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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m91 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m88 and  680_m91.
this release will install as 1.9.91.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m91.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Dev. owner Spec. link Component
Windows Quickstarter regains extended Menu with Application Shortcuts i30853
mathias.bauer at speclink framework
Toolbars in Mozilla/MS IE Plugins are locked and protected i40892
carsten.driesner at speclink framework
Registration of SO mozilla plugin and activex control is changed. i43100
Mikhail.Voitenko at speclink framework
New configuration entry DataFilesChangedCheckValue for linguistic i43873 feature-info:
There is a new configuration entry for the linguistic named "ServiceManager/DataFilesChangedCheckValue" of type integer (32 bit). It used to save a kind of hash value for all installed writing-aids data files. The directories used to look at are the path set for the linguistic (usually share/dict where all SO data files go) and its sub-directory "ooo" (where all OOo data files are located). This 'hash' value is builded from all the files in those directory by using their names, size and modification time. The value calculated this way will be stored in DataFilesChangedCheckValue in order to have a quick check available if data files were added, deleted or modified. And now only if one of those happened the configuration gets updated. The effect of this is that now only once after an Office installation the configuration will be updated (which will still take about 8 seconds due to having about 4-6 times more languages per default available than in SO 7) and never ever after if the above listed directory contents are not changed. Of course if the user installs new files or updates/remove existing ones the configuration will be updated again next time when the Office is started (and the linguistic is used). Effectively the delay on application start-up when using the linguistic will now be less than a second. Regards, Thomas
Thumbnail icons are changed. i45081 The standard file system explorer on all three relevant desktops Gnome (Nautilus), KDE (Konqueror), and Windows (Explorer) support a thumbnail view mode in which a small preview of the respective file system object will be displayed if available. By providing a custom plugin for the particular file system explorer it is possible to display a thumbnail representation of an file. Mikhail.Voitenko at speclink framework
Text of Alien Warning dialog has changed i46376
hans-peter.burow at speclink framework
CTRL prevents docking of floating windows or toolbars i43499
stephan.schaefer at speclink gsl
Impress wizard has new Open button i44686
Andre.W.Fischer at speclink presentation
persistent state of document windows changed i45079 This specification describes the default window states of each module. andreas.schluens at speclink ui
Toolbar closer and "View / Toolbars" closes toolbars permanently again i45764
carsten.driesner at speclink ui

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
21351 Formula Fixed fonts in the command window, width of the editing area
30853 framewor Quickstart icon should include the OOo application shortcuts
35399 xml [cws eforms2] read any XForms namespace, for XForms forward
36845 Installa Make rebase reproducible and PP save
37088 tools link external documentation
37142 Word pro Footnote number incorrectly formatted
39458 tools support configuration of output (e.g. background color, link
40892 framewor Lock and protect toolbar in Mozilla/MS IE Plugins
41133 gsl Activation Order in OO does not export as Custom Tab Order i
42253 gsl Allow smoth integration of the free japanese high quality IP
42359 Word pro Numbering/Bullets Dialog: Text to Numbering default distance
42426 ui Add more industrial icons
43100 framewor consolidate plugin mimetypes
43499 gsl CTRL should suppress toolbar docking
44686 Presenta Users have problems to open an existing presentation from in
44713 framewor ProtocolHandler cache should recognize configuration changes
45079 framewor Draw, Impress & Calc should appear in full screen mode by de
45081 framewor new thumbnail icons for SO8 final
45423 framewor Allow context sensitiv toolbars being closed permanently via

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

tl10 Misc bugfixes for SO8
nativefixer5 Further improvements in packing process and instal
gccfour Allow compilation with gcc 4.0.0
fwkfinal7 Showstopper fixes for final
berkeleydbwindowsfix Berkeleydb compile fix for Windows (back vs. forward slashes)
fwkfinal6 last final show-stopper
hc680zhfonts Fix for i45378, fixes display quality on zh help,
vclshowstop01 fix issue 45872
swqbugfixes19 Last writer bugfixes
swqod04 fix for issue i43913 and i46178
os58 Fix of issue 45288
systemmozilla fixes for building OOo with system mozilla/nss
presfixes02 Further fixes for new Impress slideshow.
impress38 Avoid unnecessary repaints when switching views in
vcl38 still more 2.0 bugs
swqbugfixes18 Writer layout/text engine bug fixes
impress40 Bug fixes for Impress
fwkfinal3 Last framework fixes for final.
dba28 fixing issue 45314, 45920
calcstopper Calc show stopper bug i44288
groupingapi implements the API of the new grouping feature 
spreadsheetml01 Adding Functions to spreadsheetml import / export
swtableredline Maintain redlines in table during table change operations
cloneefilterteam31 More filter fixes
frrtf02 Fixes in RTF export filter
perform02 More performance optimizations
jimmac01 Adds yet more 'Industrial' themed artwork
dr34 Calc bugfixes for OOo 2.0
vcl37 still more 2.0 issues
wordmlfilter02 wordml xslt filter related works
swqcore08 writer core tasks
sdkbugfix02 used for bugfixes
qadev22 Implementation/fixes for qadev test tools
sj17 Small Fontwork, CustomShapes and PPT Filter bugfix
effectmigration01 Implements the effect migration for OOo 1.0 export
xmlsec10 Replacement for xmlsec09, which is merged into xml
afflitta Workaround for XP SP2 induced problem with automat
calc31 Calc bugfixes for 2.0
fwkfinal4 Final fixes for framework.
macosx04 4th MacOS X child workspace. Four minor build issu
fwkfinal5 Fixes for final.
frrtf03 P2er fixes.
freebsd1 FreeBSD porting issue
some20fix fixing 45850
eforms4 Improvements and fixes for XForms support, post-beta
jmf5 avmedia related bugfixes
gh10 fixes for testtool, gsicheck and helpids
adc11 Gathering minor fixes fin Autodoc for OOo2.0.
sj16 some small bugfixes for impress and ppt filter
swqbugfixes16 Writer text formatting and layout bug fixes
jl18 Java and UNO related bug fixes
pbfinal02 Bugfixes for SO 8
hc680pb3 non translation relavant changes to online help
os55 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
i18n17 i18n bug fixes
impress37 Bug fixes.
swqbugfixes17 Writer layout and text formatting bugfixes, also s
hc680l10nimg CWS to add the localized help screenshots that com
fwkfinal1 Fixes for final. cd: Due to a non-fixed bug this C
sysui06 Last minute desktop integration changes for SO 8
dba26 ongoing DBA bugfixing
dba27 low priority bugfixing for 2.0
impress39 Bug fixes.
