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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m65 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m63 and  680_m65.
this release will install as 1.9.65, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m65.

Important Notes

File Format

Some documents that have been saved with SRC680 build prior to m64 cannot be loaded into SRC680m64 and future builds. This espacially applies to Writer documents. To be able to load them, the file need to be coverted. The conversion can be done as follows:

  1.  Create a backup of the document.
  2. Rename the document to a file with the same name but an extensions that has the 2nd "o" replaced with a "d". For instance, test.oot becomes test.odt. For drawing documents, use the extension "odg". For templates,only the extension of drawing templates has to be changed to "otg".
  3. Unzip the sub documents "mimetype" and "META-INF/manifest.xml" from the document using an arbitrary zip tool.
  4. Within the unzipped "mimetype" and "META-INF/manifest.xml" files, replace all occurencies of "x-vnd.oasis.openoffice" with "vnd.oasis.opendocument".
  5. Add the "mimetype" file uncompressed to the document.
  6. Add "META-INF/manifest.xml" to the document.
  7. Load the document into and resave it.
For a file called test.oot, on Unix/Solaris the following commands do that job:

> cp test.oot test.odt
> unzip test.odt mimetype META-INF/manifest.xml
> mv mimetype mimetype.bak
> sed -e"s/x-vnd\.oasis\.openoffice/vnd.oasis.opendocument/"
    mimetype.bak >mimetype
> zip -0 test.odt mimetype
> mv META-INF/manifest.xml META-INF/manifest.xml.bak
> sed -e"s/x-vnd\.oasis\.openoffice/vnd.oasis.opendocument/"
    META-INF/manifest.xml.bak >META-INF/manifest.xml
> zip test.odt META-INF/manifest.xml
> [start, load file and dave it again]

