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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m62 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m61 and  680_m62.
this release will install as 1.9.62, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m62.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Khmer Cambodia km_KH locale data i31975 feature-info:
CWS localedatafixes adds locale data for Khmer Cambodia (km_KH)
not set
Galician Spain (gl_ES) locale data i32644 feature-info:
CWS localedatafixes adds locale data for Galician Spain (gl_ES).
not set
Lao Laos (lo_LA) locale data i34226 feature-info:
CWS localedatafixes adds locale data for Lao Laos (lo_LA).
not set
Swahili Tanzania (sw_TZ) locale data i34386 feature-info:
CWS localedatafixes adds locale data for Swahili Tanzania (sw_TZ).
not set
New default currency for Turkish Turkey (tr_TR) locale i35434 feature-info:
Added YTL (currency symbol) and TRY (ISO 4217 code) and made it the default currency for Turkey. Turkey will introduce the new currecny on 2005-01-01
not set
OOoBean i21611
speclink api
Embedded database i33348 The embedded database allows the user to create a database file which included not only queries, forms, and reports but also the data as well. speclink dba
Reimplementation of Excel export formula compiler i3724 feature-info:
The formula compiler in the Excel export filter has been reimplemented from scratch. Overview -- Where does Excel use formulas? - Simple formulas cells - Shared formula cells (a range of cells shares one formula) - Array formulas (a.k.a. matrix formulas) - Definition of defined names (a.k.a. named ranges) - Conditions of conditional formatting - Conditions of data validation - Source cell range in list validation - Print ranges, print title ranges - Source ranges of auto and advanced filters - Source area of charts - Linked cell of form controls - Source cell range of list form controls (listbox, combobox) Added/changed/improved behaviour: - Improved: Token class handling works in all cases now, no more unexpected #REF! or #VALUE! errors anymore - Improved: Full support of parentheses (formerly sometimes they have broken cell references) - Added: Export of space characters in the formula - Added: operator style OR and AND - Improved: Full support of operator precedence rules (range > intersection > list > unary plus/minus > percent > power > mult > add > string concat > comparison > AND > OR) - Improved: Only volatile functions (i.e. RANDOM, NOW) set the formula to be volatile (formerly all formulas were volatile, that caused Excel to recalc the entire doc after every change in a cell). Works also indirectly, i.e. if a cell uses a defined name that contains a volatile function - Added: Calc's NEG converted to unary minus sign - Improved: Respect Excel's restrictions better, i.e.: no 3D references in cond. formats, no 2D references in defined names - A lot more little improvements I cannot remember anymore.
not set
ISO 8601 date/time input i5328 feature-info:
The number formatter now recognizes input conforming to ISO 8601 as valid date/time input, regardless of the locale being selected. The following input formats are recognized: yyyy-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS Time zone specification like in yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MMZ is not handled, as so far it isn't specified what should happen with such values, applications don't store time zone information, and silently ignoring them and/or converting the time to local time or UTC isn't wanted. The number formatter's input recognition is used by the spreadsheet application for cell data input and the text processor's table input, for example.
not set
Ctrl + Up/Down accelerators added to move paragraphs i26485 feature-info:
Now not only Ctrl+Alt+Key Up/Down move paragraph up/down but Ctrl + Key Up/Down do the same.
