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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m87 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m85 and  680_m87.
this release will install as 1.9.87.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m87.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Locale data for Faroese, Faroe Islands (fo_FO) i39417 feature-info:
Branch cws_src680_localedata3 adds locale data for Faroese on Faroe Islands (fo_FO).

Locale data for Irish, Ireland (ga_IE) i43122 feature-info:
Branch cws_src680_localedata3 adds locale data for Irish in Ireland (ga_IE).

Locale data for Kinyarwanda, Rwanda (rw_RW) i43151 feature-info:
Branch cws_src680_localedata3 adds locale data for Kinyarwanda in Rwanda (rw_RW)

Picture toolbar changed i42736 feature-info:
The toolbar 'Picture' in Draw now looks like the same toolbar in Impress.

Context sensitive toolbars are now closed temporarily i44463   no abstract speclink framework
Drawing toolbar changed i42430 feature-info:
Additional buttons were added to the drawing toolbar: 1) A default arrow (arrow at end) right to the simple line in Impress and Draw. 2) The Arrows-SubToolbar-Button right to the Connectors-SubToolbar-Button hidden in Impress by default and visible in Draw by default.

OpenDocument Format changes i42834 feature-info:
The OASIS OpenDocument TC recently made the following changes to the OpenDocument format (see 1. Attributes that were in the namespace are now in the namespace urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:xsl-fo-compatible:1.0 2. Attributes and elements that were in the namespace are now in the namespace urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:svg-compatible:1.0 3. Attributes that were in the namespace are now in the namespace urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:smil-compatible:1.0 4. The attribute xforms:submission has been renamed to form:xforms-submission. These changes are now implemented in


List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
42314 gsl Accelerate important bitmap operations
41536 gsl Improve VCL bitmap performance by not zeroing bitmap data
41822 Database appearance of task pane items in database application somewh
40198 framewor Document Signed after cancel in windows Digital signature
42716 tools restructure linker and runtime selection
43151 l10n Locale info for rw_RW
39417 l10n Add Faroese as locale
43122 l10n Irish (ga_IE) locale information needed
34312 Installa Add Czech extras for 2.0
41363 gsl performance optimization of vcl canvas bitmap
42218 gsl performance optimization of clipregions
44542 tools configure option can choose linux package format
34411 utilitie PackageManager ought to migrate user packages from OOo 1.1 t

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
accanonical m85 moving configure et. al to arch detection with AC_CANONICAL-* and config.{sub,guess} instead of uname
os49 m85 Bugfixing OOo2.0
aw028 m85 BugFixing CWS
calcer m85 Calc fixes.
iha07 m85 Fixes for Draw & Impress.
hc680pb2 m85 Postbeta Fixes for Online Help
swqbugfixes15 m85 Writer fixes in text and layout engine
toolkit01 m85 Toolkit & Wizards...
calc30 m85 Calc bugfixes
swqcore07 m85 sw core bugs
oasisbf5 m85 Bug fixes and last-minute chnages for OpenDocument and OOo filters
sysui05 m85 Desktop Integration changes
configure6 m85 misc. configure fixes
ause023 m85 build issues as they drop in
dr36 m85 Calc UI changes for OOo 2.0
xmlsec08 m86 Some more Digital Signature fixes...
presfixes01 m86 Further fixes for the new Impress slideshow.
dba24 m86 ongoing work in Base
macosx03 m86 Two additional minor changes for MacOS X.
pj22 m86 Misc. fixes for m83.
lobeta2 m86 bugfixes
hr12 m86 Low priority CWS for fixing some strcpy(), strcat() and sprintf() occurences in soltools
os54 m86 Bugfixing cws
mh1981 m86 some minor fixes.
libpath m87 remove using of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
localedata3 m87 Locale data corrections for OOo2.0
toolbars4 m87 Changes for toolbars/toolbar behavior for final.
ause019 m87 restructure link commandline to get more flexibility
bsport m87 Tooling from TLS617 to SRC680
mav17 m87 Embedding, storing and loading related fixes.
gcj3 m87 Since gcc4 gcj can support a lot more stuff than it used to.
configure7 m87 misc. configure fixes
sysuirpmfix m87 fix sysui to build with own BUILD/

