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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0 m164 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m162 and  680_m164.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m164.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
text/csv files can be read with UTF-8 encoding i44354   feature-info:
With the integration of CWS dba203b, text/csv databases can now make use of the UTF-8 encoding. That is, if you have a "comma separated text" file you want Base to read, and this file is encoded in UTF-8, then you can now choose this encoding in Edit / Database / Properties ... / Character Set.
"Copy Table" auto pilot "Append Data" instead of "Attach Data" i47324   feature-info:
Minor change: In the "Copy Table" auto pilot, on the first page, the radio button "Attach Data" has been renamed to "Append Data", which better reflects what is going to happen.
Changed close behavior and new function for context sensitive toolbar i50428 speclink framework
Registry .xcu format supports oor:op="fuse" i63706   feature-info:
The registry .xcu format now supports the update operation oor:op="fuse", see for details. This is especially important for Jobs.xcu particles, see .
Corrected help id for xslt filter dialog basic tab page i63719 XML Filter Configuration speclink framework
Library Export in Basic IDE i64017 speclink framework
Online update i64103 speclink framework
Additional features for PDF export i61139 speclink gsl
Controlling Slide Shows i54381 speclink presentation
TestTool: new command IsProduct() as boolean i50125   feature-info:
Provide command to get the build type of OOo. To be able to distinguish a 'normal' OOo build from a 'debug' or 'nonpro' build this command is introduced; Currently exist only ugly hacks, to get this information: - compare the filesize of a library - look in tools->options for special page To speed up the start up of a test this new command will be used. May get integrated around SRC680m165. The function is implemented in the TestTool application and needs a new sts-library on the OOo side.
testtool: command findObject ( string ) as object i54137   feature-info:
Enhance Object handling to find objects by name and allow object ssignments As example: dim xx as object xx = findObject("FormWizard") print, if xx.exists() then print "exists" May get integrated around SRC680m165. The function is implemented in the TestTool application.
Critical paths from Tools - Options - OOo - Paths removed internal speclink ui
Text of column header of font replacement changed i60897   feature-info:
The text of the second column header of the font replacement options table has changed from "Screen" to "Screen only" (Geman: "Bildschirm" -> "Nur Bildschirm".

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

dmake43p01 Several fixes/enhancements for dmake. m164
gh12 testtool bugs m164
redline01 All issues verified. All default tests passed. Tests w_updt.bas and w_redlining.bas passed on Win and Lin. m164
systemint01 fix sysui related issues m164
i18n25 i18n bug fixes m164
oj17 OOo 2.0.3 Bug fixing m164
numbers203 Locale data DTD changes, API additions and number formatter changes related to legacy currency symbols loaded from ODF. m164
systemjava Some distributions, e.g. debian and fedora already include some of the java components shipped with OOo, e.g. hsqldb, xalan/xerces etc. We like to avoid duplicating installed components. m164
sb49 some UNO fixes m164
sb50 some configmgr fixes m164
native43 Installation OOo 2.0.3 tasks m164
configure17 misc. configure fixes m164
sixtyfour05 More 64bit fixes. m164
pj53 Miscellaneous Mac OS X build environment cleanups. Unification of Intel and PowerPC environments (no more duplicated scripts). m164
native45 Fixing makecab problem m164
l10ntoolingfix02 this cws contains a two line gcc4 build break fix in l10n tooling, no need for qa m164
ause054 minor fixes for urgent problems m164
interdummy 'internatiodel' disaster fix.
Needs incompatible update from VCL upwards
internatiodel Get rid of tools' class International and replace remaining bits with true i18n functionality. Move all LangID and ISO mapping functionality to module i18npool. m163
ab19 basic fixes m163
ab20lib Add export functionality for basic libraries either as uno-package or flat library. m163
long2int A set of rather trivial long/ULONG -> sal_Int32/sal_uInt32 patches extracted from ooo64bit02. Fixes a lot of places where the x86-64 build fails, but should be safe for x86. A build of this CWS is available here: m163
sch14 Fixes for Chart (sch) m163
pdfexportimprove Improvements for PDF export m163
swstability01 Stability issues mainly in combination with undo. m163
jl32 Fixed for PP3, mainly xmlsecurity m163
dbwizardpp3 cws that contains fixes for the database wizards repectively table wizard, form wizard, report wizard and query wizard m163
pj51 Various minor cleanups and minor Mac OS X patches. m163
sixtyfour04 Fourth child workspace with 64bit specific issues approved by respective code owners or project leads. m163
cmcfixes24 misc safe fixes for unlikely edge cases m163
impress89 Impress/Draw bugfix workspace for OOo2.03 m163
vcl56 even more 2.0.3 issues m163
swqbf59 Writer bugs priority 2 for StarOffice PP3. m163
slideshowkeys01 Implementing feature m163
dba203b ongoing DBA bugfixing towards 2.0.3 m163
toolbarbehavior Change close behavior of context sensitive toolbars. m163
extras8pp3 m163
ause053 versioned tooling in SO environment. requires minor changes in some makefile m163
prtfix01 Fix some printing problems on WIN32. m163
pb14 Fix of 126319 m163
onlineupdate1 Online Update notification feature for StarOffice / StarSuite 8 / 2.0 m163
pj52 Another set of minor issues - mainly Mac OS X porting, preparations for universal binaries support. m163
fwk38 change SendDocAsEmail behaviour again m163

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