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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m74 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m72 and  680_m74.
this release will install as 1.9.74, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m74.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
field lengths of bibliography database changed i16268 feature-info:
Many fields of the bibliography database where too small. The field lengths now have changed in the following way: Identifier - 255 Type - 255 Address - 255 Annote - 65536 Author - 65536 Booktitle - 65536 Chapter - 255 Edition - 255 Editor - 65536 Howpublish - 255 Institutn - 65536 Journal - 65536 Month - 255 Note - 65536 Number - 255 Organizat - 65536 Pages - 255 Publisher - 65536 School - 65536 Series - 255 Title - 65536 RepType - 255 Volume - 255 Year - 255 URL - 65536 Custom1 - 65536 Custom2 - 65536 Custom3 - 65536 Custom4 - 65536 Custom5 - 65536 ISBN - 255

"Default Filter" renamed to "Standard Filter" i39874 feature-info:
Upon request of the documentation team, the "Default Filter" feature in the data source browser has been renamed to "Standard Filter". That is, the tooltip of the respective icon changed, and the title of the dialog opened upon clicking this toolbar icon changed, too. With this, the naming now is consistent with the very similar feature in Calc. This change affects en-US only, no other locales.

Stylist is now hidden by default i36746 The initial user interface shown after the first startup-up shall be as uncluttered as possible. This document describes which tool windows shall be visible after first start-up. speclink framework
Behaviour of 'Line and Filling' and 'Text Formatting' toolbars in impress and draw i38515 This specification covers the Toolbar content changes for 2.0 speclink presentation
missing HelpIds on Task and Slide Pane i38562 feature-info:
There were several HelpIds missing on controls in the Task and View Pane in Impress. This is fixed now. For further details please see issue i40783 and i38562.

Entries in Calc->Format->PrintRanges menu changed i38052 The Format menu in OOo2.0 Calc is no longer context sensitive, i.e. the set of menu commands is fixed for all objects to be edited. The structure and terminology is consistent with the Writer module and matches competitive applications. speclink sc
AutoFormat - Apply numbering extended for Chinese simplified and Japanese i33296 feature-info:
The detection of numbering is now able to detect Chinese periods (0x3002) and Brackets (0xff08 and 0xff09 used in Chinese simpl. and Japanese) and for Japanese the space (0x3000) , numerals (0xff10 ...0xff19) and period (0xff0e)

word processing

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
16268 bibliogr Increase some field lengths in the bibliographic database
30501 tools configure script won't run on Solaris 10 beta
33296 Word pro Another Enhancement of Numbering/Bullets(CS2C)
35698 Installa Override ooo 1.1 desktop integration
35758 Drawing visibility attribute work
36260 Presenta Custom animation: headings should be bold
37244 tools check for existence of "solenv/inc/"
38236 framewor Use GTK theme under KDE/QT environments
40376 tools cwsquery gives curret milestone of the CWS

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

visibility01 Startup performance: reduce shared library exports
svg03 tasks related to SVG export filter
dba22 ongoing DBA bugfixing
vcl33 And ever onwards to 2.0 ...
impress23 bugfix cws
swqbugfixes12 fixes for defects in Writer text formatting
fwkperf01 Framework perfomance optimizations
bm4 Bugfixes for Chart
ause016 cleanup "readlicense_oo"; build fix in &
gtkfpicker2 Cleanup the implementation of the gtk 2.4 filepicker
xmlsec07 Digital Signatures and Security Issues
fwkbugfix04 bugfixes for SO8
os46 CWS to implement issue 33296
cfgsmartcache Performance improvement for configuration: Make the binary cache stay valid despite relocation or switching languages
solarisgcc01 First part of patches for gcc on Solaris.
industrial01 Small additions to configure/build/packaging to allow multiple different icon sets to be built and layered on top of each other
pj16 Misc. fixes for m71 and various ports.
systemboost allow alternatively using the system boost to speed up compiling installset
res32bit2 Fastpath for integration of issue 40403
dr31 Bugfixes SO 8
ause015 several build issues
notesapi API implementation of the new notes features in Calc.