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
44348 framewor A set of very important toolbars shouldn't provide a closer
44463 framewor Permanent closing of toolbars causes too many usability issu
39612 framewor single click on combo buttons
39698 framewor when saving file toolboxitem changes width
42958 framewor Send as PDF attachment does not insert correct extension
43821 Drawing SetMergedItem() on 3D scenes needs to call parent
37478 Database Report Wizard: Repainting when creating report is bad
32241 framewor Sub toolbars disappear when restarting the application
42499 Presenta Shape effects have a visible 'bucking' at end of effect
39662 Presenta 'Black'-ing the screen in the middle of a slide transition p
38960 Presenta Perfomance of impress is very bad
28667 Presenta New button shows wrong icon.
43537 Presenta Wrong format of the text after undo a text animation
43235 Drawing crash when I open the contextmenu of a wrong text and open t
43624 Database setting "Text contains headers" does not stick
43625 Database custom file types for text-based database documents are lost
42460 Database Database file (.odb) not released when database closed
42522 Database Query Design View - rearranges/loses order by statements
42994 Database Preview of Reports are still viewable in the OOo2 main scree
43975 Database [cws dba24] soffice.exe -base is broken
44574 Database [CWS dba24] crash when creating a report in bugdoc database
43069 Database Assertion: pParent is NULL
43134 Database STR_TBL_COLUMN_IS_KEYCOLUMN_TITLE: Primary key E(A?)ffected?
40404 Word pro Mail Merge: Biblography is listed by default
43248 Database Accessibility: Office freezes with Authentification dialog
43622 Database setting "Display version columns" does not persist
41029 Spreadsh Undo: Set Property "StringItemList" crashes OOo
37008 Database mysql: "AutoValue" reset to No when declaring column as prim
37338 Database Rich text control toolbar not visible in Calc
40468 Database Assertion: OGenericUnoController::InvalidateFeature_Impl: ou
40471 Database database name is not shown in password dialog by longer path
40866 Database Forms and reports are not deleted from base file when delete
41271 Database Database name not shown in 'user and pasword required' dialo
41674 Database Documentation of css.sdb.OrderCoulm has a failure
41727 Database weird "Connection settings" page when changing the connectio
41757 Database Screen corruption - show datasource as table
41889 Database Assertion: 'Error: AccessibleName already set!'
41913 Database senseless error message when closing a MySQL database docume
41961 Database list box auto pilot not working in embedded forms
41967 Database OOo Crashes on clicking Disconnect in datasource view
41980 Database creating an LDAP database file with the auto pilot results i
42056 Database "Remember password till end of session" does not work
42200 Database 2 Error messges when trying to start the query wizard
42289 Database Oracle JDBC Driver cannot be inputed
41887 api API: dbaccess.ODatabaseContext::com::sun::star::container::X
42573 api API: forms_OGridControlModel::com::sun::star::lang::XCompone
42577 api API: forms.OGridControlModelcom::sun::star::beans::XMultiPro
40976 Presenta spiralWipe effects are wrong, especially reverse ones
39928 porting sc break on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build because inlining
41140 l10n Patches to ICU for Khmer support
44734 l10n implement locale data DTD version check
39893 Word pro OLE object link are stored absolute though "Relative" is set
39939 Word pro Wrong Context Menu Entry for "Default Formatting"
40135 Word pro Additional styles can't be included to TOCs anymore
40219 Word pro Many shortcuts lost in Writer/Web Code view + not possible t
41204 Word pro Database fields cannot be saved if the data source is not av
42187 Word pro Crash during PDF export of large non-splittable table
42406 Word pro break-in-table attribute gets lost
42851 Word pro Freeze on pasting in last parapraph
41267 Presenta uno commands without UI name under Customize Shortcuts
42217 Word pro sw/source/core/text/ -Is:\...?
42558 api remove UNOIDL types from "drafts"
