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1.9 m95 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m94 and  680_m95.
this release will install as 1.9.95.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m95.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Component
Updated Bibliography Database i4286 feature-info:
The bibliography database has been updated: - Replaced the old book list with current StarOffice and books.

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Summary
4286 OSS Recommended Readings to add to the bibliography
29742 Update DevGuide: Uno Ease of Use Features
40092 visibility work - sot, unotools, tools

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

impress44 m94 Showstopper fixes for Impress
vclfinal01 m94 Final fixes in VCL
swqbugfixes21 m94 fix for issue i46807
swqbugfixes22 m94 fix for issue i46300
calchelpcrash m94 Fix for show stopper bug i46999
kendy07 m94 Fix building without Java in filters.
visibility03 m94 Performance Improvement: Visibility markup for mod
salipv6 m95 Implement IPv6 support in SAL
thaiblocksatz m95 cws for fix for thai justified alignment
presfixes03 m95 Hotfix workspace for OOo2.0. All bugs are fixed, o
fwkfinal8 m95 show stopper
fr8fix1 m95 fixes for 8 / OOo2.0
olefix m95 minor bugfixes
cmcfixes6 m95 build issues for linux ppc and i386
swqbugfixes23 m95 cws for i46921, bad performance on storing writer
linguconfigfix m95 Fix for clean-up of static object on Office shutdo
swqbugfixes24 m95 fix for issue i46794
swqbugfixes25 m95 additional fix for issue i43255
qwizardsbf4 m95 Some important showstopper fixes for OO.o 2.0
sabbug01 m95 OOo 2.0 bugfixe
fwk10 m96 Showstopper
impress47 m95 Bug fixes for final.
dba33 m95 OO 2.0 fix for strings
kendy08 m95 A trivial fix: Fix compilation with --with-system-
swqbugfixes26 m95 fix for issue i47014
jl19 m95 Applet bug on JDS - Linux
os59 m95 CWS to fix i47427
dbwizard6 m95 Showstopper bugs for the target OOo2.0
plugintype1 m95 Fix wrong mimetype for mozilla plugin on windows.

