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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0.3 - Release Notes

these notes contains changes between oob680_m5 and  ooc680_m7 (all changes since OOo 2.0.2).
this release will install as 2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag OOC680_m7.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Mac OS X System Integration (Fondu) i55022 “fondu” is a set of programs to interconvert between mac font formats and pfb, ttf, otf and bdf files on unix. speclink porting
fondu inclusion ( does only concern Mac OS X ), but is UI relevant i55022 “fondu” is a set of programs to interconvert between mac font formats and pfb, ttf, otf and bdf files on unix. speclink porting
Mac OS X System Integration (Fondu) i57252 “fondu” is a set of programs to interconvert between mac font formats and pfb, ttf, otf and bdf files on unix. speclink porting
fondu inclusion ( does only concern Mac OS X ), but is UI relevant i57252 “fondu” is a set of programs to interconvert between mac font formats and pfb, ttf, otf and bdf files on unix. speclink porting
Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Malayalam (ml_IN) locale data i59935   feature-info:
Added Malayalam (ml_IN) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Akan_Ghana (ak_GH) locale data i60109   feature-info:
Added Akan_Ghana (ak_GH) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Latin_Vatican (la_VA) locale data i64838   feature-info:
Added Latin_Vatican (la_VA) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.
Single Cell Mode for range selection i40174   feature-info:
The parameter sequence for the startRangeSelection call of can now contain an optional boolean property "SingleCellMode". If this property is given and TRUE, only a single cell will be given as the result of the range selection. Thanks to Kohei Yoshida for providing the patch.
text/csv files can be read with UTF-8 encoding i44354   feature-info:
With the integration of CWS dba203b, text/csv databases can now make use of the UTF-8 encoding. That is, if you have a "comma separated text" file you want Base to read, and this file is encoded in UTF-8, then you can now choose this encoding in Edit / Database / Properties ... / Character Set.
"Copy Table" auto pilot "Append Data" instead of "Attach Data" i47324   feature-info:
Minor change: In the "Copy Table" auto pilot, on the first page, the radio button "Attach Data" has been renamed to "Append Data", which better reflects what is going to happen.
Support MS file format for "Send Document as E-Mail" i46895 Send Document as E-mail The feature Send Document as E-mail is often used by customers who need to work with Microsoft document formats. Currently – in 2.0.2 – a user has to set the default file format with the Tools – Options dialog to the Microsoft document formats to easily use Send Document as E-mail. This is first not very intuitive, but there is also a second problem. There are many customers who want to use the OpenDocument format by default, but from time to time have to send documents with the Microsoft document format. They have to save a document in Microsoft document format before they can use Send Document as E-mail. The following enhancement wants to help people who need to work with these two file formats (Microsoft document and OpenDocument format). speclink framework
Changed close behavior and new function for context sensitive toolbar i50428 Toolbars in are completely renewed. They have further on a context sensitive behavior, but without the toolbar toggle known from 1.1 or earlier. New is also that each program module can have its own toolbar configuration. The 2.0 toolbars provide a lot of usability enhancements which allow an easier customization of the toolbars. speclink framework
non-pro: OSL assertions now appearing the same way as TOOLS-assertions i52747   feature-info:
For quite some time now, OOo has two different diagnostics systems: OSL-based and TOOLS-based assertions. It's up to the developer of some piece of code which ones s/he uses. Failed TOOLS assertions usually are reported in a modal message box, but can be re-routed to other channels in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog (opened by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D). This dialog also offers some more options how to handle those assertions, for instance filtering. Failed OSL assertions are reported in a modal message box on Windows, and on the console on Linux. They cannot be re-routed or filtered at all, only globally disabled. Once the CWS gslpatches07 is integrated, OSL assertions can be captured by the TOOLS-based system, too. That is, OSL assertions then behave exactly the same way as TOOLS-based assertions. This behaviour can be switched off in the VCL Debug Options dialog, which contains a new check box labeled "Reroute osl debug messages", and is ON by default. All of the above of course only applies to non-product builds of
non-pro: dbgsv.ini now human-readable i52821   feature-info:
The "dbgsv.ini" file, which stores the debugging options of non-product builds (i.e. the settings made in the "VCL Debug Options" dialog), has formerly been stored in some binary format (basically, a memory dump of some internal structures). With the integration of CWS gslpatches07, this file is a human-readable INI file.
Registry .xcu format supports oor:op="fuse" i63706   feature-info:
The registry .xcu format now supports the update operation oor:op="fuse", see for details. This is especially important for Jobs.xcu particles, see .
Corrected help id for xslt filter dialog basic tab page i63719 XML Filter Configuration speclink framework
Library Export in Basic IDE i64017 Hint: In this text only ““ is used as product name, but everything also applies to StarOffice. speclink framework
Online update i64103 Currently the user has to open manually the appropriate webpage which offers patches and updates for StarOffice/ Then he has to search for the needed update and activate the download also manually. The first step for accessing the appropriate patch or update should be eased by implementing the possibility to check for them from within StarOffice/ The user starts the online update manually from the menu and the following check for possible updates happenes automatically. This includes checking which update currently exists on the client and if there is a newer update available on the server. If a newer update is available, the user get forwarded to the webpage to initiate the next steps. speclink framework
Easy to use complex toolbar controls for add-ons i64501 speclink framework
Import/export of custom document variables from/to MS formats i64516   feature-info:
Custom document variables are now imported from and exported to Microsoft file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Custom document variables can be inserted in Microsoft Office applications via File -> Properties -> Custom. On import these variables are stored in the DocumentInfo property container at the document. They can be received for example in OOo Basic with ThisComponent.DocumentInfo.getPropertyValue( "custom-name" ) All property types available in MS Office are supported: String Number (signed 32-bit integer) Boolean DateTime Export to MS file formats works as well.
Additional features for PDF export i61139 PDF Export Dialog speclink gsl
Controlling Slide Shows i54381 speclink presentation
TestTool: new command IsProduct() as boolean i50125   feature-info:
Provide command to get the build type of OOo. To be able to distinguish a 'normal' OOo build from a 'debug' or 'nonpro' build this command is introduced; Currently exist only ugly hacks, to get this information: - compare the filesize of a library - look in tools->options for special page To speed up the start up of a test this new command will be used. May get integrated around SRC680m165. The function is implemented in the TestTool application and needs a new sts-library on the OOo side.
testtool: command findObject ( string ) as object i54137   feature-info:
Enhance Object handling to find objects by name and allow object ssignments As example: dim xx as object xx = findObject("FormWizard") print, if xx.exists() then print "exists" May get integrated around SRC680m165. The function is implemented in the TestTool application.
Page Preview can be closed with Escape key i46976   feature-info:
The Page preview of the Spreadsheet application can be closed using the Esc-key.
CSV export data as displayed i4925 Saving Cell Content as Displayed in Spreadsheet to CSV speclink sc
Naming of drawing objects in Calc i51351 Single drawing objects and text boxes, contrary to grouped drawing objects, could not be named in Writer and Calc. It is an accessibility requirement to be able to do so. speclink sc
idlc: no unsinged types as type arguments of instantiated polymorphic struct types i62339   feature-info:
Until now, only unsigned integer types (i.e., UNSIGNED SHORT, UNSIGNED LONG, and UNSIGNED HYPER) were forbidden as type argumetns of instantiated polymorphic struct types in UNO (and idlc only generated errors for those cases). It was an oversight to not also forbid any unsigned types (i.e., also any sequence types that have unsigned component types). This has been fixed now in , and idlc has been changed to also generate errors in the previously missing cases.
Critical paths from Tools - Options - OOo - Paths removed internal Options > > Paths Several paths are critical to If a user is not absolutely sure what she does in Options-Paths then OOo can refuse to launch the next time. Therefore, all but 5 paths are removed from the Options panel. The experienced user can still change the other paths by editing the configuration file. speclink ui
new shortcut ALT+F11 opens dialog for editing macros i29138 new shortcut ALT+F11 opens dialog for editing macros speclink ui
Removed Tools->Options->View: restore "Editing view" i53104 2.0.3 supports a hardware acceleration for rendering of presentations in Impress. An additional component is needed to enable the platform specific acceleration. Furthermore, graphic card drivers are 3rd-party products, which does not have any influence on. Additionally, there is a potential for bugs in those drivers, which can be unveiled by using Since such problems can make presentations potentially unusable, we introduce an option which allows the user to disable the hardware acceleration support. speclink ui
Text of column header of font replacement changed i60897   feature-info:
The text of the second column header of the font replacement options table has changed from "Screen" to "Screen only" (Geman: "Bildschirm" -> "Nur Bildschirm".
Cleanup in menubar.xml's i64286   feature-info:
I have removed all menu:helpid's and menu:label's attributes from all recent menubar.xml's in 'menucleanup' child workspace - they are obsolete and unnecessary. This task should affect no functionality, these attributes are not used.
crash recovery restarts office immediatly i64599 Error Reporter UI Specification The Error Reporting Tool and the document recovery features are combined into one work flow. When crashes the documents will be saved and users get informed abut the upcoming recovery process, followed by sending out an error report. speclink ui
TestTool: Path selection dialog available for generic settings i63675   feature-info:
In the VCL TestTool application on the tab page: Tools -> Settings -> Generic You get an additional button 'Path', above the button 'New' in the section 'Settings', if the feature is enabled for an 'Area' in the configuration file of the TestTool (.testtoolrc / testtool.ini) You have to set the line 'Type=Path' manually by editing the configuration file. example: [OOoProgramDir] Type=Path Current=. Currently this feature is only used for the entry [OOoProgramDir]. If you start the TestTool for the first time, and you don't have already a configuration file in your home directory, then you get the entry [OOoProgramDir] by default.
Compatibility option: Keep-with-next attribute for table rows internal   feature-info:
A new (non-UI) compatibility option "TableRowKeep" has been added to Writer documents. If this option is enabled, a table row can be forced to keep together with the next row by setting the keep-with-next attribute to the first paragraph within the first cell of this row. If this row is the last row of a table, the last row tries to keep together with the next content behind the table. This compatibility option is disabled per default and enabled during ww8/rtf import.
word processing
German string "Extras - Wortanzahl" has been changed internal   feature-info:
The German string "Extras - Wortanzahl" has been changed to "Extras - Wörter zählen".
word processing
Page Preview can be closed with Escape key i35777   feature-info:
The Page preview of the Writer application can be closed using the Esc-key.
word processing
Compatibility option: Do not consider blanks and tabs for line height calculation internal   feature-info:
A new (non-UI) compatibility option "IgnoreTabsAndBlanksForLineCalculation" has been added to Writer documents. If this option is enabled, the sizes of tab stop portions and blanks-only portions do not contribute to the line height calculation. This compatibility option is disabled per default and enabled during ww8/rtf import.
word processing
Naming of drawing objects in Writer i51726 Single drawing objects and text boxes, contrary to grouped drawing objects, could not be named in Writer and Calc. It is an accessibility requirement to be able to do so. Oliver-Rainer.Wittmann@Sun.COM speclink word processing
New Default Table Formatting Behavior i60422 New Default Table Formatting Behavior Predefined character formatting inside tables is unwanted by the user as we have learned in OOo 2.0 usability studies. Furthermore the formatting, used in the paragraph were the table has been inserted, is expected to be used in the table as well. speclink word processing