not set
word processing

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
20313 Database Q-PCD Database-11: Create an AutoPilot for common data sourc
33348 Database Integrate HSQLDB into new database storage
32434 framewor SaveAs dialog should display only .html as file extension fo
34684 gsl Make selection timeout for unix clipboard configurable
34765 Installa Make installation of Windows Explorer extensions controllabl
31975 l10n Locale for Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH.xml
34226 l10n Locale for Lao lo-LA.xml
34630 tools testtool: ability to translate the GUI
20747 udk Drop minor and micro from Unix shared libraries
32854 udk wall: use correct union initializer for implbaseN.hxx static
36418 ui New document images for menu and file dialog
34411 utilitie PackageManager ought to migrate user packages from OOo 1.1 t

Fixed Issues

Wed Nov 17 01:08:15 -0800 2004
ID Comp Summary
31730 *Testpro Changing of "changes -> show" on and off deletes text
36143 api API: dbaccess.ODatasourceBrowser::com::sun::star::lang::XCom
36537 api API: dbaccess.TableWindowAccessibility
32542 Chart FillBitmaps are no longer loaded since Oasis changes in xmlo
34840 Chart Cannot select toolbar in view menu of chart
29978 Database Crash by using native query in labels dialog
36066 Database Duplicate command entry in DbuCommands.xcu
34274 Database Biblio DB: Ugly lack of transparency of control labels
36114 document Context help in menu entries does not work
25173 Drawing in the xml format the value for the attributes draw:auto-gro
33205 Drawing Crash when loading bugdoc in sda format
34740 Drawing Preview in format/line/line styles does not work anymore
34831 Drawing LineJoint miter can lead to problems with bounding box
34453 framewor Crash during early Office startup
35211 framewor Is it ok that import filter cashes pointer to the medium str
35887 framewor Save as Encoded text is not working (saves as plain)
36265 framewor crash by reopening the PackageManagerGUI
34161 framewor crash when accessing report wizard in srx645m47
22302 framewor Preview in File/New/Templates and documents can lock
35288 framewor Copy INetURLObject IPv6 fixes SRX645 -> SRC680
31457 framewor about box: wrong characters for (c) and other special charac
32682 framewor GTK crashes when deleting inserted applet
33697 framewor special characters in about dialog are broken
35448 framewor No toolbar in Writer/Web
32677 framewor ooow. namespace in front of formulas if chart is in document
32934 framewor Misleading error when saving as
33040 framewor Java selection not remembered when glyph s in path
33735 framewor SO8 cannot correctly save events in Dialogs in document in S
34109 framewor "New theme" button in gallery has wrong look
34260 framewor New filetypes shown incorrect in own file-open dialog
34555 framewor Files of type list is empty in Package Manager
34741 framewor Change extension for Oasis Chart filter
35020 framewor tools/workben/urltest.cxx regression
35426 framewor compiler warnings in svx and sfx headers
36261 framewor Switching between read-only and read-write mode does not wor
36674 framewor Office freezes in 'tools options java'
36346 framewor TDOC-UCP: media type for empty folders gets lost on save
36428 framewor TDOC-UCP: write action does not set document's modified stat
36554 framewor Problems with css.frame.GlobalEventBroadcaster
36606 framewor css.frame.GlobalEventBroadcaster does not send 'OnUnload'
11190 framewor Removal of SO5 binary filters
35194 framewor PackageManager refuses to remove corrupt .uno.pkg bundle pac
26224 framewor Win filename with drive but no path: not saved, no message.
33003 gsl Changing the font for an Arabic text would hang ooo with som
33265 gsl Reversed parethesis when exporting Hebrew documents with Typ
35073 gsl ja/ko input broken for GTK IM modules that don't swallow key
33832 gsl Build with .NET 2003 Toolkit needs comsupp.lib in sysui
34586 gsl Text formatting does not match painting
34828 gsl additional protection against deletion of GtkIMContext
34880 gsl Fix some IM issues with gtk plugin
35430 gsl Compilation of KDE vclplug is not possible
35560 gsl alpha artwork in dialogs ...
35333 gsl gtk menu colors etc.
36550 gsl Build without java breaks at javachild.cxx
27231 gsl Different symbols depending on font replacement
30824 gsl Chinese TrueType Fonts display problem
34799 gsl No printer generation with spadmin
35057 gsl support for sndfile and portaudio in vcl for all unix platfo
31977 Installa fontinstaller and dictinstaller don't work anymore
34294 Installa ooofilt.dll cannot be registered within native installer
34329 Installa shlxthdl.dll failing to register
34064 Installa rpm language packs conflict in psprint.conf
36767 Installa update third party license file
31920 l10n he_IL specifies wrong 100sec separator
31924 l10n ko_KR month names for "MMM" and "MMMM"
32248 l10n Updated locale data for Bosnian (bs_BA)
34386 l10n Swahili Tanzania sw_TZ locale data
32647 l10n Basque patches for i18npool module
35434 l10n New currency for Turkey: New Turkish Lira
36338 l10n Adjust locale.dtd to adapt to reality
30568 l10n South African locale number format uses comma instead of per
32644 l10n Galician locale
31931 l10n zh_* use equal month names for "MMM" and "MMMM"
