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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m77 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m74s1 and  680_m77.
this release will install as 1.9.77, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m77.

This release is close to the upcoming OOo 2.0 Beta Release, this is the list of issues which is currently worked on to get fixed for Beta:
41272 Presenta application crashes when closing document after selecting tabs
41972 Word pro Outline gets lost when saving (Update-Index results in empty
41958 framewor Controls Toolbar in Dialog Editor is empty
41794 Word pro paragraph break in numbering cannot be removed by using "del"
39922 Database Save-As (and renaming) of HSQL database document loses data
41746 Word pro Relative font sizes get lost when saving (File gets unreadable)
41437 framewor Gnome file picker crashes on fedora core 3
41870 Presenta Crash when loading impress doc after opening new impress
41814 Word pro Crash with extruded custom shape and clicking trough view/Toolbars
41892 Drawing Crash when inserting chart in draw/impress
Office crash when loading calc with Chart using random numbers
Word pro
Incorrect file URL in master document links

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
javamaker generates types recursively intern feature-info:
The javamaker generates types now recursively. old: javamaker* ... generates all types in the module "text" but not of the sub modules new: javamaker* ... generates all types in the module "text" and all types of sub modules. javamaker -T* is identical with no -T option which means that all types are genrated No formal specifiaction is available, see the tools description i the SDK (/docs/tools.html )

css::text::MailMerge service extended i30916 feature-info:
The service com::sun::star::text::MailMerge has been extended. Printing: -additional property "PrintOptions" that transports the properties of the service com::sun::star::view::PrintOptions (CopyCount, FileName ...) Saving to files: - SaveFilter: apply any text file format - SaveAsSingleFile: create a single output file Sending as e-Mail: Added all properties that are necessary to send the output documents by e-Mail See details in service com/sun/star/text/MailMerge.idl and MailMergeType.idl

Toolbarbuttons changed i39971 This specification covers the Toolbar content changes for 2.0 speclink drawing
inconsistent terms for slide in impress i21968 feature-info:
There were several inconsistencies in the used terms for slides in impress. Wrong occurences of the term "page" have replaced by "slide". Wrong occurences of "Dia" in the german strings have replaced by "Folie". The german names of the slides have changed from "Seite 1" "Seite 2" and so to "Folie 1" "Folie 2" and so. For further details see issue 21968.
not set
Erroneous delete warnings removed i39635 feature-info:
There were several erroneous warnings in Impress and Draw when you tried to delete a slide or page. All this warnings have been removed completely. In the associated menu entries the ellipses have been removed accordingly: Delete Slide... -> Delete Slide Delete Page... -> Delete Page See Issue 39635 for further details.
not set
Default shape filling color changed from blue 7 to blue 8 i41101 feature-info:
Default shape filling color changed from blue 7 to blue 8
not set

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
35698 Installa Override ooo 1.1 desktop integration
29208 Word pro Form Letter page break on field in header
34429 porting OSL_TRACE not visible in Windows Debugger
26337 sdk setsdkenv_unix should not call new shell
22148 gsl New Ximian artwork
37381 Database Save Form & Window dimensions into *.odb file
31025 tools Autodoc: Provide convenient error log file.
40595 Installa Provide custom icon for start menu folder
40272 Installa Windows start menu structure
29308 sdk improve SDK examples to use new UNO features
36457 framewor recovered document immediately starts autorecovery
40630 gsl Toolbar & Menubar should provide border for better improvin
40472 gsl Drag Area: On mouse down it shall allowed to drag the splitt
41506 framewor Improve treatment of saving in alien formats
40268 framewor Display path in save dialog of error report tool
40134 gsl Improve X11 core font coverage heuristic
41101 Presenta Change default fill color from "Blue 7" to "Blue 8"

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

configuretypofix m77 fix typos in breaking/affecting FreeBSD build. Also Solaris/SPARC
mmeeks04 m77 Some utterly trivial fixes to a hackers-only script
imprec01 m77 repair & improve autorecovery
alienwarning m77 The user experience of saving in alien formats is improved
twobeta m77 fixing some Beta relevant bugs
validationbeta m77 fix of a beta relevant issue
fwkbetashowstop01 m77 Framework beta show stoppper.
sdksample m76 Used for SDK example improvements (using new simple UNO bootstarrping,...)
wordmlfilter01 m76 for wordml filter
frrtf01 m76 Fixes in RTF Filter
jre5issues m76 The cws contains bug fixes which are necessary to use SUN jre 1.5.0
vcl34 m76 still more 2.0 issues
nativefixer3 m76 Fixes for native installer
fwkbugfix05 m76 Bugfixes for OOo2.0
iha06 m76 Beta fixes for impress
mav15 m76 Embedding, storing and loading issues.
vcl35 m76 Still more issues for 2.0
xsltfilter06 m76 XSLT filter CWS. Especially Excel import and export filter
impress20 m76 Impress/Draw bug fixes
aw023 m76 BugFixing CWS
os47 m76 Bugfixing
calc28 m76 Calc bugfixes
aw025 m76 BugFixing CWS for beta
impress30 m76 Beta fixes for Draw/Impress
fwkbeta03 m76 restore filter order inside office dialogs only !
