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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

2.0.1 Release Candidate - Release Notes

These notes contains changes between SRC680_m131 and  SRC680_m145. Since RC5 we have a release branch  which is tagged as OOA680.

This release will install as 2.0
Sources can be received from cvs by tag OOA680_m1.

localized builds for es, fr, it, sv, de, nl, pt-BR, th, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

Feature title Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Polish [pl_PL] date formats default to ISO 8601 feature-info:
The Polish [pl_PL] date formats now default to ISO 8601, e.g. yyyy-mm-dd, the date separator was changed from dot '.' to dash '-'

Breton [br_FR] available in language listbox feature-info:
Breton [br_FR] available in language listbox

Kalaallisut_Greenland [kl_GL] locale feature-info:
Kalaallisut_Greenland [kl_GL] locale available in language listbox and numberformatter.

Vietnamese [vi_VN] locale feature-info:
Vietnamese [vi_VN] locale data available.

Khmer script alphabet numbering and outlining feature-info:
Khmer script alphabet numbering and outlining iplemented.

Nepali script alphabet numbering and outlining feature-info:
Nepali script alphabet numbering and outlining implemented.

Tswana (South Africa) [tn_ZA] locale data feature-info:
Tswana (South Africa) [tn_ZA] locale data available.

Xhosa [xh_ZA] locale data feature-info:
Xhosa [xh_ZA] locale data available.

Southern Sotho [st_ZA] locale data feature-info:
Southern Sotho [st_ZA] locale data available.

Sinhala [si_LK] in language listbox feature-info:
Sinhala [si_LK] available in CTL language listbox of font attribution.

Oriya [or_IN] locale data feature-info:
Oriya [or_IN] locale data available.

Lao script alphabet numbering and outlining feature-info:
Lao script alphabet numbering and outlining implemented.

Swazi [ss_ZA] locale data feature-info:
Swazi [ss_ZA] locale data available.

Macedonian (mk_MK) locale data feature-info:
Macedonian (mk_MK) locale data is available, which makes Macedonian a fully supported language.

Thai default font set to "Angsana New" in all OOo applications
speclink L10N
Customizable OptionsDialog feature-info:
Now you can customize the OptionsDialog. This means you can hide some options pages all a whole options group. You must edit the new configuration file Office.OptionsDialog like this example: false true ... and the next page ... and the next group This configuration file is readonly and there is no UI on the office to change it. This feature is for administrators or to build a special installation set. Here are the names of groups and pages which are supported: GROUPS PAGES "ProductName", "ProductName", "UserData", "ProductName", "General", "ProductName", "Memory", "ProductName", "View", "ProductName", "Print", "ProductName", "Paths", "ProductName", "Colors", "ProductName", "Fonts", "ProductName", "Security", "ProductName", "Appearance", "ProductName", "Accessibility", "ProductName", "Java", "ProductName", "NetworkIdentity", "LanguageSettings", "LanguageSettings", "Languages", "LanguageSettings", "WritingAids", "LanguageSettings", "SearchingInJapanese", "LanguageSettings", "AsianLayout", "LanguageSettings", "ComplexTextLayout", "Internet", "Internet", "Proxy", "Internet", "Search", "Internet", "Email", "Internet", "MozillaPlugin", "LoadSave", "LoadSave", "General", "LoadSave", "VBAProperties", "LoadSave", "MicrosoftOffice", "LoadSave", "HTMLCompatibility", "Writer", "Writer", "General", "Writer", "View", "Writer", "FormattingAids", "Writer", "Grid", "Writer", "BasicFontsWestern", "Writer", "BasicFontsAsian", "Writer", "BasicFontsCTL", "Writer", "Print", "Writer", "Table", "Writer", "Changes", "Writer", "Compatibility", "Writer", "AutoCaption", "Writer", "MailMerge", "WriterWeb", "WriterWeb", "View", "WriterWeb", "FormattingAids", "WriterWeb", "Grid", "WriterWeb", "Print", "WriterWeb", "Table", "WriterWeb", "Background", "Math", "Math", "Settings", "Calc", "Calc", "General", "Calc", "View", "Calc", "International", "Calc", "Calculate", "Calc", "SortLists", "Calc", "Changes", "Calc", "Grid", "Calc", "Print", "Impress", "Impress", "General", "Impress", "View", "Impress", "Grid", "Impress", "Print", "Draw", "Draw", "General", "Draw", "View", "Draw", "Grid", "Draw", "Print", "Charts", "Charts", "DefaultColors", "Base", "Base", "Connections", "Base", "Databases",

