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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m28 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m26 and  680_m28.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m28.

known problems

i25609  P2 Web page autopilot functionality is broken

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
21238 gsl Dialogs of SO have to respect system font size in GNOME
20197 framewor Q-PCD MSInteroperability-MIB-04
24177 Word pro Implement Word import/export of hidden text attribute
25594 framewor UNO Support for W3C DOM related APIs
10347 l10n Bad Hebrew font used in menus, combos, tooltips and forms
11859 Word pro new option at paragraph to change line spacing behaviour - c
16682 gsl broken (far too small) font sizing - different from desktop
22713 gsl create a gtk plugin for vcl
24339 Word pro impl. of user interface for new option "Use OOo 1.1 line spa
24762 Word pro WW8: Would exporting a tab after a footnote be a good idea
25055 udk Improve stack traces of exceptions thrown over Java URP brid
19488 api css.frame.Controller services should provide a way to find o
23614 Word pro Implementation of UI for 'hidden text' feature
23659 Word pro Load/save of new 'hidden text' attribute
23660 Word pro Implementation of 'hidden text' in text formatting
24134 Word pro Q-PCD: Vertical Table Adjustment w/ Mouse
25017 framewor Programmtic control of menu items
18647 tools OUT2INC operates with possible ambiguities
21465 Word pro WW8: Export hyperlinks to special outlines
22098 gsl ugly rulers with larger font sizes ...

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )

ID Comp Summary
21157 Presenta Cannot open a SXI file - open and close immediately
21775 Word pro Postscript printing fails on file that printed fine in 1.0
22981 gsl bmp tool needs Xserver connection
24434 Word pro Crash in status update method
25398 scriptin Negative first argument to String(-1, "A") locks OpenOffice.
25537 scriptin Wrong path are inserted after first IDE start => error messa
11018 gsl Unknown characters replaced by question marks
16941 Word pro Import of form text fields and REF
20249 Drawing scrolling a drawing partly covered by a window corrupts the
20520 Drawing Graphic anchored as character not allowed to pass page text
21951 gsl document is printed incorrectly (overlaps)
22032 gsl Cannot insert non-Latin characters with Legendum font
22537 l10n spaces next to non-Hebrew characters incorrectly move when s
22804 gsl No font display in Setup GUI (Korean with Baekmuk fonts only
23061 gsl VCL code cleanup #02
23140 l10n WW8: Drawings in RTL environment are positioned differently
23196 gsl FALLBACKFONT_UI in /vcl/source/gdi/fontcfg.cxx
23571 utilitie Cannot use included template definitions within other schema
23823 utilitie uninitialised value in source/generic/poly.cxx
23842 Word pro RTF: Image is missing when exported file opened in MS word.
23875 gsl no default case in psprint/source/printergfx/bitmap_gfx.cxx
24124 Word pro WW8: export completely loses hidden text field
24496 Word pro word documents not imported correctly
24900 Drawing gcc warning in svx/inc/svdhlpln.hxx
24906 Drawing gcc warning in delivered svx/inc/svdpage.hxx
25054 Word pro Ruler displays wrong values for sections and frames with col
25114 Spreadsh Excel95 files are loaded in Writer
25163 gsl [gtk-plugin] Cycle through UI backwards with Shift+Tab does
25164 gsl [gtk-plugin] initial window geometry is 200x200
25167 Chart Paint error: Background Color incorrect painted
25319 Word pro WW8: Styles with no parent style should not inherit from def
19699 utilitie possible bugs in the usage of tools string class
22598 porting Small fixes for memory leaks as reported by Valgrind
12928 ui Toolbars don't redock at last docked position
22934 sdk The Developer's Guide and OString::getStr()
24291 Word pro WW8: Word strips hard character formatting before applying c
24344 Word pro Text boxes in headers have text in wrong place
24377 Word pro MSWord Input Fields get cropped to their first word when loa
25440 Word pro WW8: paragraph breaks missing after import
25438 Word pro Wrong Bullet

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

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