Background: The OASIS Open Office Technical Committee (TC) recently decided to rename its specification from "Open Office Specification 1.0" to "OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0", abbreviated "OpenDocument". At the same time the TC decided to use new extensions (odt, ods, etc. instead oot, oos, etc.), new MIME types (application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text, etc. instead of application/vnd.oasis.openoffice.text, etc) and new XML namespace URIs.
This change has been implemented in SRC680m64.
Elizabeth explained the proper naming in her message to the dev@l10n list.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Hangul Hanja feature changed intern In Korean apart from Hangul (Korean alphabet) Hanja (Chinese characters) is often used for writing. Since all Hanja words have a transliteration in Hangul Koreans often first write a word in Hangul and convert it then to Hanja. MS Word and Hancom 97/2002 provide special functionality to address this issue. To stay competitive on the Korean market 1.1 will need to have such feature, too. speclink L10N
form property browser follows user action i11287 feature-info:
As a small convenience improvement when designing form documents (and as welcome side effect of another implementation in CWS eforms2), the content of the form property browser now follows the user action. That is: Previously, if you displayed properties of a form in the property browser, and then selected a control in your document, the property browser switched to the form which this control belonged to. Effectively, this means the property browser content usually didn't change, which was confusing. Nowadays, whenever you select a form control in the document view, or a control or form in the form navigator (or, in both cases: more than one), the property browser will follow this selection, and display the properties of the selected object(s).
not set
Extension for UserDefinedDriver in the registry i33591 feature-info:
The registry schema for the org.openoffice.Office.DataAccess.UserDefinedDriver now contains an Extension property, which should be set if the driver needs to select a file to connect to. If the Extension is empty no browse button will be shown in the connection dialog, otherwise the fileopen dialog appears with the extension set as filter. Best regards, Ocke
not set
The default value for connection pooling changed to false i34787 feature-info:
The connection pool is now disabled by default. The same applies for every database driver. The options can be changed in the dialog -> (Tools->Options->OOoBase->Connections)
not set
Windows: Binary file name changed to soffice.bin i20882 The Error Reporting Tool and the document recovery features are combined into one work flow. When crashes the documents will be saved and users get informed abut the upcoming recovery process, followed by sending out an error report. speclink framework
View menu for Start module and Bibliography i35058 The View menus of all OOo 2.0 modules are restructured. The first segment contains the different viewing modes, the second segment contains the toolbars and layout aids like rulers and guide, while the last section contains full screen mode and zooming functions. Module specific options are placed above the last group. The terminology is also updated to better match the terms used by competing applications. speclink framework
Start module has a "Tools - Customize" menu entry i35059
speclink framework
Toolbar contents changed i35062 This specification covers the Toolbar content changes for 2.0 speclink framework
New slide show subsystem for Impress i20477 feature-info:
In the CWS presentationengine01, the Impress slideshow subsystem is completely overhauled. The underlying model data representation for animation effects now borrows from SMIL (see, and is able to handle nearly all of the PPT effects. On the UI, the new functionality is mainly reflected by two new task panels, namely one for shape effect and one for slide transitions. Overall, the workflow and controllability regarding animation effects should be much improved.
not set
option buttons / check boxes now also exchanging text 116712 feature-info:
Currently, check box and option button form controls can be bound to cells in spreadsheet documents, but are only able to exchange boolean values with those cells. That is, when the control is selected resp. checked, TRUE appears in the cell, and when it's not selected resp. unchecked, FALSE appears. The "indetermined" state is mapped to #N/A. With the integration of eforms2, both control types are also able to exchange strings with their bound cell. That is, if the "Reference value" of the control is set to an non-empty string, this string will be used for data exchange with the cell: If the control is selected resp. checked, the ref value appears in the cell, and when it's not selected resp. unchecked, an empty string appears. The "indetermined" state is still mapped to #N/A. In the opposite direction, when you enter something in the bound cell, the respective control will be selected / checked if and only if the cell content evaluates to the reference value. This allows new use cases: For instance, you could create a group of 3 option buttons, all bound to the same cell, but having different reference values: Here, the cell will always contain exactly the reference value of the selected option button. The details of this change have been added to the original feature specification at
not set
Lotus 1-2-3 import supporting version 9.7 i34806 feature-info:
The Lotus 1-2-3 import now also loads files of Lotus versions up to 9.7, the file type list box lists the .123 file name extension additionally to the already known .wk1 and .wks extensions. Opening a Lotus 1-2-3 file without selecting a filter type now loads the file into Calc instead of Writer. The feature set supported is similar to the old *.wk? versions, with the addition of text attributes. The following have been completed: Rendering of Positive integers Rendering of Negative integers and Character Data Rendering of Floating Point Numbers Rendering of Numbers that are multiples of 10 Rendering of Long Numbers stored in IEEE Format Rendering of Formula that does Summation, Avg Rendering of Notes Rendering of various other formula like abs, sqrt etc Alignment of Text- Vertical as well as Horizontal Bold, Italics and Underlined Thanks to Ashwanth Premchandran and Michael Meeks.
not set
Apache Xalan-J 2.6.0 has been added to the Office and build environment i36335 feature-info:
Xalan-J 2.6.0, together with the embedded Xerces-J 2.6.2 version, has been added to the build environment. A new module 'xalan' has been created containing the three mandatory JARs 'xalan.jar', 'xercesImpl.jar' and 'xml-apis.jar'. All three JARs will be delivered into the '/program/classes' directory. Office components, which want to use it, should load the JARs by their manifest. For example, the line 'Class-Path: xalan.jar xercesImp.jar xml-apis.jar' has been added to the manifest 'MANIFEST.MF' of the XSLTFilter.jar. By this all XSLT filter of the Office uses Xalan2.6 now. Exception: JDK/JRE1.4 users will still use the integrated Xalan. All changes are integrated with the CWS xsltfilter04 and will be most probably available with the src680_m63 build.
not set
Increase usability of file recovery (framework) i20078 The Error Reporting Tool and the document recovery features are combined into one work flow. When crashes the documents will be saved and users get informed abut the upcoming recovery process, followed by sending out an error report. speclink ui
Time stamps now are stored in a document when they are signed i20172
speclink ui
Improve Emergency Recovery and Combine with AutoSave Feature (framework) i20882 Introduce new “AutoRecovery” function with the possibility to configure the saving time frame. “AutoRecovery” recovers all SO applications (including all documents, cursor and window positions) exactly to the previously saved state. The user will get the same working environment he had before the application terminated. User will be informed using dialogs. speclink ui
First Start Wizard i29572
speclink ui
"Digital Signature..." Menu Entry added to Tools - Macros Sub Menu i36223
speclink ui
No more .properties files containing localized descriptions of registry schema items i18588 feature-info:
The *.properties files containing localized descriptions and labels for configuration schema items are not installed (under $(install)/share/registry/res) any more. There were no clients of this data left. [Note: the internal 'ecomp' product is broken by this, but is being removed currently and should not be tested any more. Instead the schema item descriptions (only the default language - in all known cases english) are now left inside the installed schema files (under $(install)/share/registry/schema), where they can be found by interested users (developers or system administrators) much more easily.
not set
XForms support in Writer i31958 XForms is an international standard for web forms. is able to create and edit XForms compatible forms. Part 1 of the specification describes the graphical user interface (GUI) for Toolbars, modes and the Data navigator for this new XForms functionality. speclink word processing
XForms support in Writer (2) i31958 XForms is an international standard for web forms. is able to create and edit XForms compatible forms. Part 2 of the specification describes the graphical user interface for designing form controls which live in XForms compatible form documents. speclink word processing
Mail Merge Feature changed i34305 The Mail Merge functionality will be totally renewed. The user will be assisted by a Merge Wizard. Advanced users will get a Toolbar from where the most needed functions for creating a Merge are accessible. The new Merge will also be much more flexible in managing & editing databases and allows to save into one single file. speclink word processing
table style parent changed i34939 OOo 2.0 now considers spacing and indent set for left / right and for above / below paragraphs when calculating the entire spacing to a table's border. Those two sorts of spacing (paragraph and table) are now being added instead of only considering the distance to border set in the table's properties. This new feature improves the Microsoft interoperability and is also set as default for new created Writer documents to improve the export to Microsoft Word format. But this new feature has some side effects for new created documents: Writer automatically assigns paragraph styles "Table heading" and "Table content" to a table's heading and content. Due to paragraph spacing, set in those styles, the spacing between the last paragraph at the end of a cell and the table border is now much bigger than in OO 1.1. Especially single line paragraph content will not be shown vertically centered within the table cell anymore. Therefore the attribute spacing below paragraph is set to 0cm in the "Table contents" and "Table heading" style. speclink word processing
Bibliography now has a "Tools - Customize" menu entry i35060 This document is a collection of links to specifications related to the new menu structure of 2.0. speclink word processing
no "form properties" in XML form documents i36484 XForms is an international standard for web forms. is able to create and edit XForms compatible forms. Part 2 of the specification describes the graphical user interface for designing form controls which live in XForms compatible form documents. speclink word processing
Import/Export XSLT filter for Microsoft Spreadsheetml & Wordml now installed by default i33450 feature-info:
With SRC680_m63 build the import and export filter of Microsoft's XML formats Spreadsheetml and Wordml are becoming part of the default installation set. Earlier they belong to the optional 'XSLT Filter Samples'.
not set

