file. The Windows Explorer shows such infotips if the mouse hovers over a file for a few seconds. By registering a custom infotip handler the Windows Explorer is able to show specific file meta information. speclink api
Scripting Framework switched on by default

The Scripting Framework allow users to write macros in a number of languages and execute them in Users can assign these macros to menu items, keyboard combinations, application and document events, form controls within documents and various objects within documents. speclink api
"Run Macro" setting changed to "Never"

According to the Q PCD Macro Security section, the installation settings should default to the most secure settings. Thus the "Run Macro" settings for document macros have ben changed from "According To Path List" to "Never".
not found
testtool: new global variable to check version of office

  -- no abstract found -- speclink qa
Page Fields in the DataPilot

The DataPilot will be extended to allow the use of page fields. speclink sc
Input of numbers into cells with different number format

Many users are confused by inputting data to their spreadsheet when Number Recognition steps in and re-format their input to something unexpected. This new feature will change the alter Number Recognition behaviour so that it will be easier and more understandable to use by long-time Calc users, novice users as well as users migrating from Excel or other spreadsheet applications. speclink sc
Some texts on tabpages for Insert.Frame...

Changed on tab-page: "Type": checkbox "AutoHight" -> "AutoSize" "Wrap": button "Left" -> "Before" button "Right" -> "After"
not found
word processing
Adjusted positioning of floating screen objects

Change the positioning of floating screen objects controlled by a compatibility option to meet the requirements of the interoperability to MS Word. The adjustment affects the determination of the paragraph top for the positioning of floating screen objects. speclink word processing
Vertical formatting of individual table cells

  -- no abstract found -- speclink word processing

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
16944 Word pro Vertical text in table gets horizontal when importing from M
18143 api Page Preview Right Page displaying bug
24409 Database [FEAT] implement navigation bar form control
24411 Database IMPL: implement navigation bar form control
24414 Database QA: API-tests for css.form.*.NavigationToolBar
24415 Database [FEAT] form navigation functionality for push button form co
24417 Database IMPL: implement form navigation functionality for push butto
21182 framewor Q-PCD Macro Security Security-23
23681 framewor Add support for creating new scripts to java Example ScriptS
24378 framewor avoid multiple stream creation on open files
21173 framewor Q-PCD Programmability-2
20303 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Type Life Cycle
20304 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Live Deployment and GUI
25671 Installa New loader for Windows native installer
25325 Installa New scpzip to create native installation sets
24812 porting add Font Wizard to download and install MS Web fonts (metric
22164 Spreadsh Page Fields in the DataPilot - Impl
25998 tools die Foo; is not helpful
26803 ucb ::ucb::Content() returns wrong error condition, if URL schem
25176 udk request for enhancement: OUString::endsWithIgnoreAsciiCase()
25894 ui Q-PCD EaseOfUse-57 separate OOo modules: Options: implementa
27168 ui Q-PCD EaseOfUse-57 separate OOo modules: Options Module Icon
26117 Word pro Writer: Book preview
25068 Word pro UI for feature 'cell wise vertical formatting'
25070 Word pro Import/Export for feature 'cell wise vertical formatting'
25071 Word pro WW8 Import/Export for feature 'cell wise vertical formatting
23725 Word pro Deleting an Indent with Backspace
23726 Word pro Changed Promoting and Demoting Behavior

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )

ID Comp Summary
19358 l10n Bidi text alignment lost when embedding calc table in a writ
26283 api Package component hides META-INF folder.
26496 api API: fwk.Desktop::XComponentLoader
19890 api Example won't work in "Setting the Chart Type"
24603 api API: fwl.FilterFactory::XMultiServiceFactory::getAvailableSe
26830 api API testcases for the Page fields in DataPilot have to be cr
26987 api Inserting a datapilottable via api seems to be broken
26518 Chart chart2 and template instantiation depth exceeds maximum of 5
11424 Database remove the need for pre-compiled Mozilla tarballs from OOo b
16293 Drawing Page size limit too low if using UnoGraphicExporter via basi
23247 framewor Too many error messages when trying to load a document from
22570 framewor Scripting Framework should use URL API for script URLs
25262 framewor Modified source in script editor should be executed for menu
25271 framewor Highlight example script should accept parameters
25272 framewor Java XBrowseNode IO code needs refactoring
25859 framewor Errors when dispatching script URLs if no document is open
27294 framewor exception when executing scripts with default security setti
21856 framewor WebDav save over SSL fails without error message
26874 framewor Change bindings of WebWizard so that scripting framework is
24727 gsl auto-hide of toolbox separators does not work in all cirumst
26034 Installa uninst001.exe still runing after uninstall
27173 Installa Problems with perl scripts using cygwin tooling in 4NT shell
13620 porting Summary of patches required for AIX port.
23882 porting testtools linux sparc integer constant is too large for "lon
27039 porting FreeBSD porting, need $(STDLIBCPP) in solenv/inc/
26747 Presenta exported document hangs OO.o on 'Slide show'
25281 specs string review: navbar form control / navigation functionalit
22714 Spreadsh SPI_STATE_SHOWING incorrect for table cells
1858 tools A series of patches to make gcc -Wall quieter
25579 tools can't be compiled under ja_JP.euc environmen
27314 tools dependencies of .src are incorrect
24059 udk cppu and NOOPTFILES
24507 udk linux sparc UNO Changes for Multiple-Inheritance Interface T
22343 udk rtl::ByteSequence does not handle out-of-memory conditions
25815 Word pro Non existent document as startup parameter
20684 Word pro clicking on 'grey' space in page preview does funny things t
24560 Word pro Ctrl-Z not work correct after changing indentation of paragr

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
no new cvs modules modules

Reported problems on m34

the following issues still needs confirmation  (IZ query)

ID Comp Summary
26393 framewor Pressing Esc to Cancel / Close any of the Dialog
26758 framewor Opening the same document in two apps does not give error me
27906 Word pro Opening Help from Writer, causes an error & blank dialog
28167 Database Improper representation of Smallint(3) field
28231 Word pro Import of word document formats text improperly
28327 gsl PDF Generation Failure for Word document with mathematical f
28382 Spreadsh closing file crashes OO

Reported problems on m32

the old list has been reduced in the meantime but the following issues still needs confirmation  (IZ query)

ID       Comp     Summary
26480     framewor     Open Dialog-Additional Width (using Old NT type dialogs unde
26541     Word pro     Navigator and keyboard accessibility
26545     framewor     Minimized Application Window with special functions
26605     framewor     Easily moving around with the keyboard
26669     Word pro     Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
26729     framewor     User defined Toolbars - Configuring and User Interface
27017     Word pro     table cells are changed to upper case
27238     Word pro     RFE-Format character dialog - area for applying changes to
28256     Presenta     allow Upper/lower case as character style setting


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