os56 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
fwkfinal2 Fixes for final.
rt06 Build tools issues
aw030 BugFixing CWS DrawingLayer
hsqldb3 fixing
configure8 misc. configure fixes
pj23 Build and misc fixes for m87.
thumbnail2 Exchange of the thumbnail icons for encrypted documents
hc680typo2 Help content typos and trivialities that need fixi
vcl36 Still more 2.0 bugs
cfgfix01 Bugfixes for configuration and config examples in SDK
dbwizard4 This childworkspace is to fix bugs for the database
xmlperf02 some performance bugfixing related to loading
rebase2 Rework rebasing (windows only)
fwkpostbeta04 Bug fixes for final.
fpicker3 final fixes for gtkfpicker
uicleanup Enlarge ImageButtons a little bit so they show the
tbe21 OOo 2.0 bug fixes
vq12 Clean-ups for solenv/inc/ and other makefiles
impress36 impress fixes for final
dba25 ongoing DBA bugfixing
nsplugin6 bug fix for Mozilla plug-in
sch08 OOo 2.0 Bugfixes for Chart
ab15scripting OOo 2.0 fixes in scripting framework
ause024 minor build issues
quickstartermenu CWS for reanimation of the Windows QS menu

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
17187 Database use system mozilla ... (patch)
17764 Word pro Any change tracking in a texttable is lost if the table is a
20067 Database the report result is not right with date fields
20070 Database the report result is not right with bool fields
20314 ui Segmentation fault at closing StarOffice
21583 Word pro Setting a default html template generates an I/O error
22706 Spreadsh performance impovement of API using in XML filter
23114 api API: ScUniqueCellFormatsObj::XEnumerationAccess
23827 gsl Sometimes printing writes incorrect czech letters
24109 Spreadsh Opening spreadsheets with DDE link set with "1" parameter fa
26547 gsl Printer Test page issues
26655 Database Editing Query with designer causes it to change format of da
28073 Word pro Stray formmating options when CTL is enabled
28209 Spreadsh Excel XML export transformation - Functions
28241 Word pro Greek characters as HTML entities
28257 xml XHTML: Lists view has to be more clearly
28747 Presenta PPT-import: Linespacing is wrong.
28766 Spreadsh spreadsheet freezes when open excel file
29271 Spreadsh Wrong datalabel on excelchart
29573 Word pro WordML import: pagebackgroundcolour not visible
29609 tools "if exist .." used for non 4NT builds
29675 tools Avoid excessive use of .IF "$(USE_SHELL)"!="4nt" ...
31434 xml Document write protected after second loading of Excel XML d
31477 api API: complex.dataPilot.CheckDataPilot
32024 Word pro WordML export:pagebackground color not exported
33817 Spreadsh missing API for Data Pilot Table Grouping
33914 xml [cws eforms2] properties not set to a control which is creat
34157 Presenta Graphics Styles not modifiable after copying Slide to anothe
34170 gsl session management not functional
34276 tools Use $(WRAPCMD) instead of
34539 framewor Help Viewer: some pages not in Index and Search
34627 tools testtool.bin: StarTestTool vs. TestTool?
34629 tools testtool.bin: Ctrl+W should be Close the window
35136 Presenta Cliping of gradients and bitmaps are wrong.
35397 gsl XForms: provide useful default namespaces for bindings
35490 Word pro The hyperlink and formula menu items have icons even when ic
35653 Word pro RTFimport: Zcaron -> no other text
35915 Word pro document statistics do not reflect tracked changes
36046 Spreadsh Reversed bidi text in export to PDF
36198 Word pro [cws eforms2] the instance menu button in datanavigator is n
36199 Word pro [cws eforms2] the method listbox in add/edit submission dial
36200 Word pro [cws eforms2] add submission dialog is not spec conform
36201 Word pro [cws eforms2] D&D of a submission to the document should cre
36202 Word pro [cws eforms2] no delete warning messages when deleting a bin
36250 Word pro [cws eforms2] the default size of the datanavigator is to sm
36264 document Tools - Options - Writer - Formatting Aids wrong text
36288 Word pro [cws eforms2] submission with replace doesn't work
36302 framewor Inactive items in toolbar context menu can't be hidden
36303 Word pro [cws eforms2] date control can't be bind
36342 Word pro [cws eforms2] "..." button is disabled in add submission dia
36357 xml XML FILTER SETTINGS: Save as package does not work
36359 Database [CWS eforms2] Date and Time types not properly validated
36373 ui wrong shortcutname for "Repeat" in menu (reads "Wiederholen"
36449 Word pro [cws eforms2] "Show Details" on "Instance" button is not per
36453 Word pro [cws eforms2] add warning dialog when changing a linked inst
36562 Word pro [cws eforms2] data navigator not updated when new document i
36597 Word pro [CWS eforms2] newly created XML form is loaded as text docum
36608 Word pro [CWS eforms2] changing standard value of an attribute is not
36705 Spreadsh Slow scrolling on spreadsheet with controls
36765 gsl [CWS eforms2] submit with illegal data should display a warn
36800 Presenta Navigator not visible during fullscreen presentation
36823 Installa remove custom action NET_FRAMEWORK_INSTALLED
36895 utilitie testtool: nonproduct: deadlocking recursive assertions in Te
36909 xml Excel XSLT import filter: Value of calculated table:formula
36914 Presenta Slie transition preview has white border
37002 utilitie Compilation of svtools fails with --with-system-jpeg
37058 framewor Chinese Translation: How to deal with Chinese Macau/HK and S
37076 Database table data view: "Invalid cursor state" when omitting the PK
37122 l10n invalid UTF characters in basic/source/app/basic.src
37125 document en Help: "a orthogonal" -> "an orthogonal"
37161 document en Help: "an graphic" -> "a graphic"
37237 document en Help: "a endnote" -> "an endnote"
37245 framewor Three different ways to insert sound from the gallery
37255 Drawing Inserted sound shown as black rectangle in slide browser
37311 document en Help: "a array" -> "an array"
37322 Word pro [assertion] Exception from ReplaceSetProperties: FAILURE in
37392 document en Help: "transfering" -> "transferring"
37437 document en Help: "the their" -> "their"
37488 framewor OOo does not recognise CUPS printers with CUPS 1.1.22 (Gento
37687 Drawing Selected fontwork shape is not marked
37766 api AdvancedTextDocument should have a property to gain the Page
37785 Presenta Implement global shape color attribute (e.g. for dim)
37788 document Wrong control name used in "open csv file" guide
37877 Database Form Wizard overlays fields when too many fields to fit page
37892 utilitie standalone testtool doesn't start up: The configuration file
37979 sdk Developers Guide: screenshots in Basic And Dialogs chapter m
38064 Spreadsh Missing Menu items in OLE-Inplace mode
38151 tools helpid is missing in hid.lst
38262 api API: cfgmgr2.ORootElementGroupUpdateAccess::com::sun::star::
38383 document Misleading text in Regular expression help
38426 document & instead of & in the Contents
38456 document en Help:"or or" -> "of or"
38501 Presenta PPT-export / import: connectors are not docked.
38554 Formula Unable to load smath file
38588 porting gcc4 and stlport
38645 api Crash using XSelectionChangeListener on image
38648 utilitie mouse action fails using GTK plugin
38649 Presenta Wrong effects in ppt document
38666 Word pro value-restricting facet values are not persisted for non-dou
38671 gsl XIM brokenness ...