Resolved Security Issues

A list of resolved security issues is in Security Bulletin 2006-06-29.

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

calclosttext_OOC680 Fix for lost text when saving Calc files m6
os83_OOC680 . m6
jl37 Regression fixes for pp3 m6
jsc11 used for OO2.0.3 fixes m6
mav20 . m6
native53 m6
wot04 Fix Win98 GDI resource leak m6

wot03_OOC680 fix issue 65884 m5

impress97_OOC680 Showstopper bug fix m4
localisation11_OOC680 fix missing pdf export dialog m4
v0301_OOC680 Showstopper CWS m4
localisation09_OOC680 m4

sb54 last minute configmgr fix m3

wot02_OOC680 some last 2.0.3 efforts m2
sysui203_OOC680 sysui quick fix m2
mbapp3fix1_OOC680 Last minute fixes for 2.0.3 m2
macosxfondu2_OOC680 Implement fondu and X11 check for Mac OS X. Include fondu in OOo for Mac OS X to automatically extract natives fonts m2
ause055_OOC680 small build fixes m2
os82_OOC680 Fix of issue 65474 m2

kendy09_OOC680 Trivial build fix for x86-64 - add support for x86-64 in automation. m1
dogtags01_OOC680 Workaround ShowTip timeout mishandling m1
swqbf65_OOC680 fix for issue i65284 m1
localisation08_OOC680 l10n showstoppers m1
gtkfpicker_OOC680 GTK file dialog crashes when selecting/double clicking a file that was not created using an UTF-8 locale. m1
calcpagestyle_OOC680 Show stopper #i65326#: Crash when applying a page style m1
localisation07_OOC680 Contains missing Catalan UI and French installer translation + updates for Polish, Dutch and Hugarian m1
java15enum_OOC680 enum is a reserved word in Java JDK 1.5 (#i59368#) m1
dr49_OOC680 #i65389# crash in MS OLE property set import m1
tl22_OOC680 Fixes for 8pp3 issues. m1
swqbf66_OOC680 CWS for table-row-keep issue m1