29345 l10n Wrong Start Day Of Week for Russian OOo
33045 porting some patches to build OOo without java
26608 Presenta Header/Footer are visible as wrong objects in so60/so70
33142 Presenta transparency gradients not correctly saved in new format
34504 Presenta Fullscreen presentation only uses part of the window
34159 Presenta Calc ole needs refresh after inserting or changing.
34426 Presenta Sounds cannot be inserted from gallery anymore
34996 Presenta 3D favourites do not work
35290 Presenta cannot Insert|File presentation into another presentation
35437 Presenta No text next to radiobuttons in insert - frame
25653 Spreadsh OpenOffice conditional formatting does not work in Excel
5328 Spreadsh Input in ISO date format e.g. 2001-05-24 is not recognized a
3724 Spreadsh Xcl Exp: Formulas with parentheses
35764 Spreadsh Fontcolour is not shown
25994 Spreadsh Date Entry of MM-YY assumes MM-(TODAYS DATE)-YYYY Entry
30844 Spreadsh calc, french date, format, abbreviation of months
33804 Spreadsh paragraph properties are stored as table cell properties
35431 Spreadsh Crash if Cellcursor is placed in a row greater 32000, saved
36017 Spreadsh Crash on pasting HTML Data
36049 Spreadsh Calc crashes when deleting cells
32669 Spreadsh Notes loses position while switching to RTL canvas
33636 Spreadsh Text in notes could not be set to vertical (asian writing)
34277 Spreadsh Right-click menu works first time, but not second time
24504 Spreadsh compatibility bug xls datecel excel and openoffice
26611 Spreadsh Problem with notes in multiline cells
26955 Spreadsh Combined cells of matrix formula split after XML file was lo
27594 Spreadsh Wrong cell border color after XML Save/Reload
20650 Spreadsh Incorrect Timeformat when over 24hours, when importing XLS
27696 Spreadsh Date recognition unreliable/faulty
34395 Spreadsh Swedish (Sweden) TIME format is wrong (NOT a duplicate of 12
34399 Spreadsh Swedish (Sweden) long DATE pre-defined formats incorrect.
28820 Spreadsh Incorrect rounding of display values in mixed date/time cell
30845 Spreadsh calc, french date, format, modify date J. MMM. AAAA -> J. MM
36413 tools instsetoo_native build fails with W32-tcsh
36548 tools scp2: missing cp_canvas dependency
36549 tools duplicate target name wz_formwiz
29991 tools soltools fails to build with header/type errors (680)
31658 tools Repeated build in wizards fail
33422 tools Native installer does not build on
35639 tools build failure in helpcontent2 without Java
35096 tools Fading In/Out of Navigator does not work
35984 tools fails with -<foo>:<path> switches
36028 tools Hardcoded path seperator in breaks testtools
36561 tools configure needs to check for epm
36566 tools Javaless build breaks in connectivity/source/commontools/Com
23779 tools Patch to use system libs (berkeleydb, curl, freetype, nas, m
15816 tools The dmake program does not cleanly end tempfiles with a line
28691 tools conditionally do not build msfontextract project
36106 tools remove solenv/inc/
33615 ucb OOo's HTTP/WebDAV implementation does not support IPv6
36025 ucb TDOC-UCP must use final Storage API
35982 udk W32-tcsh: Build of testtools fails
29390 udk The Java framewok (jvmfwk) should be usable in all udk appli
33217 udk Fix @since tags in C/C++ and Java documentation
34673 udk gcc3 C++ UNO bridges broken for gcc 3.4
35536 udk Provide file URLs to Java packages without
34239 udk Java Remote UNO: Reading byte sequences is very slow
35989 udk For OOo 2.0, change UDK version from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0
36551 udk bridges/test/java_uno/equals broken
34388 udk No JREs displayed when j2re1.4.2_06-ea is installed
29255 ui Q-PCD EaseOfUse-57 separate OOo modules: Options: wrong orde
30029 ui Document background does not respect high contrast themes
34495 ui Toolbar button is focused when clicking in document (src680)
34778 ui No Help-IDs in Media Player
28962 ui cutted entries in printer resolution listbox
36021 utilitie Duplicated strings / string ids in the configuration
34933 utilitie testtool: can't close window 'stylist' with commmand resetAp
32313 utilitie don't load library sts without calling soffice -enableautoma
32143 utilitie ERROR: Template 'LabelType' referenced from node '/BasicIDEC
34149 utilitie PackageManager cannot install packages with % or $ in name.
