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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m84 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m80 and  680_m84.
this release will install as 1.9.84.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m84.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Support Thunderbird address books and Mozilla/Thunderbird multiple profiles i20088   no abstract found speclink dba
TableWizard: Primary Key page now offers two AutoValueCheckboxes i38555   no abstract found speclink dba
ReportWizard: Reports based on queries no longer show Sorting field names i40082   no abstract found speclink dba
unified form related toolbars in Writer i40565   no abstract found speclink dba
TableWizard: Final Page now offers Listboxes for schemes and catalogs i40955   no abstract found speclink dba
use term 'page' instead of 'slide' in Draw i40806 feature-info:
In Draw the term 'Page' should be used for pages instead of 'Slide' which is the name in IMpress. Following Kontextmenu Entries in Draw have changed: 1) LeftPagePane-KontextMenu- D~elete Slide -> D~elete Page 2) MiddlePane-KontextMenu- Slid~e -> Pag~e 3) MiddlePane-KontextMenu-Slide- D~elete Slide... -> D~elete Slide
not set
Preselection of OOo applications from command line i42804 feature-info:
Until now calling "soffice -calc" or "scalc" from the command line could be used only for creating a new empty document. Adding a file name to this command line ("soffice -calc") resulted in two windows, one with the empty Calc document, the other one with the file opened in the default application for this file type. There are two good reasons to change this: (1) It is confusing. (2) There are a lot of requests to open certain document types from the desktop or the command line by an application different to the default application OOo would chose for this file. Most often this request is done for text files with arbitrary extensions (others than csv) that should open in Calc. Now soffice -calc will open in Calc if possible. That means first OOo tries to find a suitable Calc filter for the file and only if it doesn't find any it proceeds as usual. Of course this feature works for all applications (not only for Calc) and on all platforms. This feature can also be used for system integration, f.e. by registering "scalc" as the default application for all files with extension "bla". Then every doubleclick on a "bla" file will load it into Calc (if possible, if not, OOo finds a suitable module).
not set
default page listed in available master pages i40371 feature-info:
In Impress in the right task pane there is a list with all available Master Pages. This list does now at the first position contain the default Master Page. Thus a user can easily switch back to an empty Master Page by clicking this first entry now.
not set
removed ... from 'insert slide' i40806 feature-info:
In Draw and Impress there were wrong points removed from menu entry: Menu-Insert- Slid~e
not set
Excel filter: Load/save "Use labels in formulas" option i42320 feature-info:
The Excel BIFF8 (Excel 97+) import/export filters now support the document option "Automatically find column and row labels" (Calc: Tools->Options->Calc->Calculate) / "Accept lables in formulas" (Excel: Tools->Options->Calculate). Older Excel versions (Excel 95 and before) do not support labels in formulas.
not set
Dialog title changed to "Insert Picture" i42698   no abstract found speclink sc
Vertical Ruler now switched on by default i41195 feature-info:
The vertical Ruler in Writer text documents is now switched on by default.
not set
word processing

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
43061 Presenta Please provide UI option to disable DX canvas.
39798 Word pro FindAndReplace dialog needs redesign (strings don't fit)
41981 porting Enable -fvisibility-inlines-hidden switch on GCC platforms
20372 Installa Q-PCD ConfigAdminDeploy-8: native patching
42804 framewor OOo should be able to open text docs in Calc from the deskto
38608 utilitie symbol visibility work
41195 Word pro Vertical ruler should be default in writer ui
20088 Database Does Not Detect Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book
38555 Database TableWizard: Primary Key page should offer two AutoValueChec
42740 scriptin tdoc ucp should use new model collection instead of travelin
40358 Database Request to have an easy way to obtain the database for an em
40713 Word pro Please add Tibetan to languages in CTL fonts dialouge
27871 Spreadsh Size of horizontal scrollbar / the position of the devider b
33917 l10n Dzongkha: add language define, ISO mapping, language listbox
40272 Installa Windows start menu structure
41333 framewor Add QuickStarter to Setup routine
42219 lingucom New thesaurus: license, integration etc.
42427 lingucom Simplify the process of generating dictionary.lst in all lan
34312 Installa Add Czech extras for 2.0
41075 Word pro Create SfxPrinter on demand
32372 udk Difficult to determine constuctor to use for Exceptions & St
37167 gsl Title bar icons should be in display color depth

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

visibility02 m80 Add more visibility attributes to the code to reduce relocation, symbol counts, shrink symbol-table size & improve performance
perform01 m80 Optimize startup performance
hsqldb2 m80 Integration of the new hsqldb sources
extras17 m80 Bugfixing CWS for extras team
os51 m80 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
rpath1 m80 propogate our normal link flags to some selected external components to enforce consistency of -rpath $ORIGIN
sdk14 m80 API reference fixes and sice tag conversion.
icontool06 m80 Bugfixing und updating of Toolbar Icons
impress33 m80 final fixes for impress/draw
hr11 m80 CWS to add a small change to the GCC compiler switches
dr33 m80 Calc bugfixes
pasf4ooo m80 enable portaudio/sndfile for OOo (implement --enable-past)
winfpickerfixes m80 Some minor Windows file picker issues
tablestrings m80 String changes for issue 37623
slideshowgcc m80 workaround gcc bug. Joined into CWS ooo20beta
vq11 m80 Change the default W32 build shell from 4nt to tcs
dr35 m80 Changing a dialog title in Calc
dba23 m80 ongoing DBA bugfixing
impress31 m80 Final fixes for impress
aw026 m80 BugFixing CWS
mozab05 m81 This cws is used to move mozilla profile service from Mozilla to OOo code so that we can:
1. access Thunderbird profile
2. access different Mozilla/Thunderbird profiles at the same time
dbwizard3 m81 Bugfixes for database wizards
nsplugin5 m81 some bug fixing for Mozilla plug-in
dr32 m81 OOo 2.0 Bugfixes for Calc
swqcore05 m81 Writer core bugs
sj15 m81 Draw/Impress bugfixes
calc29 m81 Calc bugfixes
sb29 m81 Fixes to the unxsoli4 and unxlngi6 C++ UNO bridges
fwkpostbeta02 m81 some minor bugfixes
pj19 m81 English thesaurus for 2.0 Beta. Joined into CWS ooo20beta
pj20 m81 Czech extras updated to 2.0.
iha08 m81 strings for draw and impress
ause022 m81 fix several build issues.