ause017 m76 build fixes/improvements
presbeta01 m76 Last-minute fixes for 2.0 beta.
adc10 m75 Bug Fixes for OOo 2.0
hc680postbeta m75 Last Beta fixes for Help
oasisbf4 m75 Bugfixes for OASIS file format
dvoqbfix m75 bugfixes DVO
impress27 m75 Bug fixes
kso13 m75 Misc Beta bugfixes
xmlperf01 m75 XML performance optimizations
helpcl m75 Help related things
scriptingf10 m75 Beta bugfixing
babelfish05 m75 l10n tooling
sj14 m75 Some PowerPoint and PDF filter bugfixes for OOo 2.0
swqbugfixes13 m75 Writer layout/text formatting bugfixes
cd04 m75 Fixes for Beta.
tbe17 m75 OOo 2.0 bug fixes
kso14 m75 More OOo 2.0 Beta bugfixes
pbbeta07 m75 Bugfixes for SO 8 Beta
qwizardsbf2 m75 Bugfixing CWS for wizards
cd05 m75 Bugfixes for Beta.
impress32 m75 beta fixes for impress
smoketest4 m75 preserve lineends of bootstrap.ini
unxlngs01 m74s1 linux sparc port
configure4 m74s1 Miscelaneous bug fixes for config_office/
gcj1 m74s1 Build with gcj
trabugfixingso8 m74s1 A couple of small bugfixes for SO8
systempython m74s1 <p>system python has come a little unstuck. This workspace fixes it.

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
39646 document bookmarks in Online help
40949 Presenta Switching view from slide sorter to normal shows insertion i
38806 l10n FilterCFG: Filter UI names are not localized
35842 framewor Reschedule is called to often during load/save (progress mod
38457 framewor "Open Office" file format instead of "OpenDocument"
40506 gsl Send Document As PDF does not work on Debian Linux
40589 Word pro OLE object lost when saving as sdw file
39054 Database TableWizard:Orthographical mistakes in german tablescenarios
36800 Presenta Navigator not visible during fullscreen presentation
40553 tools Package manager crashes Office when bootstrap.ini has an val
36948 Presenta input must not be buffered during presentation
37354 Presenta insert slide in Layout task pane doesn't work.
38210 Presenta Importfilter Powerpoint gets wrong Diagram
38558 Presenta PPT-import: Order of effects is wrong
38629 Presenta Incorrect re-layout of draw view after slideshow in window
39976 Presenta crash when I change into the outlineview
40390 Presenta effect option: hide on next animation change to hide after a
21968 Presenta Provide separate strings for Draw and Impress: "page" vs "sl
24934 Presenta Set template as default doesn't work in Impress
32645 Presenta scrollmouse wheel doesn't work in the task pane
38135 Drawing Text animation doesn't work correct.
38391 Drawing Crash when I click on 'View / Previw'
39635 Drawing erroneous message box in Draw/Impress
33487 Presenta text reappears after deleting it in the outline view.
36217 Presenta RNG: lists contained in graphic styles
37897 api API: sw.XMLStylesExporter::com::sun::star::document::XFilter
39323 api create complex test for new recovery implementation
38814 Presenta Effect Options Timing After previous doesn't work
35737 Installa Typo: "A Unknown Error" -> "An Unknown Error"
39928 porting sc break on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build because inlining
40524 Word pro "HTML Source View" is not specified and 80% of its content i
40444 Word pro draw elements not in correct place in masterdocument
40299 Word pro Basic Shapes appears under View - Toolbars
40221 Word pro invisible text in th HTML source view
40220 Word pro Crash atempting to make a read-only HTML file writable
38502 framewor No progress bar anymore while saving
39268 framewor format menu empty in m65
40795 framewor Customize>Keyboard>Double Click> BOOM
38200 framewor HTML docs initially have status 'modified'
40045 Word pro Saving an HTML document warns for possible format loss
40002 Word pro Stylist view option "Automatic" not Chosen if Call From More
39934 Word pro Focus Not Set to Stylist Window If Called Via More... Entry
39930 Word pro Content of Paragraph Style List Box is not Sorted Alphabetic
39442 Word pro automatically registered database in Insert|Fields|Database
39236 Word pro Section - Link crashes when no valide pathe name is entered
37724 Word pro Remove Form Object toolbar
38261 framewor "Block" toolbars now open as "1 line toolbar"
29453 Word pro Send Outline to Clipboard / Presenation does not work correc
40787 document Implement new help compilation/linking process
36295 Presenta Stop-button doesn't work in Animator
39951 utilitie "more" doesn't work on field.