34314 utilitie OOo thumbnail viwer for Windows missing support for signed d
34409 utilitie PackageManager UI/pkgchk/unopkg does not ignore errors in le
34764 utilitie Wrong return string when recovering toolbars
35258 utilitie icu/ not executable.
35365 utilitie Current document looses focus
33238 utilitie Parallel build breaks in officecfg
33982 utilitie Script/Dialog libraries unrecognized when in package bundle
30838 Word pro Crash when saving a sxw file
32780 Word pro oasis: column wrong formatted. endnote not in section, to ma
32781 Word pro Insert->File of document in OOo file format always inserts a
32836 Word pro Assertion when opening bug doc
29955 Word pro WW8: Import: 680m51 looping doc file; problem formatting fra
33629 Word pro MS Word Import: 1.9.51 freezer
33751 Word pro MS Word Import: 1.9.51 evernescence / Loop in Layout
33932 Word pro Clone: Crash on attempt to change hyperlink for image
34337 Word pro picture's caption lead to crash
34288 Word pro Crash during enhanced table selection
34336 Word pro Biblio DB -> no database ->crash on "column arrangement"
34464 Word pro Crash when inserting a text frame
21010 Word pro Crash during undo
33455 Word pro [Edit]->[Change]->[Show] produce wrong numbering output.
31771 Word pro insert file into frame looses position of formulas
10618 Word pro Crash on paging down to second page
27320 Word pro binfilter: backgroundgraphics not loaded
28795 Word pro Incorrect display of Khmer Language while Typing
28977 Word pro Slot SID_ATTR_BORDER is used in a wrong way
32844 Word pro oasis: scrolling in this file cause errors
30316 Word pro Tet input / Del key in numbering label should delete it
32007 Word pro Border controller for frames does not need all border varian
32948 Word pro Wrong strings in undo history when deleting table rows or co
32790 Word pro oasis: option strikethrough not recognized
32835 Word pro oasis: textanimation does not work
32840 Word pro oasis: errormessage while file opening
33305 Word pro WW8: image inside a frame is lost
32951 Word pro Insert-> Horizontal Ruler shrinks the size of inserted .gif
33488 Word pro Find&Replace: strings not stripped in the undo hisrtory
33701 Word pro Main fields, chosen from icon selector, don't insert directl
33394 Word pro Merge cells will crash when only one cell is selected
33959 Word pro Remove old Writer wizards
34489 Word pro Missing Help-ID's for Navigation Toolbox
34578 Word pro Tons of input events on linux/gtk
34730 Word pro table cell doesn't break correctly
34932 Word pro hdftctrl.(h/c)xx have to be removed
36465 Word pro crash when undo on deleting table column via keyboard
32913 Word pro Writer Web doesn't handle horizontal scrollbar correctly
25798 Word pro insert file looses position of formulas
26485 Word pro Ctrl-Alt-Arrow on Linux for changing paragraphs
25174 Word pro autocorrect loosing formatting ...
30452 Word pro Undo of deletion of a frame containing an object anchored to
33330 Word pro Writer hangs on opening native (sxw) format document