cd02 CWS for post-beta fixes. Due to illness the due da
babelfish translation / l10n features
vclcompact internal VCL rework: limit exports, hide data members of exported classes
tbe15 OO.o 2.0 bug fixes
presperf01 Performance improvements for new Impress slideshow
tbe16 OOo 2.0 bug fixes

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
14557 Drawing SVG export bug with wide pages
16554 framewor special characters in file name (space, ...) are not escaped
17319 Presenta cropped LINKED images - powerpoint files incompatibility
19646 gsl Unix startup splash rendering
21034 framewor Cannot save to symbolic links
21440 Presenta Words underlined by spell-checker are also underlined in HTM
21581 framewor cannot execute simple java script via initiate event on butt
21582 Presenta svg export of ppt source renders large fonts or any font cha
22159 tools Check for GNU versions of patch and cp in configure
22198 Word pro typo in StarWriter string
22746 api Cursor "lost" after .uno:InsertGraphic
23425 Spreadsh Can't open .XLS file
24030 udk in stoc/test loading component library failed:
24735 udk Merge bridges/test/java_uno/multinherit into testtools/sourc
25819 udk Flush instruction cache in bridges/cpp_uno
26556 Spreadsh insert->external data, canceling a failed connection doesn't
28722 udk idlc does not handle character constants correctly
28737 framewor Command-line startup converts path characters when it should
29264 Word pro Bad export to RTF: accented characters lose their font infor
29294 framewor Helper class for Send document as email for XModel
29603 Word pro Drag&Drop of objects works in limited document range only
29606 Presenta Insert file with *.sdd files doesn't work.
29624 udk configuration cache data contain absolute paths
30013 framewor record macro for paste special does not work
30045 Formula minus lost in exponent at screen
30178 Database [cws insight01] newly created form does not have a valid tit
30596 Presenta Effects on master pages don't display during slideshow
30661 Database Form field contains data from different record
30669 Word pro WW8-Export: Conversion of Writer object positions not suppor
31510 api Basic - Loading a library resets a variable
31937 Drawing EditObject - "Edit" and "Save As" is not available when the
31945 framewor Edit-Object-Edit doesnt work with testtool, but manually.
32066 gsl Xinerama is linked staticly even when dynamic is preffered
32157 Word pro Using Edit Note changes notes author
32170 api RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM not referenced anywhere
