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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m60 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m59 and  680_m60.
this release will install as 1.9.60, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is not the final 2.0 build.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m60.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Binfilter assertions available via environment variable i35605 feature-info:
The binfilter "STRIP001" assertions can currently only be seen with a specially built library. The non-pro office can no be started with the parameter "-env:DBG_BF_ASSERT=true" or with the environment variable DBG_BF_ASSERT set

Configuration generates output via logging service. i25940 In order to increase the robustness of the office application against corrupted configuration data, the configuration database will support automatic recovery from unusable data. Additionally diagnostic capabilities are provided that allow administrators or support services to obtain log output to identify the cause of configuration problems. As an added benefit the mechanisms put in place can be used by any client of the UNO configuration API to provide meaningful and context-sensitive error handling for configuration failures. speclink util
WriterPerfect Filter i35022 The functionality provided by the existing, external libwpd and writerperfect filters should be integrated into the 2 build and product. This adds the capability to import WordPerfect documents to open. speclink word processing

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
20313 Database Q-PCD Database-11: Create an AutoPilot for common data sourc
25951 Database form and report wizard need template paths
20423 framewor Q-PCD Database-BC-01 - Table Wizard
33833 gsl Build with .NET 2003 Toolkit needs comsupp.lib in fpicker
30170 gsl Reminder: Handle bad URLs in shell/shellexec.cxx
20369 Installa Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-CP-02: use available gnome settings f
33917 l10n Dzongkha: add language define, ISO mapping, language listbox
34847 l10n Add Lao entry to language listbox
34960 l10n Add "Irish" entry to language listbox
34641 l10n PT154 encoding
32544 porting Build breaks with .NET 2003 Toolkit in dtrans
35272 udk Improved rtl/instance.hxx double check locking "static" help