Joined into CWS ooo20beta
kendy03 m81 Two "shell" fixes: Fix build with Gnome
fwk1 m81 ui changes ...
moresystemstuff m81 implement --with-system-{sane,xrender}-header{,s}
luic m81 Last UI changes
swqcore06 m81 Writer core bugs
swqbugfixes14 m81 Writer layout/text formatting bugfixes.
qadev21 m82 Implementions of qadev tests
macosx02 m82 Additional fixes for building 2.0 on MacOSX
tbe18 m82 localized shortcuts for OOo 2.0
tbe19 m82 OOo 2.0 bug fixes
nativefixer4 m82 Fixes for native installer
impress34 m82 final fixes for draw/impress
sch06 m82 Chart fixes for final
cmcfixes2 m82 minor code cleanups for stl misuse and align config_office unxlngi4 gcc4+ handling
systempython2 m82 system python. Some bugfixes to centralize 2 byte vs. 4 byte handling for system phython
mmeeks05 m82 Fix a pair of trivial conditional build dependency
kendy04 m82 Use native size of CheckBox and RadioButton in KDE
i18n16 m82 i18n bug fix
mav16 m82 Document embedding, storing and loading related issues
pbfinal01 m82 Fixes for SO8
kendy02 m82 4 trivial fixes. Fixes the Crystal iconset generat
mozooo m83 remove the need of precompiled Mozilla tarballs
sdkcodemaker m83 used to implement a code skeleton maker for UNO components
noprinter m83 Create SfxPrinter on demand
os52 m83 Bug fixing OOo 2.0
qwizardsbf3 m83 CWS to improve the quality of the wizards
scriptingf11 m83 Scripting Framework Bugfixing
gcj2 m83 update the build with gcj in light of changes to java code since gcj1 was integrated.
libwpdupgrade m83 update libwpd to 0.8.0 and it's new API instead of using a old CVS snapshot.
impress35 m83 final fixes for impress/draw team
removedrafts m83 The cws is used to cleanup the "drafts"
sdkbugfix01 m83 used for several SDK related bugfixes
pj21 m83 Post-beta build and misc minor fixes.
epmopener m83 Provide epm for
smoketest5 m83 Installation without admin permission on windows
vq13 m83 W32-4nt build issues
solarisgcc02 m84 Second Solaris/gcc child workspace.
wmicons m84 Support for > 16 colors in WM icons.
sch07 m84 Bugfixes for Chart
fwkpostbeta03 m84 Framework post-beta fixes.

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
40915 Presenta Disable Impress preview generation during slideshow
19976 framewor annoying raise behavior ...
39507 Word pro Tabbing order in Web Wizard is strange
37847 Database TableWizard: -> No error message that this name already exis
38340 Database ColumnDescriptorModel does not return TypeName
36800 Presenta Navigator not visible during fullscreen presentation
36258 Presenta Slide transition entry in Slide sorter needs '...'
32920 Presenta Newly created masterpage refers to default one
19455 Presenta Powerpoint Export changes formatting
17323 Presenta "click to add" message inserted literally into slide text af
17319 Presenta cropped LINKED images - powerpoint files incompatibility
23413 l10n WordArt import direction
39240 Drawing PPT import: bitmap transparency not loaded
40350 Presenta custom animation: selected assigned animation nearly unreada
39135 Presenta Interaction for shapes in slide show not supported
32477 Presenta Incorrect directive in unopage.hxx
40648 Database TableWizard/HSQL: FieldDescControl on 2nd page does not know
40850 framewor FixedText error: Base -
39192 Database strange tab traveling in "New database" wizard
40254 Database Toolbar names in Base application need some work
40293 Database two safety questions before closing a modified database docu
40501 Database Scrollbar breaks in table wizard in special case
40503 Database Toolbar in Query/SQL design obsolete
39231 api API: fwk.FormatMenuController remove
40562 api API: forms_ODatabaseForm
40576 api API: i18n_CalendarImpl::com::sun::star::i18n::XExtendedCalen
40641 api API: fwk_UIConfigurationManage
40688 api API: forms.*Model object
31724 api svtools.AccessibleTabBarPageList
36467 api API: sc.AccessibleEditableTextPara_HeaderFooter
38284 api API: sw.SwXTextRange::com::sun::star::text::XTextRange
38676 api API: sc.ScTableSheetObj::com::sun::star::sheet::XCellSeries:
38954 api API: proxyset.SOffice52ProxySettings
40570 Spreadsh Excel filter code: remove some old code
36782 porting #pragma setlocale("C") is needed with localized MS VS .NET c
37061 framewor Localized shortcuts are broken
37623 Word pro 'hide gridlines' : inconsistent naming in menu bar and conte
35776 Word pro Edit - Repeat shows "Repeat: insert $1" after paste special
40160 Word pro Templates with Input fields doesn't show document
40217 Word pro Crash on redo of deletion of frame with columns
37325 framewor Absolute URL stored in document, although settings forbid th
40485 Database IDL documentation of the new database API not up-to-date
38098 tools 4nt + cygwin: No installation sets built with "dmake openoff
38631 Spreadsh Macro onLoad is executed even if you answer deactivate macro
36896 framewor Java Applets, PlugIns, Videos, Sounds and Floating Frames do
40039 Word pro Doc Outline Numbering: Paragraph Style not Recognized Anymor
40579 Word pro Footnotesettings not correct after document reload
40496 Word pro Spellchecker does not commit changes correctly
39813 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Bibliography Database
39811 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Outline Numbering
38904 Word pro Alignment of numbering not correctly set
40803 Word pro Unable to create Frame-Style
39606 Word pro Mail Merge. .ods not recognized as address source
38396 Word pro Wizard WebPage will not work on every machine.
39885 framewor [vcl33] web wizard crash at finishing
40282 framewor web page wizard is missing in cws dba22 installation
36648 Word pro Disable Return address in envelope window won't work with ge
38406 document Help has a disfunctional Find
39500 scriptin "AutoPilot" > "Wizard" in Document Converter
40869 Word pro Mail Merge: "Sending E-Mail messages" Issue
40824 Word pro MailMerge: Wizard Page 5 issue
40132 Word pro Return address in envelope window cover on wrong position
40130 Word pro No date on german layout, when Letter signs on step3 disable
40044 Word pro Letter wizard shows defaults less than a second
40009 scriptin Logdocument of document converter is not always opened
31582 Installa Remove 'Installed to run from network' at Office modules
40416 Word pro writer loosing cursor position when using print preview
40901 *Testpro Optimize startup performance
40672 Word pro string doesn't fit into dialog /tools/options/writer/mail me
30961 sdk Insert @since tag in DevGuide->IDL Documentation
40470 Drawing Prevent name collisions between automatic and regular styles
40118 framewor undo & restore in basic
39777 framewor Text exceeds window width: Tools/Options/OOo/Java
40346 Database embedded documents (forms/reports) appear without title in m
40347 Database saving macros in embedded documents (forms/reports) does the
27321 Word pro binfilter: linked graphics not found
31243 tools Make ConvWatch available for Excel / Word filter regression
39255 framewor Problems with Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) at start of mani
40006 utilitie libidn requirement duff in curl ...
40018 Word pro Numbering: Cursor Traveling Not According to Spec.
39673 Word pro Number of custom heading not initially displayed
39468 Word pro Regression: Word Document with multiple tables looses struc
38832 Word pro Crash while starting the formel editor but word completion
33818 Word pro word frame doesn't save properly due to nested tables
32327 Word pro Default bullet symbol not displayed correctly (Win98)
26324 Word pro Unnumbered headlines get numbered after ww8 import: toc from
10826 Word pro OO +/- system lockup with scroll, save of doc with many foot
40742 framewor ms office formulas not rendered in m69
38953 framewor Crash when inserting Math object after recovering document
33887 framewor swriter spins allocating memory after save
40034 Word pro Numbering: Undo after Deleting a Numbering Label Creates a N
26728 Word pro DnD in Template Mgmt Dialog leads to crash
40041 Word pro Outline Numbering: Turn on Outline Numbering by Numbeirng Bu
40048 Word pro Numbering: Paste From Clipboard is not Spec. Conform
40589 Word pro OLE object lost when saving as sdw file
40845 Word pro Undo doesn't work well for drawing object
40019 Word pro Numbering: Cursor Traveling in Front Of Num. Label Behaves D
36869 Database Merging blank fields from spreadsheet data source gives 1/1/
37762 Database the help id for the field selection in the table wizard is w
37837 Database TableWizard: It is possible to check the "Auto Value" check
37839 Database TableWizard: For every column the "Entry Required" field is
37927 Database QueryWizard: The condition field is not filled when leaving
37933 Database QueryWizard: Next button should only be enabled when enough
40495 framewor Faxwizard: Caption "Fertigstellen" -> "Fertig stellen"