Match menu mnemonics with arbitrary keyboard layout
speclink gsl
Changed Drag and Drop behaviour for external ole objects in Impress/Draw
speclink presentation
BAHTTEXT spreadsheet function
speclink sc
Thai 't' Numberformat Modifier
speclink sc
Default CTL font size in cells for Thai is 15pt
speclink sc
SHIFT+F5 shortcut for saved cursor in documents OOo 2.0 Writer documents open on the postion that makes most sense for the user. For authors this is the position where they left the document last time – for readers this is the first page. A new shortcut is introduced to jump to the last editing position anyhow. OOo 2.0.x Impress documents always open on the first slide. (It depends on the engineering effort if this will be implemented for OOo 2.0 or OOo 2.0.1). The same shortcut as in Writer will be implemented for the next minor-release thereafter. speclink ui
Insert/Formatting Marks
speclink ui
New default bullets in Writer Interoperability between other text processors and ( Writer has to be further improved for 2.0. The document conversion ability for documents containing bullet lists or numberings into Writer documents is improved by extending the software core functionality of bullet/numbering functionality speclink word processing
Default font size configurable
speclink word processing

Features and Enhancements for 2.0.1

48941 api VCLStringResourceLoader needs to support String Lists via AP
52208 api create uno code skeleton maker
52510 api Port SDK to Mac OS X
55125 Database remove the sorting of the database type listbox
41345 document Write "Using ImageMap Editor" guide
45340 document HTML files are 8-bit and Java may not be the most widespread
45387 document Wrong values in Conversion of measurement units
45571 document Mention StarBasic line-continuation under "Syntax"
45972 document Graphic objects used as watermark is raised in brightness
46164 document please create "Table Views" documentation
47577 document Functions do not explain the value of "e"
48134 document Comments in online help based in invalid and wontfix.
51205 document Cannot link image to URL - explanation required
52671 document [DE] Discrepancy between index "Absturzberichte" in index of
56089 document NL: Help - TOC's of English and Dutch build do not match
42730 framewor Installation needs to auto-config OOo appropriately for an e
51727 framewor File::Save as... - Selected path get's lost after choosing N
53361 framewor Make location of splash screen data configurable
53371 framewor Provide new configuration layer for OOo customization data
53479 framewor Make option tabpages to be displayed customizable
53484 framewor General Tabpage must respect finalized state of config item
53488 framewor Provide function for checking whether a command has been dis
53490 framewor Display error box when trying to execute hyperlinks and exec
53491 framewor Hyperlinkdialog: WWW-Browser button must respect security se
53493 framewor Make toolbar state globally customizable
53494 framewor Make drag grip presence in toolbars customizable
53496 framewor Implement an alternative document save workflow
53527 framewor "DisabledCommands" implementation shall _remove_ disabled it
53531 framewor Make Crash Reporter functionality optional
53536 framewor Make max. number of documents opened at a time configurable
53539 framewor Make availability of BASIC help entry configurable
53630 framewor Make use of Window::SetExtendedStyle