39157 gsl allow copying assertions from the debug-window
40128 Drawing Focus Lost in Spellcheck Dialog After Jump to Next Object
33319 tools instsetoo/packimages does not build in 4NT shell with cygwin
41705 framewor Controls in Dialog Editor are drawn twice
40445 Spreadsh Attempts to export .xls file to PDF causes Writer to crash (
38570 Spreadsh RNG: Missing attributes in Datapilot document content.xml
36961 Spreadsh RNG: content errors in Matrix_Formulas_and_Notes document
36650 Spreadsh RNG: content errors in Validity document
35416 xml RNG (calc;styles.xml): value for attribute "date-value" is w
36352 Spreadsh RNG: content.xml:107:666: error: attribute "text-line-though
40704 Spreadsh Content of some tracked changes is lost after save & reload
40982 l10n have to deal with sym links
39815 Word pro FixedText error: writer - ToolsSort
39814 Word pro FixedText error: writer - MailMergeWizard
39812 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Footnotes
39808 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Page Style
39807 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Graphics
39805 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Envelope
39802 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Insert Caption
39799 Word pro FixedText error: writer - Fields
38569 Word pro Paste special (as formatted text, i.e. RTF) into writer/writ
40132 Word pro Return address in envelope window cover on wrong position
40130 Word pro No date on german layout, when Letter signs on step3 disable
40015 Word pro Germany samples has wrong Page-Style after loading.
39583 gsl PDF export distorts end of axes ticks of EMF plots
40319 gsl Missing text in PDF output of presentation.
40014 Word pro Graphics will not display on sample document
40011 Word pro Bugdoc with table won't load correctly
38507 Word pro Letter wizard crash by finishing
38177 Word pro mail merge hang ...
38175 Word pro mail merge crasher ...
22548 document Search in online help handles some german letters incorrect
39688 Database Open the database wizard only after clicking 'Open' from the
40709 framewor pressing <ctrl>+<F1> disables all tooltips
40864 framewor FixedText error: StarOffice - Help
36648 Word pro Disable Return address in envelope window won't work with ge
36645 Word pro Letterhead layout is not consistent.
38842 Installa Installation wizard: provide pictures without Sun logos, ...
39052 udk cppumaker creates and leaves temporary files in sourcetree
37179 Installa wizards requires org.w3c.dom (>jdk1.3.1)
25268 Word pro memory overwrite in _InitCore()
40009 scriptin Logdocument of document converter is not always opened
22312 Formula Brackets are not completely displayed
34961 Spreadsh badly broken isLeapYear function
40722 l10n #: langtab.src#RID_SVXSTR_LANGUAGE_TABLE.LANGUAGE_NONE.paire
40454 l10n en-US vs. de mismatch: Fram~e...
39676 l10n Evaluate special chars / encoding
38824 l10n Replace sdf extract date with a dummy
35469 l10n Take care in that German is no longer source lan
38338 Word pro Office dies during closing the spellchecker dialog
41232 l10n Introduce '-x' switch to to prevent sorted local
41044 l10n Please fix the en-US translation 'Rollen' in Effects.xcu
40909 l10n Remove reduant xml-lang tags from helpcontent2 strings
38597 *Testpro Obsolete define in
39042 Installa doesn't check if localize data must exist
36837 Installa Shellscripts for language packs (unix)
39462 tools please honour EPM envvar in installer
39950 tools add osx format for EPM in package build process on Mac OSX S
41134 tools W32-tcsh: bootstrap.ini has POSIX lineendings.
41207 tools Simple install and file lists for lang subpackages
40375 Installa small changes in packing process
39194 Installa the latest tail doesn't support -/+ option
39068 Installa Control.ulf: possible typo
3885 www Can't check out xml or xmerge from anoncvs
40494 Presenta impress tab page visibility needs to be improved
41339 framewor Menu bar should retrieve images on demand
37410 ui Crash Reporter: Text area cannot be left with <Tab> key
38660 gsl problems with cups printer queue detection
39912 porting MacOSX jvmfwk javaldx lstdc++ .dylib delivery
40180 porting FreeBSD porting : jvmfwk project
36082 sdk javamaker terminates without error when type error
41050 api version number definition missing/incomplete?