34551 framewor Vertical alignment for CheckBoxes/OptionButtons
38573 ui Vertical line on the right side of the roadmap of the mail m
40965 Database Last table on relationship desing screen can not be deleted
40970 Database multiple messages boxes about missing Java when start databa
40941 Database jumping toolboxes / document area when de/selecting a form c
40898 Database OO-SQL-Parser doesn't parse IF(expression1,expression2,expre
40693 Database "Add field" window content not updating with the selected lo
40647 Database crash when move a control in impress to the left edge
34266 *Testpro Overwork some strings for the report wizard
37475 *Testpro Formwizard: Labels and Text aren't not aligned well in creat
20198 Database Can't make report from a nativ query.
22524 Database report based on a query doesn't work correct after changing
34889 Database TableWizard: Cannot insert DateTimeField in ODBC database
40633 Database Database wizard has superfluous authentication page for spre
40583 Database office hangs when executing sample (Java) script on a form b
40565 Database Too many control related toolbars under VIEW / TOOLBARS
40463 Database form property browser: no error message when accessing a dat
40349 Database cannot assign macros in embedded documents (forms/reports) t
40086 Database Assertion: lcl_initializeCharacterAttributes: could not obt
40082 Database Create a report based on a query doesn't work
39922 Database Save-As (and renaming) of HSQL database document loses data
38823 Database TableWizard: Created Table has to be appended to TableFilter
34769 Spreadsh Chinese simplified/traditional conversion: Cursor & Undo
33764 Spreadsh Positioning and resizing of notes not possible during insert
23079 Spreadsh Excel export: disabled split/freeze written to Excel file
30830 Spreadsh Problem with full formated documents due to increased rowlim
37725 Spreadsh window/freeze -> split in excel format / ugly view
37894 Spreadsh Picture disappears on import
39025 Spreadsh Memory shortage while loading bugdoc on linux
40126 Spreadsh Assertion "Persist name changed" when loading OLE objects in
40279 Spreadsh Excel Import: Checkbox/Optionbutton should be centered verti
40405 Spreadsh Calc hides the Border-spacing controls in the Edit Paragraph
40854 Spreadsh FixedText error: Calc - General
40497 framewor List of languages in list boxes
35812 Spreadsh Excel Import: freeze not imported, if not starting at cell A
28561 xml Bugfixes for xmerge needed for LaTeX export
38374 Installa Setup modify doesn't have the option to modify languages
39196 Installa No additional software when restarting Installation from Con
40171 Database 64bit: dbaccess/source/ui/tabledesign/TEditControl.hxx and G
40169 Database 64bit: dbaccess/source/ui/inc/QueryDesignView.hxx and getCol
40170 Database 64bit: dbaccess/source/ui/tabledesign/TEditControl.hxx and C
39450 Installa formwizard: StarOffice vs.
39913 porting Mac OSX SRC680 m67 correct .dylib delivery in libxmlsec
39927 porting patch for necessary main function in padmin Mac OSX SRC680
29788 tools Is $LIB/$MAC_LIB needed in config_office / solenv
33058 l10n Slovene and English extras conflict
39952 porting binfilter file legacy_binfilters.rdb not created SRC680 Mac
39314 l10n wizards/source/formwizard/dbwizres.src: old translations in
39957 porting patch permits correct delivery .dylib library in xmlsecurity
39969 porting files not found in instsetoo_native Mac OSX SRC680 m67
40070 Database dbwizres.src: RID_DB_REPORT_WIZARD_START + 76 and 77
37113 Installa Two spaces in strings in installation/wizards/source/formwiz
38130 porting python pyuno build break libpython2.3.4.dylib
36716 tools Smoketest on Windows does not work without admin rights
40797 Spreadsh Print range of imported OOo1.1 document not correctly consid
35285 framewor Tools/options->Office/Security->Dialog "Macro Security" dead
38246 Word pro update HERMA Labels
40137 Word pro Spelling of Text With Redlined Deletions -> Deleted Text is
37106 porting #define ICU_MAJOR 2
40788 xml "page-break with style change" lost when applied in a table
37638 sdk SDK, OOBeanViewer sample, storeToBuffer function works only
33588 api @since tags should be converted depending on the product
32156 api spelling error in IDL Reference
39675 api Unable to start a presentation from a macro in Impress
26264 api API: sd.SdXImpressDocument::XPrintable
40332 api XWindowListener summary text has a typo
40913 utilitie function got executed, but menuitem is not visible
40852 framewor FixedText error: Writer - AutoCaption
40808 framewor FixedText error: StarOffice: User Data
40862 Word pro FixedText error: Writer - Paragraph
40853 Word pro FixedText error: Writer - Mail Merge E-mail
40865 framewor FixedText error: StarOffice - Export
27264 framewor Wrong file type in the open dialog box for old StarOfffice f
40989 gsl Drop-down arrow for sub-menus is too close to title of short
24599 framewor Rhino and BeanShell should be built from source in external
39029 framewor Wizards Help buttons have no Help-ID
37197 framewor Remove unused/corrupted PNG files
38768 document en Help: "expression expression" -> "expression"
40158 framewor Plugin: Documents after saving in "edit" mode
40602 framewor template mimetypes missing for IE-plugin
40379 framewor plugin: Templates are opened in "edit" mode
40371 Presenta Task Pane: we need an empty masterpage template
40356 Drawing checkmarks for edit gluepoints and points set without reason
40806 Drawing use term "page" instead of "slide" in Draw
40128 Drawing Focus Lost in Spellcheck Dialog After Jump to Next Object
39861 Word pro Copy Paste Group from Draw to Writer does not display text c
39320 Drawing When saving drawning some connectors disappear
38892 Drawing Not possible to add Glue points to built in shapes
40532 porting undefined symbol: _Z15ToNewUTF8StringRK9nsAString building m
11424 Database remove the need for pre-compiled Mozilla tarballs from OOo b

ID Comp Summary
42571 ui rename window to "Formatvorlagen"
41085 framewor all icons in program menu at kde are duplicate
42677 framewor Send doc. as pdf attachment - pdf file name malformed
42729 framewor incorrectly named button in autorecovery
41196 Word pro ViewCursor over texttable cannot be collapsed (API)
42739 porting Remove non-ASCII characters from line ends in C(++) sources
41527 Presenta From ToByActivity::FromToByActivity(): From and one of To or
42399 Presenta Remove frame arround master page panel in task pane
42156 Presenta Task Pane should open when certain options are selected
42016 Presenta Macro interactions are exported or imported wrong
41824 Presenta Presentation is in the upper left corner while starting
41786 Presenta Crash when using range selection in slide sorter after delet
42415 Presenta Problems with navigation in slide pane
41559 Drawing wrong undo when i delete a slide.
42445 Drawing Slide sorter bar: Crash when I click beside a slide and pres
42960 Presenta Crash when playing animations
42856 Presenta customanimation not in list after reload
42847 Presenta Presentation arbitrarily loosing data
42825 Presenta background object layer always displayed in a slideshow
42570 Presenta Effects vanish or are wrong when I import an so7 document.
41752 Presenta Feature Masterpage visibility broken
41507 Presenta Selecting 'Used in This Presentation' master exchanges all m
41749 Presenta Insert Slide: Masterpage objects invisible
42402 framewor Assertion: Only one internal controller allowed
41099 Presenta please remove 2 buttons
41918 xml RNG(Impress/content) attribute "text-path-scale-x" not allow
41043 Database Implement private:factory/sdatabase?Interactive
42478 Database Two spaces in string on the last page of the database wizard
42421 porting fix trivial misuses of stl
42457 porting Trivally change LINK= to LINK*= for
41879 porting gcj: allow building with gcj post gcj1 integration and java
41026 porting bump configure unxlngi to be unxlngi6
41091 framewor recovery: unlogic message box after successful recvovery
41818 api runner: sfx.FrameLoader
41906 api runner: com::sun::star::ui::XUIConfigurationManager
42069 api runner: dbaccess_OQueryDesign
42822 api runner: util.AccessibilityTools.printAccessibleTree
42367 porting Don't use non-ASCII characters in C strings
42572 Spreadsh weak performance saving attached spreadsheet to excel - even
42220 Word pro Import of outline from odt document problem
41175 Word pro Edit - Undo doesn't show the action to be undone
41387 Word pro Tools-Outline Numbering Dialog Does not Store Setting of Lev
41266 Word pro .uno:NewXForms needs an UI name under Customize Shortcut
41067 framewor Crash on saving document after renaming a link target
41253 Word pro Freeze on undoing Footnote options modifications
41809 Word pro OOo 1.1 Document Won't Open In M74
41569 Word pro Incorrect file URL in master document links
41077 Spreadsh Assertion "OSL: File ... ChartOOoTContext.cxx, Line 178:unkn
41965 udk Some Java applets do not work properly
41452 udk Java Applets may cause the office to freeze on close
43321 Spreadsh Spelling mistake in pop-up error dialog
41854 Spreadsh csv export doesn't warn about only exporting current sheet
41847 Spreadsh Inserting rows out of the sheet range
41538 Spreadsh Paste; undo into merge cell gives invalid display
41135 Spreadsh column and row headers disappearing
41171 Word pro Creation of hyperlinks doesn't work anymore via Format -> Ch
41698 Word pro Paste special as bitmap/GDI crashes office
41702 Word pro Styles and Formatting icon sub menu has no Help IDs
42821 Word pro Dialog title "Insert Picture" is wrong in German
42135 framewor Printing Progress Bar graph too big overlays label
42619 Word pro Fax wizard return address handling
42528 Word pro Mailmerge wizard - document properties dialog pops up while
42526 Word pro Mail merge crashes - create new data source + customise new
41795 document Error in context switching ($Database xsl parameter) when f
41679 framewor Save as request after hyperlink executed in online help view
41797 framewor OLE name "chart" should be "Chart"
42196 ui Wrong context menu item "Graphics"
41596 framewor Right-click menu in help has Copy icon, but no text
43076 Word pro Faz-wizard has no logo (German version)
43225 tools W32-4nt: Python build fails
42566 Installa "src2/macros/" causes unneseccary rebuilds
42556 porting Solarisgccport: solenv installer patch
42554 Installa Cannot build scp2
42210 framewor Startup performance: Start module should have its own comman
42222 *Testpro Don't start office with empty writer doc on "-accept"
41994 udk after pyunofixes1 is integrated, a patch to implement option
42831 sdk SDK Dokumentation contains wrong link and miss one.