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
34266 *Testpro Overwork some strings for the report wizard
34748 api Position of Time Stamp field cannot be set properly
34750 api Repositioning of existing controls varies from the old posit
34499 api API: ScTabViewObj::XRangeSelection::startRangeSelection()
34115 api unexpected WrappedTargetRuntimeException
18833 api OOo crash when calling startRangeSelection() method
35276 Database Database file can't be open -> error messages "General Error
32931 Database loop when closing database after view any table
33728 Database crash when using scripted list box in bug doc
33353 Database Delete function by folderhandling of forms and reports partl
33923 Database [cws dbwizard1] crash when delete last field from the list o
31337 Database OOo crashing SQL statement
23992 Database Deleting fields in ODBC Access data source cause Ooo crash
33130 Database text encoding is not stored in database files
32349 Database groupbox wizard create options buttons at wrong position
33482 Database Database file not modified when changing table column width
33303 Database Assertion: SvXMLImport::endElement: popped context has wrong
33571 Database Accessibility [HC]: switching back from HC mode does not wor
33573 Database Accessibility: 'cycling' with F6 does not work in special ca
33913 Database form/controls toolbars wrong in database forms without conne
33395 Database ERROR: OQueryContainer::elementRemoved: ooops - we're incons
33699 Database unregistered database displaying improperly in data source b
33808 Database Cannot access LDAP: "No Hostname provided"
34196 Database ERROR: FmXUndoEnvironment::switchListening: caught an except
34448 Database ERROR: FmXFormShell::FmXFormShell: can't determine the docum
34487 Database The beamer button DataToFields is invisible and always disab
34583 Database menu item AddTable is missing in relation design
34590 Database toolbars in query design incorrect painted when switch to sq
34681 Database query design doesn't open after click on "..." button in for
34773 Database no line-end-format property for text fields
34776 Database "End text lines with CR+LF" not working in database properti
35760 Database sort dialog create wrong SQL string with group and sum query
36085 Database german string "Klasse laden" nicht spec-conformant
33924 Database [cws dbwizard1] wrong alignment on "Field Infomation" page i
34188 Database optionbuttons created by groupbox wizard are to small
35517 Database [cws dba17] second toolbar is missing in query design
35998 Database [cws dbwizard1] database wizard can't create Myql JDBC datas
30220 Database The filter in the beamer doesn't work with grouped queries
31497 Database Query editor design mode deletes the back-ticks from around
32715 Database "<>" filter doesn't work
33283 Database bug in ODatabaseMetaDataResultSet::setPrimaryKeysMap
33197 Database data source browser not reacting on removal/addition of data
34197 Database inconsistency in the document title of Base
34790 Database duplicate keyboard shortcut in german database application
28669 Database "Alignment" not completely respected for drop down date fiel
34101 Drawing Wrong context menu in draw slide browser
29631 Drawing Pdf export shows bad line endings
31710 Drawing Office crash when I reload a file.
34011 Drawing I can't change to other masterpages as page 1
31898 Formula binfilter: the attached math documents are not loaded
35422 framewor crash when inserting file in impress
34249 framewor Crash when closing app with open form control prop browser
35237 framewor Edit/Links will cause SO crash
35353 framewor I/O Error while saving after reload
35713 framewor valgrinding office smoketest: accumulated fixes of uninitial
31461 framewor Multiple instances of JavaScript Editors have corrupted view
33739 framewor UI text is wrongly spelled
35137 framewor PDF Export: The PDF Options dialog shows no metric unit (%)
31826 framewor Usability of the java parameters dialog
25682 framewor Cannot invoke a script from the command line
31238 framewor standardbar: two buttons have identical caption "new"
30252 framewor Highlight example does not load dialog properly
32602 framewor Address "TO:" filled with commas and spaces when sending PDF
33227 framewor inconsistencies in BrowseNode API
33477 framewor Names of contants in BrowseNodeFactoryViewType do not agree
33670 framewor XScriptContent global for BeanShell has incorrect name
34509 framewor Form Functions: Properties, Events tab page crash
34732 framewor Right button of scrollbar not visible in bugdoc
35051 framewor PDF export does not support Drawing object transparency anym
35289 framewor The loading of documents with embedded objects is slower aft
32794 framewor Missing image in Macro Selector/Organizers
33972 framewor Problems raising Macro Selector from Basic dialog controls t
28176 framewor drag lnk files to OOo
30648 framewor when OOo and MOZILLA 17 is running I face problems
30929 framewor JavaScript(Rhino) editor does not use classpath for script e
33478 framewor No BrowseNode service specification
33479 framewor MasterScriptProviderFacrory is initialised incorrectly
33050 framewor JavaScript template macro should be well documented
33412 gsl Not all possible streams in PDF are compressed
34345 gsl PDF export produces slow, dark (bold) text Stylus BT font
33091 gsl PDF export from WMF graphics: line width is lost
33782 Installa building wizards module writes to same jarfile from several
34007 l10n CTL script classification not properly assigned to all langu
33898 l10n PATCH for VCL.xcu. Dzongkha fonts
35209 porting soffice crashes during startup in valgrind-2.2.0
33122 porting build breakage in extenstions/source/config/ldap with config
35894 porting update new modules that use libxml2 to be able to use system
34870 Presenta Impress crash when I delete a masterpage and close the doc.
34881 Presenta Crash when I delete the first Slide in the notes view.
32195 Presenta footer is visible in the previews
33472 Presenta Performance: too many shell stack modifications