36006 sdk configure & setsdkenv produce invalid PATH
35359 sdk Write short summary for the forms example source files
26335 sdk SDK requires JDK even when user want to compile C++ UNO comp
24142 porting FreeBSD support in ODK
30346 udk astdump.cxx does not compile under Solaris/x86
40985 udk comparison is always true due to limited range of data type
39890 sdk Adapt samle documents to new SO8 default format
38748 sdk redesign html documentation of the SDK
38747 sdk adjust link flags for CC 5.5 or higher
37980 sdk Developers Guide: wrong file format extensions in Basic and
37906 sdk OASIS OpenOffice documentation have to be added to SDK docu
40232 xml Write error exporting document to xhtml
39502 xml DTD does not work with MSV
38574 xml Frame Style: style:protect="content size position" missing
38326 xml DTD OOo XML 1.0: Unexpected attribute fo:keep-together="alwa
35420 xml RNG (chart;content.xml): attribute "table-number-list" has n
40947 Presenta style attribute presentation:transition-style is written in
28027 xml Parentasis move when exporting to xhtml
36885 xml flat XML filters don't support OLE objects
38186 framewor Package component manifest's namespace URI is wrong
35451 Word pro Missing HIDs in Autopilot Fax (Fax Wizard)
25269 framewor Scripting Framework scripts should be deployable using pkgch
27133 framewor Documents of unknown format are not loaded without error mes
37438 framewor Localized files in {office-inst}/user/autotext/
38050 framewor Background colors not assigned to controls
39159 framewor ThisComponent not refresh after OLE object editing
39330 framewor BeanShell editor should prompt to save before closing
39386 framewor MemoryUsage document is readonly after installation
39434 framewor assigned Macro on "Start Application" is not triggered
40363 framewor Script Organizer does not handle exceptions from XBrowseNode
40429 framewor OSL_TRACE calls should be removed
40875 framewor FixedText error: StarOffice - Basic
40876 framewor BASIC macro organizer loses HID when accessed multiple times
40880 framewor document converter and euro converter don't work anymore
40887 framewor disabled controls in packagemanager
40994 framewor Append Libraries dialog doesn't display *.xlb files
41693 framewor Package-Manager UI freeze when working with packages
37339 scriptin Assertion: "DataFlavour not initialized"
36681 sdk missing IDL definitions
32023 Word pro WordML export: drawing objects are not exported
38381 Word pro RNG: error bad value "x" from namespace .. in content xml
29589 Word pro WordML import: frames are not displayed correctly
37213 Drawing should not move them to topleft for which does not have (0,0
38380 Word pro RNG: error: element table-properties from namespace .. in st
29597 Word pro WordML import: drawing objects are not displayed
29604 Word pro WordML import: wmz format graphics not visible
35875 utilitie Switch on parallel making in curl, libxml2 and python
36728 sdk chart add-in doesn't work
40966 utilitie 'dmake patch' alters lineends
39195 porting Activate OSL_TRACE only if OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL>1
37913 Installa smoketestoo_native fails for w32-tcsh
34170 gsl session management not functional
39265 framewor Performance problem: binfilterdetect links against bf_svx
39795 Presenta paste OutPlace Object 1.0
36732 framewor notification of modified embedded objects doesn't work prope
37656 framewor sfx2/source/dialog/register.src: remove it completely
35195 framewor Accessibility: Package-Manager-GUI is not fully available by
40649 framewor tools->customize: entries containing ".uno:.." instead of co
8581 gsl bootstrap errors result in SEGV & no dialog ...
40591 udk jvmfwk: SUN JRE using native installer not found.
32958 framewor File-Open-Dialog: arrow-down-key shows the last opened file
36556 api osl_getExecutableFile() sometimes return a wrong path
40016 Word pro Numbering: Drag and Drop of Indent for a Numbering/Bullet Le
39855 Word pro Sometimes the Toolbar "Bullets and Numbering" popped up
39843 Word pro Can't open OLE object for editing in Excel
39746 Word pro Saving .sxw or odt file from 1.3 created file
39692 Word pro Reset button on Picture dialog messes-up controls
39653 Word pro inserting text or .doc file into frame freezes OOo1.9.65
38912 Word pro oo crashes when trying to open word document
38559 Word pro .sxw containning object group in header cannot be opened; wa
35497 framewor MAth object created from formula code initially has wrong si
37642 framewor Undo on deleting formula gives assertion
39491 framewor 'Display as Icon' on Further Objects is not working
38227 Word pro RTF import causes OpenOffice crash
25876 Word pro missing graphic if importing word document
41115 Word pro Word document crashes OOwriter
Fri Feb 4 03:15:30 -0800 2005
ID Comp Summary
40834 Word pro indent first line destroyed
40606 Word pro Lopp opening Word doc containing complex table
40527 Word pro Pictures lost after saving a document with a password
40348 Word pro Frame can't move by keyboard when 'Contents' is checked
38230 tools Autodoc does not recognize "typename" instead of "class"
38367 gsl fonts.dir should not be modified after installation
41184 framewor Error: invalid argument type
34013 Spreadsh Wrong repetition of styles in Excel-XML
34458 Spreadsh Error: CntUnencodedStringItem::PutValue(): Wrong type
38399 Spreadsh Crash while loading MSOfficeML file without JAVA
39167 Spreadsh "full width" not set importing textless objects from xls
39589 Spreadsh Exporting sheet to XLS/XLT causes EXCEL to crash
40054 Spreadsh Data Pilot is extra slow --- dup is not a dup
41090 Spreadsh Error: setting state of dirty message
40539 Spreadsh After inserting cells via copy & paste, some cells won't be
39171 Word pro Assertion: Error: CntUnencodeStringItem::PutValue() : Wrong
30255 xml Excel Import: Sometimes style problems (vertical align / col
31916 xml Excel Import Filter: Stack overflow if row is repeated 65k t
37038 framewor [Assertion] Error: Unknown item detected: 6597
38359 Installa StartUp Wizard: Focus frame overlays textstring
38658 Installa Error 1406 on win 98
39220 Installa Module description for 'Windows Explorer Extensions' is cut
34119 Installa Paint problems with icons at installation
40640 Installa Umlauts are broken in module description for calc/adin
40879 udk java framework: registration of Java components may fail.