38729 Word pro key presses in the data navigator are propagated to the docu
38734 framewor List of files in language modules incorrect
38768 document en Help: "expression expression" -> "expression"
38872 document Unify two strings
38873 document Two spaces in help
38909 l10n basic/source/app/svtmsg.src: wrong translation
38930 Word pro Formula object size is unusual if number of objects im cache
38946 document AutoPilot Presentation vs. Presentation Wizard inconsistency
38967 utilitie Make Assertions supressable in resultfile
38985 Presenta Images wrongly cropped during slideshow
39097 Presenta the slides' not synch with changes in pages.
39124 Formula Remove code that is not needed anymore because of the binfil
39155 framewor ERROR: can not retrieve default status indicator! (when savi
39175 framewor icons and statusbar not compatible with high-contrast theme
39212 api API: sc.ScDataPilotItemObj::com::sun::star::sheet::DataPilot
39239 Drawing Textframe of round rectangle too small-> wordwrap at the wro
39279 Presenta Custom Animation Dialog too large: obscures Preview
39358 gsl mis-matching ImageList icon size & alpha ...
39372 api TOC : macro bug crashes OOo
39404 api API: SwXTextSearch::XPropertyReplace
39451 Word pro API: add support for value bindings which notify ReadOnly an
39507 Word pro Tabbing order in Web Wizard is strange
39513 Presenta slide animation not presented correctly
39617 document Sheet Area vs. Name Box?
39621 document Misplaced emph tag - one letter not emphasized
39631 document Unify two strings
39684 porting remove uname from odk
39703 document Space *before* :
39705 document Insert Graphics vs. From File?
39822 Word pro WW8: outline paragraph not numbered after import
39872 framewor invisible toolbars
40001 Presenta Media Player Help-IDs not in Hid.lst
40003 Word pro FixedText error: Formula - Alignment
40062 document "Styles" vs "Styles and Formatting"
40115 Presenta metafiles has white background in running presentation
40119 Word pro Spellcheck Dialog: Dialog is Disabled if Currently Sleected
40294 Database slow repainting of table data view
40338 utilitie 64bit: resmgr.cxx is not 64bit-safe
40372 framewor Send Document as E-Mail tries to save the document again and
40461 Word pro WW8: Table Positioning (looks like a regression but isn't)
40474 framewor fwkbugfix04 - Leaving implace OLE with ESC key broke
40476 l10n Allow language update with running QS
40502 gsl Printing of aBasic Macro does not work
40609 Drawing Exporting a cropped image exports the wrong portion
40665 framewor Preview of OLE objects does not redraw correctly
40755 gsl Font rendering problem
40766 Word pro Right margin lost after change in next section's margin
40770 Word pro custom styles lost in RTF or DOC files
40799 Installa Depot template: Internet update does not work correctly
40843 Word pro The line width in toobar is different from format/line
40856 Presenta FixedText error: Impress - Grid
40916 utilitie itemwise language fallback for resources fails
40942 document space missing
40968 framewor Clicking on a help link changes windows to document.
41022 framewor Enable restart/reload of QuickStarter in case of UI lang cha
41048 Word pro Selecting text and a table crashes the app
41066 framewor Script execution fails after loading html-page containing ja
41073 utilitie Configuration logging: spurious warning for localizations
41076 xml XHTML export filter: Chapter numbering does not always work
41089 framewor printing can not be canceled
41092 document Help button in database wizard cannot find help page
41094 Presenta Do not mirror the shape icons "page"
41113 gsl Slideshow does not show thick lines from metafiles
41146 xml borders with double-line are lost by 'Export to XHTML'
41147 porting FreeBSD porting : PLATFORM should be freebsd, not FreeBSD.