42747 Spreadsh DTD: Unexpected attribute 'form:linked-cell' in element 'for
19763 Database cannot save certain date formats in form controls
42764 Spreadsh ScEditAttrTester::NeedsCellAttr returns TRUE too often
43298 ui Statusbar: Change image of signet
36682 framewor Content of embedded OLE objects can't be digitally signed
37609 framewor Warning is needed if mozilla profile isn't found for digital
38202 framewor do not migrate Java applet security settings.
40028 framewor Digital Signature broken if you sign a document directly aft
40104 framewor No sign in BASIC IDE Statusbar and Windowtitle for signed ma
40374 framewor Issued by field in Digital Signatures Dialog for Trustcenter
41270 framewor Password dialog for Mozilla security profile pops up a secon
42920 framewor Wrong Dialog When Signing Unsaved Documents
43491 framewor Improve mozilla profile detection for digital signatures
38810 Word pro Document signatur persists although linked sub-documents are
40109 Word pro Adding Digital Signature crashes OOo
41276 porting opening OOo-native documents leads to crash in XMLSignatureH
40361 Spreadsh Calc toolbar functions have incorrect title (e.g. "Columns")
42666 Spreadsh precision in calc-sheets after insertion tor writer
42743 Spreadsh DTD: Unexpected choice 'page' for attribute 'draw:writing-mo
39797 Word pro FixedText error: writer - FileProperties
39809 Word pro FixedText error: writer - FormatArea
39801 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Insert Section
43686 Word pro MailMerge: Send as HTML has problem by specific page count.
40818 Word pro Mail Merge: Wrong label in Titlebar of "Edit Address Block"
43673 Word pro MailMerge: Send as OpenDocument Text gets *.oxt extension
43378 Word pro mail merge crashes when document or template is loaded
20848 Word pro Converting Starwriter Dok: Error writing content.xml
43376 Word pro Mail merge wizard crashes after multiple clicks
43367 Word pro Space missing in string
42643 Word pro Impossible to export document with background gif as a PDF
39887 framewor [vcl33] : crash when I cancle the file dialog in web wizard
42636 Word pro PDF bookmarks for Headings on pages not exported
41397 Word pro Export to pdf: a link over an image
40823 Word pro MailMerge: "Custom Salutation" Dialog Issue
40821 Word pro MailMerge: Custom Salutation, Preview is not alinged with en
40817 Word pro Mail Merge: New Address Block Dialog Issue
40816 Word pro Mail Merge: The "Last Name" is placed BEFORE "First Name" us
40413 Word pro MailMerge: "New Address Block" Dialog - Drag and Drop is a h
40412 Word pro MailMerge: "New Address Block" Dialog - Preview does not wo
40408 Word pro MailMerge: Address Block Dialog UI Issues
40407 Word pro MailMerge: Change Table Button is active
40406 Word pro Mail Merge: UI issues in Address List dialog
40401 Word pro Mail Merge: Addressline 1 is missing in Address block 1
40399 Word pro UI issues in Mail Merge
44359 porting gcj has progressed since gcj2 and more components are compil
43296 tools W32-4nt: Build fails in connectivity
44190 udk --with-java=gij-4.0 build does not find jni.h
44727 tools double free() in javadep
43805 porting crashrep/source/unx: remove makefile remains of gtk usage
39684 porting remove uname from odk
41811 xml OOo XML 1.0: style:default-outline-level= written but unexpe
35182 xml flat XML filter brings errors for large files
43065 xml fo:keep-with-next has wrong value
42834 xml Adopt recent OASIS OpenDocument format changes
42374 xml OOo XML 1.0: unexpected attribute "style:flow-with-text"
37031 framewor Provide slotid for migration wizard/welcome screen
39774 framewor Fixed Text exceeds window width: Tools/Options/OOo/View
39776 framewor Fixed Text exceeds window width: Tools/Options//OOo/Accessib
43774 framewor Security: No macro security check in Writer/Web with embedde
41690 ui Mouse captured after save and reload
41083 Spreadsh Saveing .sdc document gives a lot of assertions
21397 Spreadsh chart-icon in the menu
32939 framewor Pls. determin also the CJK and CTL document language and sto
43257 api Window::SetSizePixel() is asyncronous.