42926 sdk SDK Example "developersguide\officedev\desktopenvironment" d
43086 Spreadsh SdrOle2Obj CTOR performs no SetVisArea
41957 framewor Script selector example should be removed
43308 framewor Testtool doesn´t work correctly due to missing Auto HelpIDs
43005 framewor Dialog Editor: repaint problems when deleting control
41802 framewor Unix: Files containing : disappear
42841 gsl Send document as E-mail should take DESKTOP_LAUNCH into acco
42332 Chart Data Symbols get lost
43336 Chart xy chart-cubic splines with symbols makes OOo crash
42417 Chart Impossible to save colorchange into Tools-Options-Chart-Colo
42433 framewor Remove link dependency of sfx2 against xmloff
42046 framewor Incorrect handling of Base URL in binary filter
42255 framewor Save as dialog does not preselect current standard file form
42487 Installa Crash when opening the FileDialog
41733 framewor failed PDF Export causes doc save errors
41983 framewor Alien format warning when exporting as PDF
42145 tools Build with JDK 1.3
41018 porting "-rpath $ORIGIN" allowing OOo2 to be prelinkable
43314 tools build conditionals broken ...
41885 Word pro document status not set to modified when table caption is in
41732 Word pro Deleting Paragraph in Front of a Heading via Backspace Does
41324 Word pro Object's "page Wrap" lead to inappropriate viewing.
41635 Word pro ValueSet selection keeps selection of first item
41597 Word pro Writer crashes when scrolling .doc document
41424 Word pro Bullets cannot be removed by Del key
42411 framewor Cannot open .dot files
42207 Word pro Drag and drop of files from explorer to writer document
41504 Database When ODBC data source selecter opened, the currently used da
41444 Database mozilla addressbook doesn't work on solaris sparc
41433 Database [cws dbwizard3] QueryWizard: summary entry vanished when add
41291 Database macros in embedded documents (forms/reports) cannot be saved
41212 Database Please rename Autopilots On/Off icon to Wizards On/Off
42539 Presenta data lost after saving the bugdoc in so 7 format
42174 framewor Default action for 'odb' files is 'New' - should be 'Open'
42808 Database [cws dbwizard3] field control in table wizard not shown afte
42251 gsl use License instead of copyright in the sysui spec files
41545 Spreadsh Wrong name for Spreadsheet in TOOLS-OPTIONS
42039 Spreadsh Links could not be broken
42854 framewor Error Loading Password Protected Document: Dialog Text Diffe
41348 framewor Excel-OLE not converted
42698 framewor Insert PIcture dialog box is labeled insert graphics
41033 xml Pocketfilter: Functions broken during export
42320 Spreadsh Excel import/export: document option "Use labels in formulas
42532 Installa File conflict: stt680en-US.res in -core08 and -testtool
41883 Installa the internal libcurl is not well installed
42525 Installa Gnomevfs included in two modules
42531 Installa File conflict: in -core05 and -writer
41100 Word pro Strings don't fit in ASCII filter options dialog [Pt_BR]
42139 ui Incorrect descriptions of file types
41990 Spreadsh Encoding/CSV dialog pops up twice in floating frame
42266 framewor saving to MS file format activates change flag
42673 tools Patch for NetBSD compatibility for soltools/checkdll/
43277 tools Remove old bmp files in module goodies
43496 tools linguistic: missing dependency on xmloff
42587 porting MacOS X:
42625 porting module "wizards" seems to depend on module "transex3"
43128 porting FreeBSD porting : bridges project adding missing dependency
42447 Installa Remove extras/source/templates/wizard/age nda/lang/english_
41722 porting MacOS X: append old part to the environment
42546 porting Solarisgccport: basegfx, svtools deliver .so file patch
42548 porting Solarisgccport: configmgr, sablot makefile fix patch
42549 porting Solarisgccport: cppu and vcl include stdarg.h patch
42551 porting Solarisgccport: psprint map file patch
42553 porting Solarisgccport: python gethostname patch
42555 porting Solarisgccport: setup_native -DKERNEL patch
42562 porting Solarisgccport: unxsog[si].mk patch
42567 porting Solarisgccport: stlport GXX_INCLUDE_PATH patch
42569 porting Solarisgccport: tools time.cxx altzone patch
42582 porting deliver on MacOS X
42902 tools patch to conditionalize putting libstdc++/libgcc_s into the
42848 gsl Add wordperfect mime-types to .desktop files ?