54030 framewor Empty popups shall be removed automatically
54033 framewor 'disabled commands' implementation must support URL
54095 framewor View/Toolbars/Customize... must be removed in case "Configur
54105 framewor Make visibility state of "Find" button in Hyperlink Bar conf
54784 framewor Preload more user configuration in quickstart mode to speed
55429 framewor Autosave happens unnecesarily
55555 framewor interface to detect windows system locale
56527 framewor prevent using of whole filter configuration by AutoSave serv
56589 framewor some svtools-config items are not hold alive by using it's r
43276 gsl middle-click on Scrollbar is broken on Unix
45160 gsl modal dialogs should activate the unix desktop where they wi
46593 gsl Assertion for not optimized bitmap code
52626 gsl gtk vclplug: session management
53529 gsl Make display of keyboard accelerators in menus optional
53530 gsl Make font directory customizable via $CustomDataUrl
53629 gsl provide resource identification for window manager
42660 l10n [Calc] Need feature for easy manual override of incorrect wo
42661 l10n RFE: Thai need feature for automatic sequence input correcti
42725 l10n Font size for default fonts needs to be configurable for eac
42727 l10n Interoperatability with Thai MS Excel 97 : BATHTEXT() and t
42732 l10n Font drop down should be aware of current keyboard layout
42964 l10n Localized menu has problem matching menu shortcut with input
48117 l10n Thai sequence input checking should be enabled by default
48948 l10n Add Breton (br_FR) to language list
48970 l10n kl_GL locale (Kalaallisut_Greenland)
49021 l10n Add new MS-LangIDs
49303 l10n Inclusion of Vietnamese in the Locale Setting dialog box
49304 l10n Vietnamese locale data
51066 l10n Add Zulu (zu) to the msi installer
51067 l10n Add Northern Sotho (nso) to the msi installer
51077 l10n Add Tswana locale tn_ZA
51078 l10n Add Tswana (tn) to the installer
51080 l10n Add Xhosa locale xh_ZA
51081 l10n Add Xhosa (xh) to the installer
51122 l10n Add Southern Sotho locale st_ZA
51124 l10n Add Southern Sotho (st) to the installer
51358 l10n Please add Sinhala language (si_LK)
54872 l10n Add Breton, Latvian, Macedonian to and setup_nati
55135 l10n [Draw+Impress] Need feature for easy manual override of inco
55300 l10n Calc: Font size for default fonts needs to be configurable f
55301 l10n Impress: Font size for default fonts needs to be configurabl
55716 l10n Writer: Need feature for easy manual override of incorrect w
55928 l10n Draw/Impress: Font drop down should be aware of current keyb
55929 l10n Calc: Font drop down should be aware of current keyboard lay
56001 l10n Localisation OOo 2.0.1
56116 l10n Macedonian (mk_MK) locale data
56145 l10n Set the default CTL font for Thai in all OOo applications to
56714 l10n remove OOO_LICENSE
56791 l10n ES: 3 items in File -> New menu share 'd' as keyboard shortc
56792 l10n ES: 3 items in Edit menu share 'e' as keyboard shortcuts
56794 l10n ES: 3 items in Format menu share 'a' as keyboard shortcut
56795 l10n ES: 3 items in Tools menu share 'a' as keyboard shortcut
56971 l10n Add Bosnian language (bs_BA) to solenv/inc/
57029 l10n ES: 3 items in View menu share 'b' as keyboard shortcuts
57031 l10n ES: 3 items in diagram's Insert menu share 'e' as keyboard s
57036 l10n ES: 3 items in Format menu share 'p' as keyboard shortcut
57044 l10n ES: 3 buttons in Options -> Linguistic share 'e' as keyboard