42398 framewor Applications should use the default size if msole object can
43434 Word pro function got executed, but menuitem is not visible - 2
42891 framewor Doubleclick on *.odt in Nautilus opens the wrong Office
36711 tools Addition of my name to credit page & OO.o about page
36491 framewor Design a new splash screen for the upcoming 2.0 release
41391 framewor expanded about box versioning ...
42319 Word pro creating form control shapes via API results in invisible ob
42273 Word pro Confusing numbering in in second level when first level is b
42124 Word pro Picture in header error
43279 Word pro "Mirror on even pages" checkbox ignored or not remembered in
43381 Word pro English in German build
43729 Word pro closing writer while being in formula edit mode crashes OOo
24255 l10n WW8: Hebrew WordArt falls off the page on import
40106 Word pro ASSERTION: "Del" in /svtools/source/memtools/svarray.cxx
40628 Word pro Send to Master document -> Crash
40668 Word pro Usability: An inserted OLE object should initially use the "
40687 Word pro Table-in-table loses text on save
41699 Drawing Cannot paste from mspaint
35577 Word pro Paragraph indentation is wrong
42354 Word pro All paragraphs in numbering with "num styles" are 1.
42439 Word pro Undo history "typing $2" when inserting break above protecte
42512 Word pro crash due to wrong undo history after deleting section
42586 Word pro Document Flashes 22 Times When Opened.
42634 Word pro Incorrect formatting in files attached to master document
42734 Word pro Tab stops in input fields with script changes are duplicated
42921 Word pro Removing numbering styles from para style does not work corr
43008 Word pro Crash when using borders.
43093 Word pro Mathtype elements resize problem
15113 Database JDBC Query fails to retrieve metadata or data
30004 Database query is not updateable correctly with different datasources
35991 Database always save messages when closing a form
40339 Database TableWizard: initial default tablename should be made unique
40565 Database Too many control related toolbars under VIEW / TOOLBARS
41523 Database Form Filter doesn't work correct (criterum can't be changed)
42316 Database opening a database document a second time doesn't work
42407 Database Link Master / Link Slave "..." buttons don't work in enbedde
43628 Database [CWS dba24] crash when accessing the properties of a dispose
40351 Word pro ERROR: illegal position
43627 Database [CWS dba24] css.sdb.DataSource not available at the global s
42459 Database crash when execute an insert statement in query design
43232 framewor [cws lobeta2] database migration doesn't work
41973 Word pro [eforms4] Update XForms toolbars (and default visibility)
41976 Word pro [eforms4] XForms floaters not conforming to spec
43808 Database HelpIDs: Some wrong HIDs in java wizards
43668 Database java wizards can't be tested with testtool anymore
43091 Spreadsh Content of merged cells with hidden first column isn't shown
41488 l10n Corrections to Hungarian locale data
41655 Formula Quotation Marks in Formulas not displayed correctly
43271 l10n es_EC locale data: currency is now USD
43092 Spreadsh AutoFilter in hidden column makes other cells unreadable
43267 l10n ca_ES locale data contains wrong era names
4874 Spreadsh StarCalc Error 527
7309 Spreadsh Iterations cause an internal overflow (error 527)
20986 Spreadsh Iterative calculation freezes Calc
21124 Spreadsh Initial calculation in specific recursive cell formula const
36541 Spreadsh Concat operator ("&") does not work with matrix functions
37631 Spreadsh Error: SCMatrix::Get String: access error, no string
39561 Spreadsh Calendar glitch in DST transit
39585 Spreadsh DBase column names get mangled when containing zero chars
39511 framewor Some corrections for StartUp wizard needed
38149 framewor migration descriptions for user data not yet available
36992 framewor cws migration1: Two identic shortcuts in 'Licence agreement'
36018 framewor command-line help says there is a quickstart when there is n
5704 Installa create openoffice-mandrakelinux-menus
39756 gsl support for freedesktop menu integration
33761 Installa CDE integration fails on Solaris 8
