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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0.2 Release Candidate 4 - Release Notes

these notes contains changes between ooa680_m1 and  oob680_m5 (all changes since OOo 2.0.1).
this release will install as 2.0.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag OOB680_m5.

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. title Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Tsonga (ts_ZA) locale data i53257   feature-info:
Tsonga in South Africa (ts_ZA) locale data available.
Moore in language listbox i53628   feature-info:
"Moore", spoken in Burkina Faso, is available in the language listbox.
Bambara in language listbox i53741   feature-info:
Bambara, spoken in Mali, is available in the language listbox for font attribution and spell-checking purposes (ba_ML).
Breton (br_FR) locale data i54501   feature-info:
Breton (br_FR) locale data is implemented.
Luxembourgish (lb_LU) language listbox entry i54818   feature-info:
Luxembourgish is available in the language listbox for font attribution and spell-checking purposes.
English_India (en_IN) language listbox entry and locale data i54853   feature-info:
English (India) is available in the language listbox for font attribution and spell-checking purposes. Locale data based on en_GB merged with INR Rupee currency is also implemented. This to support English language documents widely used in India.
Akan (ak_GH) language listbox entry i55146   feature-info:
Akan, spoken in Ghana, is available in the language listbox for font attribution and spell-checking purposes.
Ndebele (nr_ZA) locale data i57290   feature-info:
Ndebele (nr_ZA) locale data is implemented.
Venda (ve_ZA) locale data i57311   feature-info:
Venda in South Africa (ve_ZA) locale data is implemented.
Friulian (fur_IT) language listbox entry i58386   feature-info:
Friulian, spoken in Italy, is available in the language listbox for font attribution and spell-checking purposes.
Corel Quattro Pro 6.0 import filter i41688 Corel Quattro Pro 6.0 import filter The Corel Quattro Pro 6.0 (spread sheet) files cannot be viewed in Filter is written so that the Quattro Pro files can be viewed in Calc (OOo). Only the files with extension .wb2 can be opened in OOo Calc.
speclink sc
Default CTL font size in cells for Thai is 10pt again i59408 speclink sc
Icon Theme Switching i36518 Icon Theme Switching in OOo speclink ui
Suppress printing/PDF export of blank pages speclink word processing
Numbering related entries in the context menu i42356 speclink word processing
MailMerge wizard: e-Mail related controls now hidden if unsupported i51949   feature-info:
In OOo 2.01 those controls of the mail merge wizard that are necessary to configure mail merge to e-Mail are hidden if the e-Mail service is not available. That means that the second page "Select document type" is dropped and that on the last page the "Send merged document as E-Mail" button is hidden.
word processing

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

sfxviewfix Possible showstoppers for 2.0.2 m5
ause050 avoid useless repacking of various images*.zip m5
pngmagic crash fixes for target OOo 2.0.2 m5

fwk35_OOB680 Showstopper PP2 m4

docprop problem in document variable import. showstopper 2.0.2. m3
impress88_OOB680 showstopper fix for impress m3

fwkshowstop2 Bug fixes for showstoppers in Framework and Writer Team m2
calcnotify Fix for a regression about notification of view shells m2
localisation05fix_OOB680 cws fixes important missing Russian translation for OOo 2.0.2 m2
stlusagefix02_OOB680 Fix STL abuses detected by enabling the STLport debug mode m2
ka008_OOB680 OOo 2.0.2 related fixes m1
iconswitching2_OOB680 Smaller fixes/features after integration of iconswitching1, like Crystal theme (KDE default), resizing of the toolbars according to the size of the icons in the theme, parallel build fix of the HiContrast theme, etc. m1
impress84_OOB680 OOo 2.0.2 bugfix workspace m1
ab24_OOB680 Basic regression with long concatenated strings, affects BASIC interpreter only m1
fix61723_OOB680 fix issue 61723 m1
fwk32_OOB680 OOo 2.0.2 fixes for framework project. m1
rtfpp2_OOB680 This CWS contains some issues reported by the same submitter so they where kept together. There are some API enhancements and some bug fixes. m1
hr31_OOB680 Small fixes for CWS tooling: error checking and reporting. m1
nfslockproblem_OOB680 nfslockproblem i54586 m1
os76_OOB680 Bugfixing, crashes m1
swqbf54_OOB680 fix for stacktrace m1
thbpp2_OOB680 Stacktraces & other small OOo 2.0.2 fixes (slideshow/graphics related) m1
fix61515_OOB680 fix issue 61515, backout workaround for issue 52570 m1
msvcstandard_OOB680 Fix build issues with MSVC Standard m1
hro02_OOB680 Several stacktraces and 2.0.2 fixes. m1
hunspell01_OOB680 Hunspell spell checker, version 1.1.4. m1
oj16_OOB680 hsqldb OpenOffice build problem m1
c03vcl_OOB680 OOo 2.0.2 stack fixes for VCL m1
impress86_OOB680 OOo 2.0.2 bug fix m1
c09v001_OOB680 Implement Component / Extension example for c09 m1
c0301_OOB680 stacktraces only m1
ooo202dicts_OOB680 CWS to integrate latest Hunspell spellcheck dictionaries for de-DE and de-CH to the 'dictionaries' project in order to have them installed by default, thus eliminating the need for the wizard for 'de' spellchecking users. There should be a change in the license that allows them to be added to the OOo source tree now as well. m1
hunhelpimgs_OOB680 This child workspace adds Hungarian images to the online help. m1
mh20137_OOB680 last minute fixes for 2.0.2 m1
ooo202dicts02_OOB680 Fixes: German hyphenation patterns and en_US/en_GB dictionaries Extension: add Hungarian resources m1
fwkshowstopper_OOB680 Fixes for showstoppers Needs only automated testing m1
letterwizardpp2_OOB680 Fix for OOo letter wizard m1
swqbf55_OOB680 fix for issue 130878 m1

