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1.9 m79 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m78 and  680_m79.
this release will install as 1.9.79, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m79.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
New mediatypes for oasis templates. i41172 feature-info:
In case a document is stored in oasis template format the appropriate template mediatype is assigned to the document now. The typedetection is changed accordingly to recognize and accept such templates. The specification of the oasis format, that includes specification of the related mediatypes, can be found by using of the following URL


List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

37468 framewor Cannot deploy script UNO packages without a parcel-descripto
22148 gsl New Ximian artwork
25267 framewor Editor needed for python scripts
41172 framewor mime magic of template zip packages should be oasis template

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
swqbetterbeta Urgent regressions/bugs for module sw & friend
impressbeta1 beta fixes for impress
os53 Bugfixes for Beta
tbe20 OOo 2.0 Beta bug fix
impressbeta2 beta showstopper fix for a regression from cws work
chartbeta1 Beta Bugfixes for Chart
sysui04 Unix desktop integration changes for Beta
swqbeta001 cws to fix issue i41972
impressbeta3 Beta Showstopper Issues
impressbeta4 Showstopper Bugfixes Impress
impressbeta5 Beta bug fix
preselectionfix bugfix: preselection of filter in filedialog doesn
pyunofixes1 Enables python scripts for the office scripting framework
buildcond02 Add build conditionals, to allow lots of not-required source to be stripped out of the source achives entierly for various platforms
pj17 Misc. build fixes for SRC680_m73 and similar minor
vq09 Misc. build system issues.
pj18 Misc. fixes for m75.
ause018 generate *.tree files while building
fpic1 centralize -fpic/-fPIC under one variable name.
vq10 m76 build fixes
configure5 misc. config_office/ fixes
dmakevercheck fix dmake check in configure to check the dmake version
kendy01 Fixes two issues in linkoo.
ause020 fix small build issues

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
41825 Presenta running presentation has a border on the left and the upper
41560 porting officecfg build failure after gcj1 integration
41451 Drawing build break in svx/source/gallery2/galbrws2.cxx
40815 porting svtools cannot be build on gcc < 3.4 ( imap.cxx )
41456 framewor build break in desktop/source/deployment/manager/dp_manager.
42269 porting should have the style visibilty ena
41569 Word pro Incorrect file URL in master document links
41748 framewor Crash on signing document
41132 porting Bring back old code in goodies
41571 tools Clean-up
42456 tools RESLIB targets broken
41014 utilitie move gcc linux stlport flags -fPIC to -fpic ?
28740 udk python.bat contains hard references to Office installation d
38864 tools enabling registering of python-uno-components during the pac
40181 porting FreeBSD porting : python project
31159 udk [python] Assigning a type to a structure is not possible
38026 udk module pyuno - undefined symbol on dll check
38866 udk Python install broken in native_setup
29685 udk PyUNO should reset LC_NUMERIC to default
25309 framewor ScriptProviderForPython argument handling is broken
41754 framewor QA task for automated testing of new revision (2.6.17) of li
41958 framewor Controls Toolbar in Dialog Editor is empty
37415 framewor Helper UNO interface needed for accessing script storage URI
42057 tools TARGETnot unique in generated link makefiles
41984 Chart Office crash when loading Calc with chart using random numbe
24253 porting recent-files integration ...
41034 tools Resources are not found after linkoo
36764 Installa instsetoo_native fails with --with-system-python
39978 Word pro Bullets from SO7 dokument cannot be removed by Backspace key
41794 Word pro paragraph break in numbering cannot be removed by using "del
42064 Spreadsh TXT-files could not be loaded in Calc
4279 Word pro Problem with fontsize in style when expressed in percentage
38692 framewor sfx2/source/view/fsetview.src: space before question mark?
39062 document Run for all languages in the build
41755 porting system-libxml: neon project
41613 porting neon depends on libxml2
41503 l10n Patch for Malay build
40720 framewor The name of default color schems not localizable
41589 tools Qt library detection fails on Fedora Core 3
42152 tools configure needs to check for gnomevfs
42111 porting FreeBSD porting : Xinerama support
38850 tools builds breakage because syntaxis problems in
41972 Word pro Outline gets lost when saving (Update-Index results in empty
40669 Word pro Tools->Autocorrect crashes office (on tab "Exceptions")
41746 Word pro Relative font sizes get lost when saving (File gets unreadab
41531 porting upgrade libxml to latest stable version
41437 framewor Gnome file picker crashes on fedora core 3
35742 tools build conditionals ...