30456 Installa updateinstallation looses phone- and faxnumbers in networked
42067 api API: dbaccess_OQueryDesign::com::sun::star::lang::XInitializ
42461 Database Openoffice Always has to recover database
26950 Database Documentation: service sdbcx.Table must support container.XN
42932 Word pro "Ctrl + K" results in "K" inside Writer
13592 Word pro Unexpected font changes at end of line
30510   Word pro      StampIt integration into new mailmerge
43800 framewor edit::plug-in doesn't work
43864 Installa Wrong tense on the German install progress screen
43994 porting Mac OS X porting : version number of libxml2
43541 Word pro Thesaurus crashes because "" is broken, resul
42437 l10n Translaton bugs
43437 l10n localize/gsicheck: temporary files not removed
39263 porting helpcontent2 build freeze porting MacOSX
38439 porting MacOS X: get the version number using sw_vers
43813 lingucom Simplify dictionaries/*/
38693 framewor sfx2/source/view/view.src: STR_PRINT_NEWORISIZE
43139 Installa wrong IDs in the readme file
43831 Installa German mistranslation in installer
42535 tools configure needs to check the epm version (>=3.7)
43272 tools configure script states wrong epm download link URL
43325 tools minor cleanup
43377 tools Type error on ./configure script
43578 tools Two "Empty" variables in environment files.
44025 tools --enable-pasf don't work in configure on Linux
39793 porting change architecture detection from uname to AC_CANONICAL_*
44913 porting FreeBSD : configure: error: operating system is not suitabl
44837 porting SunOS and Solaris
44742 porting Darwin is not suitable to build!
41974 Word pro AutoCompletion changes Character Attribute "Language"
38971 Word pro AutoCapitalisation of "single letter + apostrophe" does not
42080 Word pro New Writer doc always comes up with "modified" flag
42068 api test integration.forms.CellBinding fails on Solaris
42066 api test integration.forms.FormControlTest lets office crash
34390 Database heavy painting when creating a report
43461 ui Update UI after API-change-call: UseSystemFileDialog
43462 ui Update UI after API-change-call: Help/Tip
43463 ui Update UI after API-change-call: Path 'Work' and 'Temp'
40859 Presenta FixedText error: Impress - Dimensioning
40857 Presenta FixedText error: Impress - Print
40856 Presenta FixedText error: Impress - Grid
42824 framewor FixedText error: StarOffice - Export (OOo file dialog)
41302 Presenta Provide different HelpIds for Dialog CustomAnimation
37777 Presenta Animations get out of sync, if rendering is not fast enough
43572 tools Extra \ stops build in binfilter\bf_sfx2\source\notify\makef
32095 ucb limit load password dialog to same length as save password t
43226 framewor Disable/Enable macros dialog pops up during doc recovery
18338 framewor Inconsistant behavior for command line options
23531 xml Zip format changes from OOo 1.0 to OOo 1.1
33293 Word pro while opening bug doc office crashes
9861 Word pro hangs loading html 65KB with linked images
43525 framewor Titlebar shows title instead of filename after change in pro
42637 cs Prubehovy dialog odinstalace LP
43643 tools W32: Fix error when configure is called after the environmen
44023 tools Remove last traces of interactive queries from set_soenv
44538 tools configure fails if --with-directx-home points to path with p
42736 Drawing Wrong picture toolbar in draw
42714 Drawing Document margins are printed
42431 Drawing Repaint problem when scaling and moving lines
42815 Spreadsh Drawing Layer in Spreadsheet work incorrect.
42323 Drawing Painting OLE objects is pain(t)fully slow
41753 Drawing Drawing Tools Don't Select
41687 Drawing 3D-settings toolbar is missing
43307 Presenta Crash after trying to open deleted ppt ile
39229 Presenta PDF export in slide sorter writes empty page
43302 Drawing Group-rectangle remaining, cannot be deleted anymore
42440 Presenta VCL Canvas has white border during slide transitions
42430 Presenta It's no more possible to create dimension lines
39638 Presenta Lines and Filling Toolbar (TB) disappears when Gluepoints TB
43068 Drawing Connector looses formating after reload
42075 Presenta Settings concerning the visibility of master page background