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
23172 Spreadsh Various problems when working with a big-assed spreadsheet
36190 Presenta Reduce subset animations to the actual subset bounding box
37002 utilitie Compilation of svtools fails with --with-system-jpeg
37793 Presenta Line polygons have extra lines
39245 Presenta Canvas cannot display bezier polygons
40095 Presenta Arrows toolbar missing in impress
41860 Word pro uneven / inaccurate paragraph justification for Thai / CTL
42125 porting filter build breaks with nojava option : xcu files for filte
42647 Word pro Badly Viewed Filenames for the Macro Assignments Saving in C
42909 l10n Interoperability with MS Word - text language doesn't conver
43136 Installa Default agenda template name .stw?
43255 Word pro WW8: Doc file (containing many objects) loops Writer
43382 Presenta Merging slides with different orientation looks wrong in sli
43799 framewor Initial size of navigator is incorrect
44750 l10n german string in en-US GSi file
44807 Presenta Texteffects in presentation are much too slow.
45006 framewor Improve performance by reducing exported symbols of SVL and
45146 gsl Copyright -> Licence for .spec files, already done for redha
45268 l10n de UI: missing translations in Hyperlink dialog
45296 l10n de UI: missing translation of "Class Location" in "Insert Ap
45572 sdk Caret in StarBasic IDE frequently disappears
45668 l10n ptBr UI: translation of "Add..." in Customize dialog does no
45722 l10n es UI: translation of "Toolbar" in Customize dialog does not
45755 Drawing CustomShapes are lost if saving into format
45769 Presenta crash during redo of paste page
45896 gsl gcc3.3 parsing error in vcl/source/control/button.cxx
45987 framewor import of settings from 1.1.x fails
46009 framewor Title bar of Writer/Web just shows " Writer/We
46062 Word pro hyperlink type "local document" changes to type "internet d
46087 l10n Complex script runs in exported .doc file are undisplayable
46093 gsl [regr] incorrect printout for #10 Envelope orientation verti
46115 gsl spadmin does not allow normal user to install fonts
46224 Presenta Fillings of pie charts looks wrong.
46292 framewor New doc from Template->save->load triggers warning that styl
46300 Word pro linked JPEG pictures will disappear when doc is modified.
46312 framewor OOo sleeps for 100sec. if started by TestTool
46366 Word pro WW8: crash during import
46367 Word pro Embedded Excel OLE object could not be opened in OO Calc
46388 Word pro OpenOffice DOC document Heap Overflow
46410 gsl HC radio button are not repainted on travelling
46419 ui macro instead of Makro in German version
46427 Drawing Draw crashes when impress is not installed (missing dependen
46458 ui wrong German for "toolbar"