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
16318 gsl Problems entering composed characters like uppercasse ??
20172 xml Q-PCD Security-38: Time stamps should be stored in a documen
20477 framewor Q-PCD MSInteroperability-12
20518 framewor Q-PCD Performance-10
20882 framewor Q-PCD Improve Emergency Recovery and Combine with AutoSave F
27726 framewor implement AutoRecovery core
27780 framewor UI implementation for Error Reporter
28480 porting Q-PCD: Implementation for issue 20882
32277 Installa System integration of new filw formats (*ix)
33140 Installa shellnew files for new file types
33255 framewor Provide wizard for First Start-Up and User Data Migration
33348 Database Integrate HSQLDB into new database storage
34683 framewor Crash recovery dialog has to be shown if unsent crash data i
34806 Spreadsh lotus 123 importer
34938 framewor It should be possible to hide Toolbars in View/Toolbars menu
35062 framewor Order of toolbar items shall be improved
35714 gsl default glyph rendering hints ...
36113 ui Drawing Toolbar shall appear by pressing a toolbar button
36223 framewor Add "Digital Signature..." Menu Entry to Tools-Macros Sub Me
36457 framewor recovered document immediately starts autorecovery
36838 gsl Synchronous resizing of floating toolbars
36906 Installa New document and application icons for Windows desktop
37080 Installa Register new document types