22205 Spreadsh Save as dialog has wrong filterorder
40685 framewor Rename Java migration service
41020 gsl Office startup hangs on RH 9 / Gnome
37373 Installa module icons are different in module selection dialog and re
39571 Word pro sxw temporary file in mmlayoutpage.cxx
39643 ui incorrect English text
37520 framewor Missing English translations for FT_NAME_RUSS and FT_STREET_
38366 framewor Assertion: "PresentHandler::connectToResource() - Different
41737 Spreadsh validity broken
40055 gsl "Wrong operand type" error when loading Writer generated PDF
39400 gsl [PATCH] Wrong menu bar colors with GTK NWF
27753 porting FreeBSD: build fails psprint, strhelper.obj : The isnan() ma
40937 gsl rscpp: double free or corruption
38913 Installa Clashes in parallel packing
40639 utilitie Performance: org.openoffice.Office.Common data reparsed at e
38313 ucb Clean up fix for issue 38298
40398 ucb Deadlock on first soffice start
40979 porting sal: "use of cast expressions as lvalues is deprecated"
39249 Word pro Enabling CTL support does not add text direction buttons to
40333 Word pro Can't see drawing object in the file .
40964 Word pro Laoding/Saving OASIS OpenDocument specification is slow
40644 udk Improve performance of cppu::WeakImplHelperN::queryInterface
30777 l10n String "Enable break" (German: "Umbrüche zulassen") is misl
35573 framewor Initial langauge setting does not affect (i.e. CJK) Native n
39211 framewor Save doesn't work after editing XML file
39085 Word pro Spell-checking option "AutoCheck" can't be changed via spell
40455 porting 64bit: jpeg and INT32
39666 l10n Fix string in officecfg registry\data\org\openoffice\Offic
38887 gsl ERROR: Forbidden Access to empty bitmap!
32852 sdk SDK: move Java and C++ SimpleBootstrap example into Develope
40655 sdk Missing examples\basic\sheet\adapting_to_euroland.ods
40344 sdk Adapt SDK documentation to SDK example changes
29966 udk Full path to *.idl files stored in *.rdb files
30954 udk cppumaker does not generate types for multiple registries
40127 sdk Example does not compile
39817 sdk Mandatory ZIP version in install.html differs from configure
36819 sdk FLatXML filter examples doesn't work
39626 porting uname -p not available on linux
35871 sdk make SDK samples ready for Javca 1.5
36756 Drawing repaint problem -> inserted shape with containing some text
28381 api 'head' call fix:
30916 Word pro API: implement new properties for MailMerge
39402 Word pro XViewCursor::jumpToNext/PrevPage is unreliable
37504 api XMenu::removeItem removes to much items
41023 tools build break in basctl/source/basicide/moduldl2.cxx
40861 Presenta FixedText error: Impress - Text
38144 Word pro help id in hid.lst double
40785 Presenta Slide Transition misses scrollbars
40783 Presenta Help Ids missing on Task and Slide Pane
41006 porting offapi/drafts/com/sun/star/rendering/XParametricPolyPolygon2
39871 framewor double toolbar
39224 framewor filename get??s trunkated when renaming it via ftp
39040 framewor Checkbox on tools/options/language-settings/languages doesn?
38379 framewor If recovery file doesn't exist anymore then autorecovery dia
38378 framewor autorecovery opens too much files
37402 framewor recovery after system crash doesn't recover the first office
37395 framewor Can not open version of a document.
34118 framewor Missing Alien-Warning when changing default file-format
39147 ucb Assert after entering FTP auth data into login dialog
17937 gsl bloated / strange menus ...
39925 ucb Update neon library
40008 gsl toolbars vanishing off the screen
39963 gsl Floating Toolbars appear initially on same position
38643 gsl Toolbar paints wrong in docked state
37461 gsl Undocking of vertical toolbars changes toolbar layout
40435 Word pro lost extended tooltips on statusbar (all in english version,
40893 ucb FTP UCP does not work on Linux with set ftp_proxy environmen
40974 ucb Cannot open or rename FTP files with certain names
40986 framewor crash in autocompletion of URL Box and FileOpenDialog
40980 framewor using URL in URLToolbox crashes
32189 gsl Last item of docked toolbar items is sometimes hidden
39228 Database database documents to not appear in the crash recovery tool
40267 framewor Couple UI issues in Error Reporter
39974 framewor strings truncated within autorecovery and error reporter dia
39972 framewor Drawing Toolbar shouldn't always dock at the bottom.
35624 gsl toolbox separator beauty ...
39331 framewor Scripting Framework Java examples should be added to SDK
39869 framewor read-only documents that have been modified via API should n
32386 l10n Autocorrect files and ISO codes?
37284 l10n Please commit Hungarian extras
37753 framewor its not possible to disable the execution of application bas
41001 gsl Toolbars do not repaint in Mozilla plugin
40080 framewor Mozilla Plug-in kill its parent Mozilla windows in Gnome
39038 gsl write ctrl- shortcut to insert soft hyphen not executed in w
40207 gsl NWF GTK+: Dragging loose palettes has no visual feedback (wi
39982 gsl Improve cluster boundary detection
37911 gsl OOo incurrectly doesn't identify David CLM as David
40469 Drawing Assertion: corrupted visible area for sd document[CL]
40600 Drawing Fontwork is not drawn if Linestyle is invisible
40944 Drawing crash on closing document or copying drawing
41095 Drawing CustomShapes cannot be inserted
36770 framewor Two templates cannot be opened at the same time.
