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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0 m158 Snapshot - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between 680_m156 and  680_m158.
This release will install as OOo-Dev2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m158.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
non-pro: OSL assertions now appearing the same way as TOOLS-assertions i52747   feature-info:
For quite some time now, OOo has two different diagnostics systems: OSL-based and TOOLS-based assertions. It's up to the developer of some piece of code which ones s/he uses. Failed TOOLS assertions usually are reported in a modal message box, but can be re-routed to other channels in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog (opened by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D). This dialog also offers some more options how to handle those assertions, for instance filtering. Failed OSL assertions are reported in a modal message box on Windows, and on the console on Linux. They cannot be re-routed or filtered at all, only globally disabled. Once the CWS gslpatches07 is integrated, OSL assertions can be captured by the TOOLS-based system, too. That is, OSL assertions then behave exactly the same way as TOOLS-based assertions. This behaviour can be switched off in the VCL Debug Options dialog, which contains a new check box labeled "Reroute osl debug messages", and is ON by default. All of the above of course only applies to non-product builds of
non-pro: dbgsv.ini now human-readable i52821   feature-info:
The "dbgsv.ini" file, which stores the debugging options of non-product builds (i.e. the settings made in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog), has formerly been stored in some binary format (basically, a memory dump of some internal structures). With the integration of CWS gslpatches07, this file is a human-readable INI file.
Removed Tools->Options->View: restore "Editing view" i53104 speclink ui

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

hr17 Fixes two STLport issues which require complete rebuilds for testing. Installation sets contains new libstdc++-so.5 see issue 123963 m158
gslpatches07 miscellaneous changes related to debug options (affects non-produduct builds only) m158
sixtyfour01 Child workspace for smaller approved 64bit fixes (e.g. fixes that are extracted from ooo64bit02, or new ones). m158
hr30 Clean up a workaround for gcc3 in binfilter and sw m158
obo04 Merge No impact on office suite. m158
native38 Fixing intro bmp for OOo and OOo Dev m158
jw1 Implementation for GNU JRE VendorBase::compareVersions must be overridden in derived class m158
evo2fixes Fix a ton of bugs in the evo. 2.0 connectivitiy / database driver. Now works with recent evolution versions, and 2.5/2.6 - fixes a number of bugs. The core code / evo2.0 is not shipped by Sun so it'd be great to get it in ASAP. There are a number of changes to common / shared GUI code, but these are not that substantial. m158
killablesoffice Fix #i62312# m158
impress88 showstopper fix for impress m158
docprop_SRC680 problem in document variable import. showstopper 2.0.2. m158
fwk35 Showstopper PP2 m158
sfxviewfix_SRC680 Possible showstoppers for 2.0.2 m158
ause050_SRC680 avoid useless repacking of various images*.zip m158
pngmagic_SRC680 crash fixes for target OOo 2.0.2 m158
formkeyconfig fixing issue 62548 m158
mh20137 last minute fixes for 2.0.2 m157
rtfpp2 This CWS contains some issues reported by the same submitter so they where kept together. There are some API enhancements and some bug fixes. m157
c09v001 Implement Component / Extension example for c09 m157
nfslockproblem nfslockproblem i54586 m157
hcpatch setting PATCH flags to all relevant SO Help files to get Windows and Solaris versions in sync with Linux versions. for PP2. m157
thbpp2 Stacktraces & other small OOo 2.0.2 fixes (slideshow/graphics related) m157
iconswitching2 Smaller fixes/features after integration of iconswitching1, like Crystal theme (KDE default), resizing of the toolbars according to the size of the icons in the theme, parallel build fix of the HiContrast theme, etc. m157
stlusagefix02 Fix STL abuses detected by enabling the STLport debug mode m157
fwk32 OOo 2.0.2 fixes for framework project. m157
msvcstandard Fix build issues with MSVC Standard m157
hro02 Several stacktraces and 2.0.2 fixes. m157
impress84 OOo 2.0.2 bugfix workspace m157
ooo202dicts CWS to integrate latest Hunspell spellcheck dictionaries for de-DE and de-CH to the 'dictionaries' project in order to have them installed by default, thus eliminating the need for the wizard for 'de' spellchecking users. There should be a change in the license that allows them to be added to the OOo source tree now as well. m157
hunspell01 Hunspell spell checker, version 1.1.4. m157
ab24 Basic regression with long concatenated strings, affects BASIC interpreter only m157
os76 Bugfixing, crashes m157
c0301 stacktraces only m157
swqbf54 fix for stacktrace m157
c03vcl OOo 2.0.2 stack fixes for VCL m157
ka008 OOo 2.0.2 related fixes m157
hr31 Small fixes for CWS tooling: error checking and reporting. m157
hunhelpimgs This child workspace adds Hungarian images to the online help. m157
ooo202dicts02 Fixes: German hyphenation patterns and en_US/en_GB dictionaries Extension: add Hungarian resources m157
fix61723 fix issue 61723 m157
fix61515 fix issue 61515, backout workaround for issue 52570 m157
impress86 OOo 2.0.2 bug fix m157
oj16 hsqldb OpenOffice build problem m157
fwkshowstopper Fixes for showstoppers Needs only automated testing m157
swqbf55 fix for issue 130878 m157
localisation05fix cws fixes important missing Russian translation for OOo 2.0.2 m157
letterwizardpp2 Fix for OOo letter wizard m157
calcnotify_SRC680 Fix for a regression about notification of view shells m157
fwkshowstop2_SRC680 Bug fixes for showstoppers in Framework and Writer Team m157

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