41181 Spreadsh Parsing RTF format including a cell which contains plural pa
41201 Presenta ppt imported text animations
41210 Spreadsh Bold and italic lost during xls export
41215 Word pro API:Office crash after linked textsection is made invisible
41255 Word pro [cws eforms4] loop when switch datanavigator to instance tab
41273 framewor Multi-selected files open after another in one frame
41330 gsl InputMethod fails to be activated after implicit commit with
41354 Database Assertion when trying to customize a db toolbar
41382 api SessionManagerClient service in VCL isn't registered in serv
41403 gsl GDK_KP_Decimal missing in key conversion map
41417 ui 26 Untranslatable strings in UI coming from uiconfig files
41461 framewor Wrong icon for the backing mode in titlebar
41469 framewor Lock/unlock state of toolbars are not stored persistently
41476 Presenta Assertion: could not extract AnimationNode for BEGIN_EVENT
41477 Presenta Presentation: DimColor in text effects not working
41534 Presenta :importFromSvgD(): skipping tags in svg:d element (unknown)!
41583 gsl Duplex printing not working
41591 gsl Visibility broke KDE plugin linking
41594 Word pro PDF export progress bar flickers on exporting long documents
41672 l10n Numbers inappropriately formatted using Thai digits
41696 utilitie Filter configuration does not support language packs
41700 utilitie Finalized configuration defaults cannot be localized
41709 udk uno_[type_]assignData() must not modify destination when que
41731 sdk Scrollbar of Scrollbar Macro does barely scroll in example
41741 gsl CheckBox and RadioButton should use NWF sizes for images
41806 framewor GTK theme very slow under KDE
41813 Presenta Play button on Dialog Effect Options does not work
41820 framewor Mozilla Plug-In produces blank screen on right side
41839 Presenta Text completely distorted - only in presentation mode
41874 Word pro WebWizard: Files with the new Extesion will not list on open
41898 framewor Cannot open multiple documents at once
41905 xml interaction go to document with target is exported wrong
41955 framewor Crash with Fontworkdialog on KDE
41985 framewor patch: don't load interaction handler at startup, if possibl
41989 Word pro WW8: TOC in two column section also two columned
41997 framewor Massive command line output with GNOME desktop theme "Ocean
42006 framewor Localized builds should have autocorr for the UI language an
42073 Drawing Different behaviour for word wrap via stylist or via Format/
42077 gsl k/b vs. key-pad key-syms (for accelerators)
42122 gsl all keyboard shortcuts do not work in input language is Russ
42184 gsl Paint error in border of docked toolbars
42187 Word pro Crash during PDF export of large non-splittable table
42190 gsl Symbol font corrupted
42258 Word pro unable to edit group - regression
42305 tools JDK 1.3 complaint issues : javavendors_unx.xml
42379 ui Stylist is gone for good and won't come back
42403 Presenta Office crash after insert an OLE and close into edit mode
42422 gsl MoreButton: add image instead of ">>"
42429 framewor Office freezes on accessible desktop with gtk file picker
42467 framewor vbNullChar has length zero.
42469 l10n Thai input sequence checking is broken
42489 Installa Assertion in first time wizard
42491 gsl some inconsistent STL iterator vs pointer usage in vcl
42507 gsl psprint: possibly incorrect comparison of iterators
42524 Presenta Interaction doesn't work when I start the presentation from
42565 framewor Opening a text encoded document does not bring up ASCII Filt
42572 Spreadsh weak performance saving attached spreadsheet to excel - even
42576 Presenta Performance: Unnecessary transformation of previews in Maste
42583 Presenta task pane: I can' t assign vertical autolayouts
42609 Database Character set problem inside of mail merge wizard
42622 document source/text/shared/01/about_meta_tags.xhp: missing quote
42642 document "define define scenarios"
42737 Presenta PPT Import: old presentation api should not be used when imp
42750 gsl Unshown fullscreen WorkWindow has default size on Unix
42755 tools deliver should log the deliver action and deliver this log a
42761 Presenta X11 Screensaver is turned on after presentation
42762 gsl Improve performance of copy operation for alpha mask bitmaps
42783 Word pro Vertical alignment lost from a ms word file
42796 gsl DBG_LEVEL>1: can't compile padmin/source/newppdlg.cxx
42807 Word pro Crash in Undo after update of a TOC
42826 Word pro Wrong display of text onscreen for Individual words underlin
42842 utilitie All configuration layers should support a URL property
42858 framewor Password lost on MS Export Dialog Appears Again and Again
42870 Word pro General input/output error on "save" as HTML
42884 gsl PDF exported document tryiggers Crash in acroread
42890 api API: ForbiddenCharacters in documents/Settings.idl must not
42900 utilitie Set implementations don't support XPropertyWithState
42904 Spreadsh Calc freezes when switching sheets
42906 gsl dangling pointer in psprint?
42907 framewor missing control properties in xml im-/export for dialogs
42912 Word pro text in bullet indent not erased
42915 framewor English OK/Cancel/Help buttons in German version
42922 Word pro numbering label outside text borders not draggable
42939 sdk SDK example java.notesaccess does not run
42952 porting remove LINK=gcc in odk
42988 gsl DEBUG/npwrap.cxx: invalid conversion from `const char**' to
42992 Drawing Text in Custom shapes should be centered, anchored in the mi
42993 tools unsafe self-assignment in csv::String::assign() functions
43004 framewor The office dies in the safe dialog under certain conditions
43037 porting FreeBSD porting : extention project, ber_dup is missing
43049 utilitie Configuration error handler inactive during much of startup
43053 Word pro WordML import: pagebackground images not imported
43071 framewor unclogic dialog while cancel recovery
43072 Word pro Crash undo footnote after footer insertion
43101 gsl SessionManagement not working in gtk plugin
43107 porting Java5: was used by HotJava years ago an
43118 Word pro WW8: numbering applying heading style to Section/Page breaks
43121 Spreadsh DBMAX - Problems with negativ Numbers
43230 framewor Suppport import/export OLE Objects from/to wordml using xslt
43231 Drawing Scrollbar in 1 page document ist senseless
43234 Database german string are truncated in the query wizard on the last
43250 api setPosSize sets X and Y also if only X is wished
43255 Word pro WW8: Doc file (containing many objects) loops Writer
43265 Word pro Print and PDF export fails with bugdoc
43266 Word pro 2. Update all links crashes soffice
43270 Presenta Exported PPT document can't be opened by PPT
43273 Presenta SlideShow hangs after ESC in Navigator
43283 gsl bogus errors on exit
43309 framewor Missing Help IDs for Copy and Paste commands in all context
43335 *Testpro Impress, Performance: Slide Transition Sound Effects
43341 Drawing gallery icon / alpha fixes ...
43372 Database Database table icon wrongly in HC mode
43378 Word pro mail merge crashes when document or template is loaded
43382 Presenta Merging slides with different orientation looks wrong in sli
43383 Formula Math command window initially has wrong border size when emb
43388 framewor typo in recovery tool
43389 Presenta OLE server started when loading PowerPoint document
43390 document helpcompiler has problems
43396 document remove files when target fails
43402 Formula Formula text (from command window) not printed anymore
43404 Drawing Loading emf files brings up the filter dialog
43421 Presenta Problem in exporting presentations to powerpoint
43427 Word pro MS Word doc with frame in background appears on front
43439 Drawing Slide sorter should use system font
43440 Presenta Empty master page in task pane shows master view
43441 Presenta Task pane: slide transition box should have horizontal scrol
43443 Drawing Slide browser: wrong behaviour when inserting slide
43451 Presenta Crash when I change a wrong word in the spellchecker
43466 gsl gnome: grouped office windows in window list are called "sof
43485 utilitie Gnome/VFS integration non-functional
43486 Presenta Last word vanish when a test fly in Word by word.

903 api i18n IDL documentation too terse
5359 Spreadsh Xcl Imp/Exp: unsupported chart features
43505 Word pro in OOo 2.0 introduced bug: tables included in selection are
43523 api API: dbaccess.OColumnControl::com::sun::star::awt::XView::dr
43538 Spreadsh Crash while opening functionwizard on =sum
43549 gsl crash on exit with gtk+ plug ...