muanglao Indexing issue in lao language. m156
pb11 OOo 2.0.2 bugfixes m156
fwk29 OOo 2.0.2 fixes m156
cloph02 menu-integration packages should update an icon-cache if present m156
kabrefine refining the KAB (KDE Address Book) integration m156
fwk31 2.0.2 bugfixes. m156
dba202f ongoing DBA bugfixing for OOo 2.0.2 m156
swqbf51 Writer bug fixes (crash) m156
swqbf52 Writer bug fixes - loops-freezes-crash (not stacktrace crash) m156
localisation05 OOo 2.0.2 related l10n fixes and localisation m156
macintel01 add Intel architecture for Mac OS X (Universal Binary later) m156
oo202thes OOo lingucomponent fixes (namely the thesaurus) for OOo 2.0.2. m156
vq28 Fix build issues ... m156
jl30 fixes around cli_uno, java m156
calc35 Calc 2.0.2 bugfixes m156
vcl53 some more 2.0.2 issues m156
hr29 CWSTOOLS: Add a number of new cwsquery modes. Fix cwscreate bug responsible for empty owner strings in EIS database m156
swnum202 fixes on numbering/bullets and outline numbering m156
hyphenator2 Extended hyphenator with Unicode and discretionary hyphenation support. m156
swqbf53 Writer bugfixes m156
jsc5 Fix in for SDK build environment under Windows m156

fixing issue 60273

Prevent asking the Linux MySQL driver for version columns, as this freezes.

