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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m32 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m30 and  680_m32.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m32.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
14296 Database parse error with left/right join using postgresql jdbc
19062 Database [RFE] don't reset form when turn on design view
21912 Database mapping mozilla mailing list as db view
22878 Database IMPL: various property browser enhancements
23190 Database [sub-task] form design: allow to create/modify SQL commands
23384 Database Add browse function to ado data source
23418 Database [sub-task] sub form design: allow "slave" fields which denot
20188 framewor Q-PCD EaseOfUse-27
26174 framewor build in project rhino does not establish depenencies for in
8144 gsl Fontconfig2 based systems (RH8) store fonts in /usr/share/fo
12087 gsl Add CUPS support
24606 specs string review: property browser enhancements
1820 Spreadsh Inputting decimal numbers with Spanish (Spain) keyboars in S
8868 Spreadsh Enhanced scaling of spreadsheet document for printing
20889 Spreadsh Calc needs to add support for protected scenarios
24645 tools Ant is compulsory for the build
24436 udk Complement service
24561 udk adding a private member function void VtableFactory::flushC
13507 Word pro shift+enter in a middle of string format line as last line

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )

ID Comp Summary
23094 api API: sc.ScTableSheetObj::XSearchable
23295 api API: sw.SwXDocumentIndex::BaseIndex
23301 api API: sw.SwXParagraph::TextTable
23414 api API: sw.SwXTextEmbeddedObject::TextEmbeddedObject
23420 api API: sw.SwXTextGraphicObject::TextGraphicObject
23460 api API: svx.SvxDrawPage::XFormsSupplier
23466 api API: svx.SvxShapeCircle::TextProperties
24098 api i18n: API: beginOfSentence/endOfSentence
24408 api API: sd.AccessibleSlideView
24566 api API: runner throws exception while no parameter is given
24636 api API: sw.XMLContentExporter::XNamed
24850 api API: i18n.BreakIterator::XBreakIterator
26074 api API: sfx.DocumentTemplates::XDocumentTemplates
26237 api Incorrect RDB file location, 4.6 C++ Component
8249 Database No query "criterion" support when OE selected from Mozilla A
9160 Database Some AddressBook Outlook fields not displayed
11373 Database Outlook Contacts to Data Source: not all records link
17620 Database LDAP address data: only anonymous login
18960 Database [cws oj4] the dbase function LN doesn't work. error message
19722 Database Cannot generate a query with uncommon fieldnames
19884 Database mysql column name alias and filter trouble
20397 Database EnableSQL92Check= passed to the jdbc driver without value
21660 Database Query form locks up w/Bad criteria
21725 Database Confusing Error Message after running special query
23404 Database ENTER in URL field in property browser doesn't work
23878 Database Inserting date via datasource using SXC gives date-2 when us
23881 Database MySQL unsigned tinyint shown as signed
24073 Database Query Designer forgets about comparison parameters
24314 Database sql update for database in dBase format erase all fields but
24592 Database string review:LDAP authentication and ADO browse dialog
24795 Database sub forms broken in 680m20 (when using keysets)
26031 Database error messages when sort a query with mysql odbc
26156 Database [formdesign01] the SQL command is insert into the propertybr
26280 Database [formdesign01] taborder control in property browser change f
24604 Drawing Assertion SVGActionWriter::ImplWriteActions: unsupported Met
25649 Formula Tools -> Catalog is disabled
18852 gsl Initial scale for new print devices is 1%, not 100%
19496 gsl defensive coding for mapmode ...
22981 gsl bmp tool needs Xserver connection
25563 gsl Too small metrics from reference device
26164 gsl Menubar visible on fullscreen mode
26269 gsl OOo crashes if CUPS does not deliver a PPD
20513 l10n svx/source/dialog/ruler.src contains non-translatable string
22801 Presenta Presentation crashes when using slide layout to insert a spr
25812 Presenta Presentation hangs using fontwork and clicking twice on text
26017 Presenta There is no refresh after the interacton'Go to document
22935 sdk The C++ samples and OString::getStr()
25554 sdk SDK: configure script tells me somethins about batch file
26143 sdk Some IDL files create errors during build of SDK
22473 Spreadsh Strings for "Scenario Protection" feature
23720 Spreadsh cursor invisible in spreadhseet cell edit field
24515 Spreadsh Pop-up help tips, on input line, it displays "sheet area"
26376 Spreadsh "Spacing to Contents" settings are missing from Borders dial
23464 tools wrong path to ant.jar set in solenv/inc/
15215 udk isValid() method does not work with PowerBuilder 9 with OLE
25318 udk Bridges generate and execute code on heap memory.
25329 udk Deprecate and
25397 udk Bad documentation of new typelib_InterfaceTypeDescription me
24437 ui replace usleep by osl_waitThread
12911 utilitie Video Support under linux
23849 utilitie unitialised data in unotools/source/config/configitem.cxx
13865 Word pro Numbering style names in Paragraph style are not case sensit
17450 Word pro Ruler units for HTML Document are always set to measurement
20291 Word pro RTL Vertical Ruler Reversed
21099 Word pro Typos in Writer: "activein"
21774 Word pro OO hangs on import of Microsoft Word document, also as RTF
23184 Word pro error when I save physical
23399 Word pro unable to open master document with tables
23712 Word pro List of fonts should be created using the reference device
24557 Word pro UI: Ruler and layout disagree when page border has a spacing
26018 Word pro View\Toolbars\Customize doesn't have 'Function Bar'

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

Reported problems on m30

the following issues still needs  confirmation  (IZ query)

ID Pri Owner Reporter Comp TargetM Summary
26661 P1 hi aparan framewor --- Help is crashing during search
26760 P2 mru aparan api --- Automatic Conversion of documents - crashing
26480 P2 sba aparan framewor OOo 2.0 Open Dialog-Additional Width (using Old NT type dialogs unde
26367 P2 sba aparan ui --- Right click on menu bar does not have a context menu
26911 P2 mru andrewb Word pro --- unable to insert space in a line in m_30
26654 P3 bm mkretzschmar Chart --- build fails in sch with preprocessor error (non-product buil
26482 P3 cgu aparan Presenta --- Space or underscore could not be entered into textboxes
26544 P3 cgu pavel Presenta --- MS ppt presentation displayed with white background during t
26902 P3 cgu aparan Presenta --- OO.o impress fails to import Fill effects from PPT file
26846 P3 sba mjneedles ui --- Business Cards dialog crashes app
26847 P3 sba mjneedles ui --- Selecting certain help topic causes crash
26541 P3 bh aparan Word pro not determined Arrow keys and Navigator
26707 P3 hi aparan Word pro --- Duplicate Object On/Off Command within available commands
26729 P3 hi aparan Word pro --- User defined Toolbars doesn't show up in Rt-click menu
26366 P4 sba aparan ui --- Width of Popup List not comparable to the combo box width
26617 P5 hi aparan Word pro --- Inserting table user interface

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