37962 framewor Crash when playing avi under java 1.5 with media player
38746 framewor Assertion: Property does not match: KeyModifier
40566 framewor Password protected file, save as: password protection not ch
39428 gsl PDF links exported from Draw do not work.
34291 Presenta Bad repaint on first opening of sample
36950 Presenta Text of metafile is not displayed properly while presentatio
38495 Presenta Animated Image: Loop count doesn't work
38794 Presenta Name of Format toolbar wrong : Linie und F??llung
38908 Presenta OLE presentation only covers part of the window
39632 Presenta Bounding boxes used for text boxes are not looking good at o
40195 Spreadsh changing font size goes wrong
40320 Presenta Export to PDF causes OpenOffice to crash
40657 Presenta Some slide transitions do not import correctly from OOo 1.x
41211 Presenta typo to correct: Dimcolor -> Dim color
41213 Presenta Impress 19711 freeze after right click 1st slide show
37273 Drawing Performance: doc with animations nearly freezes system
37874 Drawing Context menu in draw shows slide layout
39967 Drawing Some toolbars cannot be recalled after closing
39971 Drawing Position of fontwork, insert grafic, gallery button should b
40093 Drawing Wrong units for extrusion depth
40367 Drawing Assertion: Error: any other exception
36713 Drawing draw should support custem svg:viewBox coordinate system whe

Unconfirmed issues reported since m50

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
41758 framewor 680m74 0 script.xlc overwritten with incorrect path information when
37994 Word pro 680m62 0 Cannot my macro assign macro to a dialog button
35495 framewor 680m56 0 Tools > Bibliography database not removed even after deletin
35835 Drawing 680m56 1 Pixels should be a measurement unit
36388 Drawing 680m58 0 Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
38185 Drawing 680m62 0 Copy and Paste objects
38214 Drawing 680m62 0 Rotate multiple objects
37494 Word pro 680m60 0 Writer-Page Preview-Preview Zoom did not show the largest al
35504 framewor 680m56 0 Show/hide toolbars during navigation of document creates a v
36376 framewor 680m58 2 Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
38217 framewor 680m62 0 Missing options in Dialog Customize
38793 Word pro 680m62 0 Office should show an error message by trying to insert an e
34202 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
34183 Formula 680m51 0 Intuitive UI (input)
35525 Presenta 680m56 0 Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
33682 Word pro 680m51 2 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
33831 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
33892 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
34299 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
35224 framewor 680m54 2 re-establish "Load URL"
35225 framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
41932 Presenta 680m74 2 Printing hangs on this Powerpoint document
41931 Presenta 680m74 2 Powerpoint document crashes OOo on import
41920 Presenta 680m74 0 Slide Show doesn't fill screen
41839 Presenta 680m74 0 Text completely distorted - only in presentation mode
41813 Presenta 680m75 0 Play button on Dialog Effect Options does not work
41804 Presenta 680m75 0 Named object gets no name in "Change order"
41800 Presenta 680m75 0 Move along curve not implemented in OOo1 975
41798 Presenta 680m75 0 Import from PPT gives wrong connected connectors
41725 Presenta 680m71 0 Graphics and animations of a PPT created with PowerPoint 200
41402 Presenta 680m71 0 arrows for bullet-indention in the text-toolbar are inacitve
41078 Presenta 680m70 0 Problems with images in large (~20Mb) presentations
40430 Presenta 680m65 0 Attempts to open .ppt file cause OpenOffice to hang (shadows
38321 Presenta 680m62 0 Bad implementation of Order Window
38292 Presenta 680m62 0 Outline wordwrap different from slideview
34845 Presenta 680m54 0 PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
39786 framewor 680m65 0 ability to postion floating toolbar in the toolbar areas
39794 framewor 680m65 0 right click menu for toolbar selection
33668 Word pro 680m51 0 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
40800 ui 680m69 2 Make an option to switch off toolbar gradients
40802 Database 680m69 0 Long initial delay when connecting via ODBC
41047 Database 680m69 0 OOo Base crashes on query edit
40364 gsl 680m70 0 Office window "x" close button should always appear
40361 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc toolbar functions have incorrect title (e.g. "Columns")
40695 framewor 680m70 0 Repagination of a document with OLE objects at page boundary
37400 gsl 680m58 0 PDF Export plain: use different compression for images and l
41622 l10n 680m75 0 References to StarOffice in Form Wizard
41488 l10n 680m74 0 Corrections to Hungarian locale data
39935 porting 680m67 0 bridge build fails on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build registry prob
39928 porting 680m67 0 sc break on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build because inlining
39914 porting 680m67 0 MAc OSX m67 automation breaks main function missing
38850 porting 680m65 0 builds breakage because syntaxis problems in
38715 porting 680m64 0 libxmlsec ->defining symbol NEED_LEADING_UNDERSCORE not nee
40073 porting 680m67 0 Linux PowerPC m67 packages cannot be build register componen