42214 Spreadsh DTD: Unexpected attribute 'table:display-list' in element 't
41739 Spreadsh Formatted Note Text does not appear in OOo1.x
42746 porting Don't use non-ASCII characters in comments
41893 ucb Test in cppu/source/uno/data.cxx fails for unxsoli4
41968 udk Remove dead bridges/source/c_uno
41671 l10n Thai line-breaking non-functional
41694 Word pro Writer template can not be opened
42428 api storeToUrl() with slightly wrong url lets office crash
41817 udk Linux Intel binary-UNO--C++ bridge not ABI conforming
41344 udk solaris intel bridge causes crash
43312 api enhance build of OOoRunner
42667 Spreadsh Calc crashes after executing Beanshell example "memusage.bsh
42209 framewor Basic Macros do not function after load via API
42557 api remove UNOIDL types from "drafts.css.frame"
43385 api XLayoutManager needs object relations for attachFrame
43060 api Remove "drafts" from qadevOOo
42991 api API: sd.SdUnoDrawView::XServiceInfo
42563 api remove UNOIDL types from "drafts"
42561 api remove UNOIDL types from "drafts.css.drawing"
42560 api remove UNOIDL types from "drafts.css.form/table"
42547 porting Solarisgccport: solaris sparc cppuno patch
42395 framewor During load/save progress application window is not repainte
43268 framewor Start Office with -[application type] crashes
41992 framewor 2nd status bar covers top-left part of a top docking area
41894 framewor UNO based non-document frames have (useless) room for a stat
42264 framewor Assert while starting 'unopkg gui'
42384 framewor Document Converter logfile uses the extension SXW but it sho
41471 Word pro Writer Wizards need to have correct defaults
43393 gsl Fonts extremely squashed in all applications
42284 tools Switch to use tcsh by default for W32 builds
43630 tools W32-4nt: dictionaries build fails
41710 Presenta Crash when reloading saved ppt-file
42816 Presenta switching master page in notes view distorts view
41936 Drawing When A Shadow is Added to a Polygon, Connectors Attached to
41098 Presenta Winamp comes up when playing sound as interaction in present
41474 Presenta Can't drag slides to other document
41510 Presenta Context menu says slides view, correct name is Slide Sorter
41512 Presenta Assertion: : Empty object name
41525 Presenta Repaint problem in slide Sorter when dragging open area
41626 porting mozooo: Use DLLPOST and DLLPRE

Unconfirmed issues reported since m60

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
41758 framewor 680m74 0 script.xlc overwritten with incorrect path information when
43544 framewor 680m79 0 Macros are loaded before document itself
42945 framewor 680m77 0 ThisComponent not setting correctly with a draw document.
38185 Drawing 680m62 0 Copy and Paste objects
38214 Drawing 680m62 0 Rotate multiple objects
38793 Word pro 680m62 0 Office should show an error message by trying to insert an e
37494 Word pro 680m60 0 Writer-Page Preview-Preview Zoom did not show the largest al
41804 Presenta 680m75 0 Named object gets no name in "Change order"
41800 Presenta 680m75 0 Move along curve not implemented in OOo1 975
41798 Presenta 680m75 0 Import from PPT gives wrong connected connectors
40430 Presenta 680m65 0 Attempts to open .ppt file cause OpenOffice to hang (shadows
43320 ui 680m79 0 slides in the "Slides panel" get unselectable
38292 Presenta 680m62 0 Outline wordwrap different from slideview
38321 Presenta 680m62 0 Bad implementation of Order Window
43497 Presenta 680m79 0 Fullscreen/slide pane bugs with imported PPT presentation
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43354 Presenta 680m79 0 Master Design slides get deleted when no slide uses them
43343 Presenta 680m79 0 "Master Mode" is very confusing, error-prone and not coheren
43204 Presenta 680m79 0 Textbox in Template new strategy to wide
43202 Presenta 680m79 0 font type has been changed
42687 Presenta 680m77 0 Need including fonts
41931 Presenta 680m74 2 Powerpoint document crashes OOo on import
42615 Word pro 680m77 0 Mail Merge Still Lacks the ability to automatically suppress
43342 ui 680m77 0 Should not copy M$ GUI styles; about integrity of GUI look
40800 ui 680m69 4 Make an option to switch off toolbar gradients
42616 Word pro 680m77 0 Mail Merge Wizard seems to lack field template for common U.
39786 framewor 680m65 0 ability to postion floating toolbar in the toolbar areas
41047 Database 680m69 0 OOo Base crashes on query edit
40802 Database 680m69 0 Long initial delay when connecting via ODBC
40695 framewor 680m70 0 Repagination of a document with OLE objects at page boundary
40364 gsl 680m70 0 Office window "x" close button should always appear
42663 l10n 680m74 0 Display of invalid combining sequences broken with some Unic
43041 l10n 680m77 0 Align Malay locale data with CLDR
42095 l10n 680m74 0 Impress - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portug
42096 l10n 680m74 0 Some buttons of the Presentation Assistent are not translate
42094 l10n 680m74 1 Draw - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
42093 l10n 680m74 1 Calc - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
42092 l10n 680m74 1 Base - "Help" and "Cancel" buttons should be translated to B
42091 l10n 680m74 1 Base - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
42097 l10n 680m74 1 Writer - the item "Table" is not translated to brazilian por
43984 Chart 680m79 0 incorrectly imported chart - regression
40073 porting 680m67 0 Linux PowerPC m67 packages cannot be build register componen
38715 porting 680m64 0 libxmlsec ->defining symbol NEED_LEADING_UNDERSCORE not nee
39961 porting 680m67 0 extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
43719 Word pro 680m79 0 OO can't gets pictures from when I copy-paste all int
43559 Word pro 680m79 0 Load Styles... from Master Document
41264 Word pro 680m71 0 unnecessary reformatting when dragging rows
43555 Word pro 680m80 0 Very long undo string in menu makes Edit menu unusable