33489 Presenta Tagged PDF from impress misses some features
34265 Presenta Avoid unnecessary creation of master page previews
34268 Presenta Let slide sorter cache handle preview creation with differen
34606 Presenta Crash when I assign a slide design to a master without a sli
34868 Presenta New masterpages have no placeholder
34869 Presenta new masterpages are deletet when I assign a design to the fi
34882 Presenta crash when I assign a layout to an masterpage.
34884 Presenta close slide master should be text not an Icon.
35731 Presenta Title and Slide master are marked
34726 Presenta PDF Export : internal textobject hyperlinks not exported in
25821 scriptin String conversion is broken in scripting/inc/util/util.hxx
32456 sdk SDK DevGuide Text example crashed
20396 Spreadsh OO forgets number format with spaces after closing and openi
35604 Spreadsh while loading bugdoc office crashes
18374 Spreadsh COUNTIF function returns incorrect result
30459 Spreadsh Checkbox label for "Decimal separator key" option is empty
32102 Spreadsh Context menu closes when releasing mousebutton
34069 Spreadsh Anchor of picture could not be set correctly
34130 Spreadsh Wrong heights or flags after deleting a row
34400 Spreadsh Deleting row(s) sets wrong row height of following row if it
34807 Spreadsh Page preview with repeated row headers results in manual bre
34865 Spreadsh PDF Export: Internal hyperlinks in Calc
34942 Spreadsh Calc cannot handle repeated unary operators
34953 Spreadsh broken order of shapes
34954 Spreadsh PDF Export: Hyperlinks from formula results
35102 Spreadsh Listboxes vanished in Tools/Options/Calc/View tabpage
35184 Spreadsh Precedence of reference operators must be higher than unary
34391 Spreadsh [cws dbwizard1] runtime error when using euro converter with
18114 Spreadsh fraction format forces whole number component
20545 Spreadsh Calculation error in unary negation of percentage value
33279 Spreadsh Multiple Operations function wrong/unexpected results
31737 tools strips libraries & binaries unconditionally
33458 tools Repeated build in scripting/java fails
36160 tools GCC "visibility" feature: need feature test instead of versi
34746 tools dmake doesn't set internal timestamp of phony targets to now
35393 tools writerperfect doesn't get build
35402 tools Remove unused conf.h files from dmake/
31647 tools Release dmake 4.3
31784 tools simplify handling of languages for build
36044 tools The file unlocked.flg
35054 udk GCC 3.4 symbol visibility: UNO exceptions need explicit "def
29390 udk The Java framewok (jvmfwk) should be usable in all udk appli
33931 udk operator delete mismatch in sot/source/sdstor/stgdir.cxx
34503 ui HELP_DEBUG doesn't show all Help-Ids
32838 ui incorrect coordinates for text exposed via text interface fo
33679 ui Icons have no transparency
34482 utilitie --with-system-jpeg breaks svtools
35858 Word pro Report Document cannot be opened from within a databasedocum
31902 Word pro binfilter: the attached bugdoc crashes after load
32968 Word pro Crash undoing frame columns
32750 Word pro binfilter: file could not be opend -> mutex error
33074 Word pro export to word95/6 for non ascii languages broken since marc
34392 Word pro New Mailmerge: Crash by specific steps
33976 Word pro Binfilter: unrecoveral error while loading file
35089 Word pro Pasting grouped drawing objects crashes offices
35015 Word pro Spellchecker picks wrong text samples
35239 Word pro Lose "contour" in context menu
35373 Word pro CJK Converters don't work (implNextConvertibleUnit: caught a
36010 Word pro [cws dbwizard1] position of shapes are not correct after dra
33135 Word pro Binfilter: Opening Star 5.2 sdw-document crashes OO
30055 Word pro Wrong import of number of repeated headlines
33619 Word pro trying to insert a chart crashes OO.o (while using Chart Aut
27541 Word pro Word Import: new CustomShapeObj needs to be activated
25422 Word pro WW8: Textobject containing graphic not converted to frame an
27172 Word pro binfilter:so4 & so5 documents with linestyles loop while ope
27331 Word pro binfilter: hidden section is visible
28758 Word pro RTF: Custom DocProperties imported in Textbody
30198 Word pro WW8: wrong page format in 680m41 but is fine in 1.1.1
30732 Word pro Format-Character: scalable fonts considered as "screen fonts
30298 Word pro WW8: import table with left indent
30314 Word pro Tabs at beginning of paragraph should turn into numbering in
32092 Word pro Navigator toolbox item should have drop down symbol
32620 Word pro Lading document very slow
33200 Word pro Export to tagged PDF must support form controls
33312 Word pro Tagged PDF export does not support /TextDecorationType /Over
33170 Word pro Loop when displaying HTML document
34261 Word pro Crash, when database for recently mailmerge is lost.
33640 Word pro ctrl-delete removes 2 characters after a quote
33901 Word pro Assertion "Gimme the right type!" in non-product builds
34652 Word pro CharHeight in Acrobat Forms differs
35176 Word pro PDF Export: Internal hyperlinks from EditEngine in Writer
35105 Word pro PDF export of ellipses in EMF dislocates their borders
35270 Word pro Missing HelpID's in MailMerge Dialog
35284 Word pro MailMerge: String mistakes on sub dialog of step3
35798 Word pro load of nested group objects doesn't work correct
17798 Word pro Indexing imported RTF document.
19008 Word pro WW8: wrong horizontal position of text box in RTL-layout
19338 Word pro table layout improperly spaced on MS Word Document
20264 Word pro rtf writing enhancement
28333 Word pro WW8: Table cells merge on import; table gets wrong width val
28983 Word pro Saving (MS-word) RTF with merge fields crashes Open office
31059 Word pro dot makes crash in Table Object name (only caption dialog)
31430 Word pro shift-drag/ctrl-drag tabstop messes up tabstop positions
33632 Word pro Update Links dialog prompt when doc opened programatically
33963 Word pro ooo crashes when insert hidden section
26240 Word pro PDF Export: 'Background' Char Format incorrectly spans para
31171 Word pro Win32 HTML Clipboard Format error