46469 framewor [regr] OOo temporary files readable by non-privileged users
46472 tools gcc3.3 parsing error in vcl/source/app/help.cxx
46494 Spreadsh Insert Sheet from file broken for doc with txt extension
46496 framewor Crash when closing office while having a ole object in clipb
46539 porting Mac OS X : build broken at vcl project, sleep is declared ag
46583 Word pro Outline: Removed Heading will be counted as first heading
46588 Word pro Outline from sxw sometimes counted continuously through leve
46605 Presenta Showstopper: Change of slide-per-row-number has no effect
46609 Presenta Crash after dragging task pane to bottom
46615 Presenta Focus in wrong line after TAB in Outline view
46616 udk OOoBean crashes Internet Explorer
46619 Drawing Compilation with gcc33 fails in sd/source/ui/unoidl/unomodel
46625 Word pro Assigning Heading Paragraph Style to Exisiting Numbering Cha
46636 gsl dropdown comboboxes broken
46652 Drawing Connectors move to different points after save/open
46671 Presenta Selection rectangle can not select slides in last row of sli
46672 Presenta Deleting many slides in slide sorter takes too much time.
46675 Presenta Repaint problems when switching to slide sorter view
46684 l10n fr UI: truncated strings on Events tab in Customize dialog
46700 Presenta Ruler setting not persistent after view change
46708 Word pro Drag from Navigator to desktop crashees OOo (Linux) or shows
46712 Drawing Resize problem: repaint missing when scaling application win
46731 Word pro WW8: Remove new tab handling for numbering/bullets
46786 Word pro style converted to hard text attributes upon save/reload
46790 framewor impossible to send a unsaved doc as pdf attachment
46794 Word pro Background shapes are imported in foreground from DOC
46805 Presenta Showstopper: Picture with custom animation gets black after
46807 Word pro Document loops after loading (while formatting)
46812 Drawing Cutting out slide with more than one OLE object leaves dead
46819 framewor open 6.0/7 templates for editing via command line doesnt wor
46822 Drawing Showstopper: Crash when using spellchecker
46832 Presenta Showstopper: Crash when deleting slides in slide browser in
46835 Word pro wordml reimport: data lost. no header
46836 framewor Creating a new doc in m91 is ~30% slower compared to m88
46844 framewor 'ctrl'-v in URL-box paste content also in the open doc
46856 framewor autorecovery crashes after saving files
46862 Presenta Showstopper: Presentation Wizard Crash at step 4 (when apply
46889 gsl F10 fails to activate the menu bar
46899 framewor de UI: broken character on Options - Internet - Search
46907 Presenta Showstopper: Crash when closing impress after deleting slide
46912 porting binfilter include of setjmp.h should take place outside the
46921 Word pro Storing large text doc in m91 is ~45% slower compared to m88
46935 framewor Unicode chars in filenames are displayed as e.g. %c3 in XML
46959 Presenta Custom Animation: Direction misses ID.
46960 porting combreloc should be passed to linker like the rest of the op
46998 porting ppc crash on startup
46999 Spreadsh Crash while closing help
47002 api API: calling oDoc.printPages(); oDoc.close(true) crashes the
47013 Word pro WW8: export quite simple document leads to crash
47014 Word pro WW8: crash while opening the document (Assertion "Keine Shel
47031 Presenta Cannot select text for custom animation
47038 Presenta VCL Canvas: repaint missing when starting presentation with
47044 framewor Plugin: ActiveX plugin not registred for "all users"
47089 Presenta impress crashes with 'com::sun::star::beans::UnknownProperty
47091 framewor Untranslated strings in UI [DE]
47154 framewor no recovery UI if office was killed hardly
47180 Presenta Crash while opening godintro.pps
47222 Spreadsh lose of Database Ranges
47244 Word pro crash when loading bugdoc and click on Button1
47266 Presenta slide sorter: all slides in the upper left corner
47271 Database dynamic reports open in edit mode
47329 Database report wizard: grouping does not work
47351 tools W32-tcsh build failure in odk/pack/gendocu
47427 Word pro MailMerge: New created database will not automaticaly set
47428 Presenta Text is invisible after custom text animation
47434 tools Build breaks in svtools/source/config
47460 framewor missing document file extensions in Basic Macro dialog

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see
ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
43117 Formula 680m79 2 Export to PDF without Commands
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43131 Database 680m79 0 Trying to create database causes dialog box and lockup when
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
43202 Presenta 680m79 0 font type has been changed
43343 Presenta 680m79 0 "Master Mode" is very confusing, error-prone and not coheren
43350 Word pro 680m79 0 No warning box needed for PDF export
43354 Presenta 680m79 0 Master Design slides get deleted when no slide uses them
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43362 Word pro 680m79 0 PDF Export options to reduce file size
43399 gsl 680m79 0 PDF page transtions: Follow document instead of always use i
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
43453 Word pro 680m79 0 True Type Font WINGDINGS2 Doesn't print correctly
43494 Presenta 680m79 2 hyperlinks should support word wrap
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
43510 ui 680m79 0 Input method bar ("[---]", etc.) should be moved or hideable
43559 Word pro 680m79 0 Load Styles... from Master Document
43615 Database 680m79 0 OOo crashes reliably on Create Report AND crashes crashrep o
43620 ui 680m79 0 Too few space for German text in installation wizard
43631 l10n 680m79 0 In German installation, replace "Vervollständigen" by "Voll
43648 Database 680m79 0 Creating Oracle 10g table gives "ORA-00906: missing left par
43665 gsl 680m79 0 wizards crashing in accessible desktop
43667 Database 680m79 0 Cannot create tables with Oracle 10g
43674 Database 680m79 0 When large numbers of tables in an Oracle database, some tab
43710 framewor 680m79 0 floating dialogs are closed when clicking on a toolbar
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43783 ui 680m79 0 Up One Level - dropdown button has contradictory visual lang
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
44129 Word pro 680m84 0 "Page Number" displays "Page Numbers" in field name view
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
44735 Database 680m84 0 Error on attempting to open\create a database in Base Applic
44788 Database 680m84 0 missing mozabdrv2.dll to access WAB, Thunderbird AB a.o.
44868 Word pro 680m84 2 OOO 1.x gallery elements not dragable
44905 Word pro 680m84 0 exported PDF: form field has wrong font
44912 Word pro 680m85 0 Disabled controlls in UI
44918 Installa 680m85 2 Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
45123 ui 680m86 0 No filename in stand-in boxes
45221 Database 680m84 0 Can't print address on envelop using database
45338 Database 680m86 0 Column constraints are not acceptable in statement
45475 Database 680m84 0 no indication of auto_increment in MySQL
45479 ui 680m79 0 Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
45488 Presenta 680m79 0 Text animation not working in Presentation mode
45545 Presenta 680m84 0 Import PowerPoint, italics lost
45546 Word pro 680m84 0 Import Word document, bullet list font larger
45558 framewor 680m86 2 Not all converted document showed in File - new - templates