32217 Drawing Text object: problem with default attributes
32465 Drawing Cannot change pages/slides with pageup/pagedown
32543 Word pro Makro from License autotext doesn't work (fields and placeho
32772 gsl Strange handling of keyboard utf-8 input
32801 gsl sysui/desktop/share/localize.sdf contains non-utf-8 encoding
33099 framewor Hyperlink for new document wants valid file name
33168 Spreadsh Different name in title bar if loading via Recent Files list
33210 Spreadsh insert::sheetFromFile doesn't work with password protected d
33212 framewor qwizard2: delete a doc of a saved setting results in a loop
33483 Word pro contextmenues of editfields: entry missing
33487 Presenta text reappears after deleting it in the outline view.
33535 udk build fails in stoc test with for scope error
33585 framewor please remove obsolete sdi/*slots.src files
33627 Presenta Replace Layout dialog by layout menu in task pane
33656 Database re-enable support for UserDriver types (like mdb, postgresql
33673 framewor No 'Set As Default Template' entry on unix
33855 Installa Remove creation of launchers in /usr/bin from core package(s
33930 Database Title bar of forms and reports do not change after changing
33996 framewor Implement workaround for package objects
34155 Presenta Rehares timing doesen't work, there is no stop watch
34219 framewor switching between own and native file-picker doesn??t work
34341 porting Solarisgccport: x86 add solenv/inc/
34342 porting Solarisgccport: config_office patch
34439 porting complete --with--system-expat
34551 framewor Vertical alignment for CheckBoxes/OptionButtons
34784 Database Bibliography database uses wrong encoding
34818 Word pro Crash on sxw -> doc via uno
35177 Drawing Canceling graphic export produces file
35263 tools simplify readlicense_oo/prj/d.lst
35265 framewor Remove REPLACEMENT_*, use ISO codes instead
35278 l10n The help extraction tools extracts <comment> tags
35470 l10n Add gsicheck usage to prevent merging bad strings in localiz
35475 Word pro Links update only after MAIN document is changed, saved.
35503 Drawing Crash when loading old binary format file
35505 Drawing Loading file "no name" says untitled in window frame
35572 Word pro Bullets and Numbering floating toolbar doesn't move subpars
35776 Word pro Edit - Repeat shows "Repeat: insert $1" after paste special
35811 porting Solarisgccport: stlport namespace patch
35814 porting Solarisgccport: nas HasSunC fix
35816 porting Solarisgccport: tools add new system definitions patch
35818 porting Solarisgccport: cpp uno files for Solaris gcc x86
35819 Installa OOo copies Icons in the wrong folder under SuSE (8.2) and gn
36007 Presenta Impress: cannot retrieve metafiles for control layer objects
36052 tools configure needs to test for visibility
36093 Presenta Performance of emulated VCL gradients is poor - take native
36214 Presenta Fly in 'Smooth start and Smooth end doesn't work.
36339 Installa new Mime types are not registered to mozilla
36382 api New CharacterStyle : setParentStyle can crash
36561 tools configure needs to check for epm
36600 framewor the plugin plugger is not being called correctly
36746 Presenta The Stylist appears at first start-up
36799 Presenta pen is not working in navigator during slideshow
36816 framewor multiple assigned Commands inserted in different ways
36850 api css.ui.UICategoryDescription service
36858 udk Improve performance of RTL_LOGFILE_ stuff
36871 Spreadsh complete notes API
36901 gsl Export to PDF of "Standard Symbols L". A difference when usi
36953 l10n dmake helpex multiprocessing fails in helpcontent2
36983 porting Patchs to implement --with-system-boost
36985 tools --without-fonts variable different between config_office and
36986 Word pro PagePreview icon for two pages is wrong
36993 api API: sfx.StandaloneDocumentInfo::com::sun::star::document::X
37012 Database "New database" wizards appends senseless digit to database's
37023 Database form controls not visible in form preview
37105 l10n Generate scp2/inc/ during the build
37110 utilitie Typo: Original file formal
37165 Database database with a space in the name displayed with %20 in the
37227 framewor Arrays of Arrays are not displayed correctly in the Basic wa
37242 Drawing Color choosing toolboxes crash with icons sized between 16x1
37317 gsl Many text Type 1 fonts get the "symbol flag"
37343 tools disable epm check ...
37356 Word pro HTML code appears in document view after some saves/reloads
37455 api can destroy an OpenOffice document
37480 Database Database Wizard: Option buttons on the last page contain dot
37617 Presenta Switching views in Impress is slow
37640 framewor Create OLE from external document -> becomes converted to in
37642 framewor Undo on deleting formula gives assertion
37644 Drawing LineStart/LineEnd problems
37646 api OLE server implementation does not support OASIS format.
37684 Word pro Edit - Changes - Comment shows trash chars for carriage retu
37714 Word pro Missing Insert toolbar in Writer web
37731 tools Do not export LINK to environment
37757 Word pro Text template wrecked after digitally signing
37763 gsl Improve performance by reducing exported symbols of VCL dll
37769 framewor 'digital signatures' doesn't work on unsaved document
37784 Presenta Change absolute timeout semantics for iterate container
37831 Chart Wrong Metafile
37871 Presenta Background with color gets white after applying master templ
37926 Drawing Typo: "Titel Area for AutoLayouts"
37946 Spreadsh Error: exportShape callings do not correspond to ...
37963 framewor disable macros does not work for Calc document
37965 Spreadsh XLS-export: macro not bound to control
38002 framewor Basic: Bitwise Imp with constants is impossible
38046 framewor Text for trusted sources tabpage does not follow the Specifi
38052 Spreadsh Format - Print Ranges Submenu not Spec conform.
38083 gsl Mail document as pdf attachement fails if there is & in file
38088 framewor Recent Documents list often empty
38091 Database Database Wizard does not appear
38093 Spreadsh Copying autofilter results in an XLS document.
38137 Database push button has no "button type" property anymore
38139 framewor Tools/Macros/Run Macro freezes office when Basic macro is al
38141 Database D&d data from calc into database not more possible
38145 framewor Optimize Layout of the Controls Toolbox in the Basic IDE Dia
38147 framewor document event bindings from 5.2 documents are not imported
38165 Database Space between '%' and 'PRODUCTNAME'
38188 porting optionally use gij/gcj as java/javac replacement where possi
38193 Drawing MIME types for drqing application
38224 Database the navigation buttons inside a gridcontrol don't work
38228 Database no property "content" in form property browser
38235 Database crash when turn on the design while in form filter mode
38241 framewor Crash on cancel of encoded text filter dialog
38250 api API: forms.ORadioButtonModel::com::sun::star::form::binding:
38253 Presenta Changing HeaderFooterSettings needs to propagate that change
38258 l10n evaluate temp file permissions
38286 framewor en-US/de mismatch for .uno:ExtrusionDepthDialog
38314 framewor Crash in Basic Macro dialog
38334 framewor Performance Problem: Copying share/config/soffice.cfg/ to te
38343 Presenta 'Flying' toolbars when I start an Impress or draw
38346 Word pro 3d-settings toolbar should only be displayed if extruded
38358 Database Provide user interface for startup of java database wizards
38370 gsl Glyphs in menubar to narrow
38376 gsl Window::PaintToDevice does not yield the same result as a no
38384 framewor Signed Icon in document statusbar for signed macro
38390 xml OOo XML 1.0 DTD: "% expected" in script.mod
38410 www Submitting certificate
38446 gsl --enable-kde and WIDGETSET_KDE_CFLAGS vs KDE_CFLAGS, qt in c
38460 porting error from boost shared_ptr
38474 Spreadsh Broken OLE if document has signed macros
38477 framewor OfficeCrash when saving read only basic module
38481 document No Index in online help when switching to Chart
38498 Word pro Button getting invisible in "Design Mode"=off
38509 Installa English button label in german Setup loader
38511 Presenta I can't switch in a bullet with Bullets and numbering.
38512 Database An unrecoverable error has occured while running datasources
38514 api API: could not load empty impress and draw document on windo
38515 Presenta Text Formatting toolbar is floating initially
38529 Database All views listed with table icon and not with view icon
38562 Presenta HelpId missing on controls in task window
38564 api API: sd.AccessibleOutlineView crash
38571 framewor failed to send document as an attachment with thunderbird
38583 Presenta Interactionplay sound is vanished.
38628 porting oslDoCopyFile must not call fsync on Unix
38637 framewor Button View Certifcate ... is to small for at least the ger
38638 framewor Text of Root certificate not shown in Certificate viewer
38641 framewor Describtion text is cut off in certificate viewer
38642 framewor Security Warning dialog for signed documents to big
38644 xml RNG: attribute "dur" from namespace "
38655 framewor Macro security does not apply for StarOffice 5.2 macros
38662 xml RNG: bad value for attribute "start-shape"; bad value for at
38677 tools Empty Fontwork Gallery in localized builds
38684 l10n and localize_sl on Windows/cygwin/tcsh
38688 Spreadsh Untranslatable strings in new or changed parts of Calc
38693 framewor sfx2/source/view/view.src: STR_PRINT_NEWORISIZE
38695 Database ResultSetConcurrency is set to the value of ResultSetType w
38704 Word pro Can't paste from 1.1.4
38718 Spreadsh Excel Import: Basic module name missing in macro name
38720 framewor "Send document as PDF attachment" creates *.tmp file
38727 gsl Please specify the font "Charter" at the fallback list.
38744 framewor Digital Signatures Button on Document Properties Dialog much
38749 xml Notes "page" gets lost while exporting OOoXML 1.0 in SRC680m
38750 gsl Pls. use more fonts for glyph fallback
38753 xml RNG(Impress,content) error: bad value for attribute "display
38756   framewor   application crashes if you open config dialog when help appl
38764 Word pro Delete a footnote and undo provokes weird result / crash
38790 udk UNOIDL const causes C++ compiler warning
38792 Spreadsh Excel Export: Several problems with Defined Names
38797 Presenta Slie background vanish when I copy paste a slide in the slid
38809 Chart Ultralarge Fontsize after resizing from 0 Pix
38811 Presenta Some effects has a repaint error.
38818 Installa Japanese Win98: Language selector doesn't show fonts
38821 Spreadsh Excel Export: Crash in defined names export
38843 framewor About window title?