43560 framewor Build failure: Missing stdio.h include in jvmfwk.cxx
43561 api unquoted C# directory name breaks builds
43579 framewor height and width of docked windows (stylist and navigator) i
43584 Word pro in OOo 2.0 introduced bug: displaying of non printing charac
43593 Word pro "Merge adjacent line styles" does not make sense for frames
43594 gsl after re-starting OOo, Tasks, Navigator and Stylist cannot b
43596 tools macro RPM is not needed for Windows build
43604 Installa 64bit: support x86_64 RPM target
43637 Word pro labels of XML form elements have wrong position in exported
43653 Presenta problem with duplicate slide with chart in it
43659 Presenta Text for "change order" box is too long in german
43660 framewor Sample Biorhthm.sxc has modified status in preview
43661 Presenta Distance from Names to Boxes is too large
43669 framewor StarOffice/OpenOffice own dialogs should be used per default
43670 Word pro pasting text from MS Office Word 97 leads to crash
43679 Presenta Stop previous sound doesn't work.
43684 qa binaries in cvs
43704 l10n Problem in building new languages - sq
43712 Word pro Paste floating frame crashes office
43714 Spreadsh LOOKUP() function fails on horizontal search
43716 Spreadsh Cannot copy/paste between spreadsheet components of 2.0bc an
43718 Word pro word doc, import compatibility - Object (Image) Layout
43720 gsl NWF GTK: toolbar toggle buttons not rendered like in gtk app
43729 Word pro closing writer while being in formula edit mode crashes OOo
43731 Formula "View/Status Bar" does not work when editing formulas within
43762 Word pro error (in styles.xml) when open a MSword doc and saveAs *.sx
43770 Presenta Betatester: Button "slideshow" should be named "Bildschirmpr
43771 Word pro footer from sxw initially to large
43773 Presenta Drawing in presentation mode is very square
43775 Word pro crash when closing a document with 3d object
43785 Database Sample tables in table wizard do not work with MySQL JDBC
43787 Word pro Fontwork objects can't be edited via mouse dblclick
43798 Database Report loses content after deleting a column
43809 Chart 3d Charts have specular light source
43849 Database Write test for css.sdb.RowSet Events
43855 Installa Custom Action for upgrade on Windows required
43858 Database crash when execute sql "create table xx ( id int )" on dbase
43868 document text/sdraw/guide/eyedropper.xhp: increase of decrease
43870 document en-US help: "nextto" -> "next to"
43873 framewor Improve performance of updating the configuration when lingu
43875 document source/text/sbasic/shared/03020405.xhp: "that you to return.
43876 Presenta Can't apply master slides and lost master slides
43880 Database initial state in "Form" toolbar wrong in bugdoc
43883 document source/text/scalc/main0218.xhp: filter vs. Filter
43884 document source/text/sdraw/main0106.xhp: Configure vs. Customize
43886 document source/text/shared/main0212.xhp: Database bar vs. Table Data
43887 Database deleting multiple forms does not work reliably if one form n
43888 document source/text/swriter/main0102.xhp: ... at the end...
43889 document source/text/swriter/main0106.xhp: AutoCorrect/AutoFormat vs.
43891 document source/text/swriter/main0105.xhp: Graphic vs. Picture
43892 document source/text/scalc/02/18020000.xhp: Cell vs. Cells
43893 document source/text/schart/01/04060000.xhp: empty <emph>
43895 document source/text/shared/01/01120000.xhp: Page Preview text duplic
43896 document source/text/shared/01/05010000.xhp: Default vs. Default Form
43900 document source/text/shared/guide/configure_overview.xhp: Configure v
43901 document source/text/simpress/guide/line_arrow_styles.xhp: Format - O
43902 document source/text/smath/01/03090700.xhp: "placeholders" missing af
43910 Word pro Outline settings for headings lost after save and close in o
43911 Database [cws dba24] OracleJDBC tabpage in "Connection Type" dialog c
43912 Database opening a table requires a login dialog, if password was pre
43913 Word pro Word documents crash oowriter on open
43915 Database selecting a query establishes a connection
43920 api API: forms.OFileControlModel::com::sun::star::container::XCh
43931 api API: sc.XMLImporter::com::sun::star::xml::sax::XDocumentHand
43933 Word pro RTF-Export and Clipboard generating invalid characters if de
43945 Word pro Copy And Paste Of Form Text Fields looses Font information
43950 Word pro impossible to copy OLE object (MS formula)
43968 Database Testing a connection with unsuccessful authentication rememb
43972 document GENERIC: Add localized screenshots from TLIS to help
43974 Presenta uno commands without UI name under Customize Shortcuts
43995 Word pro word perfect detection throws unexpected exception for detec
43997 Presenta Office freezes when clicking to next slide while interaction
44003 Installa Windows User installation with inf file
44004 gsl Label Controls not exported to PDF
44006 Presenta copying a slide via drag&drop not possible within slide sort
44012 framewor File isn't saved if there is a warning
44016 Word pro Wrong display after deletion of parts
44030 tools Check for prebuild mozilla files if needed
44031 Spreadsh fail to import excel spreadsheet generated by turbo cash
44048 Word pro Assertion "Anzahl Filter ungleich..." when creating new Writ
44049 Word pro Assertion "Looping Louie" while loading document
44052 xml Deactivating an OLE object sometimes crashes
44053 porting qadevOOo build for SRC680 + j2sdk1.3.1 on Linux PPC workarou
44059 Installa Reademe and Licence should be placed beside the installation
44062 gsl gtk plug problem with uim-xim input method
44064 Database database table settings lost upon restarting OOo
44066 Database readonly DB document ask whether to save changes
44068 gsl gtk-plug XIM problem after pressing ALT
44073 Spreadsh calc page preview crashes when java was started before
44077 framewor Excel OLE after insert are too small
44094 gsl maximized windows are resized twice
44100 Presenta In slide show png and jpg are poor displayed OOo 2.0 beta
44115 Spreadsh Error in Iterations
44122 Presenta notes truncated when export presentation as pdf
44127 Database Incorrect sort order in embedded HSQLDB tables
44188 xml XHTML spans are fragmented.