57045 l10n ES: typo in keyid 224998 (Linguística)
57054 l10n ES: 3 strings in Options -> Calc -> View dialog share 'a' as
57056 l10n ES, Draw: 3 items in Edit menu share 'p' as keyboard shortcu
57058 l10n ES, Draw: 4 items in Insert menu share 'c' as keyboard short
57061 l10n ES, Draw: 3 strings in Format -> Text dialog share 'a' as ke
57065 l10n ES, Draw: 3 items in Modify menu share 'd' as keyboard short
57066 l10n ES, Impress: 3 items in View menu share 'c' as keyboard shor
57067 l10n ES, Impress: 3 items in View menu share 'e' as keyboard shor
57069 l10n ES, Impress: 3 items in View -> Toolbars menu share 'v' as k
57101 l10n FR, IT, SV: unexpected "..." in translation of Templates
57107 l10n updated hindi 2.0 translations
57140 l10n Updated GSI file for Bengali
57149 l10n Danish translation (gsi/sdf) for 2.0.1
57153 l10n Bosnian language GSI file
57161 l10n Belarusian (be-BY) GSI/SDF for 2.0.1
57170 l10n Slovenian 2.0.1 GSI file
57171 l10n GSI update for Bulgarian language
57178 l10n Greek language GSI file for OOo 2.0.1
57185 l10n THAI translate file for OOo 2.0.1
57230 l10n GSI: Slovak
57234 l10n Czech GSI file for 2.0.1
57246 l10n Lithuanian GSI file for OOo2.0.1
57256 l10n Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) translations for 2.0.1
57257 l10n Norwegian Bokmal (nb) translations for 2.0.1
57264 l10n Updated GSI for Welsh (cy)
57280 l10n Russian GSI/SDF file for 2.0.1 without helpcontent2 module b
57281 l10n Turkish GSI/SDF file for 2.0.1 without helpcontent2 module b
57319 l10n GSI for Northern Sotho for 2.0.1
57324 l10n GSI for Afrikaans for 2.0.1
57325 l10n GSI for Ndebele for 2.0.1
57326 l10n GSI for Sotho for 2.0.1
57327 l10n GSI for Tswana for 2.0.1
57328 l10n GSI for Tsonga for 2.0.1
57329 l10n GSI for Zulu for 2.0.1
57354 l10n Add lt auxilary to helpcontent2
57369 l10n Add hi-IN auxiliary to helpcontent2
57373 l10n Add bn auxiliary to helpcontent2
57449 l10n GSI for English (South Africa) for 2.0.1
57473 l10n add sl auxiliary to helpcontent2
57479 l10n add nn auxiliary to helpcontent2
57481 l10n add ns auxiliary to helpcontent2
57483 l10n add nr auxiliary to helpcontent2
57502 l10n add st auxiliary to helpcontent2
57504 l10n add tn auxiliary to helpcontent2
57506 l10n add ts auxiliary to helpcontent2
57509 l10n add en-ZA auxiliary to helpcontent2
57515 l10n add bs auxiliary to helpcontent2
57523 l10n Localisation OOo 2.0.1 sun languages
34322 lingucom Czech thesaurus database
50901 Presenta Add shortcut to jump to recently used slide and view
54411 sdk SDK examples compiling with gcc4
41853 Spreadsh Help text for function SUMIF lacks details
53826 Spreadsh Thai number format extension: "t" prefix
56720 Spreadsh Ignore all namespaces in spreadsheet formulas
39452 tools localize: alow merging german and english ressources
53951 tools OOo is not buildable out-of-the-box with java 1.5.0
54557 tools consitently use *.jar files from solver (SOLARBINDIR)
51721 udk forward XComponent methods at WeakComponetImplHelperXX
52169 udk insert new ::cppu::BaseMutex helper class
49585 ui ooo_custom_images/industrual update
56227 ui NL: GUI Colors in Draw are translated while they shouldn't h
56706 ui StatusBar needs a tool tip for every item
12649 Word pro OOo and autocorrection
33307 Word pro SHIFT+F5 shortcut for saved cursor in documents
42357 Word pro Default bullets have not been changed
51089 wp Numbering Replacement

