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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m71s1 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m70 and  680_m71s1.
this release will install as 1.9.71s1, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m71s1.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Form design opens with changed grid size and vertical ruler i37327 feature-info:
When opening a new form, the vertical ruler is now visible and the grid size is set to 5 to allow a better adjustment of a control.
not set
Data Source Browser in embedded forms i37467 feature-info:
The data source browser in a embedded form document (F4) displays exactly the database which the form belongs to, and not the registered databases anymore.
not set
Installation of configuration data does not use configimport any more i38928 This document describes how installation-dependent configuration data can be installed with native installers. The mechanism used previously had certain conceptual problems and can't be readily ported to non-native installers. The document also describes how installation-dependent configuration data is defined for the new schema. In the solution described, installation-dependent configuration is defined together with its globally available counterpart in module officecfg. During the build process this master data is split into globally available common data, locale-dependent data and installation-dependent data. During installation, installation-dependent data is installed into a special configuration tree, that supports multiple files per component. Thus such data is held physically separated and merged together only at runtime. speclink installation

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
22148 gsl New Ximian artwork
27773 framewor Replace SO3 based embedding by new UNO based API
36020 utilitie Build in officecfg should contain a check against duplicate
37327 Database DB: Form design enhancements
37381 Database Save Form & Window dimensions into *.odb file
37467 Database [RFE] data source browser in embedded forms should display t
37702 gsl Use flat buttons in column/row headers

