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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14

2.0 m160 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m158 and  680_m160.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m160.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
non-pro: OSL assertions now appearing the same way as TOOLS-assertions i52747   feature-info:
For quite some time now, OOo has two different diagnostics systems: OSL-based and TOOLS-based assertions. It's up to the developer of some piece of code which ones s/he uses. Failed TOOLS assertions usually are reported in a modal message box, but can be re-routed to other channels in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog (opened by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D). This dialog also offers some more options how to handle those assertions, for instance filtering. Failed OSL assertions are reported in a modal message box on Windows, and on the console on Linux. They cannot be re-routed or filtered at all, only globally disabled. Once the CWS gslpatches07 is integrated, OSL assertions can be captured by the TOOLS-based system, too. That is, OSL assertions then behave exactly the same way as TOOLS-based assertions. This behaviour can be switched off in the VCL Debug Options dialog, which contains a new check box labeled "Reroute osl debug messages", and is ON by default. All of the above of course only applies to non-product builds of
non-pro: dbgsv.ini now human-readable i52821   feature-info:
The "dbgsv.ini" file, which stores the debugging options of non-product builds (i.e. the settings made in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog), has formerly been stored in some binary format (basically, a memory dump of some internal structures). With the integration of CWS gslpatches07, this file is a human-readable INI file.
Page Preview can be closed with Escape key i46976   feature-info:
The Page preview of the Spreadsheet application can be closed using the Esc-key.
idlc: no unsinged types as type arguments of instantiated polymorphic struct types i62339   feature-info:
Until now, only unsigned integer types (i.e., UNSIGNED SHORT, UNSIGNED LONG, and UNSIGNED HYPER) were forbidden as type argumetns of instantiated polymorphic struct types in UNO (and idlc only generated errors for those cases). It was an oversight to not also forbid any unsigned types (i.e., also any sequence types that have unsigned component types). This has been fixed now in , and idlc has been changed to also generate errors in the previously missing cases.
Removed Tools->Options->View: restore "Editing view" i53104 speclink ui
Page Preview can be closed with Escape key i35777   feature-info:
The Page preview of the Writer application can be closed using the Esc-key.
word processing

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:


completely UNOize the property browser, so it will use external handlers for inspecting arbitrary components

tl16 Performance issues. m160
jsc3 used for SDK OOo2.0.3 bugs and enhancements/imrprovements m160
jaxpapi Remove sun java parser.jar and jaxp.jar in favour of xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar which provide duplicate functionality without being hampered by problematic licences. Requires using final jaxp api instead of sun specific sun.* implementation details. Build-time only as parser.jar and jaxp.jar are not packaged into OOo. m160
tl19 Issues about Thai input sequence checking. m160
sixtyfour02 Second sixtyfour child workspace for small approved patches. m160
impress87 2.0.3 fixes for impress team m160
hcpatch01 Fix for synchronizing help platform versions #i61774# m160
skthes Add Slovak thesaurus. m160
hr32 Fix bug in CWS configuration parser, 64bit sparc patch for 'nas' m160
dbo603 supposed to be fix on master m160
jsc6 This cws is used to update our reference type library to the released type library of OOo2.0.2. The reference type library is used during the build process to detect imcompoatible changes in our API. Build process detail only, no office pack sets no performance test m160
native42 Removing gdiplus from OOo m160
dbo510 Consolidation CWS improving code quality and introducing new stuff. m159
jl26 XMLSecurity fixes especially for Win98 m159
sw8pp2utf8 Primarily for fixes of resources that got broken when converted to UTF8. Some other small tasks may be added as well though. m159
native36 Installation tasks m159
aquacolors Change User Interface colors on Mac OS X only m159
ause048 patches and cleanup m159
jl31 fixes for pp3 m159
impress85 2.0.3 issues m159
pj50 This child workspace collects various minor fixes for 2.0.2, unified environments for Mac OS X on Intel and PowerPC. m159
rowkeep CWS for the compatibility feature of keep-with-next table rows m159
ause049 patches and small fixes m159
native40 Optimizing packaging process for OOo download installation sets. m159
swqbf56 fix for issue b6382898 - import OLE objects in object groups as graphic objects in Writer, because the Writer doesn't support OLE objects in object groups. Additionally, convert grouped OLE objects on paste into graphic objects instead of removing the OLE objects. m159
os77 Close page preview with Esc (Writer and Calc) m159
cwsqueryenhance Add a new cwsquery mode for 'planned' state. m159
native41 Installation OOo 2.0.3 issues m159
sixtyfour03 Improved x86-64 bridge implementation. Not yet complete, but already usable. m159
vq29 Build system fixes m159

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