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

encup Encoding conversion from MS1252 to UTF8 in src / hrc files for German entries m131
impress49 Impress Fixes for PP1 m131
impress50 Impress view related PP1 bug fixes m131
autocurrency Implement mechanism to convert old "automatic" currency number formats to new fixed currency number formats for use in AutoFormat of tables in Calc and Writer. m131
impress57 PP1 bug fixes. m131
dba201b ongoing bugfixing on the OOo 2.0.x branch m131
pl03 extend string resource loader for string lists m131
calcperf01 load and save cells using the core instead of the API m131
qwizardsbf6 CWS for fixing important PP1 Tasks in the area of the Writer Wizards m131
sj22 Fixes for OOo 2.01 m131
fwk20 Fixes for OOo 2.0.1 m131
shiftf5 Add Shift-F5 accelerator to Impress and Writer to jump to last edited location. m131
thb09 Bugfix workspace for graphics/slideshow issues m131
calcsoli A Calc problem on Solaris/x86 m131
cmcfixes18 Add some of the optional compilation modules to BUILD_TYPE and the matching prj/build.lsts m131
smoketest7 fix smoketest installation hang if a mounted volume has problems m131
merge20to201 Administrative CWS for merging OOo 2.0 CWSs into OOo 2.0.1 codeline: pj33 rt12 sdklicenselgpl vq20 m131
calcbinfilter Calc binfilter fixes m132
tbe23 OOo 2.0.1 bug fixes m132
shellfix03 Unix browser detection fixes. m132
vcl39 2.0.1 bugs m132
dr37 OOo 2.0.1 bug fixes for Calc m132
swqbf35 pp1 bugfixes m132
nativefixer18 8 PP1 / OOo 2.0.1 installation issues m132
sj23 some small wmf bugfixes m132
sj24 some minor bugfixes m132
extras22 Fixes in templates/samples for OOo 2.0.1/SO8PP1. m132
ause037 improves buildprocess for helpcontent when using common output trees. resulting help files do not change m132
cmcfixes17 Set default gnome fpicker expansion settings equivalent to those of the gimp m132
nativefixer19 Including new sub directory for packaging type in packaging process. m132
cmcfixes19 fix some parallel build dependancies, and add a BUILD_TYPE for xalan m132

adding a "Thunderbird" option to the Address Book Data Source Wizard (issue 46390)

UI word count: 1
help content word count: 13

fwk21 Fixes for OOo 2.0.1 m132
ivo14 This cws fixes one important l10n issue! Please rebuild transex3 and the depending: automation basctl basic berkeleydb binfilter avmedia chart2 databaseext dbaccess desktop extensions extras_full filter forms fpicker framework goodies sfx2 libxml2 lingu padmin python sc scaddins sch scripting sd so3 starmath svtools svx sw tab toolkit ucbhelper uui vcl wizards xmlsecurity libxmlsec b_server devtools r_tools m132
hc680pp1 Help Changes for 2.0.1 m133
tl12 Misc 8pp1 fixes. m133
sysui11 Deskop integration changes for 2.0.1 m133
intptr sal_IntPtr, sal_uIntPtr are integer types designed to hold pointers so that any valid pointer can be converted to this type, and back to a pointer, without loss. This CWS introduces these types, and uses them on places where they are necessary for the 64bit machines. The changes in this CWS are extracted from ooo64bit02, Martin Kretzschmar's and my patches. m133

VCL declares sal_Int32 *pDXArray, but there are several places where it is used as if declared long *pDXArray. It is OK for 32bit architectures, but breaks for 64bit ones

This CWS fixes the occurances of long *pDXArray. The changes in this CWS are extracted from ooo64bit02; they do not depend on any 64bit stuff, so they could be merged soon.