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
8930 l10n can't enter accented characters if LC_CTYPE is en_GB.utf8
8988 gsl Inputting ?? and ?? characters from keyboard don't work corr
9188 framewor Accents on the Sun keyboard produces double letters
12228 Word pro Outline Numbering changes paragraph styles at reload
13886 Word pro Table of Contents not correctly exported to Word format
17487 Presenta "Hangs" between slides of different background colors
17764 Word pro Any change tracking in a texttable is lost if the table is a
17861 ui Broken link from Help button on PDF Options dialogue box
25686 Word pro MailMerge.OutputType=PRINTER hangs OOo on Linux
26044 udk typelib_typedescription_newMIInterface fails for comprehensi
26155 api API: sd.SdXImpressDocument::XPrintable
26882 framewor user/config/soffice.cfg/soffice.cfg file is generated
27259 gsl Opening document with formulas is extremely slow in some cas
27336 Word pro Using 'Palatino Linotype' font causes wrong caret movement
27368 l10n code changes for Hebrew native-language support
27847 api API: sd.SdXImpressDocument::XComponent
28493 Formula symbol categories lost if Formula started as OLE in Writer
28755 Word pro text: main-etry: typo in name
28816 Database [frmcontrols04] "flat" radio buttons and check boxes switch
28900 api I18N: make checkScriptType available via API
29640 framewor Open GL should be switched off as default
29884 Word pro hangul hanja feature English string correction
30098 Word pro Input list entry change not tracked by undo
30190 Word pro Bad performance of OOo 1.1.1 with Math objects. Regression
30383 api Offer API to embed XGraphic objects
30833 Spreadsh Excel-Export: Graphic looses size and position
31024 Word pro Headings saved as numbered paragraphs
31376 Presenta add ui strings for Q-PCD MS Interop12
31481 framewor Picture toolbar: Background of the icons isn't transparent
32133 api service should provide a localized Dis
32195 Presenta footer is visible in the previews
32217 Drawing Text object: problem with default attributes
32314 Drawing crash when window new and make a reload.
32465 Drawing Cannot change pages/slides with pageup/pagedown
32559 Word pro RNG: table border model default is saved incorrectly
32587 gsl OOo 1.1.x document formatted bad
32676 Word pro Book preview icon is lost.
32742 Drawing Accessibility: content of slide sorter not reachable via key
32743 Presenta Accessibility: content of task panel is not reachable using
32842 Word pro Format.Frame/Graphic/Object crashes 680m50
32921 Database formating in richtext control in draw doesn't work correct
32947 Drawing custom shapes: icon of trapezoid is upside down.
32974 Presenta Insert new slide doesn't make the new slide the current one.
33027 framewor Regression: spellchecker always US
33093 Spreadsh No warning if macro should be executed on load and Macrosecu
33212 framewor qwizard2: delete a doc of a saved setting results in a loop
33237 Spreadsh Signing of pasword protected documents currently not possibl
33359 Presenta PPT Import: Video Files should be imported MediaObject
33391 Presenta PPT Export: MediaObject needs to be exported to PPT
33419 Presenta Presentation only starts once when in wondows-mode
33451 Spreadsh Record changes in tools Options Staroffice Security acts dif
33584 Spreadsh Trusted Path could not be removed
33627 Presenta Replace Layout dialog by layout menu in task pane
33716 framewor Area filling gets unnamed ('[]') in the toolbar when applied
33798 framewor Restarting office process after a crash is not working
33806 Drawing Line end configurator does not work
33865 framewor recovery GUI is too large
33868 framewor recovery GUI has different dialogs
33954 l10n improve performance of chinese translator
33971 framewor Convert Dialog XML format from/to OOo 1.1.x format for impor
34110 gsl Object window of gallery has wrong frame
34116 Presenta Zoom to selected object does not work with key
34208 Database Missing Database icon in File - New menu
34242 Presenta No Help-IDs on Task Pane
34247 Presenta Crash when clicking on hyperlink to notesview of same doc
34248 Presenta crash when I assign a slide transition and open the preview
34250 Presenta Multi pane view: I can't drag out the Tasks pain.
34291 Presenta Bad repaint on first opening of sample
34292 Presenta Wrong page formatting in handout view
34314 utilitie OOo thumbnail viwer for Windows missing support for signed d
34351 Word pro Numbering styles don't work when used in heading styles
34434 Spreadsh Edit Button doesn't work if document saved with flag 'recomm
34444 Spreadsh 'Recommend to open document Read only' must be changed
34485 Presenta crash when I delete all slides in the slide sorter and chang
34491 Drawing I can't move several slides.
34560 Presenta Master page design doesn't adjust to a changed page format
34711 gsl Fontwork Gallery window has no Help button and Help-ID
34729 framewor Macro security tabpage in tools options security is English
34777 Spreadsh Typos and wrong entrys compared to the spec
34788 Database [CWS dbwizard1] roadmap control in new wizards not high-cont
34804 Presenta Make Task pane panels listen to relevant events
34816 framewor New Tabdialog "Macro Security" has no Help-IDs
34881 Presenta Crash when I delete the first Slide in the notes view.
34946 Presenta crash when I assign some slide transition.
34951 Drawing PDF-Options check-box-text cannot be clicked.
34952 Presenta I can't start an presentation with the keyboard.
34968 ui Help|Support| causes error (Help page not found)
34994 api API: sd.SdXPresentation::com::sun::star::presentation::Prese
34997 Presenta Some object effects doesn't work or work completely wrong
35014 Presenta No sound on effects.
35017 Word pro adopt draw:Influence-on-position to OASIS spec
35043 Presenta After animation doesn't work.
35064 udk cppumaker: generated getCppuType() versions use incomptabile