44203 xml XHTML export creates a <p> inside an <h1>
44276 Chart char "save copy as"menu error
44288 Spreadsh crash saving document
44301 Word pro status bar error
44302 Database Assertion: SbaGridControl::getField getColumns returns NULL
44315 Installa Improve mechanism for OpenSource recognition
44320 Database Problem creating unique index/primary key manually
44325 gsl improve SetWindowState for maximized frames on UNIX
44333 Database unable to update record in MySQL bugdoc table
44334 Word pro Differnt position of drawing objects after save and reload
44335 Installa failed to install suse-menus on NLD
44338 Database Assertion: Error: FmXFormController::initialize: already ini
44339 Word pro OOo crashes when closing sxw document containing obnjects an
44342 Database copy'n'paste of single line text fields sometimes seems to l
44347 Word pro drawing group loses position after entering/leaving it
44369 Word pro OOo.1.9.79 Won't Insert file or section of source code
44370 Chart Crash Upon Recalculation
44390 Installa Corrupted extras files
44399 Presenta Entering special characters is difficult in Impress
44404 Presenta Text alignment TOP/BOTTOM not supported in slideshow
44419 Database [migration] the database source is not working after migrati
44420 Database [migration] the query doesn't work after migration
44423 gsl sysui: can't rebuild sysui without error because of ln -s
44427 framewor Document not completely closed in OOo Bean
44439 Database Problems saving/modifying/deleting indexes in the Index Desi
44464 Word pro Writer crashes at inserting Word document
44465 Presenta custom slide show - not functional
44467 framewor .otg (Draw Templates) do not appear as registered types in O
44470 Presenta The alert which appears when changing the slide layout cause
44474 framewor Crash on signing document more than once
44484 Presenta Usability issue with opened task panel tab.
44486 utilitie libsts is not PIC
44492 Spreadsh Problem with COUNTIF function
44495 Spreadsh Crash Upon Recalculation
44499 Spreadsh .xls import crash after asking user to select type of unreco
44501 Word pro import of sxw: lots of frames are drawn around text in frame
44502 tools autodoc gcc 4 fixes
44504 Installa The default installation PATH "customizable"
44515 Presenta Textanimation word-by-word looses last word
44529 l10n en-GB missing from
44545 Presenta Double click slide in Slide pane does not show in Normal vie
44557 Word pro Menu entries Format.Anchor.To Char / As Char are switched
44558 framewor OOo 2.0 should import custom toolbars and preserve configura
44559 Word pro Assertions when anchoring drawing object "as char"
44560 gsl Office freezes during background formatting
44562 Database reports don't work after renaming or moving a database docum
44564 Word pro Assertion when pasting drawing object via clipboard (from Dr
44570 Presenta The Outline toolbar is positioned in front of the Formatting
44576 Database report created by wizard is not opened automatically anymore
44578 Presenta Migrate OOo 2.x shape effects and transitions to OOo 1.x dur
44582 Database document recovery destroys (HSQLDB-based) database document
44607 Database helpid's not correct on MySQL JDBC page in database wizard
44614 Presenta Crash when I assign an layout to an handout.
44630 Presenta Impress looks very strange when I reduce the X-color depth t
44636 tools Fix makefile syntax error
44644 Database query with more than one aggregate function on the same colu
44681 Word pro Position of rotated text box is not saved correctly
44697 Spreadsh Unnecessary ItemSet merge calls in CreateSelectionPattern
44700 xml Wrong mediatype is used for master document.
44701 Presenta Dialog CustomAnimation doesn't remember changes on closing
44704 Database sql query is changed after open the design view -> query doe
44706 framewor cant load StarCalc 1.0 files any longer
44716 api Documents that are opened "hidden" show when they are stored
44718 porting very small code changes are required to compile ooo with gcc
44720 tools W32-4nt: instsetoo_native: not found
44722 api runner: mod::dbaccess::SbaXGridControl
44724 Presenta Doc converter doesn't recognize *.pps files.
44736 framewor status bar does not react on style settings change
44772 Spreadsh Footer printing problem with native .xls file
44774 gsl don't mark Type1 and OT CFF fonts as subsettable or embeddab
44781 Presenta Presentation in window mode makes slide browser unuseable
44783 Database form wizard is unable to create non-table layout for LDAP ad
44784 Presenta State of slide browser should be remembered
44786 Database form wizard loops or crashs when creating a form with a name
44798 Presenta sxi file with read error in content xml
44800 gsl Undocking of toolbars changes their layout
44802 Word pro reproducible crash when undoing auto-capitalization
44810 udk mapURLToFile as own class
44815 Word pro exporting a numbered list to Microsoft Office format defects
44825 Drawing Every 3d settings floater generates own entry in taskbar
44830 Drawing mis-ordered shell stack crasher ...
44862 framewor Text in document converter should read OpenDocument instead
44865 Installa Installation wizard problems
44877 framewor Tools -> Options: "show icons in menu": tick/untick will res
44922 Drawing "Rectangle, Round" basic shape with "Resize shape to fit tex
44976 Installa Windows Problems with multilingual installat
44977 framewor Storing of a document created from template in alien format.
44978 Word pro bad import of oo1.1.3 text document
44996 Spreadsh Calcuno01 crashes in testtool calcupdate test on opening fil
44997 framewor Creating a transient toolbar crashes Office
45005 Presenta don't create effects for empty paragraphs
45012 Presenta sounds are not played anymore if to many
45019 Word pro WW8: Save document based on sample template crashes OO
45026 Presenta remains in memory when presentation wizard closed
45067 Formula Formula object from OO 1.x displayed with wrong content size
45072 Presenta broken zoom effect 'Out from ...'
45076 porting PERL is hardcoded
45078 framewor Incorrect behaviour of Quickstarter
45104 Database [CWS dba25] cannot append table data to source table
45114 l10n de UI: missing translations of button captions in Customize
45133 gsl defines missing for system-sndfile and system-portaudio
45148 l10n The term 'StarOffice 6.0/7' appears on StarSuite GUI
45153 Database database connection type is saved, but I have discard the ch
45157 Presenta Preview of the slide transition in the Impress autopilot doe
45161 framewor Menu title has a border
45180 Word pro Application hangs when adding description to graphic inside
45181 framewor state of floating windows should not be taken from OOo 1.1.x
45184 Database cannot execute macros in embedded form documents
45201 api runner: com::sun::star::beans::XMultiPropertySet
45209 Spreadsh Duplicate symbols across components ...
45214 Database FormWizard/dbwizard4: Office crash on Finish
45271 Presenta effects for paragraphs get lost during save and load
45278 Word pro Master document with OLE-Object crash in read only modus
45281 l10n de UI: missing translations in Frame dialog
45282 Presenta impossible to delete master pages
45288 Word pro de UI: missing translation in Mail Merge Wizard
45294 Drawing Curved connectors loose shape
45301 Word pro crash when opening attached msword .doc - regression
45305 ui Wrong German Translation for "Estonian"
45314 Database document recovery does not really recover Base documents to
45319 Presenta crash when assigning 1st level paragraphs to multiselection
45341 porting MacOS X: configure can't find fontconfig.h
45342 Word pro RTF file (crash, regression)
45351 tools configure on W32 is screwed
45364 tools MacOS X: bootstr2 lib mess
45378 l10n Chinese display quality can not be accept in the OLH
45386 api runner: dbaccess needs XOfficeDatabaseDocument
45388 Spreadsh "Optimal Row Height" doesn't enable automatic height updates
45389 gsl print list cockup ...