39743 tools supporting directory layout of the latest directx sdk
41780 tools Build fail by using cygwin's rebase.exe and uuidgen.exe
41870 Presenta Crash when loading impress doc after opening new impress
41916 Presenta Notes pages not loaded
41966 Presenta Showstopper: Textboxes in samples seem to be shifted downwar
42043 Presenta Showstopper: layout textboxes too small
42204 Presenta Showstopper: running presentation has ruler on the left and
42225 Presenta Showstopper: Hanging when playing presentation with ole
41814 Word pro Crash with extruded custom shape and clicking trough view/To
41892 Drawing Crash when inserting chart in draw/impress
41272 Presenta application crashes when closing document after selecting ta

Unconfirmed issues reported since m50

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
41758 framewor 680m74 0 script.xlc overwritten with incorrect path information when
34299 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
35224 framewor 680m54 2 re-establish "Load URL"
33892 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
33850 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
33831 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
34183 Formula 680m51 0 Intuitive UI (input)
38185 Drawing 680m62 0 Copy and Paste objects
38214 Drawing 680m62 0 Rotate multiple objects
36388 Drawing 680m58 0 Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
34202 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
35525 Presenta 680m56 0 Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
38217 framewor 680m62 0 Missing options in Dialog Customize
36376 framewor 680m58 2 Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
35225 framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
38793 Word pro 680m62 0 Office should show an error message by trying to insert an e
37494 Word pro 680m60 0 Writer-Page Preview-Preview Zoom did not show the largest al
33682 Word pro 680m51 2 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
42644 Chart 680m77 0 XY charts created in excel not opened correctly
41839 Presenta 680m74 0 Text completely distorted - only in presentation mode
41804 Presenta 680m75 0 Named object gets no name in "Change order"
41800 Presenta 680m75 0 Move along curve not implemented in OOo1 975
41798 Presenta 680m75 0 Import from PPT gives wrong connected connectors
41402 Presenta 680m71 0 arrows for bullet-indention in the text-toolbar are inacitve
40430 Presenta 680m65 0 Attempts to open .ppt file cause OpenOffice to hang (shadows
38321 Presenta 680m62 0 Bad implementation of Order Window
38292 Presenta 680m62 0 Outline wordwrap different from slideview
34845 Presenta 680m54 0 PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
42825 Presenta 680m77 0 incorrect first bage in ppt - regression
42819 Presenta 680m77 0 slideshow problems in imported ppt - regression
42687 Presenta 680m77 0 Need including fonts
42123 Presenta 680m77 0 title and text areas do not retain intended layout position
41932 Presenta 680m74 2 Printing hangs on this Powerpoint document
41931 Presenta 680m74 2 Powerpoint document crashes OOo on import
39786 framewor 680m65 0 ability to postion floating toolbar in the toolbar areas
40800 ui 680m69 2 Make an option to switch off toolbar gradients
33668 Word pro 680m51 2 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
41047 Database 680m69 0 OOo Base crashes on query edit
40802 Database 680m69 0 Long initial delay when connecting via ODBC
40361 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc toolbar functions have incorrect title (e.g. "Columns")
40364 gsl 680m70 0 Office window "x" close button should always appear
40695 framewor 680m70 0 Repagination of a document with OLE objects at page boundary
37400 gsl 680m58 0 PDF Export plain: use different compression for images and l
42092 l10n 680m74 1 Base - "Help" and "Cancel" buttons should be translated to B
42093 l10n 680m74 1 Calc - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
42094 l10n 680m74 1 Draw - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
42095 l10n 680m74 0 Impress - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portug
42096 l10n 680m74 0 Some buttons of the Presentation Assistent are not translate
42663 l10n 680m74 0 Display of invalid combining sequences broken with some Unic
42097 l10n 680m74 1 Writer - the item "Table" is not translated to brazilian por
41622 l10n 680m75 0 References to StarOffice in Form Wizard
42091 l10n 680m74 1 Base - Some items were not translated to Brazilian Portugues
39961 porting 680m67 0 extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
39935 porting 680m67 0 bridge build fails on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build registry prob
38715 porting 680m64 0 libxmlsec ->defining symbol NEED_LEADING_UNDERSCORE not nee
40073 porting 680m67 0 Linux PowerPC m67 packages cannot be build register componen
41761 Word pro 680m74 0 Cannot write edited document (ver 1.9)
41264 Word pro 680m71 0 unnecessary reformatting when dragging rows
42106 Word pro 680m74 0 Document does not have same formatting in OO 1.1.3 and 1.9.7
42481 Word pro 680m77 0 Update the Wizards (fonts and dictionaries)
38994 Word pro 680m65 0 To enable the option 'vertical ruler' in Writer
42662 l10n 680m74 0 Missing dotted circle breaks display of invalid combining se
42723 l10n 680m74 0 Thai locale data incomplete
42725 l10n 680m74 0 Font size for default fonts needs to be configurable for eac
42727 l10n 680m74 0 Interoperatability with Thai MS Excel 97 : BATHTEXT() and t
42728 l10n 680m74 0 Optional bell/flash when invalid input sequence entered
42730 l10n 680m74 0 On machine with Thai locale, installation needs to be set up
42731 l10n 680m74 0 Should have visual feedback for current keyboard layout (e.g
42732 l10n 680m74 0 Font drop down should be aware of current keyboard layout
42733 l10n 680m74 0 UI should not use term "CTL"
