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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0 m169 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m168 and  680_m169.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m169.

What's new ?

No new features integrated in this build

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

sixtyfourpic linux x86_64 uno bridge call.s is not -fpic, but included in a shared lib, adjust assembly to be pic m169
atkbridge2 m169
bpf01 fix issue 65199 m169
fwkpp3showstop4 Fixes for framework showstoppers for OOo2.0.3 m169
miscl10nooo02 OOo 2.0.3 community translations (successor CWS of 'miscl10nooo') m169
wot01 last ditch 2.0.3 efforts m169

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