45393 Word pro MailMerge: Database on step3 not adjustable
45397 api runner: enhance loggin of frame::XStorable-Test
45398 Word pro Crash by calling help on first run dialog
45404 Database the toolbar in the index design has no helpid
45407 sdk adapt styles of generated reference docu
45410 document No icons and images visible in the online help
45427 framewor Not all new IDL interfaces/services have a valid inline docu
45433 Presenta Crash in "Effect Options" dialog for loaded file with custom
45441 Presenta Crash when clicking in slide sorter pane while in-window sho
45450 gsl Testpage: butterfly
45481 tools crashreporter no longer requires gtk
45505 porting libnpsoplugin: so vs dylib
45510 porting MacOS X: libxmlsec and libxmlsec1.dylib
45527 porting Windows: PASF?
45568 Presenta Avoid unnecessary repaints during view switching
45606 framewor Scripts in database form are not detected on form activation
45633 gsl Mediatoolbar is not painted correctly after state change
45662 tools Cannot use "TypeKeys" in listbox.
45671 Database Address Data Source Wizard does not save ODB file
45714 gsl Alt-Gr does not work in TextViews anymore
45718 Word pro UNDOing deletion of form controls results in invisible shape
45745 l10n ptBr UI: translation of "E-mail program" in Options dialog d
45754 Presenta Slide looks like destroyed when I start the presentation.
45757 framewor <Back> button at the wrong place when <Help> button removed
45764 framewor Behavior of toolbar closer and "View / Toolbars" needs to tu
45787 Word pro crash by calling help twice
45845 Installa Do not write log files to source directory
45850 framewor wrong 'create new folder' icon in file save dialog
45855 Word pro "Launch Help on Startup" should be optional
45857 Word pro AutoCorrect does not accept new entries anymore
45872 gsl Dead keys and compose broken on Unix (regression)
45873 framewor PDF export icon and menu disabled
45881 Presenta Slides Pane and Task pane needs refresh after reload.
45907 api API: sw.SwXTextDocument::com::sun::star::text::XPagePrintabl
45920 Database control property browser doesn't open until document is save
45931 framewor Docking problems if a lot of toolbars are visible
45940 framewor wrong text in startup wizard (migration page)
46178 Word pro After disabling "Read-Only" button, you cannot save.
46194 framewor Transient configuration changes for menu bar doesn't work
46322 document RID_HELP_ONSTARTUP_BOX/TEXT untranslatable, English in de
46376 framewor Change text of "Alien Warning" dialog

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
45964 Presenta 680m87 0 presenter 1.9.87 crashes when opening ppt file in read write
46024 Presenta 680m87 0 Impress gets corrupted and required Quickstart to stop to wo
46171 Presenta 680m87 0 Setting title of slide causes GUI hang, CPU usage 100%
43320 ui 680m79 2 slides in the "Slides panel" get unselectable
43202 Presenta 680m79 0 font type has been changed
43204 Presenta 680m79 0 Textbox in Template new strategy to wide
43343 Presenta 680m79 0 "Master Mode" is very confusing, error-prone and not coheren
43354 Presenta 680m79 0 Master Design slides get deleted when no slide uses them
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43497 Presenta 680m79 0 Fullscreen/slide pane bugs with imported PPT presentation
44911 Presenta 680m85 0 Shimmer and Teeter have exchanged in Impress
45488 Presenta 680m79 0 Text animation not working in Presentation mode
45545 Presenta 680m84 0 Import PowerPoint, italics lost
46050 Database 680m87 0 OOo 1.9.m87 Base component does not start when selected
45616 Database 680m84 0 Unexpected behaviour of start menu icon
46891 framewor 680m91 0 StarOffice hangs desktop with Gnopericus going to File->Rece
46883 Installa 680m91 0 "Installing..." dialog progress indicator container doesn't
46884 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus flat review of "Installing..." dialog halts the
46881 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus doesn't announce anything useful when going thro
46882 Installa 680m91 0 Installer progress dialog not keynav-able
46887 framewor 680m91 0 Flat review fails in "Registration" dialog of installer
46827 Word pro 680m87 0 Form Controls Toolbar appears during bullet/number context
46795 Word pro 680m91 0 Format Paintbrush does not work
46764 Word pro 680m87 0 Writer Shows Field Shadows Even When Shadows Are Disabled
46216 Word pro 680m87 0 Create Index for...Any Style
46109 Word pro 680m87 0 Save HTML as ODT results corrupt file. As SXW slows down.
46060 Word pro 680m87 0 Insert / File crashes writer for SO5.2 (*.sdw) and older Wor
45912 Word pro 680m87 0 Cut-and-paste RTF DBCS does not work
44912 Word pro 680m85 0 Disabled controlls in UI
46880 Installa 680m91 0 SO installer fails to fire appropriate events - GOK UI grab
45221 Database 680m84 0 Can't print address on envelop using database
43453 Word pro 680m79 0 True Type Font WINGDINGS2 Doesn't print correctly
43362 Word pro 680m79 0 PDF Export options to reduce file size
43350 Word pro 680m79 0 No warning box needed for PDF export
43038 Word pro 680m79 0 General Input Output error when export to PDF
43117 Formula 680m79 0 Export to PDF without Commands
44905 Word pro 680m84 0 exported PDF: form field has wrong font
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
45002 tools 680m85 0 compiler directive -tune=pentiumpro doesn't work on all syst
46405 l10n 680m78 0 es UI: missing translation of "Entire page" in Mail Merge Wi
46406 l10n 680m78 0 fr UI: missing translation of "Entire page" in Mail Merge Wi
45649 l10n 680m78 0 ZH_CN: message for database not translated
45657 l10n 680m78 0 ZH-CN: Online Help has many unlocalized messages
45658 l10n 680m78 0 Online help display "You found a bug (text/smath/01/03090900
46787 l10n 680m79 0 localize_sl crash
46626 Chart 680m79 4 Formatting is lost when exporting as Excel
44129 Word pro 680m84 0 "Page Number" displays "Page Numbers" in field name view
46145 Formula 680m87 0 regression in OOo2.0: save-button enabled although document
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
46527 Word pro 680m87 0 Opening a Writer Opendocument freezes OOo
46422 Word pro 680m87 0 Positions of textbox in Word changed
45951 Word pro 680m84 0 Decimal Tabs fail with Localized formatting of number variab
45890 Word pro 680m87 0 problem deleting parts of a web page
43070 Word pro 680m78 0 digital signatures - broken display of locale specific chara
45546 Word pro 680m84 0 Import Word document, bullet list font larger
46777 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problem : incorrect changes information
46919 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problems 2 : drawing object locations
46920 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problems 2 : missing text
46923 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problems 2 : connectors
46924 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problems 2 : object colours