42735 l10n 680m74 0 Should have separate font for each script as in Mozilla, ins
42738 l10n 680m74 0 Make Pladao and OfficeTLE fonts conveniently available for O
42828 l10n 680m74 0 When 'show Nonprinting characters', space after Thai text ca
42660 l10n 680m74 0 Need feature for easy manual override of incorrect word brea
42661 l10n 680m74 0 Thai need feature for automatic sequence input correction
39482 framewor 680m65 1 Ligatures mangled with Windows OpenType renderer
42171 l10n 680m74 0 Display of invalid Thai combining character sequences broken
42619 Word pro 680m78 0 Fax wizard return address handling
37128 framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
36745 Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
39506 Word pro 680m65 0 Cancelling the Save As ... from Letter wizard asks for a con
41923 Word pro 680m74 0 Uncorrect Tagging of PDF Exports
42088 Word pro 680m74 0 Writer won't close after printing
42286 Word pro 680m74 0 Incorrectly prints .odt file
42615 Word pro 680m77 0 Mail Merge Still Lacks the ability to automatically suppress
42616 Word pro 680m77 0 Mail Merge Wizard seems to lack field template for common U.
42681 tools 680m77 0 Fixes -lstdc++ missing in soltools/HIDCompiler/
42682 tools 680m77 0 need -lgcc_s in NetBSD for store/util
35085 Chart 680m56 4 Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
40536 Word pro 680m65 0 Document that causes crash when printed on certain printers
42581 Word pro 680m77 0 Writer is unable to properly save some documents to Word 200
42386 Word pro 680m74 0 Slow when saving to DocXML format first time
42647 Word pro 680m78 0 Badly Viewed Filenames for the Macro Assignments Saving in C
41057 Presenta 680m71 0 After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
38687 api 680m62 1 does not work in macro wi
42336 Chart 680m77 0 chart make OOo unusable
42684 Chart 680m77 0 Selecting "Stock Chart" in AutoFormat messes up chart previe
41137 porting 680m71 0 Build instructions for the Mac OSX port of S68m71s1
41937 porting 680m74 0 Update set_soenv and solenv to support MIPSpro 7.4
42285 porting 680m74 0 Notes on compiling for Solaris 10 with Studio 10
42683 porting 680m77 0 Porting 2.0 for NetBSD 2.0 on x86
42686 framewor 680m77 0 enum problem with jdk 1.5 in rhino
38475 framewor 680m62 0 Patch to import plural documen templates at once
42232 Installa 680m77 0 internal error 2352
41104 Spreadsh 680m70 2 Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
42823 Word pro 680m77 0 crash during opening those files
42133 Word pro 680m77 0 Formatting error with certain combinations of letters with A
41734 Word pro 680m74 0 incorrect RTF export of special characters (UTF)
40759 Word pro 680m69 0 paragraph format stuck in "do not split paragraph"
40533 Word pro 680m69 2 Document that causes crash
42155 Word pro 680m77 0 Table of Contents does not export custom-named styles to MS
42344 Word pro 680m77 0 Basic shapes have wrong position / orientation after export
42672 Word pro 680m77 0 cannot change the paper feed
42758 Word pro 680m77 0 Writer slows down to s crawl after opening this document.
42783 Word pro 680m77 0 Vertical alignment lost from a ms word file
39959 Word pro 680m65 0 Copy / Paste from web page crashes and exits
39894 Word pro 680m65 0 Problems saving in Word 97/2000/XP formats
36883 Word pro 680m58 0 Several differences after import
40060 Database 680m65 0 Left edge of toolbar aligned with mouse pointer instead of t
40063 Database 680m65 0 Screen redraw slow in table view
41261 Database 680m71 0 Tables and queries do not show as drop down options in form
41398 Database 680m71 0 Clicking 'Tables' in left pane causes connection error
41441 Database 680m71 0 New Default database could not have tables / no properties /
41442 Database 680m71 0 Ctrl + A is unable to make selection of all objects while ed
41445 Database 680m71 0 "Can't Undo/Redo" fixed message
41481 Database 680m71 0 After new db file, table button shows error
41489 Database 680m71 0 screen refresh when using forms and queries
41556 Database 680m74 0 No import/Export data in OOo Base
42689 Presenta 680m77 0 Bug with fullscreen mode
42451 Database 680m74 0 Unable to open table
42722 Database 680m77 0 Incorrect sort through Report Wizard
42719 Database 680m77 2 Insert secondary keys as part of the composite key of a tabl
42711 Database 680m77 0 Form created with wizard, doesn't keep data source when save
42611 Database 680m77 0 Database Application Locks Up
41619 Word pro 680m73 0 Address Data Source / Mozilla: Could not load the library li
42177 Database 680m77 0 Recovery window after first connect to database and hangup
41826 Database 680m74 0 unable to get table data from oracle 9i via oracle odbc
38198 framewor 680m62 0 User can't run OO
42523 Installa 680m77 0 Installation delete dictionaries
42653 Installa 680m78 0 Language Pack Installer doesn't detects newer 1.9.x version
41944 ui 680m74 0 Keep the width of drop down list at the same as that of the
42379 ui 680m77 0 Stylist is gone for good and won't come back
41711 Drawing 680m74 0 add modifying point/handle to shape 'magnetic disc'
42299 Drawing 680m74 0 inconsistent drwaing tool behaviour
42768 Installa 680m77 0 Administrator priviledges required for OOo installation.
42639 Installa 680m78 0 Recycle Bin Icon in 'Program Maintenance' Dialog
42298 Installa 680m77 2 unable to install under Debian Sarge
40995 Installa 680m71 0 Use original MS Office icons for its file types or replace b
42646 framewor 680m77 0 Localisation ISO 8601
42385 framewor 680m77 2 Document Conversion should be more discreet.
41251 framewor 680m69 1 separation of advanced preferences
40943 framewor 680m69 0 ability to cancel document restoration
40488 framewor 680m70 0 Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40258 framewor 680m65 0 postion of floating toolbars should be remembered