35095 Spreadsh XStorage: Unable to open encrypted streams without password
35098 framewor Remove pre MAV09 hacks
35107 xml Certificate Versions are reported wrong
35109 Presenta Change default tool bar of Impress to text object bar
35111 framewor Entires under View - Toolbars must be sorted
35113 framewor The replacement image location should be stored in xml forma
35119 Drawing Deleting slides doesn't work in Draw.
35130 Presenta Mousecursor as pen doesn't work in running Presentation
35133 Presenta Animated gif doesent work in the running presentation
35190 xml warning about compromised signature should appear before ena
35269 framewor autorecovery: Status text and status icon wrong if recovery
35286 Word pro WPS-Files crashes while loading
35322 framewor Zoomfactor not shown in statusbar
35331 gsl OutputDevice::DrawTransparent() fails for pixel-mapmode dest
35334 gsl override desktopdetection
35351 api /org.openoffice.Office.Common/OfficeObjects node is missing
35352 Formula performance: Math initial startup takes too long
35368 framewor Adapt sfx2 related code to not use depracted SfxImageManager
35390 gsl 'autoformat chart' dialog freeses the office
35547 api API: sw.SwXDrawPage::com::sun::star::drawing::XShapeGrouper
35564 gsl maximum foo calculation
35593 Word pro wrong context menu for drawing objects and controls
35618 ui PDF Options dialog: strings and control fixes needed
35687 Word pro Custom format in section endnotes wrong
35746 framewor BASIC IDE: Background of Titlebar in dialogeditor displayed
35772 Word pro Wizard dialogs are not consistent on sparc version
35794 Spreadsh RNG: Invalid attribute names
35801 Word pro RNG: Invalid attribute name style:break-inside
35802 Word pro RNG: Invalid attribure svg:points
35851 Word pro RNG: validation issues
35854 Word pro RNG: draw:wrap-influne-on-position
35886 xml RNG(Impress,content) attribute "font-independent-line-spacin
35890 Word pro All Wzards should show current date
35899 gsl Wrong or missing copyright in SGENPRT and SGENT42
35940 Database [cws dbwizard1] forms created with form wizard can't be open
35972 Presenta PPT import good, but failure after save to ood
36000 Database file format of form:delay-for-repeat changed
36002 Drawing CustomShapes file format change
36003 Drawing CustomShapes: Oasis file format change (predefined type)
36004 Drawing CustomShapes: Oasis file format change: parsing of equations
36076 Word pro Disabled date item will change whole layout
36078 Word pro Preview of Fax/Letter wizard flickers by input footer text.
36093 Presenta Performance of emulated VCL gradients is poor - take native
36117 Presenta Fonts run out and loose color in some cases
36214 Presenta Fly in 'Smooth start and Smooth end doesn't work.
36221 Presenta Trigger doesn't have any effect during presentation
36222 Presenta I can't remove a trigger entry
36228 Presenta Slide transitionCover and Uncover doesn't work
36242 Word pro Cann't draw custom shape when another one is selected
36243 Presenta Text in empty animation list is missing
36244 Presenta custom Animation: Sound button is missing
36249 Presenta custom animation: I can't choose a direction for Whipe
36252 Spreadsh References boken in Lotus files
36255 Presenta Custom animation Diagonal squares has wrong direction
36257 Presenta slide show menu has too much lines
36276 framewor Öffnen not in utf-8 in embedding_base.xcu
36283 Presenta Change slide manually doesn't works.
36284 Presenta mousepointer is always visible in running presentation
36286 Presenta Navigator visible is deselected after ok.
36300 Presenta entry in sound list is missing
36322 api API: sd.SdUnoPresView::XComponent crash on dispose
36330 api API: sd.SdUnoPresView::XServiceInfo
36332 Word pro Evaluate more Text Context also for layouting Non-CTL text
36333 Presenta Masterpages used in this presentation contains one slide too
36349 Spreadsh RNG: Missing attribute... (in this case value-type)
36352 Spreadsh RNG: content.xml:107:666: error: attribute "text-line-though
36358 Presenta Effects should be sortet in alphabetical order.
36452 framewor Cancel button in first CrashReporter dialog is disabled
36455 framewor "Show Report" button not functioning: crash data dialog is e
36510 gsl vcl StatusBar draws a top border line
36525 framewor Show General Input/Output Error Message If Loading of XML-DO
36532 api API: proxyset.SOffice52ProxySettings
36552 www IZ entry -> bounce arrived to me
36564 Database Database wizard crashes if I select an existing database for
36576 Spreadsh RNG: content errors in cellformats document
36584 Database form control image align not loaded anymore
36604 Word pro RNG: Validation errors within tables
36612 Database ERROR: OPropertyExport::implConvertAny: unsupported value ty
36650 Spreadsh RNG: content errors in Validity document
36675 Presenta adding custom animation to shape with custom speed
36687 sdk missing properties in IDLs
36723 Word pro New Paragraph Style from Selection Does not Work via Object
36730 Spreadsh wk1 and wks files are not recognized => loaded in writer
36749 Word pro Assertion on load: Numrule not found
36762 Word pro Remove translations from officecfg xcu files
36820 Installa .NET assemblies: install with condition
36821 Installa .Net assemblies: new entry in MsiAssemblyName table
36828 Installa System "New" menu contains entries for both new and old docu
36831 Installa Old document formats are registered as "OpenOffice 2.0" docu
36832 Installa New document and applications icons for CDE, GNOME, KDE
36833 Installa New document/app icons for unix taskbar
36844 Database helpid for table listbox in all database wizards is wrong
36868 Drawing some CustomShapes are not using standard graphic style
36903 Word pro HTML Export looses numbering of outlines
36905 Installa System context menu command "New" with wrong accelerator
36911 Installa Crash when starting SO/OOo from Windows start menu