38891 Database newly saved form not shown in the forms list, of another obj
38903 Database open formular in design view doesn't switch on the grid
38906 Database typing into property browser fields doesn't work correct
38932 Database assertion: getModelLineEndSetting: what's this?
38949 Drawing Corrupted Drawing Files (Unrecoverable)
38950 Presenta Impress crashes if PDF button clicked in slidesorter view
38955 Presenta crash when I load the attached .sxi-file
38956 Presenta I can't assign an layout to the handoutview
38957 udk Missing Any <<= bool operator
38978 framewor Macros: organize->libraries->edit does not open IDE
38979 tools dmake depend=true don't remove *.dprr files in svx
38980 Installa ulfconv should not create output files for empty input
38989 Presenta Master view toolbar is visible in handout view
39026 Presenta Initial name in slide rename dialog is wrong
39032 Drawing Bad import hatching area filling from 1.1.4rc
39037 udk proxyfactory delegation problem
39045 Drawing Export Spell Check indicator from Drawing or Impress
39053 Presenta Once the Pen cursor is on it can't be switched back to arrow
39098 Presenta impress crashes on this document
39123 Database The embedded database has to commit their changes when closi
39134 Database form design: new form controls always inserted into top leve
39135 Presenta Interaction for shapes in slide show not supported
39137 tools 4NT build broke in icu
39146 Database re-enable drag'n'drop of table table onto the tables contain
39160 tools s390
39168 Drawing performance silly ...
39169 framewor Customize - Shortcut: all react wrong on keyboard input + so
39170 l10n Write license legal header into localize.sdf files
39187 Database no error message in DSB when trying to open a data source wh
39200 Database Tools|Table filter modifies the database document
39203 api Crash when two Java Wizards are opened
39221 Word pro Numbering of items is not saved right
39222 Database bad english: "Edit Data Base File"
39227 Database crash when executing query in sample document
39233 Database label "Datebase" in NewDB-wizard should be disabled initiall
39235 Database possible to (kind of) switch on the design mode for forms wh
39249 Word pro Enabling CTL support does not add text direction buttons to
39251 Word pro Blank page inserted at begining and one page missing at end
39269 Database after freezing a sheet, form controls are not event aware an
39276 Installa Menu Start: tooltip STR_FI_TOOLTIP_WRITER
39313 l10n dbwizres.src: Gruppierungsbedingungen in en-US
39321 Database cancelling the login dialog on "Test connection" does not ca
39322 Database crash when simultaneously opening two JDBC databases (HSQLDB
39326 Database Database wizard use wrong file type for spreadsheets datasou
39336 framewor StartModule should use non sfx based accelerator configurati
39410 gsl Change to gtk 2.4 is not compatible with our baseline libc-2
39414 l10n dbaccess/source/ui/dlg/AutoControls.hrc: unextracted transla
39432 framewor Appending a Basic Library fails (ooo crashes)
39460 tools patch to beautify configure script and its ouput
39464 Spreadsh Cells appearing as empty
39481 Database HEAD: connectivity fails to build gcc3.4, DriverPropertyInf
39504 Database Oracle JDBC Drivers not working for OOo 1.9.65
39552 Word pro Word Processor crashes after pasting text from another docum
39588 tools rename/remove of external package fails
39600 Presenta Do not display a focus rectangle in task pane header
39602 Database Database wizard: STR_DOCUMENT_OBJECTS and $objects$
39639 Presenta It is not possible to delete a slide by pressing the Del key
39641 Database Tools|SQL should always be enabled, and connect when needed
39667 l10n Please change UTF8 encoding to MS 1252
39671 Database crash when creating a table (with wizard) in a newly created
39672 Word pro Chart changes colors when updating
39686 Database crash when copying the bugdoc table
39688 Database Open the database wizard only after clicking 'Open' from the
39696 Spreadsh FixedText error: calc - insert sheet dialog
39699 Spreadsh FixedText error: calc - header dialog
39700 Spreadsh FixedText error: calc - data::multiple operations
39737 api No selection / action possible from the Address Sources wiza
39755 gsl tryexec in desktop files not valid anymore (no module-startu
39757 tools OSLLIB?