os75 Bugfixing OOo 2.0.2 m156
neon025checkfix fix neon check in configure now that neon 0.25.x works m156
mav19 This cws is going to be integrated to OOo2.0.2. !!!This childworkspace is incompatible from "svx" project!!! m155
swqbf49 fix for a11y issues m155
britishthesau Add WordNet English thesaurus to the British English language. m155
dba202d ongoing DBA bugfixing towards 2.0.2 m155
tl17 CWS for stacktrace fixes with target OOo 2.0.2 m155
i18n24 extract data from i18npool i18n bug fix m155
os73 Bugfixes OOo 2.0.2 m155
ab23pp2 Various fixes in basic/basic-ide m155
dr44 OOo 2.0.2 issues m155
configure14 configure fixes m155
vcl52 stack traces + crashes m155
freebsd04 FreeBSD specific fixes and workarounds m155
accessalert More accessibility fixes for 2.0.2 m155
impress83 fixes for impress m155
ause047 small build fixes around PKGFORMAT m155
pj49 Last minutes build related fixes. m155
dr45 Accessibility issues for PP2 m155
os74 Bugfixes OOo 2.0.2 m155
jsc4 Used to update the reference type library to OOo2.0.1 and make some minor IDL documentation bugfixes to improve the API reference in the SDK and to avoid misunderstanding of the API. m155
winicons01 Antialiased icons for Windows desktop (#i40912#) m155
qpro03 QPro 6.0 import filter. Eike - this is re-worked as per your suggestions, with loads of cruft cleaned out of it & well - it should be in a lot better state now I hope. m154
vcl47 gsl 2.0.2 issues m154
wordtwo01 Implement importing the legacy Word 2 file format. It's relatively similiar to later versions, except with some structures smaller, and a different mechanism for encoding character properties. m154
aw034 OOo 2.0.2 BugFix CWS m154
qwizardspp2 Fixes for the wizards - mainly java based database wizards for the 2.0.2 target m154
swqbf50 Bugfixes for OOo 2.0.2 m154
lo11 2.0.2 bug fixes m154
sb46 Java UNO fix/various fixes m154
vcl51 2.0.2 issues m154
curlsecfixes fix curl security bugs... m154
sb42 misc 2.0.2 fixes m153
editengss01 crashreporter stacktrace fixes m153
vcl50 2.0.2 issues m153
tbe27 OOo 2.0.2 accessibility bug fixes m153
ka006 OOo 2.0.2 related bugfixes for Gallery m153
impress82 Impress/Draw bugfixes for OOo 2.0.2 m153
stlusagefix01 Fix STL abuses detected by enabling the STLport debug mode m153
rowsetdel fixing issue 55731, which involves some changes to the RowSet component, which could potentially affect all database functionality in OOo m153
optstor2 Further development and optimization of embedded objects. m152
tbe25 OOo 2.0.2 bug fixes m152
macosx20xfixes01 misc fixes for Mac OS X / 2.0.2 m152
qadev25 update and enhance UNO-API-Tests m152
swqbf48 Writer 2.0.2 bugfixes m152
localisation04 this cws contains OOo 2.0.2 / PP2 related l10n fixes and localisation m152
cmcfixes23 minor build time fixes to make default "configure" build out of the box on fedora "just work" without manual workarounds m152
jl29jre Bundling new Java 1.5.05 with Office m152
impress78 PP2 bug fixes. m152
impress79 crash report fixed for impress/draw m152
vcl49 more 2.0.2 fixes m152
sch13 Fixes for chart for 2.0.2 m152
fs05 new release of libwpd (0.8.4) m152
gcc41 Basic support for gcc-4.1 m152
dba202e ongoing DBA bug fixing for 2.0.2 - high priority issues only (crash reports) m152
pj48 Minor build fixes and cleanups for 2.0.2. m152
vq26 W32 Mozilla build issues m152
vq27 Fix build issues ... m152
bserver12 Fix some bugs of cmd_bcst since transfering to SRC680. Broadcast in instset_native should also work on a cws m152
mmeeks13 Fix to a Linux-developer-only tool 'linkoo' currently broken. m152
mmeeks14 has a 'simple' mode - used by ooo-build & others to package OO.o without using the internal/epm packaging code. This recently had a load of jds & download specific stuff added to it, this removes it again. The change should be specific only to use with the -simple option - ie. should not affect any Sun builds. m152
obo03 Additional check to prevent 0 byte size files in rpm-files m152
allocacleanup we use alloca, which is not a standard function of C. Due to non-standardness, how to use them varies platform by platform. we have sal/alloca.h to sunk such platform dependencies, but still many sourcefiles doesn't utilize sal/alloca.h m151
sysui12 Deskop-Integration fixes for OOo 2.0.2 m151
dr43 Fixes for OOo 2.0.2 Calc UI relevant: i53046, i54231 m151
cmcfixes22 minor build time issues for gcj/ecj m151
dba202b PP2 bug fixing m151
impress81 fixes for impress m151
ause046 misc build fixes m151
macosxpython Modify pyuno/python for Mac OS X. Mac OS X always have python, so use system python by default. Mac OS X system python expects loadable modules to have .so extension, but we deliver .dylib now. m151
hr28 Small improvement to CWS tools (ignore .cvsrc files) Speed up and clean up HelpLinker. m151
memory02 Memory Leaks and Errors m150
stlpdbg STLport debug mode for windows nonpro m150
impresspresobjs refactoring of the presentation object handling in impress to prevent possible crashes m150
mtg1 Child workspace to analyse the problems with C++ destructors blocking the JVM's finalizer thread, causing the JVM to throw a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. m150
sb41 One specific change to the OOo code (getCppuType) to be able to compile with GCC 4.1; other changes in CWS gcc41. m150
epspreview when an eps is inserted into writer without a preview image attempt to use possibly installed system tools to generate one m150
configure13 configure fixes m150
hr27 Fix small CWS tooling issues, better error reporting, more cwsquery modes. m150
dicfont202 Update FontOOo and DicOOo wizards. m150
native37 OOo-Dev installation tasks m150