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
14045 Word pro Background pictures from MS Word are displayed on the front
19683 Word pro Incorrect table of contents after import from Word
21763 sdk ucb::XSimpleFileAccess::setInteractionHandler() undocumented
27759 framewor Accessibility: Tools/Configure->Events: Unable to access ass
28062 Presenta PPT-Export: bullets are wrong after PPT-Export
28331 Word pro error in conversion from OO text document to MS Word documen
29178 Word pro WW8: export/re-import loses tab character in TOC
30054 Word pro style changes upon saving
30094 Word pro OO crashes, when saving doc as HTML
30432 Word pro Hidden text permanently removed from document during 'send a
31168 Word pro Data Loss when saving Unicode File to OO File Format
31620 Word pro undefined symbol in binfilter/bf_sw
32189 gsl Last item of docked toolbar items is sometimes hidden
32279 framewor Remove AbsToRel and related from INetURLObject: binfilter
32429 Word pro Assertion from XML filter when opening certain .sdw
32592 Word pro "First paragraph" option (on frames/pictures) isn't saved if
32596 Word pro WW8: reloading exported sxw containing graphic in header loo
32814 tools conditionally do not build msfontextract project
33105 l10n Operator delete mismatch
33385 api API: i18n.IndexEntrySupplier::XIndexEntrySupplier::getIndex
33649 xml CustomShapes are not loaded
33702 framewor Java doesn't work /pocket filters not working
33756 Presenta Impress crashes when loading .ppt file
34837 l10n Japanese "Katakana" numbering is not continued
35001 framewor Toolbars: 'Text only' outside the visible desktop back to vi
35433 Installa KDE vclplug cannot be installed
35544 framewor Allow the user to expand his selection over multiple rows/co
35687 Word pro Custom format in section endnotes wrong
35940 Database [cws dbwizard1] forms created with form wizard can't be open
35986 Word pro Missing AutoCaption Components
36053 Spreadsh Note tooltips doesnt follow columns
36207 Database Change dbase table structure shifts data on OOo 1.1.2 WinXP
36219 Database The property browser for controls (dialog controls as well a
36226 gsl [gtk-plugin] bugdoc containing math objects flickers after p
36344 gsl refresh flicker for tool windows on scrolling
36601 framewor Linked in pictures aren't saved as relative urls in xml docu
36667 Spreadsh Notes loosing their formating after cut and paste
36685 Word pro AutoCorrection doesn't work
36699 gsl pre-edit buffer gets committed again after focus change
36701 gsl Highlighting of primary pre-edit area does not work
36761 gsl Several fixes in KDE vclplug
36763 gsl Cleanup of NWF
36777 Database Misleading "Could not load the program library libodbcinst.s
36859 l10n sk_SK locale data is missing quarter#Abbreviation entries
36870 Word pro Problem with accentuated greek characters
36907 ui default application icon not available on unix
36984 ui Translate names of sample order of TemplateDocDialog broken
36991 Word pro Large tables imported from Word being corrupted, does not br
37000 ui tooltips incorrectly formatted
37017 Database ERROR: FmXFormView::implInitializeControlModel: Border, but
37019 Database data source name in table control wizard contains encoded ch
37021 Database There's no document information in the preview of a form doc
37025 Database preview for database documents is pretty trashy in "Document
37027 Database changes made to an embedded form are lost if you don't expli
37032 Database table column widths do not always stick
37070 Database can't set "Filter" or "Sort" in sample form
37077 framewor Improve performance by reducing exported symbols of sfx and
37085 api Missing interface class XStateChangeBroadcaster for embedded
37111 Database Two spaces in string
37135 Word pro typo: sw/source/core/undo/undo.src contains "bibliographiy"
37163 Database spaces in database name disaplyed as %20 in the datasource v
37185 Database Filters on the top of a (already filtered) query working imp
37205 gsl pdf export does not include subject
37298 Database File|New|Database should not have end ellipses
37308 Word pro dbtools reloaded with each mouse click
37310 l10n Some locale data XML files do not validate against locale.dt
37320 Database Database app window:2x focus but on nothing is really select
37324 Database DB App: Create View is active even it is not possible to cre
37331 Database Form design save dialog
37337 Database wrong horizontal scrollbar size when reloading the table dat
37342 Database Controls in Bibliography use classic look