39779 Database crash when click on similarity search button in the search d
39781 Database 2 strings are truncated in the search dialog in languages 55
39782 Spreadsh Calc: Enabling CTL support does not add text direction butto
39829 gsl dxcanvas bugs
39832 Drawing Changing pages broken
39873 Database Fallback to dBase if the embedded database could not be inst
39874 Database please rename "default filter" to "standard filter"
39882 tools remove obsolete switches for RSC
39885 framewor [vcl33] web wizard crash at finishing
39887 framewor [vcl33] : crash when I cancle the file dialog in web wizard
39895 Presenta images from sxw get lost
39915 porting Mac OSX m67 slideshow
39918 Database Base failed to open internal database with 'no msvcr70 in ja
39921 Installa Unable to specifiy more than one required package
39929 Database Repaint of navigation in datasource browser
39933 porting patch for infinite loop in svx build for Mac OSX SRC680 m67
39941 Presenta Undo does not work for shape effects
39942 tools Maco OSX case not correctl in cpputools
39944 Database Property: symbol color loose content by saving
39970 Database Language dependent foults with property: 'frame' in push but
39980 Word pro Object Types Missing in AutoCaption Dialog
39981 Word pro AutoCaption Dialog: Option Dialog Shows Wrong Label Text
39983 Word pro Caption Dialog: Separator Content has to be Part of Category
40017 Word pro Numbering: Spaces Are Not Being Converted to an Indent When
40018 Word pro Numbering: Cursor Traveling Not According to Spec.
40019 Word pro Numbering: Cursor Traveling in Front Of Num. Label Behaves D
40022 framewor OASIS filetypes not registred for IE-plugin
40029 Presenta Remember state of preview checkboxes for animations and slid
40031 framewor Append Libraries dialog doesn't support OASIS file format
40035 Database Msgbox that warns for duplicate tablename should be improved
40042 framewor new document dropdown button: database icon missing if it ha
40048 Word pro Numbering: Paste From Clipboard is not Spec. Conform
40059 Word pro Crash exporting PDF from Writer.
40084 porting udk test fails
40085 Database Controls can not be dropped into writer anymore
40107 gsl Patch for Sylpheed support
40110 Word pro OOo Writer falls back to Thorndale/Times new roman
40140 Word pro Loop opening .doc (two column layout and graphics; biography
40141 Word pro open .doc file in Writer causes hang/loop (Footnotes/section
40147 Word pro Attempts to open .doc file in Writer causes hang (euro2002_1
40150 Word pro Attempts to open .doc file in Writer causes hang (jly_OO.doc
40155 Word pro Attempts to export .doc file to PDF causes Writer to crash (
40164 Presenta Crash in Slide Layout dialog
40167 framewor 64bit: basctl/source/basicide/baside2b.cxx and SetTabs
40176 porting FreeBSD porting : PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS
40178 porting FreeBSD porting : catch up recent version of bridges/source/
40179 porting FreeBSD porting: project extensions
40182 porting FreeBSD porting : catch up recent version of solenv/inc/unxf
40184 porting FreeBSD porting : transex3/source/xmlparse.cxx, doesn't have
40214 Word pro the format 'flip' of a grafic is lost when reload
40226 porting FreeBSD porting : enable cups support
40229 gsl dlopen() instead of
40257 framewor Broken german umlaut in dialog text
40260 framewor column headers in Basic IDE watch window not localized
40281 Presenta Handout layouts cannot be applied
40292 Word pro Exporting blank bookmarks in PDF undesirable.
40302 tools partly does work correctly when invoked with targ
40321 tools build on Windows: ucr/dcssform.db' not found, and can't be m
40343 Presenta Assertion: Error: didn't find current sound in sound list
40352 Chart Missing Name of Toolbar
40370 tools Creating def files with ldump4.exe is very slow
40377 Database [CWS dba22] ERROR: svx/source/unodraw/unoshap2.cxx, line 954
40384 Presenta Assertion: View is NULL in SdUnoDrawView::getCurrentPage
40393 framewor header bar borders in Basic IDE watch window are not drawn
40403 api Can't open a document from api-side before the first documen
40526 Word pro Selction cannot leave just extruded auto shape on click
40530 Word pro Can't load attached .sxi file
40550 Word pro Cpyinga graphic to clipboard -> crash
40594 tools Please don't use slashes
40632 Presenta It not possible to apply Layout & Master Pages to all select
40660 Presenta Some imported slide transitions do not show correclty in sli
40805 tools building automation/imagelist takes ages since i35193 was fi
40819 Presenta travelling between slides isn't possible via hotkeys anymore
40822 Word pro Writer/web does not read external css files anymore
40831 Presenta custom animation create dialog is to short
40867 Drawing CWS: Text formatting toolbar in draw shows no fontsize
40917 porting complete with-system-python
4279 Word pro Problem with fontsize in style when expressed in percentage

Unconfirmed issues reported since m50

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
33668 Word pro 680m51 0 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
33682 Word pro 680m51 2 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
33831 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
33892 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
34183 Formula 680m51 0 Intuitive UI (input)
34202 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
34299 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
34845 Presenta 680m54 0 PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
35085 Chart 680m56 4 Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
35224 framewor 680m54 2 re-establish "Load URL"
35225 framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
35495 framewor 680m56 0 Tools > Bibliography database not removed even after deletin
35504 framewor 680m56 0 Show/hide toolbars during navigation of document creates a v
35525 Presenta 680m56 0 Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
35835 Drawing 680m56 1 Pixels should be a measurement unit
36376 framewor 680m58 2 Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
36388 Drawing 680m58 0 Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
36634 framewor 680m58 2 General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
36733 Word pro 680m56 0 OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
36745 Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
36883 Word pro 680m58 0 Several differences after import
37128 framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
37198 framewor 680m60 0 Documents won't open when OO not already launched
37201 ui 680m60 4 File > Recent Documents should be deletable
37315 framewor 680m62 0 File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
37349 framewor 680m62 0 OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37400 gsl 680m58 0 PDF Export plain: use different compression for images and l
37425 framewor 680m62 0 Minimize app does not minimize undocked toolbar
37488 framewor 680m62 2 OOo does not recognise CUPS printers with CUPS 1.1.22 (Gento
37494 Word pro 680m60 0 Writer-Page Preview-Preview Zoom did not show the largest al
37497 Presenta 680m62 2 Unexpected invocation of windows installer at first run
37525 Word pro 680m62 0 Opening more than one document in writer - distorted window
37526 Word pro 680m62 0 Opening an already opened document doesn't confirm
37603 framewor 680m62 0 OO doesn't detect installed JRE
37994 Word pro 680m62 0 Cannot my macro assign macro to a dialog button
38116 framewor 680m62 0 Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
38185 Drawing 680m62 0 Copy and Paste objects
38198 framewor 680m62 0 User can't run OO
38214 Drawing 680m62 0 Rotate multiple objects
38217 framewor 680m62 0 Missing options in Dialog Customize
38292 Presenta 680m62 0 Outline wordwrap different from slideview
38321 Presenta 680m62 0 Bad implementation of Order Window
38475 framewor 680m62 0 Patch to import plural documen templates at once
38612 Word pro 680m62 0 Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
38613 framewor 680m62 0 parent directory locked after file closed
38687 api 680m62 0 does not work in macro wi
38690 Installa 680m62 0 "Open With" not registered properly
38715 porting 680m64 0 libxmlsec ->defining symbol NEED_LEADING_UNDERSCORE not nee
38793 Word pro 680m62 0 Office should show an error message by trying to insert an e
38850 porting 680m65 0 builds breakage because syntaxis problems in
38878 lingucom 680m60 0 The Thesaurus option not showing results for mosthe word "m
