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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m34 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m32 and  680_m34.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m34.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
11859 Word pro new option at paragraph to change line spacing behaviour - c
11860 Word pro New option at paragraph to adjust spacing implementation for
17295 Word pro string debug printing hackery
20479 framewor Q-PCD MSInteroperability-14
20484 framewor Q-PCD MSInteroperability-15
20934 gsl spadmin should be able to select fonts from sub-folders
20949 framewor MS-Interoperability 14 Development
21150 framewor Q-PCD Programmability-4: UNO ease of Use
21506 Presenta Creating text frames when importing from powerpoint
22345 Spreadsh Q-PCD Rework AutoFormatting behaviour in Calc for Number for
22809 l10n BiDi defaults are platform dependent for undefined base text
23731 Word pro Continue Numbering/Bullet Lists
24629 Word pro Print/properties selections have no effect when using Xerox
25030 framewor impl. of user interface for the adjusted formatting of table
25106 Database pluggable validation modules for form controls
25901 framewor WW8: adjust export for new option 'Add paragraph and table s
26223 Word pro impl. of UI for new option 'Use 1.1 respectiv
26368 gsl Date/TimeField: need an optional possibility to disable the
26602 udk Subtask of "Q-PCD Programmability-4: UNO ease of Use"

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )

ID Comp Summary
14041 Drawing Crash when close generated Draw document while Macro still r
17182 utilitie list-box click ergnonomics ...
22052 sdk table of formats in "Table Auto Formats" has too many entrie
22146 framewor java-install request appears only once in a quickstarter ses
22326 Presenta arrows interpreted as filled objects
22352 api Deadlock disposing XBridge
23687 udk corereflection...
24184 Installa j2sdk-1_4_2_03-linux-i586.rpm not automatically detected ins
25025 utilitie Remove gcc warnings in configmgr
25056 Word pro Wrong character distances when using extended spacing for pr
25886 Database crash when select tabpage TABLES in datasource admin dialog
25949 Presenta cws interop12: notes/handout view - changing the area of Dat
26079 Presenta Header/ Footer Dialog is to small
26082 Presenta Numberings on notespage wouldn't be saved
26553 Presenta Slide preview is empty after click into it.
26559 Presenta Office freeze when I start a pres. with a gradient in the da
7949 porting Patch to build and bundle dlcompat 3rd party dependency

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

Reported problems on m32

the following issues still needs confirmation  (IZ query)

ID Pri Plt Reporter Comp Summary
26393 P3 PC aparan framewor Pressing Esc to Cancel / Close any of the Dialog
26729 P3 PC aparan framewor User defined Toolbars - Configuring and User Interface
26758 P4 PC aparan framewor Opening the same document in two apps does not give error me
27509 P3 All aparan framewor Focus on Menu Items not reset on Esc key
27181 P3 All rivanvx gsl PDF export adds unwanted spaces in headings
26541 P3 PC aparan Word pro Navigator and keyboard accessibility
26617 P5 PC aparan Word pro Insert table user interface
26669 P3 PC aparan Word pro Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
27017 P3 PC guyrutenberg Word pro table cells are changed to upper case
27031 P1 All andrewb Word pro move-by-sentence-backwards broken, crashes

Reported problems on m30

the old list has been reduced in the meantime but the following issues still needs confirmation  (IZ query)

ID Pri Plt Reporter Comp Summary
26654 P3 All mkretzschmar Chart build fails in sch with preprocessor error (non-product buil
26480 P2 PC aparan framewor Open Dialog-Additional Width (using Old NT type dialogs unde
26366 P4 PC aparan ui Width of Popup List not comparable to the combo box width
26846 P3 PC mjneedles ui Business Cards dialog crashes app
26911 P3 All andrewb Word pro unable to insert space in a line in m_30

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