37379 api MediaDescriptor implicity inserts the ReadOnly property
37389 Database please ensure that help requests from within the database ap
37428 Word pro DDE fields broken in cws_sb19
37429 Word pro Floating frame broken in cws_sb19
37430 Word pro The section dialog doesn't show section contained in linked
37431 Word pro The properties of a linked picture show a link to the curren
37432 Word pro WW8: NoteRef loses connection to footnote on import
37433 Database embedded forms store the absolute path to the database docum
37434 Database table control in embedded form documents flickering on mouse
37571 Word pro Tables change size on import/export from/to MS Word.
37637 gsl KDE vclplug does not link
37760 gsl Improve performance by reducing exported symbols of TK dll
37761 Word pro Remove Sw3Io (old binary file support) from sw
37779 Word pro No new paragraph on key 'return', if pressed in empty headin
37806 gsl gtk IM fixes
37835 Database Label position in FieldInformation@TableWizard is not quite
37854 Spreadsh typo "numbe rof"
37876 Presenta background of page 1 in bugdoc is not exported to ppt
37895 framewor Fontwork: I see no text after inserting favorite 14
37937 utilitie Deprecate TransferUserSettingsOnce setting
37938 utilitie Remove references to <author>DG in officecfg
37940 Word pro Crash: Inserting picture with preselected style name
37953 Database the file type name in the database wizard is wrong
37954 Database the filter name in the "Register datasource" dialog is wrong
37971 Word pro regression: file could not be opend
37977 gsl Desktop detection of Gnome gives false positives
38016 l10n Long Jewish dates missing some common formats
38020 framewor About and "my company"
38047 Word pro Ensure numering rule is valid when creating the numbering st
38048 Drawing Preview does not always show changes that are made to a Cust
38071 Drawing fail to insert new drawing objects using CTRL+ENTER
38086 Word pro Crash when Undoing Paste of a two-column frame
38114 gsl fix RTL languages with gtk+ plugin ...
38136 Word pro Number of Numbering lost after Deselecting Numbering Item vi
38150 Word pro Crash on closing BiblioDB containing non latin characters
38159 tools BSTRPLIB unused
38161 porting transex3 build break GetEnv(char const*) undefined
38197 api Saving a new Autotext crashes on X platforms
38219 Database [CWS dba20] crash when closing an embedded form
38232 Word pro paragraph which keeps with table does not flow backwards
38294 Word pro Convert text to table dialog broken
38305 ui umlauts are sometimes deformed in UI
38329 Drawing Word Import: text from WordArts are not imported properly
38350 Spreadsh Cell comment box formatting
38364 framewor Double definition in svx/inc/svxids.hrc
38388 Word pro Incorrect display of Khmer Language when typing long combina
38489 Word pro AutoCompletion doesn't work reliably on Solaris
38505 Word pro Crash when ungrouping 3D-Objects
38563 Word pro change order of Writer fly frame causes crash
38668 utilitie officecfg: add dependencies on build tools
38691 porting solenv bad linking with libm in
38724 utilitie Embedding.xcs contains (inavlid) set of 'xs:string'
38733 Word pro Assertion "wrong token" in Insert-Index dialog
38800 framewor Move embedding configuration modules to module officecfg
38813 l10n bg local corrections
38816 Spreadsh Graphic object bar in Calc should be docked by default
38882 Drawing callouts(line callout 1 and line callout 2) is not working p
38889 Word pro invisible drawing objects are selectable via navigation
38928 Installa Remove configimport actions for windows
38937 porting Unused GOODIESLLIB: remove it
39163 Word pro PDF export: links inside tables pointing to destinations in
39182 tools In 680m65, 'officeloader.obj' not found, and can't be made
39348 l10n Use CLDR data instead of specific data
39371 l10n Patched sl_SI.xml
39408 l10n Russian localedata corrections
39423 tools configure must not check for epm for w32
39424 tools Let configure only accept .NET 2003 compiler for W32 build
39437 Database [cws dba20] names of the events in the property browser are
39644 ui "Text body justfied" -> "Text body justified"
39694 l10n nl_NL, nl_BE: align locale data with CLDR
39695 l10n et_EE: align locale data with CLDR
39697 l10n nb_NO, nn_NO: era abbreviation needs a trailing dot
39707 Spreadsh horinzontal text alignment not saved properly
39818 porting Remove solenv/unxmacxp/UNXP from path
40089 utilitie Changes made for #i17295# not reflected into 2.0 series