sixtyfourpic linux x86_64 uno bridge call.s is not -fpic, but included in a shared lib, adjust assembly to be pic m169
atkbridge2 m169
bpf01 fix issue 65199 m169
fwkpp3showstop4 Fixes for framework showstoppers for OOo2.0.3 m169
miscl10nooo02 OOo 2.0.3 community translations (successor CWS of 'miscl10nooo') m169
wot01 last ditch 2.0.3 efforts m169
localisation06 localisation cws for OOo 2.0.3 / PP3 m168
soc m168
vclxcu01 patches and fixes for VCL.xcu m168
pb13 Accessibility bugs for PP3 m168
mbapp3 Some bug fixes for 2.0.3 m168
tbcontrols Toolbar controls for add-ons. m168
native46 OOo 2.0.3 installation tasks m168
i18n26 Fix Polish index problem m168
impress94 Bug fixes. m168
vq31 configure related issues m168
mh203 missing version update for 2.0.3 m168
cmcfixes25 Build fixes for gcc 4.1.X (e.g extra qualifications). Build-only. m168
calcchartcache Chart after updated series ranges not set modified if swapped out of cache before second update call. m168
dicooo02 builds the correct pointer on DicOOo.sxw file if no DicOOo.lst file exists (first launch). This is part of the auto-update mechanisms m168
sb53 last minute fix to revert bad changes introduced in dbo510 m168
fwkshowstop3 Framework showstopper task m168
native48 OOo two language installation set problem. m168
atkbridge Direct at-bridge for GNOME accessibility m167
npower1 Provide some new optional interoperability behaviour for the basic language m167
perform07 Optimizations office start-up m167
mmt7 m167
tl18 misc. bugfixes and improvements m167
thbpp3 Stacktrace fixes for 2.0.3 m167
ab25 various basic fixes m167
ab26 variuos basic fixes m167
vcl57 2.0.3 issues m167
dba203c ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0.3 m167
swqbf60 Writer core/layout issues m167
calc36 Calc fixes m167
sb52 Fix that impacts Thai m167
pb15 Fixes for 2.0.3 m167
adc14 Autodoc bug fixing and more efficient hierarchy display. m167
tml01 oowintool patch m167
locales203 Locale data additions and changes for OOo2.0.3 m167
vq30 Minor build fixes/enhancements m167
impress92 bugfixes m167
swqbf62 fixes in Writer for next release m167
thb10 Get into solenv m167
pj54 Clean up temporary files and directories location on Mac OS X. P1 fix for Mac OS X, build breakers on Mac OS X. Support for Jva 1.5.0 on Mac OS X. Rename env. file for GNU/Linux on 64bit machines to LinuxX86-64 instead of LinuxAMD. m167
fwk39 Framework 2.0.3 fixes. m167
tabledefaults cws for i60422 m167
tl20 P2 fixes for OOo2.03 m167
gh12a implement feature in testtool urgently required m167
hro04 Only Solaris 10 Sparc. m167
vcl58 some final 2.0.3 efforts m167
native47 Installation relevant tasks m167
impressc03u3 Crash fixes for 2.0.3 m167
fwkc03fixes m167
swqbfconv_SRC680 m167
toolbarhc High contrast mode and toolbars m167
sfxcleanup Some crash report fixes, some code cleanup (partially necessary for one of the fixes) and a patch for printing via API m166
mhu12 Memory alloc/free performance, e.g. large spreadsheet pathological issues m166
onlineupdate2 Changes for the Online Update tool. m166
impress93 bugfixes for impress m166
systemjava2 Fix small issues after systemjava integration. m166
swstability02 Prio2 regressions for 2.0.3 m166
taskpane Task pane performance improvements. m165
swqbf58 bugs bugs bugs m165
fwk37 Framework 2.0.3 fixes. m165
macosx20xfixes02 Mac OS X X11 fixes m165
impress91 Bug fixes m165
os80 Bugfixes OOo 2.0.3 m165
extras4pl m165
menucleanup Remove un-needed menu:helpid and menu:label from menubar.xml's. m165