45617 Database 680m84 0 Misleading title in form edit window
45800 Spreadsh 680m84 0 Changing print orientation doesn't work
45823 Database 680m89 0 Database Form Entry Issue
45890 Word pro 680m87 0 problem deleting parts of a web page
45912 Word pro 680m87 0 Cut-and-paste RTF DBCS does not work
45935 framewor 680m87 0 Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
45951 Word pro 680m84 0 Decimal Tabs fail with Localized formatting of number variab
45964 Presenta 680m87 0 presenter 1.9.87 crashes when opening ppt file in read write
45984 Word pro 680m87 0 Find and Replace problem with PgUP and PgDn Arrows.
46097 framewor 680m87 0 Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
46109 Word pro 680m87 0 Save HTML as ODT results corrupt file. As SXW slows down.
46159 Database 680m87 2 Reports from a native query.
46216 Word pro 680m87 0 Create Index for...Any Style
46283 framewor 680m89 2 Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
46318 Word pro 680m79 0 Add more languages for spellcheck in distribution
46327 Database 680m87 0 OOo 2.0 (1.9.87) crashed when new form wizard finished
46342 Word pro 680m87 0 spellcheck inserts replacement multiple times
46422 Word pro 680m87 0 Positions of textbox in Word changed
46432 ui 680m84 1 Wrong/missing Italian translations in Writer
46514 Database 680m87 0 Shift+space erroneously mapped
46554 Word pro 680m84 0 Printing pfm fonts to postscript file renders wrong font
46673 framewor 680m87 0 Crash : Save as sxw document with Basic dialog
46674 framewor 680m87 0 Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
46680 framewor 680m87 0 Superfluous request of JRE in Tools > Macros
46704 Chart 680m87 0 dynamic magnification of a chart
46720 ui 680m79 0 No refresh of statusbar after saving doc
46724 ui 680m79 0 Toolbars don't stay at their assigned places after reopening
46725 Word pro 680m79 0 Modified styles of saved doc differs in virgin installation
46729 Word pro 680m79 0 easy access to showing/hiding text sections
46750 ui 680m79 0 View on document is reset after previewing page
46752 api 680m93 4 read stops with error
46755 Spreadsh 680m79 0 HTML creation from spreadsheet
46759 Presenta 680m90 0 Cut-and-Paste CJK characters always cause Impress Crash
46764 Word pro 680m87 0 Writer Shows Field Shadows Even When Shadows Are Disabled
46777 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problem : incorrect changes information
46792 framewor 680m79 0 Regarding: In normal UI: Save Progress Bar
46795 Word pro 680m91 0 Format Paintbrush does not work
46810 framewor 680m87 0 Location of pasted graphic
46827 Word pro 680m87 0 Form Controls Toolbar appears during bullet/number context
46855 framewor 680m87 0 When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
46857 Database 680m87 0 MySQL database looses queries
46871 l10n 680m90 0 AutoCorrect - Non-localisable key names in "Accept with" lis
46880 Installa 680m91 0 SO installer fails to fire appropriate events - GOK UI grab
46881 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus doesn't announce anything useful when going thro
46882 Installa 680m91 0 Installer progress dialog not keynav-able
46883 Installa 680m91 0 "Installing..." dialog progress indicator container doesn't
46884 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus flat review of "Installing..." dialog halts the
46887 framewor 680m91 0 Flat review fails in "Registration" dialog of installer
46890 framewor 680m91 0 StarOffice silent crash going through menus with Gnopericus