34343 Word pro Insert formula after autocomplete causes crash
34471 Word pro tables to text
33073 Word pro Using another than the integrated bibliography DB keeps the
31914 Word pro Insert/Table dialog: control for table name does not have ac
34486 Word pro Graphic link inside table behavior change
22747 xml XML filter adaptors and macros
30706 xml             grid control column styles aren't loaded correctly
35375 xml RNG (Calc;content.xml): attribute "automatic-print-range" no
35377 xml RNG (calc, styles.xml): attribute "tab-stop-distance" from n
35380 xml RNG (calc): Wrong implementation for "repeat-content" value
35417 xml RNG (calc;content.xml): "notify-on-update-of-ranges" should
35421 xml RNG (chart;content.xml): bad value for attribute "legend-pos
35425 xml RNG (impress;content.xml): "footer-visible" should be "displ
36481 xml DTD error: element 'form:datasource' is undefined in
36487 xml DUPLICATE attribute 'fo:border' detected
32616 xml Script event bindings are not stored in a document
34042 xml unnecessary internal namespace declarations for embedded OOo         
36340 xml Changes to xmlhelp to speed up building helpcontent2
32922 xml DTD includes wrong definition "style:family" in "number:numb

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

localedatafixes Locale data fixes only.
numforensis Number formatter related fixes for OOo2.0
beansplit The code of the OOoBean itself (from SDK example)
nojava1 fix breakage when building without a JDK. The fix
hsqldb HSQLDB integration as embedded database in own fil
fontlists04 More font management related changes
Oct 22nd,
oasisbf1 bug fixes for OASIS Open Office and
xmlbasic Import/Export of Basic macros (FlatXML + Binfilter
os37 Bugfixes for OOo 2.0
jl13 bugfixes, mainly Java related
swqbugfixes08 cws for Writer bugfixes
os38 Bugfixing OOo 2.0
vcl28 Still more bugs on our way to 2.0; set back target
dr27 new formula compiler for Excel export
gh8 several bugfixes for TestTool
sysui02 Build issues with .NET compiler, fixes for potenti
calc24 Calc bugfixes
schoasis01 Bugfixes for OASIS file format in chart
vq04 Fix W32-tcsh build issues
scp2fix Calc P2 fixes.
configure3 Minor additions/fixes to wrt system l
tdoc3 TDOC-UCP: Adaption to final storage API
mh1960 Reintegration of OOoDict installer and OOoFont ins
hr9 convince xmlhelp to remove temporary files
sb22 renaming UNO base libraries on Unix; plus minor fi
jmf3 Media framework related tasks
desktintgr03 Bugfixes Windows shell extensions
aw019 BinFilter removal and some BugFixing
AW: Since
ipv6ooo2 IPv6 support for HTTP/WebDAV
dr28 Remove double SIDs from svx and sfx headers (causi
sal08 Introduce new API osl_getFileSystemEncoding/osl_se
iculecrash Fix ICU related layout issues.
hr8 Speed up the compiling of helcontent2
pj10 Build fixes fro SRC680_m60
sab012 cws which contains the merges of sab010 and sab009
accessbugs01 Bug fixes for Accessibility
qadev19 implementation details for qadev
ivo05 translation / build environment related fixes.