38977 framewor 680m62 0 cannot open created XW document
38994 Word pro 680m65 0 To enable the option 'vertical ruler' in Writer
39006 Drawing 680m62 0 Font work gallery improvement.
39013 framewor 680m62 0 File chooser control has a mix of Windows styles
39205 framewor 680m65 0 help is not the topmost window on most actions
39302 Word pro 680m65 0 Spell checker fails
39318 ui 680m65 0 combo box doesn't have sliding effect under Windows XP
39444 framewor 680m58 0 cropped pin icon in help
39482 framewor 680m65 0 Ligatures mangled with Windows OpenType renderer
39503 framewor 680m65 0 Unable to work with WebDAV (browse folders, open/save files)
39506 Word pro 680m65 0 Cancelling the Save As ... from Letter wizard asks for a con
39615 framewor 680m65 0 The Get statement is missing from Basic
39650 framewor 680m65 0 Resizing application windows not painted properly
39733 framewor 680m65 0 Better support for metric settings
39736 framewor 680m65 0 Indexing and searching OO.o supported file formats
39741 framewor 680m65 0 Floating Toolbars shift position
39786 framewor 680m65 0 ability to postion floating toolbar in the toolbar areas
39789 Presenta 680m65 0 toolbar 'presentation' - button 'slide' - tooltip should be
39792 framewor 680m65 0 template name back loaded, saving doesn't work
39794 framewor 680m65 0 right click menu for toolbar selection
39879 framewor 680m65 0 When 1 subwindow open in a document, can't switch to other d
39880 gsl 680m65 0 PDF generation never finishes
39894 Word pro 680m65 0 Problems saving in Word 97/2000/XP formats
39903 ui 680m65 0 Docking for Find dialog
39907 Spreadsh 680m62 0 no display on page preview
39914 porting 680m67 0 MAc OSX m67 automation breaks main function missing
39927 porting 680m67 0 patch for necessary main function in padmin Mac OSX SRC680
39928 porting 680m67 0 sc break on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build because inlining
39935 porting 680m67 0 bridge build fails on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build registry prob
39959 Word pro 680m65 0 Copy / Paste from web page crashes and exits
39961 porting 680m67 0 extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
39969 porting 680m67 0 files not found in instsetoo_native Mac OSX SRC680 m67
39990 Chart 680m65 0 X-axis and legent labes in chart
39992 Word pro 680m65 2 Autodetection of language of typed text
40010 framewor 680m65 0 inserting many big tables takes incredible much performance
40060 Database 680m65 0 Left edge of toolbar aligned with mouse pointer instead of t
40063 Database 680m65 0 Screen redraw slow in table view
40073 porting 680m67 0 Linux PowerPC m67 packages cannot be build register componen
40117 framewor 680m65 0 undo/restore history in basic editor
40159 ui 680m65 0 Lines & Arrows (Fills) Toolbar title given in German
40173 Word pro 680m65 0 Menus not being redrawn correctly after being chosen in Mand
40206 framewor 680m65 2 doesn't start under Debian unstable - "internal error"
40208 framewor 680m69 0 Locked toolbar state not remembered across program invocatio
40252 Database 680m69 0 Provide handles to objects inside the form / report for bett
40258 framewor 680m65 0 postion of floating toolbars should be remembered
40261 framewor 680m65 0 incorrect toolbar positioning
40285 Spreadsh 680m65 0 Quickly move Rows and columns like in Writer
40361 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc toolbar functions have incorrect title (e.g. "Columns")
40364 gsl 680m70 0 Office window "x" close button should always appear
40430 Presenta 680m65 0 Attempts to open .ppt file cause OpenOffice to hang (shadows
40483 framewor 680m69 0 OOo chrashes when exportig documents as PDF that contains a
40484 Drawing 680m69 0 Not all text manipulation features on text toolbar
40488 framewor 680m70 0 Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40514 Drawing 680m70 0 Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40536 Word pro 680m65 0 Document that causes crash when printed on certain printers
40580 Drawing 680m69 0 better placement for text on connector
40592 Spreadsh 680m69 2 Find & Replace Menu flashes after 3min. in the background