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43497 Presenta 680m79 0 Fullscreen/slide pane bugs with imported PPT presentation
44911 Presenta 680m85 0 Shimmer and Teeter have exchanged in Impress
45488 Presenta 680m79 0 Text animation not working in Presentation mode
45545 Presenta 680m84 0 Import PowerPoint, italics lost
43320 ui 680m79 0 slides in the "Slides panel" get unselectable
43202 Presenta 680m79 0 font type has been changed
43204 Presenta 680m79 0 Textbox in Template new strategy to wide
43343 Presenta 680m79 0 "Master Mode" is very confusing, error-prone and not coheren
43354 Presenta 680m79 0 Master Design slides get deleted when no slide uses them
44849 Database 680m84 0 Database Wizard does not open database for editing
44912 Word pro 680m85 0 Disabled controlls in UI
43719 Word pro 680m79 0 OO can't gets pictures from when I copy-paste all int
43559 Word pro 680m79 0 Load Styles... from Master Document
43362 Word pro 680m79 0 PDF Export options to reduce file size
43350 Word pro 680m79 0 No warning box needed for PDF export
43038 Word pro 680m79 0 General Input Output error when export to PDF
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
43117 Formula 680m79 0 Export to PDF without Commands
45242 framewor 680m84 0 Help ID: 26220 missing
44905 Word pro 680m84 0 exported PDF: form field has wrong font
43453 Word pro 680m79 0 True Type Font WINGDINGS2 Doesn't print correctly
45002 tools 680m85 0 compiler directive -tune=pentiumpro doesn't work on all syst
45349 Chart 680m84 0 Chart legend text cannot be changed.
44129 Word pro 680m84 0 "Page Number" displays "Page Numbers" in field name view
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
43851 Word pro 680m79 0 crash when opening specific documents
45515 Formula 680m84 0 Cannot render certain formula in OOoWriter, but in OOoMath
45511 Formula 680m84 0 Integral sign too small and not scalable
45539 Word pro 680m84 0 Import MS Word document with an extra page
45538 Word pro 680m84 0 Import multiple MS Word documents at the same time, not all
45537 Word pro 680m84 0 Import multiple MS Word documents at the same time leads to
45490 Word pro 680m84 0 Cannot assign page styles to pages
45540 Word pro 680m84 0 Import an opened file leads to crash
45542 Word pro 680m86 0 We (HU) need more space in settings/accessibility panel
45546 Word pro 680m84 0 Import Word document, bullet list font larger
45558 Word pro 680m86 0 Not all converted document showed in File - new - templates
45742 Word pro 680m84 0 crash when saving to msword .doc
43674 Database 680m79 0 When large numbers of tables in an Oracle database, some tab
44735 Database 680m84 0 Error on attempting to open\create a database in Base Applic
44788 Database 680m84 0 missing mozabdrv2.dll to access WAB, Thunderbird AB a.o.
45151 Database 680m84 0 missing driver for LDAP, mozabdrv2.dll
45221 Database 680m84 0 Can't print address on envelop using database
45620 Database 680m84 0 Unable to edit table once created
45617 Database 680m84 0 Misleading title in form edit window
45616 Database 680m84 0 Unexpected behaviour of start menu icon
45475 Database 680m84 0 no indication of auto_increment in MySQL
45338 Database 680m86 0 Column constraints are not acceptable in statement
45302 Database 680m84 0 Timestamp format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fffffffff
43131 Database 680m79 0 Trying to create database causes dialog box and lockup when
43423 Database 680m79 0 Form Wizard in Base launches Writer, not the wizard
43615 Database 680m79 0 OOo crashes reliably on Create Report AND crashes crashrep o
43648 Database 680m79 0 Creating Oracle 10g table gives "ORA-00906: missing left par
43667 Database 680m79 0 Cannot create tables with Oracle 10g
45235 Database 680m79 0 query wizard sets query name to an error
45479 ui 680m79 0 Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
43494 Presenta 680m79 0 hyperlinks should support word wrap
44918 Installa 680m85 2 Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
44914 ui 680m85 0 Too fast clicking closes the window
43631 l10n 680m79 0 In German installation, replace "Vervollständigen" by "Voll
43620 ui 680m79 0 Too few space for German text in installation wizard
43783 ui 680m79 0 Up One Level - dropdown button has contradictory visual lang
43730 ui 680m79 0 UI froze for a while when cut and pasting Image from slow se
45123 ui 680m86 0 No filename in stand-in boxes
44868 Word pro 680m84 0 OOO 1.x gallery elements not dragable
43399 gsl 680m79 0 PDF page transtions: Follow document instead of always use i
44472 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Copy/Paste a table from Writer to Calc
45343 Spreadsh 680m79 0 colon not recognized as time separator in Italian
45344 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Find and replace cannot find a date
45614 Spreadsh 680m84 0 Status bar does not update error codes
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
43713 Spreadsh 680m79 0 no visual indicator for anchor button
44426 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Duplicate field on DataPilot
45486 gsl 680m79 0 Print to file ignores default prn extension
44680 Formula 680m84 0 Changing alignment changes fonts
43209 framewor 680m79 0 KDE themes not rendered correctly
45547 framewor 680m84 0 Switching between OOo documents
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43710 framewor 680m79 0 floating dialogs are closed when clicking on a toolbar
43510 ui 680m79 0 Input method bar ("[---]", etc.) should be moved or hideable
45743 Presenta 680m84 0 Imported PPT with resized picture doesn't render in Slidesho
45739 Presenta 680m84 0 Transparent GIF ok in document edit - Not OK in slideshow

$Id: 1.9.m87_snapshot.html,v 1.1 2005/03/22 12:08:26 mh Exp $

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