36922 framewor StarOffice strings in .xcu files
36936 framewor autorecovery: reload after recovery crashes
36938 framewor System information and title/description missing in "Show re
36939 framewor autorecovery: change, save and close file after recovery: --
36946 framewor autorecovery: recovery file has 0 byte lenght if file has be
36960 framewor crash reporter always starts if report wansn't send
36975 gsl fonts are scaled *very* bad
36995 bibliogr Missing Entry for radio button in customize dialog when call
37013 Database wrong file permissions causes a crash
37014 Database   ERROR: Can not retrieve storage media type
37016 gsl Font sizes different in Word and Writer
37018 framewor It's not possible to use the drawing toolbar, 2D Graphics ar
37024 Presenta Horizontal slide count in slide sorter not remembered
37027 Database changes made to an embedded form are lost if you don't expli
37047 gsl [vcl29] loop on entering "Alt-Graph-2" (twosuperior) in C lo
37059 Spreadsh Not possible to get back the fullscreen toolbar if closed
37063 Spreadsh Not possible to get back the 3D Toolbar if closed
37064 Spreadsh Not possible to get back the Fontwork Toolbar if closed
37067 Database Error message and GPF when moving a master form to the inser
37089 Database Listbox entries lost after loading an OOo 1.x file
37103 Presenta Custom animation on mask bitmaps doesn't work.
37154 ui Enable "directory up" button in Documents & Template dialog
37188 Presenta Animation effects created by OOo are not exported properly
37232 framewor Document versioning does not work
37233 Presenta List of recently used master pages not correctly restored
37235 document Help viewer: double entries in application list box
37239 Presenta Crash when assingning two master slide designs affter anothe
37247 framewor Office crashes when toggeling edit/read-only mode
37268 framewor Crash Reporter isn't shown if configuration item wasn't writ
37278 framewor Bad scrolling performance in document with many objects
37296 Word pro SEGV while saving master document
37330 Drawing Cut, copy, paste, select all etc not available
37393 Installa Assign help files to specific modules
37403 l10n Add german translations in xcu files
37409 Word pro Formatting lost when document saved as .sxw
37413 Word pro text error needs to be fixed: Standard -->Default
37418 Presenta old ppt 97 Effects / TextEffects are not imported
37493 Word pro MS Word Import: 1.9m62 crasher
37512 Spreadsh Spreadsheet: RTL style is lost after closing a document
37613 api API: sw.SwXTextCursor::com::sun::star::beans::XMultiProperty
37676 l10n [HHC] List of User-defined dictionaries displays also S-T-Ch
37704 ucb Performance Problem: File UCP needlessly calls osl_syncFile
37709 Drawing Control points are part of the BoundRect
37712 framewor crash when trying to open doc from issue 35546 on Unix
37790 Word pro Crash while inserting callout with activated accesibility
37796 Presenta VCL canvas does not resize on windows resize
37818 porting Solaris compiler bug with ?: operator
37819 Database [src680 m63] crash when closing database
37862 Word pro "File - New" menu entry is incorrect
37863 Installa Change 'early access' entry to 'beta'
37878 Database Context menu Edit on dba Form causes segfault and core dump
37887 Word pro Help shows no content
37985 document en Help: "an apostrophe (ASCII value 34)" -> "a quotation ma
38033 l10n localize -m: error in sw/source/ui/dialog/regionsw.src
38067 Database report wizard doesn't work when click Finish. Exception in t
38073 framewor Package Manager UI does not open on Linux
38078 Database new hsql database doesn't work
38080 Database crash when closing hsql database
38089 framewor backend windows isn't in fullscreen, after closing a doc wit
38100 tools configure script does not check for MSI
38169 udk W32-tcsh build failure in testtools
38179 framewor Countless warnings "Group other does not exist using root" d
38187 Word pro Insert Index crashes office
38212 Word pro Wizards need the new template format.
38228 Database no property "content" in form property browser
38233 framewor commandline switch '-norestore' doesn't work
38240 Installa No module description in cnp-sdk german
38245 framewor Crash on hitting "Edit File" button in menu when file is rea
38249 framewor new splash screen for OOo 2.0 Beta
38282 Presenta Running fullscreen presentation only covers part of the wind
38289 document m64: Help shows page breaks
38290 Presenta No custom animations available.
38293 Presenta Impress crashes when applying 5 layouts
38297 Presenta Crash when loading company takeover sample
38298 ucb Performance Problem: File UCP again needlessly calls osl_syn
38302 framewor Switch to edit mode of documents based on readonly files is
38306 framewor Opening letter wizard crashes office
38307 Presenta Crash when I select Form functions with CTRL+a
38310 Presenta No context menu in task pane (layouts)
38341 Presenta crash on switching the view
38342 Word pro Outline gets lost when loading .sxw document
38357 Drawing Crash when I delete a slide and click into the slide sorter
38361 framewor Macro execution fails
38363 Word pro Outline numberings are not displayed at all
38373 framewor Data-loss after autorecovery
38385 framewor gconfd crashes when started from OO.o
38386 framewor Not all keys are working in localized version
38392 framewor Crash report preview dialog isn't resizeable
38403 framewor No Spellcheck Icon in main menu
38457 framewor "Open Office" file format instead of "OpenDocument"
38469 framewor Crash because of OLE in OLE
38470 Formula Math object is sized dramatically wrongly on formula input
38471 Database [SRC680 m65] database open only every second time after open
38492 Presenta Crash when saving template in current format
38517 Presenta essential graphic filters missing when omitting optional ins
38626 framewor Broken umlaut in german typ column of save dialog