46897 Database 680m87 0 Openoffice Base requires java after install
46920 Word pro 680m87 0 Times New Roman text truncated
46930 Word pro 680m87 0 crashes on simultaneous multiple document open
47028 ui 680m91 0 Impossible to rename Toolbar button hint
47029 ui 680m91 0 save complete view state
47037 Drawing 680m87 0 Changeable accurance of freedom curve
47050 Installa 680m91 0 Install appears to hang--but doesn't--during lengthy process
47074 ui 680m91 0 Configuration cannot be saved to a file
47075 framewor 680m91 0 crash restore with problems
47078 Word pro 680m87 0 inserting autotext via ui crashes OO ...
47079 Word pro 680m87 0 copying autotext from one group to another looses textables
47095 ui 680m91 0 cursor position tolerance for docking
47103 framewor 680m91 0 wizards and standard templates
47106 Word pro 680m91 0 inserting autotext via ui crashes oo if a java (protocolhand
47110 Installa 680m79 0 Installation for WIN98 fails with ERROR 1304
47129 Word pro 680m91 0 author field is first empty and then garbaged
47131 Word pro 680m91 0 unicode fonts crumbled in build 91
47187 Word pro 680m91 0 OpenOffice crashes during importing of fonts from the WEB
47214 framewor 680m91 1 Len function deficiency
47215 framewor 680m91 1 WITH statement does not work correctly
47216 framewor 680m91 1 Length specification on declaration of String variables
47270 api 680m91 0 OOo crash with python macro
47294 Presenta 680m91 0 OLE objects disappear in Impress
47375 Database 680m91 0 OOo dont show memo fields in Default Filter
47391 Installa 680m93 0 Translation for install screens
47398 Word pro 680m91 0 Saving file to disk takes a long time
47399 Presenta 680m91 2 Export to Flash
47403 Word pro 680m91 0 cross reference at the beginning of a sentence will trigger
47473 Word pro 680m91 0 Writer Hangs when Autosaving.
47477 Database 680m93 0 Report wizard produces errors when creating grouped report
47478 Word pro 680m79 0 PDFs can not be combined cause of subsetted fonts
47510 Word pro 680m91 0 [regr] print incorrect - overlapping characters
47528 ui 680m93 0 "Enable JRE"-dialog opens several times in "Customize"-dialo
47540 Word pro 680m87 0 Unexpected Crash when copying text from website tot word pro
47542 framewor 680m87 0 When saving a document first time, let OOo fill the archive
47545 Word pro 680m93 0 Xforms: Crash when adding instance from file
47550 ui 680m93 0 PDF export icon missing in File menu
47558 Word pro 680m93 0 runtime error in Wordpro while saving
47564 Presenta 680m93 0 impress not registered to handle application/
47589 Word pro 680m91 0 Format of HTML table borders looks different
47593 Presenta 680m93 0 Add a DOM-tree view
47600 Spreadsh 680m93 0 Sheets don't print when print range defined on another sheet
47601 Spreadsh 680m93 0 Default print range is "All", better is "Selection"
47621 Word pro 680m93 0 Writer - closing quotation mark is not shown. And the open q
47625 l10n 680m91 1 Text doesn't fit the size of the button in Brazilian Portugu
47650 gsl 680m93 0 wrong colours in pdf ...
47694 Drawing 680m93 0 Problems with OLE-tables
47703 Database 680m93 0 Copy & Paste Data from Calc into Database
47740 Word pro 680m93 0 annoying toolbars behavior
47758 Word pro 680m93 0 XSLT Transform of XML document to .odt produces randomly inv
47762 Database 680m93 0 Problems with decimals when attaching data to my data source
47764 Word pro 680m94 0 Info fields are not exported correctly when saving to SO6/7
47774 Word pro 680m93 0 provide the newest version of dicooo
47778 Word pro 680m93 0 Writer crashes on paste of web page
47779 Word pro 680m93 0 Footnotes renumbered when printing selections
47786 Word pro 680m93 0 Doing mail merge with hidden paragraphs (lines) despite bugs
47787 Word pro 680m93 0 Adding a line in Web Layour freezes Writer
47788 l10n 680m91 0 StarSuite UI on zh-CH locale
47789 gsl 680m93 0 printing times new roman doesn't work
47790 Word pro 680m93 0 sigsegv while fiddling with a toolbar
47821 Word pro 680m91 0 editing OO-1 files (.sxw) and saving sometimes sets the file
47828 Word pro 680m93 0 copy/paste works strangely
47830 Database 680m93 0 Static report data doesn't stick to proper columns
47833 Word pro 680m79 0 assignment of macros to keystrokes is recorded (displayed wh

$Id: 1.9.m95_snapshot.html,v 1.5 2006/07/05 11:11:04 st Exp $

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