40117 framewor 680m65 0 undo/restore history in basic editor
39733 framewor 680m65 0 Better support for metric settings
39789 Presenta 680m65 0 toolbar 'presentation' - button 'slide' - tooltip should be
41378 Presenta 680m71 0 videos can't be started/stopped during presentation with jmf
41801 Presenta 680m75 0 Motion Paths |Custom Animation is missing distance
41805 Presenta 680m75 0 Change order, from Modify effect is not high enough
41810 Presenta 680m75 0 connector 'follows' object
41812 Presenta 680m75 0 Combine Connector Dialogs
42272 Presenta 680m74 0 Impossibility to hide or move the views bar
42390 Presenta 680m74 0 Document automatically to slides (Slides from outline)
40285 Spreadsh 680m65 2 Quickly move Rows and columns like in Writer
40645 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
39903 ui 680m65 0 Docking for Find dialog
41447 ui 680m71 0 Remember last formatting
42595 ui 680m77 0 Provide UI to disable splash screen
42649 ui 680m78 0 Missing Other Common Sizes of Desktop Icons
40252 Database 680m69 0 Provide handles to objects inside the form / report for bett
42479 Database 680m77 0 Create Primary only available through right-click context me
42614 Database 680m77 0 No Way to Share Database Applications and have multiple peop
39006 Drawing 680m62 0 Font work gallery improvement.
40484 Drawing 680m69 0 Not all text manipulation features on text toolbar
40514 Drawing 680m70 0 Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40580 Drawing 680m69 0 better placement for text on connector
40749 Drawing 680m69 0 Dimension line could not be coppeled with an other object
40751 Drawing 680m69 0 change gridcolor and type
39992 Word pro 680m65 2 Autodetection of language of typed text
40999 Word pro 680m70 0 Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
41260 Word pro 680m71 0 No close button for media player
41431 Word pro 680m71 0 Convert table to text converts the whole table even if a row
42175 Word pro 680m77 0 Partial reset in Tools-Customize
42699 Word pro 680m74 0 hyperlink dialog uses nonstandard alternative to ok / cancel
42193 Word pro 680m74 0 pt-BR translation: Table menu. Menu not translated
42192 Word pro 680m74 0 pt-BR translation: Format menu. Frame not translated
42194 Word pro 680m74 0 pt-BR translation: Tools Macros menu entry not translated
41779 Word pro 680m74 0 provide the newest version of dicooo
42100 Word pro 680m74 2 Writer - horizontal scroll bar appears even when there's now
42601 Word pro 680m77 0 Please make OpenOffice 2.0 word count meaningful
40159 ui 680m65 0 Lines & Arrows (Fills) Toolbar title given in German
42458 ui 680m77 0 Tooltips and toolbar popups disappear immediately
42294 ui 680m77 0 keypad insert and keypad delete don't work
42648 ui 680m78 0 Too Wide Column in Shortcut Keys Assignment Dialog (Customiz
41664 Word pro 680m74 0 Thesaurus can place a ) in front of word
41246 l10n 680m71 0 Unicode U+034F (Combining Grapheme Joiner) not interpreted c
41857 Spreadsh 680m74 0 unable to cancel long print range
42584   Spreadsh      680m77     0 Saving large Spreadsheet document takes 8 times longer in na