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

adc9 Autodoc:
- recognize templated structs in IDL
tl03 Misc. bug fixes.
migration1 Excute migration tasks on first office start
cfglooseends Small bugfixes in configuration-related areas.
tbe13 OOo 2.0 bug fixes
pythonupgrade upgrades python version to 2.3.4 and makes python
texteng03 Basic / BasicIDE
calc25 More Calc bugfixes
scriptingf8 Scripting Framework Bugfixes for OOo 2.0 Beta
openldap make OOo be able to use the OpenLDAP LDAP SDK inst
vcl30 still more bugs for OOo 2.0
cd01 Bugfixes for Beta
schoasis02 Bugfixes for OASIS file format issues in chart
oasisbf3 OASIS file format fixes
pbfixes01 Bugfixes for SO8 Beta.
pj11 Misc. fixes for SRC680_m61, new registration URL.
iha05 spellchecker & writer tables
vq05 W32 build fixes.
ause013 (quick)fix build problem in "wizards"
eforms2 Implement XForms functionality
borderingfilterteam28 A RTF/WW8 filter workspace for 2.0 beta
docking4 bugfixes related to docking and new toolbars
rebase Rebase windows libraries before creating install s
swqbugfixes09 Writer bug fixes for Q
impress15 Bug fixes for Draw and Impress
iha04 mostly mail merge bugs
dba19 ongoing DBA bugfixing towards 2.0
fwkbugfix03 generell bug fixing for OOo 2.0
dba18 Ongoing bugfixing for dba
aw020 BugFixing CWS
AW: At least, even the wntmsci10
os41 Bugfixing
fwkp2fix02 Framework Team P2 bugfixes
pj12 Misc. fixes for m62.
I postponed fixing 37097 (
xsltfilter04 Main reason of the CWS is the adding of automated
ivo06 prio 2 bug
nativefixer1 Fixes for native installer
dr29 Calc Q bug fixes
aw021 BugFixing CWS
babelfish04 localize export fix
rt04 CWS for i36824 and related fixes in De
oooicons Synchronization between StarOffice and OO.o toolba
impress10 Fixing bugs that can not be fixed independently of
presentationengine01 Feature workspace for the new presentation engine:
gt08hangulhanja Bug fixing for Hangul/Hanja-conversion
recovery04 Successor of recovery03.
nsplugin3 address bug fixes for Mozilla Plugin
xmlsec06 Fixes for Digital Signatures...
lotus123import01 Basic Lotus 123 support, numbers, strings, formula
sj12 bugfixes and file format change for OOo 2.0

toolbars3 New structure of the application toolbars as speci
vcl29 On our way to OOo2.0
oasisbf2 bug fixes for OASIS Open Office and
impress16 Bug fixes
dbwizard2 bugfixing cws for new database wizards
usp4all Work around problem in XP SP2 (forced ligatures)
impress19 P3 bug fixes
jl14 Installation and registration of assemblies
cd03 Fixes which should be part of Beta from our point
vcl31 fixing VCL related issues that are important enoug
oasisrng01 OASIS Bugfixes (P2) for SO 8/OOo 2 beta.
In par
dbabetap2 Beta relevant P2 bug fixing for DBA
nojava2 Fix m62 to build without java
calcp2fix P2 fix #118522#
textalign fixing <a href="
so8betal10n StarOffice 8 / OpenOffice 2.0 Big rules translatio
sb26 Improve first office startup performance (no more
readme680beta Readme changes for Beta
helpcontentbeta Help content changes for SO8 Beta, plus changes in
swqcore01 Q sw core bugs
os42 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
sysint1 System integration of new icons, new document form
os43 Bugfixing SO8
solsfix Code fix for Solaris compiler bug for ?: operator
gtkmenucrash fix issue 37939 for beta
dba21 Ongoing dba bug fixing
odbeta01 my beta showstopper fixes
oasisbeta1 beta fixes of the OASIS file format
vq06 W32-tcsh build fixes for m63
fwkbeta01 beta stopper
fmebeta01 Showstopper cws for issue 38187
dbabeta1 beta bugfixing for DBA
miscbeta2 fixing Beta issues
tl05 P2 fixes
impress21beta Beta showstoppers
sb27 last minute beta fixes
sysintbeta1 Fix Windows system icons for database documents
tl06 Beta bugfixes, mainly for Math.
hbbeta01 Q Beta fixes
pbbeta01 Fix issue i38403
pbbeta02 Bugfixes SO8 (Beta?)

