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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m24 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m22 and  680_m24.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m24.

Features and Enhancements

17567 Word pro WW8: Negative vertical graphic positioning
18732 Word pro WW8: element anchored to content in header, relative vert an
22792 ui OO should default to system UI font when avalible
22969 framewor Move code for dialogs to new libraries and make them availab
22972 framewor Remove offmgr module and OfficeWrapper service
24117 framewor Move more dialogs to cui library
18052 porting sparc linux crashrep needs code for backtrace.c
15237 gsl glpyh cache cleanup oddness ...

9 issues found

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )

23464 tools wrong path to ant.jar set in solenv/inc/
14041 Drawing Crash when close generated Draw document while Macro still r
17359 gsl Crash on the text-style font selection.
19711 Word pro Error executing macro for close the document
20903 Word pro OOo crashs after insert and delete formula
12799 Word pro Loss of Autocorrect Table
15020 Word pro RTF document asserts on load
18622 framewor No document can be closed while StarBasic is running
18898 framewor Basic macros not executing on "Open Document"
21027 gsl BIDI messes up when entering more than three characters in H
22087 ui AccessibleText_getNSelections and AccessibleText_getCaretOff
22088 ui too many object:text-selection-changed events
22096 ui Wrong accessible name reported
22277 framewor sfx2 - permissive patch
22301 tools remove -fno-for-scope from gcc compiles
22337 udk Code fails to compile with Java 1.3
22371 porting osl API requires clients to use illegal pointer conversions
22432 framewor Assertion pressing "Assign" in macro dialog
22491 Word pro Exporting to word make "Chapter" is cutted; header not expan
22546 api KeyEvent.KeyChar returns only the last byte of a Unicode cha
22558 api core down when passing a negative position for XListBox::add
22851 framewor unreachable code in sfx/source/doc/docfile.cxx
22983 framewor SFX2: SfxFilter::GetTypeFromStorage returns UI names for wor
23059 Word pro WW8: 'auto' spacing in table cell
23772 tools why test -f and why only warning for pam_appl.h
23876 Word pro WW8: text background color in table sometimes exported wrong
23885 porting non permissive build error invalid conversion
23922 porting 64bit: do not add L modifier after constants
23939 Spreadsh 64bit: do not add L modifier after constants
24340 Word pro WW8: Loop when converting certain Mathtype object
24365 Word pro XLS: Importing this file into writer makes Ooo crash.
24471 Word pro WW8: AutoWidth does not imply AutoHeight
24553 Word pro Numbering mangled when reading MS Word doc
1858 tools A series of patches to make gcc -Wall quieter
8585 tools Configury updates for x86-64
8593 porting x86-64 & misc 64-bit fixes for SAL
8594 tools Add makefiles for x86-64
8604 porting Let nas 1.4 build on x86-64
17967 gsl print dialog remembers path/filter ...
17992 tools dmake patch to enable && in .IF statement
21906 tools Patch to remove permissive from gcc compile options
22367 gsl Patch for debbuging problems on fontnames
22417 l10n Patch for truncated string in Hungarian (sfx2, Insert Floati
23040 porting for linux sparc
23947 framewor X86_64: add CPU to desktop project
11149 porting Make ODBC/SQL types 64-bit clean
18891 gsl Only toplevel windows should have ACTIVE state
22340 framewor sfx2 - set title to nothing doesn't update window title ...
24009 Word pro Last Paragraph Formatting Lost
24135 Word pro WW8: frames in header displayed wrong
21343 utilitie core dump in svtools OO 2.0 codeline (bitmaps missing)

Integrated Child Workspaces

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