Implementation of icon switching in OOo

os67 Added features for OOo 2.02 m149
hunspell Replace Myspell with Hunspell. Hunspell is an improved MySpell with Unicode and agglutinative language support and fixed ngram suggestion. License: GNU LGPL. ( m149
ivo13 l10n related fixes m149
locales202 New locale data and language lisbox entries for OOo2.0.2 m149
dba202c ongoing DBA bug fixing towards 2.0.2 m149
os72 Bugfixing OOo 2.0.2 m149
sb44 URE-related fixes m149
native34 PP2 installation changes m149
hr26 CWS for the first shot in optimizing the building of helpcontent2 m149
vq25 Build issues m149
tbe26 fix for Basic IDE crash m149
pj46 Update Bulgarian extras m149
native35 Problematic PP2 installation issues m149
dbwizardpp1 PP2 bugfixes for FormWizard, ReportWizard, TableWizard and QueryWizard. m148
sb37 allow basline compatible (solaris 8 + patches) builds on solaris 10 machines. m148
gslperform01 performance optimizations in gsl m148
pj43 Child workspace for small 64bit fixes and support for BlackDown Java on AMD64. m148
jsc2 used for several OOo2.0.2 fixes m148
kaddrbook implementing KAddressBook access m147
nativefixer21 Optimizing packaging process m147
unxlngs04 patches specifically for building GNU/linux sparc including build bridges with gcc4 and making rpm installation m147
dba202a misc DBA bugfixing towards 2.0.2 m147
cmcfixes21 minor tweaks to external modules to enable building with system equivalents or add ORIGIN if not m147
vq24 Build fixes m147
fwk27 Stack trace fixes with UI changes for PP2. m147
mtg2 This CWS contains fixes for issues #i55624#, #i58436# and #i58438#. It also fixes memory leaks in both the 'aBkmArr' and 'aRedArr', whereby if bug #i55624# or #i58436# occured, none of the objects in aBkmArr or aRedArr would be deleted. This has been fixed by using boost's shared_ptr implementation so that when their container objects go out of scope, the pointers will automatically be deleted. This install set is uploaded here: A new install set is ready, which was compiled with '--enable-binfilter' here: m147
pj44 Update extras for Danish, Hungarian and Turkish. Re-integrate Dutch spell checking dictionaries. m147
hr24 Changes for building with Sun Studio 11. Contains only two changes for stlport, has no influence on PP2 at all. m147
pj45 Trivial cleaning changes for 2.0.2 m147
emptypage cws for b6354161: Omit empty pages during pdf export/printing m147
rt14 One minor fix for to get 'stat' operations work as expected in cygwin environment (issue 59477). m147
cyb1 fixes a couple of typos in the api docs (be it unoidl reference, sdk etc.) to improve api documentation. m146
cyb2 uno idl documentation fixes continued. m146
buildstatushtml2 CWS mainly intended for implementation of the log view in html page generated by build tool. Additinally there are enhacement for stripping under linux (.bin sections), implementation for summary in cwsview and missing modules check in m146
fakebold Implement fake bold and italic style for fonts. m146
ause042 cleanup around vendor, version, license m146
impressfunctions Risky fix for a crashreporter issue in impress m146
numberformat A set of NumberFormat related ULONG -> sal_uInt32 patches that have been extracted from ooo64bit02 CWS. Fixes a lot of places where the x86-64 build fails, but should be safe for x86. A build of this CWS is available here: m146
cmcfixes20 minor fixes for unlikely crash situations m146
rt13 Build environment changes, mostly related to m146
pj41 Small 64bit fix for Mozilla. m146
helpnotfoundmsg fix/clear error message in "Help not found" case m146
unxlngppc02 fix LINK for unxlngppc and work around GCC bug in svx m146
sdkinstaller2 CWS is used to fix some minor issues for he SDK. The issues are no showstopper but it looks unprofessional m146
ause044 small build fixes/enhancements m146
canvas04 A few OOo build fixes m146
sj31 Bugfix cws for OOo2.02 m146
systemagg add possibility to build with system-agg m146
fwk28 approved by QA m146
native33 Installation PP2 tasks m146
hr25 Small changes for implementing the "Multiple Integrations" approach for CWSs. No influence on the Office product at all m146
ivo18 fix mess in german help / it and zh-* OOO_VENDOR in svx m146
impress80 PP1 bug fix. m145
hr25_OOA680 Small changes for implementing the "Multiple Integrations" approach for CWSs. No influence on the Office product at all m1
ivo18_OOA680 fix mess in german help / it and zh-* OOO_VENDOR in svx m1
native33_OOA680 Installation PP2 tasks m1

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