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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0 m162 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m160 and  680_m162.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m162.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Support MS file format for "Send Document as E-Mail" i46895 speclink framework
CSV export data as displayed i4925 speclink sc
Naming of drawing objects in Calc i51351 speclink sc
German string "Extras - Wortanzahl" has been changed internal   feature-info:
The German string "Extras - Wortanzahl" has been changed to "Extras - Wörter zählen".
word processing
Compatibility option: Do not consider blanks and tabs for line height calculation i3952   feature-info:
A new (non-UI) compatibility option "IgnoreTabsAndBlanksForLineCalculation" has been added to Writer documents. If this option is enabled, the sizes of tab stop portions and blanks-only portions do not contribute to the line height calculation. This compatibility option is disabled per default and enabled during ww8/rtf import.
word processing
Naming of drawing objects in Writer i51726 Oliver-Rainer.Wittmann@Sun.COM speclink word processing

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

calcperf02 Load/Save performance improvements for Calc m162
hc2opti build speed up fix, thus the localize.sdf is only parsed once each directory m162
vcl54 2.0.3 issues m162
vgbugs02 Misc bugfixes in build tool & some changes for configure OOo m162
pb12 Bugfixes for OOo 2.0.3 m162
fwk33 Framework fixes for OOo 2.0.3 m162

ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0.3

Following modules are to be built incompatibly due to a change in svx:

  • sw
  • sd
  • sc
  • sch
  • chart2

Following modules are to be broken after a resync due to changes for issue 60163

  • unoil
  • scp2so

fwk34 UI relevant tasks for PP3 m162
sb48 small UI relevant changes to all error string resources (adding punctuation) m162
fpicker5 Tweak the gnome fpicker to default its save type from user typed suffix like the gimp-2.2. Spec updated. m162
fwk36 User interface changes for PP3 m162
swa11y203 fix for issues i51726, i51351 - allow naming of shapes/drawing objects in Writer/Calc m162
os78 Fixes of some 2.0.3 issues m162
fsfixes03 Another CWS to remove non-utf8 umlauts from comments in java files. m162
pyunofixes2 Various fixes for stabilizing pyuno, all changes + features just affect pyuno. m161
gcnolk Just one task m161
viewswitch Performance improvements regarding the switching between views m161
dr46 Calc fixes for OOo 2.0.3 m161
nwfrtl fix NWF in RTL-UI m161
l10nfix202 last minute l10n fixes m161
vcl55 more 2.0.3 fixes for gsl m161
swqbf57 Writer PP3 bugfixes m161
printsetting integrate patch i49631 m161
cairofixes01 Fixes for cairocanvas m161
industrial03 fix some icon issues with the Industrial icon set. m161
swdrawobjpos203 fix for issue i62875 m161
ause052 fixes/changes to use local environment configuration with setsolar m161
fsmozillafix Small fix for "moz* in order to build mozilla correctly also with newer versions of binutils/glibc m161
fsfixes02 Fixing a build breakage in desktop module on MacOSX with gcc 3.3 and on some GNU/Linux systems with gcc 3.2.x m161
sloveniantemplates Submit templates for Slovenian language. m161
jaxpapifixer Contains caolan windows P1 fix. m161

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