pj34 Align AMD64's makefile with unxlngi6, fix typos in platform makefiles, add AMD64's THIS_ARCH macro to the main code (from ooo64bit02). m133
gh11 gsicheck + testtool m133
swqpp1bfixes Writer PP1 bug fixes. m134
hr14 CWS tooling enhancements m134
ause035 build issues strike back m134
gslpatches6 patches for 2.0 m134
vcl44 More PP1 issues m134
merge20to201v2 Administrative CWS for mergeing OOO680 m2 changes into SRC680 m134
dba201e Fixed for dba m134
perform05 Performance (start-up) optimizations m135
jscpp1 used for several pp1 bugfixes m135
i18n20 i18n bug fix m135
macosxgcc4 This child workspace integrates patches that are needed for to successfully compile with gcc4 on MacOSX m135
merge20to201v3 Administrative CWS for merging OOO680 m3 changes into SRC680 m135
pj36 Danish extra files (online help images, autocorrect file) m135
os62 Bugfixing OOo 2.01 m135
kso201bugs01 Misc OOo 2.0.1 bug fixes m135
nativefixer22 Installer relevant tasks for OOo 2.0.1 m135
readmedupeids fixes duplicated ids in readme m135
os64 Bugfixing OOo 2.01 m135
hc680qq1 online help fixes m135
vcl45 Still more 2.0.1 tasks m135
sj28 cws containing some bugfixes for ppt import/export filter issues m135
vq21 Parallel build issues m135
cov2src Administrative CWS for merging changes from COV680 master workspace into SRC680. m135
hr21 Fix a few remaining files to carry the LGPL license header m135
dr41 Bug fixes for OOo 2.0.1 m136
qwizardsbf7 regression PP1 bugs from qwizardsbf6 m136
xmlsecui String changes for document signatures and security. m136
eformspp1 eforms fixes for post-release m136
os57 Bugfixing OOo 2.01 m136
lo8 pp1 fixes m136
impress66 String related bug fixes. m136
mmeeks11 Fixes some broken icons in ooo_custom_images - not used by stock => no QA required. m136
impress69 Improve the Impress slide sorter performance. m136
dba201d Fixes for dba m136
morejava The aim is multiple: (1) Make OOo buildable with JDK 1.5.0; (2) Add BEA Systems, Inc. JRE among supported javas, (3) Make OOo buildable with JDK 1.3.1 out-of-the-box m136
ause039 lots of minor issues m136
impress71 PP1 bug fixes m136
dr42 OOo 2.0.1 fixes for Calc m136
impress72 Impress fixes for OOo 2.0.1 m136
ause041 fixing build issues in helpcontent2 m136
calc201fix Calc regression fixes for OOo2.0.1 m136
skeletonmaker The cws is used to create an UNO component skeleton generator. Some changes (bug fixes) are relevant for PP1. The tool self is not intended to be part of PP1 until now. m137
emblock1 Fix for a deadlock caused by embedded object. m137
swqbf40 Fixes in Writer text formatting and layout and in WW8 filter m137
smoketest6 improving of errormessages and exception handling in smoketest m137
fwk24 Bugfixes for OOo2.0.1 m137
pj35 Add more languages (Breton, Irish, ...) to, NSIS installer and other files. m137
atcldr Align locale data of selected locales to the CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository). See also m137
vcl46 Some GSL fixes for a regression introduced into SRC680m132... m137
idlcpp1 fix for idlc for problem in cygwin shell and OpenOffice build env + build issue in scripting module m137
localisation01 localisation cws m137
vq22 build issues m137
locales201 Locale additions and fixes for OOo2.0.1 m138
vcl42 2.0.1 issues m138
vcl43 VCL related PP1 fixes m138
fs04 The aim of this CWS is to upgrade the libwpd included in OOo tree to 0.8.3 and to fix some issues concerning WordPerfect import. m138
dba201f misc DBA bugfixing towards 2.0.1 m138
pj38 Minor fix for -help (sxi-document -> presentation document) m138
canvas02 Impress slideshow/canvas fixes for 2.0.1 m138
qadev24 update and enhance UNO-API-Tests m138
sj29 PP1 bugfix workspace m138
calc33 Two Calc issues for OOo 2.0.1 m138
fwk23 Bug fixes for OOo 2.0.1 m138
hr22 Enhance CWS tooling robustness in case of CVS server failures. Reduce number of EIS connections during resync. m138