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

sb19 m71s1 Remove static base URL stuff from INetURLObject
sb25 m71s1 reduce exported symbols of dynamic libraries IM
monaleenfilterteam30 m71s1 More filter fixes
calc27 m71s1 Calc bugfixes
macosx01 m71s1 MacOS X build fixes - part 1. Easy fixes.
pj15 m71s1 Misc. fixes for SRC680_m68
dbgdump1 m71s1 Merge missing debugging aids from 1.1
jb01 m71s1 Fix i40244 (P1) - Menus (and more) are not localiz
cfgimpex m71 Eliminate use of configimport in postinstall.
vcl32 m71 Still more issues on our way to 2.0
sj13 m71 normal bugfix workspace for OO2.0 containing
os45 m71 Bugfixing after Beta, (Binfilter)
pbbeta04 m71 Bugfixes for About-Box
html03 m70 HTML issues
localedata2 m70 Locale data fixes.
dba20 m70 Ongoing dba bug fixing
os44 m70 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
fooobuild m70 buildfix wrt FontOOo/msfontextract
swqbugfixes11 m70 fixes of defects in Writer text formattin
smoketest3 m70 smoketestoo_native with Win32-Tcsh
vq08 m70 W32 build fixes for m66

Unconfirmed issues reported since m50

ID Comp Summary
33668 Word pro Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
33682 Word pro Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
33831 framewor After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 framewor Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
33892 framewor Add a typography checker
34183 Formula Intuitive UI (input)
34202 Presenta Change font size using "+/- n"
34299 framewor Del a site out of a document
34845 Presenta PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
35085 Chart Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
35224 framewor re-establish "Load URL"
35225 framewor "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
35495 framewor Tools > Bibliography database not removed even after deletin
35504 framewor Show/hide toolbars during navigation of document creates a v
35525 Presenta Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
35835 Drawing Pixels should be a measurement unit
36376 framewor Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
36388 Drawing Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
36634 framewor General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
36733 Word pro OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
36745 Word pro Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
36883 Word pro Several differences after import
37128 framewor PDF widget button action should match OOo action
37198 framewor Documents won't open when OO not already launched
37201 ui File > Recent Documents should be deletable
37315 framewor File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
37349 framewor OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37400 gsl PDF Export plain: use different compression for images and l
37425 framewor Minimize app does not minimize undocked toolbar
37488 framewor OOo does not recognise CUPS printers with CUPS 1.1.22 (Gento
37494 Word pro Writer-Page Preview-Preview Zoom did not show the largest al
37497 Presenta Unexpected invocation of windows installer at first run
37525 Word pro Opening more than one document in writer - distorted window
37526 Word pro Opening an already opened document doesn't confirm
37603 framewor OO doesn't detect installed JRE
37994 Word pro Cannot my macro assign macro to a dialog button
38116 framewor Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
38185 Drawing Copy and Paste objects
38198 framewor User can't run OO
38214 Drawing Rotate multiple objects
38217 framewor Missing options in Dialog Customize
38292 Presenta Outline wordwrap different from slideview
38321 Presenta Bad implementation of Order Window
38475 framewor Patch to import plural documen templates at once
38612 Word pro Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
38613 framewor parent directory locked after file closed
38687 api does not work in macro wi
38690 Installa "Open With" not registered properly
38715 porting libxmlsec ->defining symbol NEED_LEADING_UNDERSCORE not nee
38793 Word pro Office should show an error message by trying to insert an e
38850 porting builds breakage because syntaxis problems in
38878 lingucom The Thesaurus option not showing results for mosthe word "m
38977 framewor cannot open created XW document
38994 Word pro To enable the option 'vertical ruler' in Writer
39006 Drawing Font work gallery improvement.
39013 framewor File chooser control has a mix of Windows styles
39205 framewor help is not the topmost window on most actions
39302 Word pro Spell checker fails
39318 ui combo box doesn't have sliding effect under Windows XP
39444 framewor cropped pin icon in help
39482 framewor Ligatures mangled with Windows OpenType renderer
39503 framewor Unable to work with WebDAV (browse folders, open/save files)
39506 Word pro Cancelling the Save As ... from Letter wizard asks for a con
39615 framewor The Get statement is missing from Basic
39650 framewor Resizing application windows not painted properly
39733 framewor Better support for metric settings
39736 framewor Indexing and searching OO.o supported file formats
39741 framewor Floating Toolbars shift position
39786 framewor ability to postion floating toolbar in the toolbar areas
39789 Presenta toolbar 'presentation' - button 'slide' - tooltip should be
39790 Drawing connector is not resized upon object resizing
39792 framewor template name back loaded, saving doesn't work
39794 framewor right click menu for toolbar selection
39879 framewor When 1 subwindow open in a document, can't switch to other d
39880 gsl PDF generation never finishes
39894 Word pro Problems saving in Word 97/2000/XP formats
39903 ui Docking for Find dialog
39907 Spreadsh no display on page preview
39914 porting MAc OSX m67 automation breaks main function missing
39927 porting patch for necessary main function in padmin Mac OSX SRC680
39928 porting sc break on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build because inlining
39935 porting bridge build fails on Mac OSX SRC680 m67 build registry prob
39959 Word pro Copy / Paste from web page crashes and exits
39961 porting extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
39969 porting files not found in instsetoo_native Mac OSX SRC680 m67
39990 Chart X-axis and legent labes in chart
39992 Word pro Autodetection of language of typed text
40010 framewor inserting many big tables takes incredible much performance
40060 Database Left edge of toolbar aligned with mouse pointer instead of t
40063 Database Screen redraw slow in table view
40073 porting Linux PowerPC m67 packages cannot be build register componen
40117 framewor undo/restore history in basic editor
40159 ui Lines & Arrows (Fills) Toolbar title given in German
40173 Word pro Menus not being redrawn correctly after being chosen in Mand
40206 framewor doesn't start under Debian unstable - "internal error"
40208 framewor Locked toolbar state not remembered across program invocatio
40252 Database Provide handles to objects inside the form / report for bett
40258 framewor postion of floating toolbars should be remembered
40261 framewor incorrect toolbar positioning
40285 Spreadsh Quickly move Rows and columns like in Writer
40361 Spreadsh Calc toolbar functions have incorrect title (e.g. "Columns")
40364 gsl Office window "x" close button should always appear
40430 Presenta Attempts to open .ppt file cause OpenOffice to hang (shadows
40483 framewor OOo chrashes when exportig documents as PDF that contains a
40484 Drawing Not all text manipulation features on text toolbar
40488 framewor Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40514 Drawing Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40536 Word pro Document that causes crash when printed on certain printers
40580 Drawing better placement for text on connector
40592 Spreadsh Find & Replace Menu flashes after 3min. in the background
40613 Spreadsh Calc doc with subtotal and filter, export to ms excel, open
40645 Spreadsh Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
40646 Word pro Formats do not work in Find/Replace dialog
40695 framewor Repagination of a document with OLE objects at page boundary
40749 Drawing Dimension line could not be coppeled with an other object
40751 Drawing change gridcolor and type
40755 gsl Font rendering problem
40759 Word pro paragraph format stuck in "do not split paragraph"
40800 ui Make an option to switch off toolbar gradients
40802 Database Long initial delay when connecting via ODBC
40830 Word pro Cannot select multiple inline drawing objects in Writer
40846 Spreadsh OLE Objects are very unstable when importing from excel spre
40860 Database Editing forms after opening them doesn't work (changes are n
40912 ui Desktop Icon Issues
40942 document space missing
40943 framewor ability to cancel document restoration
40975 Spreadsh text box shifted in print view
40995 Installa Use original MS Office icons for its file types or replace b
40997 Word pro Vertical Ruler menu item is missing from View menu
40999 Word pro Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
41021 gsl [Math object in Writer] some symbols can not be displayed pr
41029 Spreadsh Undo: Set Property "StringItemList" crashes OOo
41036 framewor Text editing bug
41047 Database OOo Base crashes on query edit
41057 Presenta After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
41078 Presenta Problems with images in large (~20Mb) presentations
41086 Spreadsh Cell editing bug
41103 Word pro Some menu items missing ellipsis
41104 Spreadsh Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
41109 Spreadsh Incorrect page numbering within preview
41137 porting Build instructions for the Mac OSX port of S68m71s1
41143 framewor Documents to be recovered kan not be removed
41173 Word pro improved table contents moving
41175 Word pro unnecessary formatting when moving table contents
41177 ui moving subform over page shadow gives bad color
41179 Word pro ability to select multiple empty table rows

146 issues found

$Id: 1.9.m71s1_snapshot.html,v 1.2 2005/01/24 16:29:44 mh Exp $

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