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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

680 m20 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m17 and  680_m20.
this release will install as 680, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m20.

Features and Enhancements

ID Type Pri Comp Summary
21277 FEATUR P3 Database implement scroll bar form controls
21605 FEATUR P3 Database implement spin button form controls
21790 ENHANC P3 Database Integret new query composer api into office api
21791 ENHANC P3 Database Implement new query composer
22564 TASK P3 framewor Remove and IDL files
23308 FEATUR P2 framewor Add support for Python to Scripting Framework
23335 ENHANC P3 framewor Add code completion and syntax highlighting for BeanShell sc
23574 FEATUR P3 framewor Create dialog factory for making dialogs loadable on demand
21556 ENHANC P3 gsl scroll bars do not print
21614 ENHANC P3 gsl spin buttons: allow for horizontal orientation
21795 ENHANC P3 gsl spin buttons do not print
21948 ENHANC P3 gsl SpinButton: no visual feedback when focused
21952 ENHANC P3 gsl ScrollBar: no visual feedback when focused
21506 FEATUR P3 Presenta Creating text frames when importing from powerpoint
21566 TASK P3 specs string review: scrollbar form controls
21853 TASK P3 specs string review: spin button form controls
18647 ENHANC P4 tools OUT2INC operates with possible ambiguities
21659 ENHANC P3 ui rename ergonomic snafu ...
3256 ENHANC P3 Word pro Insert hyperlinks into imported Word TOC
9301 ENHANC P3 Word pro chapter names/numbers in header don't remain synchronized in
9573 ENHANC P4 Word pro Word-files: modified time not being updated with file saves
11717 ENHANC P2 Word pro Word import/export: header/footer setting for the first page
19484 ENHANC P4 Word pro WW8: Some anchored elements force writer's table rows to gro

Fixed Issues

List of fixed issues in IssueZilla (unfortunatly some issues are still tracked by Sun internal Bug Tracking system :( )
ID Type Pri Comp Summary
22950 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScCellCursorObj::XUsedAreaCursor
22953 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScHeaderFooterTextObj::Text
23064 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScModelObj::XModel
23066 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScSubTotalDescriptorBase::XElementAccess
23083 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScTableRowsObj::XTableRows
23093 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScTableSheetObj::XMultipleOperation
23095 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScTableSheetsObj::XSpreadsheets
23105 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScTabViewObj::XDispatchProvider
23155 DEFECT P3 api API: sc.ScTabViewObj::XControlAccess
15214 DEFECT P3 Database Drop down text field not editable
18017 DEFECT P3 Database "Manual Line Break" does not seem to have any effect
21680 DEFECT P2 framewor Sources of xmerge .jars are missing in the OOo source tarbal
22463 DEFECT P3 framewor Assertions generated due to xml:lang attribute on boolean pr
23666 DEFECT P4 framewor LIB: getLocalHostname occurs wrong result
15636 DEFECT P4 l10n localize adding Ctrl+M at the end of every line
21650 DEFECT P1 lingucom Thesauri in all Languages
17181 DEFECT P3 tools -O optimizes; -O0 doesn't ...
22199 DEFECT P3 ui typo in country name (Liechtenstein)
3958 DEFECT P3 Word pro Support Word XP inline escher objects
9718 DEFECT P3 Word pro Table borders do not line up when importing Word XP table
12092 DEFECT P3 Word pro Text in a table disappears
12367 DEFECT P3 Word pro layout of components in document is incorrect
13885 DEFECT P4 Word pro WW8: Exporting text of drawing objects which are being edite
18480 DEFECT P4 Word pro WW8: Exporting graphic anchored noninline inside frames is n
18816 DEFECT P4 Word pro WW7: second level in numbering not continued
20540 DEFECT P3 Word pro general input output error on saving to OOo format
21113 DEFECT P2 Word pro ms word doc file causes openoffice to hang
21190 DEFECT P3 Word pro Incorrect formatting saving in word format
21372 DEFECT P5 Word pro RTF document displays text incorrectly, missing graphics.
21422 DEFECT P3 Word pro RTF export from OOo and then import breaks formatting
21462 DEFECT P4 Word pro Decimal tabs in documents saved in Word format become Incorr
21481 DEFECT P3 Word pro RTF: wrong line spacing, correctly in OOo v1.03, not in OOo
21543 DEFECT P3 Word pro RTF: every paragraph has "page break before" after import
21774 DEFECT P2 Word pro OO hangs on import of Microsoft Word document, also as RTF
21847 DEFECT P3 Word pro Save As Word97 DOC file renders incorrectly in MS Word Viewe
21881 DEFECT P3 Word pro RTF: Handle duplicate stylenames in rtf
21961 DEFECT P3 Word pro RTF: Font size changes when importing from RTF (character st
22019 DEFECT P2 Word pro WW7-: certain doc crashes 1.1.0, but in 1.0.3 it works
22056 DEFECT P3 Word pro OOo writer hangs when opening template file
22206 DEFECT P3 Word pro Wrong character encoding in text and also in text frames
22320 DEFECT P4 Word pro MS Word export: table background sometimes wrong

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

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