macosx203fixes Fixes for some build issues and crashes on Mac OS X Intel m165
freebsd06 FreeBSD specific issues m165
jsc9 hotfix cws for P1 issue 134738 m165
dmake43p01 Several fixes/enhancements for dmake. m164
gh12 testtool bugs m164
redline01 All issues verified. All default tests passed. Tests w_updt.bas and w_redlining.bas passed on Win and Lin. m164
systemint01 fix sysui related issues m164
i18n25 i18n bug fixes m164
oj17 OOo 2.0.3 Bug fixing m164
numbers203 Locale data DTD changes, API additions and number formatter changes related to legacy currency symbols loaded from ODF. m164
systemjava Some distributions, e.g. debian and fedora already include some of the java components shipped with OOo, e.g. hsqldb, xalan/xerces etc. We like to avoid duplicating installed components. m164
sb49 some UNO fixes m164
sb50 some configmgr fixes m164
native43 Installation OOo 2.0.3 tasks m164
configure17 misc. configure fixes m164
sixtyfour05 More 64bit fixes. m164
pj53 Miscellaneous Mac OS X build environment cleanups. Unification of Intel and PowerPC environments (no more duplicated scripts). m164
native45 Fixing makecab problem m164
l10ntoolingfix02 this cws contains a two line gcc4 build break fix in l10n tooling, no need for qa m164
ause054 minor fixes for urgent problems m164
interdummy 'internatiodel' disaster fix.
Needs incompatible update from VCL upwards
internatiodel Get rid of tools' class International and replace remaining bits with true i18n functionality. Move all LangID and ISO mapping functionality to module i18npool. m163
ab19 basic fixes m163
ab20lib Add export functionality for basic libraries either as uno-package or flat library. m163
long2int A set of rather trivial long/ULONG -> sal_Int32/sal_uInt32 patches extracted from ooo64bit02. Fixes a lot of places where the x86-64 build fails, but should be safe for x86. A build of this CWS is available here: m163
sch14 Fixes for Chart (sch) m163
pdfexportimprove Improvements for PDF export m163
swstability01 Stability issues mainly in combination with undo. m163
jl32 Fixed for PP3, mainly xmlsecurity m163
dbwizardpp3 cws that contains fixes for the database wizards repectively table wizard, form wizard, report wizard and query wizard m163
pj51 Various minor cleanups and minor Mac OS X patches. m163
sixtyfour04 Fourth child workspace with 64bit specific issues approved by respective code owners or project leads. m163
cmcfixes24 misc safe fixes for unlikely edge cases m163
impress89 Impress/Draw bugfix workspace for OOo2.03 m163
vcl56 even more 2.0.3 issues m163
swqbf59 Writer bugs priority 2 for StarOffice PP3. m163
slideshowkeys01 Implementing feature m163
dba203b ongoing DBA bugfixing towards 2.0.3 m163
toolbarbehavior Change close behavior of context sensitive toolbars. m163
extras8pp3 m163
ause053 versioned tooling in SO environment. requires minor changes in some makefile m163
prtfix01 Fix some printing problems on WIN32. m163
pb14 Fix of 126319 m163
onlineupdate1 Online Update notification feature for StarOffice / StarSuite 8 / 2.0 m163
pj52 Another set of minor issues - mainly Mac OS X porting, preparations for universal binaries support. m163
fwk38 change SendDocAsEmail behaviour again m163
calcperf02 Load/Save performance improvements for Calc m162
hc2opti build speed up fix, thus the localize.sdf is only parsed once each directory m162
vcl54 2.0.3 issues m162
vgbugs02 Misc bugfixes in build tool & some changes for configure OOo m162
pb12 Bugfixes for OOo 2.0.3 m162
fwk33 Framework fixes for OOo 2.0.3 m162

ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0.3

Following modules are to be built incompatibly due to a change in svx:

  • sw
  • sd
  • sc
  • sch
  • chart2

Following modules are to be broken after a resync due to changes for issue 60163

  • unoil
  • scp2so

fwk34 UI relevant tasks for PP3 m162
sb48 small UI relevant changes to all error string resources (adding punctuation) m162
fpicker5 Tweak the gnome fpicker to default its save type from user typed suffix like the gimp-2.2. Spec updated. m162
fwk36 User interface changes for PP3 m162
swa11y203 fix for issues i51726, i51351 - allow naming of shapes/drawing objects in Writer/Calc m162
os78 Fixes of some 2.0.3 issues m162
fsfixes03 Another CWS to remove non-utf8 umlauts from comments in java files. m162
pyunofixes2 Various fixes for stabilizing pyuno, all changes + features just affect pyuno. m161
gcnolk Just one task m161
viewswitch Performance improvements regarding the switching between views m161
dr46 Calc fixes for OOo 2.0.3 m161
nwfrtl fix NWF in RTL-UI m161
l10nfix202 last minute l10n fixes m161
vcl55 more 2.0.3 fixes for gsl m161
swqbf57 Writer PP3 bugfixes m161
printsetting integrate patch i49631 m161
cairofixes01 Fixes for cairocanvas m161
industrial03 fix some icon issues with the Industrial icon set. m161
swdrawobjpos203 fix for issue i62875 m161
ause052 fixes/changes to use local environment configuration with setsolar m161
fsmozillafix Small fix for "moz* in order to build mozilla correctly also with newer versions of binutils/glibc m161
fsfixes02 Fixing a build breakage in desktop module on MacOSX with gcc 3.3 and on some GNU/Linux systems with gcc 3.2.x m161
sloveniantemplates Submit templates for Slovenian language. m161
jaxpapifixer Contains caolan windows P1 fix. m161

completely UNOize the property browser, so it will use external handlers for inspecting arbitrary components