40846 Spreadsh   680m69  0         OLE Objects are very unstable when importing from excel spre
40975 Spreadsh 680m69 0 text box shifted in print view
42652 Installa 680m78 0 Start Menu Folder Icon of
40912 ui 680m65 1 Desktop Icon Issues
39792 framewor 680m65 0 template name back loaded, saving doesn't work
39741 framewor 680m65 0 Floating Toolbars shift position
39650 framewor 680m65 0 Resizing application windows not painted properly
39503 framewor 680m65 0 Unable to work with WebDAV (browse folders, open/save files)
39205 framewor 680m65 0 help is not the topmost window on most actions
39013 framewor 680m62 2 File chooser control has a mix of Windows styles
38613 framewor 680m62 0 parent directory locked after file closed
38116 framewor 680m62 0 Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
37425 framewor 680m62 0 Minimize app does not minimize undocked toolbar
37349 framewor 680m62 0 OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37315 framewor 680m62 0 File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
37198 framewor 680m60 0 Documents won't open when OO not already launched
36634 framewor 680m58 4 General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
38690 Installa 680m62 0 "Open With" not registered properly
41143 framewor 680m65 0 Documents to be recovered kan not be removed
42176 framewor 680m74 0 Terminal Server opens document in wrong session using shell
42729 framewor 680m77 0 incorrectly named button in autorecovery
39318 ui 680m65 0 combo box doesn't have sliding effect under Windows XP
41836 framewor 680m74 0 No way to restore closed toolbar in Mozilla plugin
41830 framewor 680m74 0 Right edge missing in large Mozilla window (Mozilla Plugin)
41803 framewor 680m74 0 Toolbar rendered incorrectly when using Remote desktop conne
42696 framewor 680m77 0 Multiple instances of Quickstarter are running after a crash
42384 framewor 680m77 2 Document Converter logfile uses the extension SXW but it sho
42290 framewor 680m74 0 cursor change in GNOME does not affect cursors in OOo
40173 Word pro 680m65 0 Menus not being redrawn correctly after being chosen in Mand
41604 framewor 680m74 0 Changing background color of backing window
41421 framewor 680m71 2 Opens in undesirable state after program crash
41036 framewor 680m69 0 Text editing bug
40206 framewor 680m65 2 doesn't start under Debian unstable - "internal error"
39879 framewor 680m65 0 When 1 subwindow open in a document, can't switch to other d
42703 Word pro 680m77 0 With OO 1.1.3 imported fonts such as Ariel are not available
38612 Word pro 680m62 0 Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
36733 Word pro 680m56 0 OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
41021 gsl 680m65 0 [Math object in Writer] some symbols can not be displayed pr
42372 gsl 680m77 0 Cannot change font
41562 Drawing 680m74 0 slow scrolling when first zoomed
42624 Word pro 680m77 0 inserting a calc-sheet into writer, wrong numeric result

$Id: 1.9.m79_snapshot.html,v 1.1 2005/02/15 17:01:53 mh Exp $

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