39969 porting 680m67 0 files not found in instsetoo_native Mac OSX SRC680 m67
39961 porting 680m67 0 extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
41264 Word pro 680m71 0 unnecessary reformatting when dragging rows
41761 Word pro 680m74 0 Cannot write edited document (ver 1.9)
38994 Word pro 680m65 0 To enable the option 'vertical ruler' in Writer
39482 framewor 680m65 0 Ligatures mangled with Windows OpenType renderer
41923 Word pro 680m74 0 Uncorrect Tagging of PDF Exports
41319 Word pro 680m71 0 Save/export (pdf) gives me a "General Input/Output error"
39506 Word pro 680m65 0 Cancelling the Save As ... from Letter wizard asks for a con
37128 framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
36745 Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
35085 Chart 680m56 4 Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
40536 Word pro 680m65 0 Document that causes crash when printed on certain printers
41829 framewor 680m74 0 Mozilla dies when navigating away from OOo document
41057 Presenta 680m71 0 After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
38687 api 680m62 0 does not work in macro wi
39990 Chart 680m65 0 X-axis and legent labes in chart
41937 porting 680m74 0 Update set_soenv and solenv to support MIPSpro 7.4
38475 framewor 680m62 0 Patch to import plural documen templates at once
41137 porting 680m71 0 Build instructions for the Mac OSX port of S68m71s1
41104 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
36883 Word pro 680m58 0 Several differences after import
39894 Word pro 680m65 0 Problems saving in Word 97/2000/XP formats
39959 Word pro 680m65 0 Copy / Paste from web page crashes and exits
40533 Word pro 680m69 2 Document that causes crash
40759 Word pro 680m69 0 paragraph format stuck in "do not split paragraph"
41497 Word pro 680m74 0 Word Document crashes OOo when opened
41578 Word pro 680m74 2 table caption can not start with the number of table
41734 Word pro 680m74 0 incorrect RTF export of special characters (UTF)
41777 Word pro 680m74 0 cannot move to the next option by pressing Tab in the Charac
42001 Word pro 680m74 0 Can't select drawing object
42002 Word pro 680m74 0 draw box and line
42013 Word pro 680m71 0 color marker works not with mouse drag
42041 Database 680m69 0 Form controls changing size
41911 Database 680m74 0 executeQuery converts table names to upper case
41826 Database 680m74 0 unable to get table data from oracle 9i via oracle odbc
40060 Database 680m65 0 Left edge of toolbar aligned with mouse pointer instead of t
40063 Database 680m65 0 Screen redraw slow in table view
40860 Database 680m69 0 Editing forms after opening them doesn't work (changes are n
41261 Database 680m71 0 Tables and queries do not show as drop down options in form
41280 Database 680m71 0 Highlight the default action in context menu for database ob
41398 Database 680m71 0 Clicking 'Tables' in left pane causes connection error
41441 Database 680m71 0 New Default database could not have tables / no properties /
41442 Database 680m71 0 Ctrl + A is unable to make selection of all objects while ed
41445 Database 680m71 0 "Can't Undo/Redo" fixed message
41481 Database 680m71 0 After new db file, table button shows error
41489 Database 680m71 0 screen refresh when using forms and queries
41619 Word pro 680m73 0 Address Data Source / Mozilla: Could not load the library li
41930 Word pro 680m74 0 View zoom disabled for database form
41785 Database 680m74 2 Unable to edit field definitions and types
41757 Database 680m74 0 Screen corruption - show datasource as table
41556 Database 680m74 0 No import/Export data in OOo Base
38198 framewor 680m62 0 User can't run OO
41944 ui 680m74 0 Keep the width of drop down list at the same as that of the
39903 ui 680m65 0 Docking for Find dialog
41447 ui 680m71 0 Remember last formatting
40252 Database 680m69 0 Provide handles to objects inside the form / report for bett
39006 Drawing 680m62 0 Font work gallery improvement.
40484 Drawing 680m69 0 Not all text manipulation features on text toolbar
40514 Drawing 680m70 0 Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40580 Drawing 680m69 0 better placement for text on connector
40749 Drawing 680m69 0 Dimension line could not be coppeled with an other object
40751 Drawing 680m69 0 change gridcolor and type
41711 Drawing 680m74 0 add modifying point/handle to shape 'magnetic disc'
39733 framewor 680m65 0 Better support for metric settings
39736 framewor 680m65 0 Indexing and searching OO.o supported file formats
40117 framewor 680m65 0 undo/restore history in basic editor
40258 framewor 680m65 0 postion of floating toolbars should be remembered
40488 framewor 680m70 0 Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40943 framewor 680m69 0 ability to cancel document restoration
41971 framewor 680m74 0 Importing styles / settings from MS Office installation if p
41774 framewor 680m74 0 [RFE]- Some changes to the Template Management Dialog [Modif
40995 Installa 680m71 0 Use original MS Office icons for its file types or replace b