tl15 Bugfixing OOo 2.01 m139
fwk25 PP1 fixes m139
i18n21 i18n bug fix m139
ab22 Fix escalated b6335225 respectively duplicate i50147 tasks for pp1 m139
fwk26 Contains a fix for a crash in binfilter if loading of the file fails. A lot of crash reports have been collected for this bug. Another fix for crashes after printing on Windows only. m139
padminhc high contrast icons for spadmin m139
optstor1a5 Minimize influence of embedded object optimization. m139
vq23 Clean-up/reorganize m139
calc34 Calc fixes for 2.0.1 m139
pj39 small build (MacOS X packaging, dependencies, gcc-3.3.3 bug) and bug fixes (fonts for Slovak help), one minor issue for AMD64 m139
swnumtree New implementation of numbering in Writer m139
textconversion Fixes for Chinese Simpl<->Trad. Translation concerning character attributes plus an OOo Thesurus fix. m139
impress73 Stacktraces and other PP1 issues. m139
siloch Single locale changes for OOo2.0.1 m139
hsqldb8 HSQLDB data loss fix m139
impress74 PP1 bug fixes m139
mmeeks12 trivial industrial icon fixes. m139
sdkinstaller This cws is used to create native installer packages for the SDK m139
swqbf41 PP1 bug fixes in Writer layout engine m139
pj40 Build fixes related to canvas/agg merger. m139
spreadsheetml02 Bugfixes for the import and export of spreadsheetml XSLT filter m140
javapatch Fixes for PP1 m140
os68 Fixes for 2.01 m140
stacks01 fix stacktrace bugs m140
vcl48 some urgent stacktraces m140
impress75 PP1 bug fixes m140
nativefixer24 SO 8 PP1 installation issues m140
impress76 fix for a 2.0.1 issue m140
systemlibxmlfix fix build breaker in module ucb if system libxml is used m140
native25 8 PP1 installation issues m140
impress77 single crashreport fix for OOo 2.0.1 m140
swqbf42 cws for fix of word table export m140
xmlsec13 Fixes for Digital Signatures: SmartCards and Error Handling m140
tl14 Misc Bug fixes for SO8pp1, especially a fix for a endless loop in EditEngine's spellchecking! m140
c06 Implement some more customization options. m140
oooemailmerge Provide an email mailmerge backend solution, m140
ka004 2.0.1 related bugfixes m140
czechthesaurus Add Czech thesaurus (#i34322#) m140
perform06 some performance ehancements
pythonlinkfix pyuno project requires postprocess, but it is desirable for us to have empty postprocess scripts. This cws fixes for pyuno project m140
os69 Fix of issue 127770 m140
pj42 Remove SISSL source files and help pages, add proper Czech, Slovak and Estonian icons. m140
knumber Fix dataloss, when importing OpenDocuments produced by KWord. m140
lo9 non UI fixes for PP1 m141
localisation02 This cws contains localisations for OOo 2.0.1 m141
swqbf43 fix for issues i57656 and i57856 m141
thaiissues Thai issues m141
swqbf44 fixes for issue i57919 and i57920 m142
native26 Installer PP1 bug fixes m142
canvas03 PP1 hotfixes for canvas/slideshow m142
i18n23 fix so8 pp1 showstop bug i57866 m142
swqbf45 fixes for issues i56300 and i56850 m142
aboutbox Fix for 127910. m142
swqbf46 fix for issue 128041 m142
swqbf47 fix for issue 128056 m142
jl27 regression fix for cli_uno. The regression was introduced in m140 m142
sj30 OOo 2.01 bug fixes m142
os70 Adding missing files to patch set m142
thaiissuesl10n missing translation for cws thaiissues m142
ivo17 fix missing community translation in officecfg m143
native31 OOo 2.0.1 version settings m143
dba201g fixing showstoppers ... m143
hr23 Fixes a "cws resync" bug. m144
dutchfix This cws contains last fixes for OOo 2.0.1 dutch / hungarian m144
asianbug Contains fix for Asian justified alignment m144
impress80 PP1 bug fix. m145
hr25_OOA680 Small changes for implementing the "Multiple Integrations" approach for CWSs. No influence on the Office product at all m145
ivo18_OOA680 fix mess in german help / it and zh-* OOO_VENDOR in svx m145
native33_OOA680 Installation PP2 tasks m144

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