Unconfirmed issues reported since m40

ID Pri Reporter State Comp Vers Votes Summary
31623 P3 aparan UNCO framewor 680m47 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31991 P3 robotii UNCO framewor 680m47 3 Athlon 64 slow startup
32701 P3 mjneedles UNCO framewor 680m49 0 Export to PDF of Selected Graphic is wrong
33561 P3 stefansyz UNCO Drawing 680m49 0 Additional white pixels in exported pixel grafic
33810 P3 vyho UNCO Word pro 680m51 0 Select wrong left and right table columns when resize them
34372 P3 ed2 UNCO ui 680m47 0 Incorrect mousover when toolbar is in focus
34455 P3 staebler UNCO gsl 680m49 0 Formfields without frames are "invisible"
34548 P3 dina UNCO Presenta 680m51 0 On import of Hebrew presentation the line width changes
34848 P3 oharboe UNCO Spreadsh 680m51 0 Excel spreadsheet with broken automatic links does not rende
35225 P3 regina UNCO framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
36171 P3 fajun_ma UNCO Word pro 680m55 0 *.doc'S Properties lead to crash
36578 P3 peterkovar UNCO framewor 680m58 0 File Open dialog flashing
36634 P3 gordonke UNCO framewor 680m58 0 General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
36688 P2 richlv UNCO Word pro 680m58 0 dragging the border of inserted table hangs
36689 P4 richlv UNCO framewor 680m58 0 impress covers calc unexpectedly
36705 P3 maacruz UNCO Spreadsh 680m58 0 Slow scrolling on spreadsheet with controls
36733 P3 shlomif UNCO Word pro 680m56 0 OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
36745 P3 hansel UNCO Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
36758 P3 no_name UNCO Database 680m58 0 Form wizard error after create click
36806 P4 gorgonz UNCO Word pro 680m60 0 Unknown Help ID 541249030
36869 P3 mecrider UNCO Database 680m58 0 Merging blank fields from spreadsheet data source gives 1/1/
37128 P3 justinf UNCO framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
37198 P3 okapi1253 UNCO framewor 680m60 0 Documents won't open when OO not already launched
37315 P3 kingkookie UNCO framewor 680m62 0 File Menu Doesn't Open unless you click the edge of it.
37316 P3 dina UNCO Presenta 680m60 0 Date field in footer is displayed in time format
37318 P3 dina UNCO Presenta 680m60 0 Text in textbox touches the border after import to OOo
37349 P3 ansorg UNCO framewor 680m62 0 OOo crashes at start after installeing german dictionaries
37424 P3 peterkovar UNCO framewor 680m62 0 Mozilla plug-in crashing
37425 P3 mjneedles UNCO framewor 680m62 0 Minimize app does not minimize undocked toolbar
37497 P2 bobharvey UNCO Presenta 680m62 2 Unexpected invocation of windows installer at first run
37525 P3 aparan UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Opening more than one document in writer - distorted window
37526 P4 aparan UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Opening an already opened document doesn't confirm
37603 P3 eberlein UNCO framewor 680m62 0 OO doesn't detect installed JRE
37604 P3 eberlein UNCO framewor 680m62 0 Crash with Tools/Macro "MOUSE_OVER"
37658 P3 bulldozer UNCO *Testpro 680m49 0 Problem with code printing
37671 P2 randomthot UNCO framewor 680m62 0 No UI on program start with quickstarter disabled
37693 P2 herbk UNCO Spreadsh 680m62 0 Read error
37705 P3 flr UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 RTF table import results in wrong table layout
37730 P3 maartenpiot UNCO Database 680m62 0 mdb database chooses JDBC
37994 P3 amoroder2 UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Cannot my macro assign macro to a dialog button
38002 P3 kasey UNCO framewor 680m62 0 Basic: Bitwise Imp with constants is impossible
38116 P4 aparan UNCO framewor 680m62 0 Open dialog goes off-screen after a resize
38264 P3 isaare UNCO Installa 680m62 2 Unable to install m62 under Windows XP
38288 P3 fransvc UNCO Presenta 680m62 0 Synchronize windows
38292 P3 fransvc UNCO Presenta 680m62 0 Outline wordwrap different from slideview
38443 P3 aaronforjesus UNCO api 680m62 0 Dispatcher does not select table row in Basic macro
38454 P3 7kaltoid UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Envelope Printing previews OK but doesn't print correctly
38455 P3 cncxbox UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 SpellCheck doesn't work
38512 P2 jagadish659 UNCO Database 680m62 0 An unrecoverable error has occured while running datasources
38566 P3 edurbs UNCO Drawing 680m62 0 Moving using arrows freeze OO
38607 P4 mfedyk UNCO ui 680m62 0 File -> Save As doesn't populate dialog with current file na
38609 P4 mfedyk UNCO ui 680m62 0 Correct file extension not changed in during File -> save as
38612 P3 mfedyk UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Helvetica-Narrow substituted for Haettenschweiler in importe
38613 P3 mfedyk UNCO framewor 680m62 0 parent directory locked after file closed
38690 P3 mfedyk UNCO Installa 680m62 0 "Open With" not registered properly
38704 P3 peschtra UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Can't paste from 1.1.4
38731 P3 ftorres UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Don't show user defined properties in document
38732 P3 ftorres UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Lost format when export to Open Office 1.0 format
38761 P4 bretrooks UNCO Spreadsh 680m62 0 Delete Rows & Delete Columns icons missing
38771 P2 te_pp UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Saving this .oot file over itself causes data loss with 680m
38781 P4 prathima UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Macros not working
38782 P4 richlv UNCO Presenta 680m62 0 helper text colour is not changed as needed
38783 P4 richlv UNCO Presenta 680m62 0 unreadable text on some backgrounds
38799 P3 prathima UNCO Word pro 680m62 0 Loading selected 'presentation background'in a slide causes

$Id: 1.9.m65_snapshot.html,v 1.6 2004/12/17 10:36:09 st Exp $

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