39789 Presenta 680m65 0 toolbar 'presentation' - button 'slide' - tooltip should be
41378 Presenta 680m71 0 videos can't be started/stopped during presentation with jmf
41801 Presenta 680m75 0 Motion Paths |Custom Animation is missing distance
41805 Presenta 680m75 0 Change order, from Modify effect is not high enough
41810 Presenta 680m75 0 connector 'follows' object
41812 Presenta 680m75 0 Combine Connector Dialogs
40285 Spreadsh 680m65 2 Quickly move Rows and columns like in Writer
40645 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
39992 Word pro 680m65 2 Autodetection of language of typed text
41260 Word pro 680m71 0 No close button for media player
41431 Word pro 680m71 0 Convert table to text converts the whole table even if a row
41587 Word pro 680m71 0 Right-click on toolbar to quickly add/hide other toolbars
40010 framewor 680m65 2 inserting many big tables takes incredible much performance
41246 l10n 680m71 0 Unicode U+034F (Combining Grapheme Joiner) not interpreted c
39302 Word pro 680m65 0 Spell checker fails
40646 Word pro 680m70 0 Formats do not work in Find/Replace dialog
40999 Word pro 680m70 0 Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
40159 ui 680m65 0 Lines & Arrows (Fills) Toolbar title given in German
40912 ui 680m65 1 Desktop Icon Issues
41177 ui 680m71 0 moving subform over page shadow gives bad color
41247 Word pro 680m73 0 Square boxes appears in tools/language/hyphenation in UNIX p
41664 Word pro 680m74 0 Thesaurus can place a ) in front of word
41779 Word pro 680m74 0 provide the newest version of dicooo
40846 Spreadsh 680m69 0 OLE Objects are very unstable when importing from excel spre
41878 Spreadsh 680m74 0 missing spellecheck underline after doubleclick
40975 Spreadsh 680m69 0 text box shifted in print view
39907 Spreadsh 680m62 0 no display on page preview
40592 Spreadsh 680m69 2 Find & Replace Menu flashes after 3min. in the background
41836 framewor 680m74 0 No way to restore closed toolbar in Mozilla plugin
37349 framewor 680m62 0 OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37315 framewor 680m62 0 File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
41835 framewor 680m74 0 Writer documents in Mozilla become editable after reload
41830 framewor 680m74 0 Right edge missing in large Mozilla window (Mozilla Plugin)
39318 ui 680m65 0 combo box doesn't have sliding effect under Windows XP
37198 framewor 680m60 0 Documents won't open when OO not already launched
36634 framewor 680m58 2 General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
41803 framewor 680m74 0 Toolbar rendered incorrectly
41793 framewor 680m74 0 Automatic file extension for documents duringSave/SAve As
41605 framewor 680m74 0 OO.o doesn't remember Locked state of toolbar between sessio
41604 framewor 680m74 0 Changing background color of backing window
41601 framewor 680m74 0 an orphan message box - after crash
40173 Word pro 680m65 0 Menus not being redrawn correctly after being chosen in Mand
41592 framewor 680m74 0 [performance]-OO.o should be loaded to memory during OS star
41421 framewor 680m71 0 Opens in undesirable state after program crash
41281 framewor 680m71 0 Too slow startup on Windows 2000
41251 framewor 680m69 1 separation of advanced preferences
41143 framewor 680m65 0 Documents to be recovered kan not be removed
41036 framewor 680m69 0 Text editing bug
40747 framewor 680m69 0 Insert>Formula ambiguity
40206 framewor 680m65 2 doesn't start under Debian unstable - "internal error"
39879 framewor 680m65 0 When 1 subwindow open in a document, can't switch to other d
39792 framewor 680m65 0 template name back loaded, saving doesn't work
39741 framewor 680m65 0 Floating Toolbars shift position
39734 framewor 680m65 0 Add an open dialog to the quickstart
39650 framewor 680m65 0 Resizing application windows not painted properly
39503 framewor 680m65 0 Unable to work with WebDAV (browse folders, open/save files)
39205 framewor 680m65 0 help is not the topmost window on most actions
39013 framewor 680m62 0 File chooser control has a mix of Windows styles
38977 framewor 680m62 0 cannot open created XW document
38613 framewor 680m62 0 parent directory locked after file closed
38116 framewor 680m62 0 Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
37603 framewor 680m62 0 OO doesn't detect installed JRE
37425 framewor 680m62 0 Minimize app does not minimize undocked toolbar
42045 framewor 680m74 0 Allow drag-n-drop facility of toolbar items to toolbars when
38690 Installa 680m62 0 "Open With" not registered properly
41977 framewor 680m74 0 View > Zoom doesn't inform the user about the limits of valu
36733 Word pro 680m56 0 OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
41021 gsl 680m65 0 [Math object in Writer] some symbols can not be displayed pr
38612 Word pro 680m62 0 Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
41562 Drawing 680m74 0 slow scrolling when first zoomed

$Id: 1.9.m77_snapshot.html,v 1.2 2005/02/04 14:17:18 mh Exp $

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