40613 Spreadsh 680m65 0 Calc doc with subtotal and filter, export to ms excel, open
40645 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
40646 Word pro 680m70 0 Formats do not work in Find/Replace dialog
40695 framewor 680m70 0 Repagination of a document with OLE objects at page boundary
40749 Drawing 680m69 0 Dimension line could not be coppeled with an other object
40751 Drawing 680m69 0 change gridcolor and type
40759 Word pro 680m69 0 paragraph format stuck in "do not split paragraph"
40800 ui 680m69 0 Make an option to switch off toolbar gradients
40802 Database 680m69 0 Long initial delay when connecting via ODBC
40830 Word pro 680m70 0 Cannot select multiple inline drawing objects in Writer
40846 Spreadsh 680m69 0 OLE Objects are very unstable when importing from excel spre
40860 Database 680m69 0 Editing forms after opening them doesn't work (changes are n
40912 ui 680m65 0 Desktop Icon Issues
40942 document 680m70 0 space missing
40943 framewor 680m69 0 ability to cancel document restoration
40975 Spreadsh 680m69 0 text box shifted in print view
40995 Installa 680m71 0 Use original MS Office icons for its file types or replace b
40999 Word pro 680m70 0 Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
41021 gsl 680m65 0 [Math object in Writer] some symbols can not be displayed pr
41036 framewor 680m69 0 Text editing bug
41047 Database 680m69 0 OOo Base crashes on query edit
41057 Presenta 680m71 0 After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
41078 Presenta 680m70 0 Problems with images in large (~20Mb) presentations
41103 Word pro 680m70 0 Some menu items missing ellipsis
41104 Spreadsh 680m70 0 Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
41137 porting 680m71 0 Build instructions for the Mac OSX port of S68m71s1
41143 framewor 680m65 0 Documents to be recovered kan not be removed
41173 Word pro 680m69 0 improved table contents moving
41177 ui 680m71 0 moving subform over page shadow gives bad color
41242 Formula 680m71 0 Improper display of signs in exponents of formulas.
41246 l10n 680m71 0 Unicode U+034F (Combining Grapheme Joiner) not interpreted c
41247 Word pro 680m73 0 Square boxes appears in tools/language/hyphenation in UNIX p
41251 framewor 680m69 1 separation of advanced preferences
41254 ui 680m71 0 default keyboard shorcut
41260 Word pro 680m71 0 No close button for media player
41261 Database 680m71 0 Tables and queries do not show as drop down options in form
41264 Word pro 680m71 0 unnecessary reformatting when dragging rows
41274 framewor 680m71 0 Loading file from address bar leads to crash
41279 framewor 680m71 0 Document recovery dialog could not be cancelled
41280 Database 680m71 0 Highlight the default action in context menu for database ob
41281 framewor 680m71 0 Too slow startup on Windows 2000
41283 Spreadsh 680m73 0 centered, middle aligned text at an angle is displaced
41319 Word pro 680m71 0 Save/export (pdf) gives me a "General Input/Output error"
41321 framewor 680m67 0 "Recent Documents" lost from menu
41377 Word pro 680m71 0 Numbering in headings is lost during save to ODT format
41378 Presenta 680m71 0 videos can't be started/stopped during presentation with jmf
41386 Presenta 680m71 0 Editing the slidemaster it is impossible to remove pictures
41398 Database 680m71 0 Clicking 'Tables' in left pane causes connection error
41401 Database 680m71 0 Tables disappear when .odb file renamed
41402 Presenta 680m71 0 arrows for bullet-indention in the text-toolbar are inacitve
41410 Database 680m71 0 Cannot use subform in Calc
41421 framewor 680m71 0 Opens in undesirable state after program crash
41423 Database 680m71 0 Delete Key does not work in query design editor
41425 framewor 680m69 0 case sensitivity in open dialog history
41431 Word pro 680m71 0 Convert table to text converts the whole table even if a row
41438 Word pro 680m69 0 draw:path defect : command a(elliptical arc) in svg:d should
41441 Database 680m71 0 New Default database could not have tables / no properties /
41442 Database 680m71 0 Ctrl + A is unable to make selection of all objects while ed

$Id: 1.9.m74_snapshot.html,v 1.3 2005/01/31 09:26:21 mh Exp $

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