tl16 Performance issues. m160
jsc3 used for SDK OOo2.0.3 bugs and enhancements/imrprovements m160
jaxpapi Remove sun java parser.jar and jaxp.jar in favour of xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar which provide duplicate functionality without being hampered by problematic licences. Requires using final jaxp api instead of sun specific sun.* implementation details. Build-time only as parser.jar and jaxp.jar are not packaged into OOo. m160
tl19 Issues about Thai input sequence checking. m160
sixtyfour02 Second sixtyfour child workspace for small approved patches. m160
impress87 2.0.3 fixes for impress team m160
hcpatch01 Fix for synchronizing help platform versions #i61774# m160
skthes Add Slovak thesaurus. m160
hr32 Fix bug in CWS configuration parser, 64bit sparc patch for 'nas' m160
dbo603 supposed to be fix on master m160
jsc6 This cws is used to update our reference type library to the released type library of OOo2.0.2. The reference type library is used during the build process to detect imcompoatible changes in our API. Build process detail only, no office pack sets no performance test m160
native42 Removing gdiplus from OOo m160
dbo510 Consolidation CWS improving code quality and introducing new stuff. m159
jl26 XMLSecurity fixes especially for Win98 m159
sw8pp2utf8 Primarily for fixes of resources that got broken when converted to UTF8. Some other small tasks may be added as well though. m159
native36 Installation tasks m159
aquacolors Change User Interface colors on Mac OS X only m159
ause048 patches and cleanup m159
jl31 fixes for pp3 m159
impress85 2.0.3 issues m159
pj50 This child workspace collects various minor fixes for 2.0.2, unified environments for Mac OS X on Intel and PowerPC. m159
rowkeep CWS for the compatibility feature of keep-with-next table rows m159
ause049 patches and small fixes m159
native40 Optimizing packaging process for OOo download installation sets. m159
c09v003 m159
swqbf56 fix for issue b6382898 - import OLE objects in object groups as graphic objects in Writer, because the Writer doesn't support OLE objects in object groups. Additionally, convert grouped OLE objects on paste into graphic objects instead of removing the OLE objects. m159
os77 Close page preview with Esc (Writer and Calc) m159
cwsqueryenhance Add a new cwsquery mode for 'planned' state. m159
native41 Installation OOo 2.0.3 issues m159
sixtyfour03 Improved x86-64 bridge implementation. Not yet complete, but already usable. m159
vq29 Build system fixes m159
cairocanvas Integration CWS for a native X11 canvas implementation, based on cairo m158
hr17 Fixes two STLport issues which require complete rebuilds for testing. Installation sets contains new libstdc++-so.5 see issue 123963 m158
gslpatches07 miscellaneous changes related to debug options (affects non-produduct builds only) m158
sixtyfour01 Child workspace for smaller approved 64bit fixes (e.g. fixes that are extracted from ooo64bit02, or new ones). m158
hr30 Clean up a workaround for gcc3 in binfilter and sw m158
obo04 Merge No impact on office suite. m158
native38 Fixing intro bmp for OOo and OOo Dev m158
jw1 Implementation for GNU JRE VendorBase::compareVersions must be overridden in derived class m158
evo2fixes Fix a ton of bugs in the evo. 2.0 connectivitiy / database driver. Now works with recent evolution versions, and 2.5/2.6 - fixes a number of bugs. The core code / evo2.0 is not shipped by Sun so it'd be great to get it in ASAP. There are a number of changes to common / shared GUI code, but these are not that substantial. m158
killablesoffice Fix #i62312# m158
c09v002 m158
impress88 showstopper fix for impress m158
docprop_SRC680 problem in document variable import. showstopper 2.0.2. m158
fwk35 Showstopper PP2 m158
fix61929_SRC680 m158
sfxviewfix_SRC680 Possible showstoppers for 2.0.2 m158
ause050_SRC680 avoid useless repacking of various images*.zip m158
pngmagic_SRC680 crash fixes for target OOo 2.0.2 m158
formkeyconfig fixing issue 62548 m158

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