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2.0 m167 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m166 and  680_m167.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m167.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Malayalam (ml_IN) locale data i59935   feature-info:
Added Malayalam (ml_IN) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Akan_Ghana (ak_GH) locale data i60109   feature-info:
Added Akan_Ghana (ak_GH) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Latin_Vatican (la_VA) locale data i64838   feature-info:
Added Latin_Vatican (la_VA) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Single Cell Mode for range selection i40174   feature-info:
The parameter sequence for the startRangeSelection call of can now contain an optional boolean property "SingleCellMode". If this property is given and TRUE, only a single cell will be given as the result of the range selection. Thanks to Kohei Yoshida for providing the patch.
TestTool: Path selection dialog available for generic settings i63675   feature-info:
In the VCL TestTool application on the tab page: Tools -> Settings -> Generic You get an additional button 'Path', above the button 'New' in the section 'Settings', if the feature is enabled for an 'Area' in the configuration file of the TestTool (.testtoolrc / testtool.ini) You have to set the line 'Type=Path' manually by editing the configuration file. example: [OOoProgramDir] Type=Path Current=. Currently this feature is only used for the entry [OOoProgramDir]. If you start the TestTool for the first time, and you don't have already a configuration file in your home directory, then you get the entry [OOoProgramDir] by default.
New Default Table Formatting Behavior i60422 New Default Table Formatting Behavior Predefined character formatting inside tables is unwanted by the user as we have learned in OOo 2.0 usability studies. Furthermore the formatting, used in the paragraph were the table has been inserted, is expected to be used in the table as well. speclink word processing

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

atkbridge Direct at-bridge for GNOME accessibility m167
npower1 Provide some new optional interoperability behaviour for the basic language m167
perform07 Optimizations office start-up m167
mmt7 m167
tl18 misc. bugfixes and improvements m167
thbpp3 Stacktrace fixes for 2.0.3 m167
ab25 various basic fixes m167
ab26 variuos basic fixes m167
vcl57 2.0.3 issues m167
dba203c ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0.3 m167
swqbf60 Writer core/layout issues m167
calc36 Calc fixes m167
sb52 Fix that impacts Thai m167
pb15 Fixes for 2.0.3 m167
adc14 Autodoc bug fixing and more efficient hierarchy display. m167
tml01 oowintool patch m167
locales203 Locale data additions and changes for OOo2.0.3 m167
vq30 Minor build fixes/enhancements m167
impress92 bugfixes m167
swqbf62 fixes in Writer for next release m167
thb10 Get into solenv m167
pj54 Clean up temporary files and directories location on Mac OS X. P1 fix for Mac OS X, build breakers on Mac OS X. Support for Jva 1.5.0 on Mac OS X. Rename env. file for GNU/Linux on 64bit machines to LinuxX86-64 instead of LinuxAMD. m167
fwk39 Framework 2.0.3 fixes. m167
tabledefaults cws for i60422 m167
tl20 P2 fixes for OOo2.03 m167
gh12a implement feature in testtool urgently required m167
hro04 Only Solaris 10 Sparc. m167
vcl58 some final 2.0.3 efforts m167
native47 Installation relevant tasks m167
impressc03u3 Crash fixes for 2.0.3 m167
fwkc03fixes m167
swqbfconv_SRC680 m167

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