iha03 GUI Fixes around writer and global ui
hroqfix01 Different small fixes in base libraries

Unconfirmed issues reported since m40

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
35085 Chart 680m56 4 Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
31742 Chart 680m47 4 Chart data labels should be vertical
36830 Chart 680m60 0 chart created at wrong position
34890 Database 680m54 0 OOo cannot create auto-increment fileds with hsqldb
36211 Database 680m56 0 use wizard to create form
36212 Database 680m56 0 create form in design view does not work
36279 Database 680m58 0 package mdb-sdbc fails to install
36758 Database 680m58 0 Form wizard error after create click
36869 Database 680m58 0 Merging blank fields from spreadsheet data source gives 1/1/
35835 Drawing 680m56 1 Pixels should be a measurement unit
33561 Drawing 680m49 0 Additional white pixels in exported pixel grafic
35220 Drawing 680m52 0 Drawing Lines Function hasn't antialias processing but MS Of
36388 Drawing 680m58 0 Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
37261 Drawing 680m58 0 Compatability Issues Between Old and New Drawing Tools
34183 Formula 680m51 1 Intuitive UI (input)
36998 Formula 680m60 0 OO doesn't convert MathType formulae
31991 framewor 680m47 3 Athlon 64 slow startup
32493 framewor 680m49 2 You cannot select multiple images
35224 framewor 680m54 2 re-establish "Load URL"
36376 framewor 680m58 2 Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
33035 framewor 680m49 1 Displaying paths as URLs in dialogs
31623 framewor 680m47 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31624 framewor 680m47 0 Toolbars - Customize dialog has no option to show/hide toolb
31625 framewor 680m47 0 Zoom - value not remembered individually for different docum
31927 framewor 680m47 0 No activity report during long lasting operations
32701 framewor 680m49 0 Export to PDF of Selected Graphic is wrong
33717 framewor 680m51 0 Toolbar, dock option is not necessary. The magnetic borders
33830 framewor 680m51 0 Make magnetic borders and toolbar dock more efficients
33831 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
34299 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
35225 framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
35495 framewor 680m56 0 Tools > Bibliography database not removed even after deletin
35504 framewor 680m56 0 Show/hide toolbars during navigation of document creates a v
36302 framewor 680m58 0 Inactive items in toolbar context menu can't be hidden
36578 framewor 680m58 0 File Open dialog flashing
36634 framewor 680m58 0 General input/output error opening file on NFS mount
37128 framewor 680m60 0 PDF widget button action should match OOo action
37198 framewor 680m60 0 Documents won't open when OO not already launched
37214 framewor 680m60 0 Mozilla Plug-In can not works in Windows in SRC680_m60
29957 framewor 680m41 0 Event textboxes are not editable.
31231 framewor 680m45 0 Tools->Options->>Print Usability Problems
36689 framewor 680m58 0 impress covers calc unexpectedly
33892 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
34455 gsl 680m49 0 Formfields without frames are "invisible"
35819 Installa 680m56 0 OOo copies Icons in the wrong folder under SuSE (8.2) and gn
37104 Installa 680m58 0 Program crashes if started via a symlink
35811 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: stlport namespace patch
35814 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: nas HasSunC fix
35816 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: tools add new system definitions patch
35818 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: cpp uno files for Solaris gcc x86
32263 Presenta 680m47 1 Can't undo slide deletion
32262 Presenta 680m47 0 Keyboard Commands During Presentations
34202 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
34548 Presenta 680m51 0 On import of Hebrew presentation the line width changes
34845 Presenta 680m54 0 PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
35525 Presenta 680m56 0 Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
32264 Presenta 680m47 0 Slide Removal Leads to Incorrect Outline View
34848 Spreadsh 680m51 0 Excel spreadsheet with broken automatic links does not rende
36705 Spreadsh 680m58 0 Slow scrolling on spreadsheet with controls
34647 tools 680m54 0 Win 32 Build Fail in instsetoo
31499 ui 680m47 4 Menus need to be updated
31598 ui 680m48 2 And a custom color to the color picker
35472 ui 680m56 2 Toolbar gradients need disable option
30997 ui 680m45 0 horizontal scroller position
31505 ui 680m45 0 Send by Fax: Bad Discoverability
34372 ui 680m47 0 Incorrect mousover when toolbar is in focus
33392 ui 680m49 0 Options -> Colors needs buttons to load a color palette
37201 ui 680m60 0 File > Recent Documents should be deletable
33682 Word pro 680m51 2 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
36688 Word pro 680m58 0 dragging the border of inserted table hangs
32545 Word pro 680m47 0 Inserted text interpret as deleted text in .doc file
33668 Word pro 680m51 0 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
33810 Word pro 680m51 0 Select wrong left and right table columns when resize them
36071 Word pro 680m54 0 using a macro to export to word reduces height of elements
36171 Word pro 680m55 0 *.doc'S Properties lead to crash
36733 Word pro 680m56 0 OOo 2.0 opens a 1.1.x document with wrong fonts
36311 Word pro 680m58 0 No name for toolbars
36883 Word pro 680m58 0 Several differences after import
36745 Word pro 680m60 0 Mail Merged file counts every page as 2 pages
36806 Word pro 680m60 0 Unknown Help ID 541249030
37050 Word pro 680m60 0 The titles of the fields are going darkening.

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