38994 Word pro 680m65 0 To enable the option 'vertical ruler' in Writer
42106 Word pro 680m74 0 Document does not have same formatting in OO 1.1.3 and 1.9.7
42481 Word pro 680m77 0 Update the Wizards (fonts and dictionaries)
43958 document 680m77 0 Could not find Help page / Help ID: 10256
42735 l10n 680m74 0 Should have separate font for each script as in Mozilla, ins
42828 l10n 680m74 0 When 'show Nonprinting characters', space after Thai text ca
42909 l10n 680m77 1 Interoperability with MS Word - text language doesn't conver
43043 l10n 680m77 0 Number and currency spellout
42660 l10n 680m74 0 Need feature for easy manual override of incorrect word brea
43766 l10n 680m79 0 Thai date formats non-functional
42725 l10n 680m74 0 Font size for default fonts needs to be configurable for eac
42728 l10n 680m74 0 Optional bell/flash when invalid input sequence entered
42731 l10n 680m74 0 Should have visual feedback for current keyboard layout (e.g
43350 Word pro 680m79 0 No warning box needed for PDF export
43360 Word pro 680m79 0 PDF export to existing file gives General i/o error
43362 Word pro 680m79 0 PDF Export options to reduce file size
37128 framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
43117 Formula 680m79 0 Export to PDF without Commands
43453 Word pro 680m79 0 True Type Font WINGDINGS2 Doesn't print correctly
36745 Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
41923 Word pro 680m74 0 Uncorrect Tagging of PDF Exports
42088 Word pro 680m74 0 Writer won't close after printing
42286 Word pro 680m74 0 Incorrectly prints .odt file
43038 Word pro 680m79 0 General Input Output error when export to PDF
42681 tools 680m77 0 Fixes -lstdc++ missing in soltools/HIDCompiler/
42682 tools 680m77 0 need -lgcc_s in NetBSD for store/util
43518 Presenta 680m78 0 ZH_CN: Context menu text error in Impress
42956 framewor 680m78 0 The countries' name aren't translated in Swedish correctly
40536 Word pro 680m65 0 Document that causes crash when printed on certain printers
42523 Installa 680m77 0 Installation delete dictionaries
42647 Word pro 680m78 0 Badly Viewed Filenames for the Macro Assignments Saving in C
41057 Presenta 680m71 0 After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
38687 api 680m62 1 does not work in macro wi
44129 Word pro 680m84 0 "Page Number" displays "Page Numbers" in field name view
41137 porting 680m71 0 Build instructions for the Mac OSX port of S68m71s1
41937 porting 680m74 0 Update set_soenv and solenv to support MIPSpro 7.4
43430 tools 680m79 0 Build fail in np_sdk
42869 tools 680m77 0 Build problem in libxmlsec
42285 porting 680m74 0 Notes on compiling for Solaris 10 with Studio 10
42683 porting 680m77 0 Porting 2.0 for NetBSD 2.0 on x86
42232 Installa 680m77 0 internal error 2352
41104 Spreadsh 680m70 2 Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
42870 Word pro 680m77 0 General input/output error on "save"
42155 Word pro 680m77 0 Table of Contents does not export custom-named styles to MS
41734 Word pro 680m74 0 incorrect RTF export of special characters (UTF)
39894 Word pro 680m65 0 Problems saving in Word 97/2000/XP formats
44691 Word pro 680m84 0 incorrect pagination in imported msword document
44177 Word pro 680m79 0 chapter numbering lost on opening 1.1.4 template
43851 Word pro 680m79 0 crash when opening specific documents
43070 Word pro 680m78 0 digital signatures - broken display of locale specific chara
42451 Database 680m74 0 Unable to open table
41826 Database 680m74 0 unable to get table data from oracle 9i via oracle odbc
41481 Database 680m71 0 After new db file, table button shows error
41445 Database 680m71 0 "Can't Undo/Redo" fixed message
41442 Database 680m71 0 Ctrl + A is unable to make selection of all objects while ed
41441 Database 680m71 0 New Default database could not have tables / no properties /
41398 Database 680m71 0 Clicking 'Tables' in left pane causes connection error
40063 Database 680m65 0 Screen redraw slow in table view
41619 Word pro 680m73 0 Address Data Source / Mozilla: Could not load the library li
42689 Presenta 680m77 0 Bug with fullscreen mode
43674 Database 680m79 0 When large numbers of tables in an Oracle database, some tab
43667 Database 680m79 0 Cannot create tables with Oracle 10g
43648 Database 680m79 0 Creating Oracle 10g table gives "ORA-00906: missing left par
43615 Database 680m79 0 OOo crashes reliably on Create Report AND crashes crashrep o
43423 Database 680m79 0 Form Wizard in Base launches Writer, not the wizard
43409 Database 680m79 0 OO "Base" is so generic a name it is very hard to search
43131 Database 680m79 0 Trying to create database causes dialog box and lockup when
43002 Database 680m77 0 Extra (unneeded) page generated by Report Wizard
42997 Database 680m77 0 Background image chosen by Headers and Footers of Report Wiz
42611 Database 680m77 0 Database Application Locks Up
42653 Installa 680m78 0 Language Pack Installer doesn't detects newer 1.9.x version
42719 Database 680m77 2 Insert secondary keys as part of the composite key of a tabl
39006 Drawing 680m62 0 Font work gallery improvement.
40514 Drawing 680m70 0 Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40580 Drawing 680m69 0 better placement for text on connector
40749 Drawing 680m69 0 Dimension line could not be coppeled with an other object
41711 Drawing 680m74 0 add modifying point/handle to shape 'magnetic disc'
40117 framewor 680m65 0 undo/restore history in basic editor
40488 framewor 680m70 0 Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40943 framewor 680m69 0 ability to cancel document restoration
41251 framewor 680m69 1 separation of advanced preferences
42385 framewor 680m77 2 Document Conversion should be more discreet.
42646 framewor 680m77 4 Localisation ISO 8601
43574 framewor 680m77 0 Suggestions for improving File->New->Templates and Documents