46926 Word pro 680m87 0 No selection of multiple draw objects possible in Writer
46930 Word pro 680m87 0 crashes on simultaneous multiple document open
46725 Word pro 680m79 0 Modified styles of saved doc differs in virgin installation
46898 Database 680m87 2 Openoffice BASE isn't an optional component at install
43131 Database 680m79 0 Trying to create database causes dialog box and lockup when
43615 Database 680m79 0 OOo crashes reliably on Create Report AND crashes crashrep o
43648 Database 680m79 0 Creating Oracle 10g table gives "ORA-00906: missing left par
43667 Database 680m79 0 Cannot create tables with Oracle 10g
43674 Database 680m79 0 When large numbers of tables in an Oracle database, some tab
44735 Database 680m84 0 Error on attempting to open\create a database in Base Applic
44788 Database 680m84 0 missing mozabdrv2.dll to access WAB, Thunderbird AB a.o.
45338 Database 680m86 0 Column constraints are not acceptable in statement
45475 Database 680m84 0 no indication of auto_increment in MySQL
45823 Database 680m89 0 Database Form Entry Issue
46159 Database 680m87 0 Reports from a native query.
46291 Database 680m89 0 No possibility to change the password in a db file that conn
46327 Database 680m87 0 OOo 2.0 (1.9.87) crashed when new form wizard finished
46514 Database 680m87 0 Shift+space erroneously mapped
46857 Database 680m87 0 MySQL database looses queries
46897 Database 680m87 0 Openoffice Base requires java after install
46283 framewor 680m89 2 Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
46680 framewor 680m87 0 Superfluous request of JRE in Tools > Macros
46673 framewor 680m87 0 Crash : Save as sxw document with Basic dialog
46674 framewor 680m87 0 Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
42653 Installa 680m78 0 Language Pack Installer doesn't detects newer 1.9.x version
46676 Installa 680m90 0 File Description Difference for Different Language
46940 Installa 680m87 0 can't create any ooo docs with right mouse button click
46942 Installa 680m87 0 after rebooting pc always appear "welcome" dialog
45617 Database 680m84 0 Misleading title in form edit window
45479 ui 680m79 0 Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
45624 l10n 680m78 0 display traditional character on zh_CN locale
45647 l10n 680m78 0 Several higher visibility messages unlocalized in UI at zh_
45619 l10n 680m78 0 Garbled character in UI at zh_CN locale
42649 ui 680m78 0 Missing Other Common Sizes of Desktop Icons
43494 Presenta 680m79 0 hyperlinks should support word wrap
46704 Chart 680m87 0 dynamic magnification of a chart
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
45935 framewor 680m87 0 Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
46810 framewor 680m87 0 Location of pasted graphic
42639 Installa 680m78 0 Recycle Bin Icon in 'Program Maintenance' Dialog
44918 Installa 680m85 2 Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
42930 ui 680m78 0 remove checkbox infront of menu icon and make the icon 'pres
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43559 Word pro 680m79 0 Load Styles... from Master Document
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
46729 Word pro 680m79 0 easy access to showing/hiding text sections
43665 gsl 680m79 0 wizards crashing in accessible desktop
45793 l10n 680m78 0 ptBr UI: translation of "Horizontal pitch" in Labels dialog
43631 l10n 680m79 0 In German installation, replace "Vervollständigen" by "Voll
43620 ui 680m79 0 Too few space for German text in installation wizard
43783 ui 680m79 0 Up One Level - dropdown button has contradictory visual lang
45123 ui 680m86 0 No filename in stand-in boxes
46393 ui 680m84 0 Quick Start
46432 ui 680m84 0 Wrong/missing Italian translations in Writer
46720 ui 680m79 0 No refresh of statusbar after saving doc
46724 ui 680m79 0 Toolbars don't stay at their assigned places after reopening
46750 ui 680m79 0 View on document is reset after previewing page
44868 Word pro 680m84 0 OOO 1.x gallery elements not dragable
45984 Word pro 680m87 0 Find and Replace problem with PgUP and PgDn Arrows.
46318 Word pro 680m79 0 Add more languages for spellcheck in distribution
46342 Word pro 680m87 0 spellcheck inserts replacement multiple times
46871 l10n 680m90 0 AutoCorrect - Non-localisable key names in "Accept with" lis
43399 gsl 680m79 0 PDF page transtions: Follow document instead of always use i
45343 Spreadsh 680m79 0 colon not recognized as time separator in Italian
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
46755 Spreadsh 680m79 0 HTML creation from spreadsheet
46939 Spreadsh 680m87 0 Search unnecessarily scroll view when freeze is in use
46244 Spreadsh 680m87 0 Calc text not retained when hyperlink applied to cell
46048 Spreadsh 680m87 0 Wrapping Text Fails to Display Correctly
45800 Spreadsh 680m84 0 Changing print orientation doesn't work
46237 Spreadsh 680m89 0 Save as not working in Calc and Writer
46167 Spreadsh 680m87 0 Page Footer Information is Lost
46158 Spreadsh 680m87 0 drag&drop selected cells does not work
45614 Spreadsh 680m84 0 Status bar does not update error codes
45344 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Find and replace cannot find a date
46097 framewor 680m87 0 Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
45558 framewor 680m86 0 Not all converted document showed in File - new - templates
45193 l10n 680m78 0 de UI: translation of string "Use system font for user inter
45547 framewor 680m84 0 Switching between OOo documents
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43710 framewor 680m79 0 floating dialogs are closed when clicking on a toolbar
43209 framewor 680m79 0 KDE themes not rendered correctly
46855 framewor 680m87 0 When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
43510 ui 680m79 0 Input method bar ("[---]", etc.) should be moved or hideable
46554 Word pro 680m84 0 Printing pfm fonts to postscript file renders wrong font
46759 Presenta 680m90 0 Cut-and-Paste CJK characters always cause Impress Crash

$Id: 1.9.m91_snapshot.html,v 1.3 2006/07/05 11:11:04 st Exp $

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