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
39789 Presenta 680m65 0 toolbar 'presentation' - button 'slide' - tooltip should be
41378 Presenta 680m71 0 videos can't be started/stopped during presentation with jmf
41801 Presenta 680m75 0 Motion Paths |Custom Animation is missing distance
41805 Presenta 680m75 0 Change order, from Modify effect is not high enough
41810 Presenta 680m75 0 connector 'follows' object
41812 Presenta 680m75 0 Combine Connector Dialogs
42272 Presenta 680m74 0 Impossibility to hide or move the views bar
42390 Presenta 680m74 0 Document automatically to slides (Slides from outline)
43494 Presenta 680m79 0 hyperlinks should support word wrap
40645 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
42971 Installa 680m77 0 Incorporate ooextras and openclipart into OOo
42768 Installa 680m77 0 Administrator priviledges required for OOo installation.
39903 ui 680m65 2 Docking for Find dialog
41447 ui 680m71 1 Remember last formatting
42649 ui 680m78 0 Missing Other Common Sizes of Desktop Icons
42930 ui 680m78 0 remove checkbox infront of menu icon and make the icon 'pres
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
42639 Installa 680m78 0 Recycle Bin Icon in 'Program Maintenance' Dialog
42298 Installa 680m77 0 unable to install under Debian Sarge
40995 Installa 680m71 4 Use original MS Office icons for its file types or replace b
40252 Database 680m69 0 Provide handles to objects inside the form / report for bett
42479 Database 680m77 0 Create Primary only available through right-click context me
42614 Database 680m77 0 No Way to Share Database Applications and have multiple peop
39992 Word pro 680m65 2 Autodetection of language of typed text
40999 Word pro 680m70 0 Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
41260 Word pro 680m71 0 No close button for media player
41431 Word pro 680m71 0 Convert table to text converts the whole table even if a row
42100 Word pro 680m74 2 Writer - horizontal scroll bar appears even when there's now
42175 Word pro 680m77 0 Partial reset in Tools-Customize
42601 Word pro 680m77 0 Please make OpenOffice 2.0 word count meaningful
42699 Word pro 680m74 0 hyperlink dialog uses nonstandard alternative to ok / cancel
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
42192 Word pro 680m74 0 pt-BR translation: Format menu. Frame not translated
42194 Word pro 680m74 1 pt-BR translation: Tools Macros menu entry not translated
42193 Word pro 680m74 1 pt-BR translation: Table menu. Menu not translated
43783 ui 680m79 0 Up One Level - dropdown button has contradictory visual lang
43825 ui 680m79 0 Checkboxes are not visible
43631 l10n 680m79 0 In German installation, replace "Vervollständigen" by "Voll
43221 Word pro 680m77 0 Redraw: Auto completion suggestion cancelation leaves junk
43562 Word pro 680m77 2 Thesaurus Crashes when word is selected
43971 Word pro 680m79 0 word completion collects words from help
43115 Word pro 680m79 0 Zoom Level is not Preserved on Closing a Document
43097 ui 680m79 0 Insert->Fields->File Name inserts Doc Title
42294 ui 680m77 0 keypad insert and keypad delete don't work
43209 ui 680m79 2 KDE themes not rendered correctly
43276 ui 680m79 0 middle-click on Scrollbar is broken on Unix
43565 ui 680m77 0 Make Styles in Template Management more discoverable by addi
43620 ui 680m79 0 Too few space for German text in installation wizard
43726 ui 680m79 0 when Stylist and Navigator docked, navigator get sometimes r
43730 ui 680m79 0 UI froze for a while when cut and pasting Image from slow se
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
43399 gsl 680m79 0 PDF page transtions: Follow document instead of always use i
43096 Spreadsh 680m77 0 print-ranges are set incorrect
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
43713 Spreadsh 680m79 0 no visual indicator for anchor button
43716 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Cannot copy/paste between spreadsheet components of 2.0bc an
44426 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Duplicate field on DataPilot
44472 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Copy/Paste a table from Writer to Calc
40846 Spreadsh 680m69 0 OLE Objects are very unstable when importing from excel spre
40975 Spreadsh 680m69 0 text box shifted in print view
42584 Spreadsh 680m77 0 Saving large Spreadsheet document takes 8 times longer in na
43499 gsl 680m79 0 CTRL should suppress toolbar docking (like MS Office and oth
44680 Formula 680m84 0 Changing alignment changes fonts
42176 framewor 680m74 0 Terminal Server opens document in wrong session using shell
41830 framewor 680m74 0 Right edge missing in large Mozilla window (Mozilla Plugin)
41604 framewor 680m74 0 Changing background color of backing window
41421 framewor 680m71 2 Opens in undesirable state after program crash
41143 framewor 680m65 0        Documents to be recovered kan not be removed
40206 framewor 680m65 2 doesn't start under Debian unstable - "internal error"
39879 framewor 680m65 0 When 1 subwindow open in a document, can't switch to other d
39792 framewor 680m65 0 template name back loaded, saving doesn't work
39741 framewor 680m65 0 Floating Toolbars shift position
39503 framewor 680m65 0 Unable to work with WebDAV (browse folders, open/save files)
38116 framewor 680m62 0 Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
37349 framewor 680m62 0 OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37315 framewor 680m62 0 File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
38690 Installa 680m62 0 "Open With" not registered properly
44210 framewor 680m79 0 File Open shortcut appears as SunOpen
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43710 framewor 680m79 0 floating dialogs are closed when clicking on a toolbar
40173 Word pro 680m65 0 Menus not being redrawn correctly after being chosen in Mand
43477 framewor 680m77 0 Failed to open files from network shares
43414 framewor 680m74 0 ALT-tab shrinks main window to window bar
43400 framewor 680m79 0 distorted floating toolbar movement with generic widgets
43007 framewor 680m77 0 Bug Tracker Causes Crash in Kernel32.dll (Windows ME)
42384 framewor 680m77 2 Document Converter logfile uses the extension SXW but it sho
42290 framewor 680m74 0 cursor change in GNOME does not affect cursors in OOo
41021 gsl 680m65 0 [Math object in Writer] some symbols can not be displayed pr
43510 ui 680m79 0 Input method bar ("[---]", etc.) should be moved or hideable
43349 Word pro 680m80 2 Menu fonts too large
41246 l10n 680m71 0 Unicode U+034F (Combining Grapheme Joiner) not interpreted c
42703 Word pro 680m77 0 With OO 1.1.3 imported fonts such as Ariel are not available
42372 gsl 680m77 0 Cannot change font
38612 Word pro 680m62 0 Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
43104 Drawing 680m78 0 Drawing created in draw 1.1.3 is unworkably slow in draw 680
41562 Drawing 680m74 0 slow scrolling when first zoomed
42624 Word pro 680m77 0 inserting a calc-sheet into writer, wrong numeric result

$Id: 1.9.m84_snapshot.html,v 1.1 2005/03/10 11:16:07 mh Exp $

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