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
scriptingf6 m59 Scripting Framework namespace change
dtransfix m59 Fix Windows clipboard bridge.
dba16 m59 Dba ongoing bug fixes
dba17 m59 ongoing DBA bug fixing towards OOo 2.0
swqbugfixes07 m59 bugfixes in Writer for Q
shellfix01 m59 Bugfixing for "Send Document As E-mail"
calc23 m59 Various Calc bugfixes
cfgldapfix m59 Fix problems with LDAP configuration backend (buil
tune06 m59 Startup Performance: GCC 3.4 symbol visibility: UN
dmake43 m59 Bump the dmake version number to 4.3
os40 m59 Mostly fixes regarding mail merge
smoketest1 m59 smoketest bugfixes
pj08 m59 Build fixes for SRC680_m58.

Only missing de
dbwizard1 m60 Feature CWS for the new Database Wizard, FormWizar
os36 m60 Bugfixing for OOo 2.0
rodarvus01 m60 miscelaneous config_office fixes
os39 m60 Resolving binfilter issues
configure2 m60 update latest libxml using modules to be able to h
withlang m60 Child workspace for #i31784#.

This child wo
gccvisibilityfix m60 GCC "visibility" feature needs to be con
impress20ea m60 Impress bug fixes.
pdf02 m60 remaining pdf issues for OOo2.0; changed due date
dzongkha m60 Add language define, ISO mapping, language listbox
writerperfect01 m60 Adds WordPerfect import filter support.
valgrind02 m60 soffice crashes during startup in valgrind-2.2.0
dclocking m60

Unconfirmed issues reported since m40

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
35085 Chart 680m56 2 Chart axis labels wrap to next line instead of pushing chart
31742 Chart 680m47 2 Chart data labels should be vertical
34890 Database 680m54 0 OOo cannot create auto-increment fileds with hsqldb
36211 Database 680m56 0 use wizard to create form
36212 Database 680m56 0 create form in design view does not work
36279 Database 680m58 0 package mdb-sdbc fails to install
35835 Drawing 680m56 1 Pixels should be a measurement unit
33561 Drawing 680m49 0 Additional white pixels in exported pixel grafic
35220 Drawing 680m52 0 Drawing Lines Function hasn't antialias processing but MS Of
36388 Drawing 680m58 0 Plugin or automatic funktions for organigramms
34183 Formula 680m51 0 Intuitive UI (input)
32493 framewor 680m49 2 You cannot select multiple images
35224 framewor 680m54 2 re-establish "Load URL"
31991 framewor 680m47 1 Athlon 64 slow startup
33035 framewor 680m49 1 Displaying paths as URLs in dialogs
31623 framewor 680m47 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31624 framewor 680m47 0 Toolbars - Customize dialog has no option to show/hide toolb
31625 framewor 680m47 0 Zoom - value not remembered individually for different docum
31927 framewor 680m47 0 No activity report during long lasting operations
32701 framewor 680m49 0 Export to PDF of Selected Graphic is wrong
33717 framewor 680m51 0 Toolbar, dock option is not necessary. The magnetic borders
33830 framewor 680m51 0 Make magnetic borders and toolbar dock more efficients
33831 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
34299 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
35225 framewor 680m54 0 "Apply Style" in toolbar has fixed width
35495 framewor 680m56 0 Tools > Bibliography database not removed even after deletin
35504 framewor 680m56 0 Show/hide toolbars during navigation of document creates a v
36302 framewor 680m58 0 Inactive items in toolbar context menu can't be hidden
36376 framewor 680m58 0 Default font for fontwork is always "Arial Black"
29957 framewor 680m41 0 Event textboxes are not editable.
31231 framewor 680m45 0 Tools->Options->>Print Usability Problems
33892 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
34455 gsl 680m49 0 Formfields without frames are "invisible"
35499 Installa 680m56 1 error message at first run on my Fedora Core after install r
35819 Installa 680m56 0 OOo copies Icons in the wrong folder under SuSE (8.2) and gn
34640 porting 680m54 0 bugreporter appears in German
35811 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: stlport namespace patch
35814 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: nas HasSunC fix
35816 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: tools add new system definitions patch
35818 porting 680m57 0 Solarisgccport: cpp uno files for Solaris gcc x86
36401 Presenta 680m58 2 Insert Video does not work in OOo 1.9.m58 for Linux
32262 Presenta 680m47 0 Keyboard Commands During Presentations
32263 Presenta 680m47 0 Can't undo slide deletion
34202 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
34548 Presenta 680m51 0 On import of Hebrew presentation the line width changes
34845 Presenta 680m54 0 PPT: OLE objects which provide WMF data should be displayed
35525 Presenta 680m56 0 Ctrl + Home should go to the first slide
36275 Presenta 680m58 0 outline indentation issues
32264 Presenta 680m47 0 Slide Removal Leads to Incorrect Outline View
36124 Spreadsh 680m56 0 segmentation fault - while opening multiple Docs
34848 Spreadsh 680m51 0 Excel spreadsheet with broken automatic links does not rende
34647 tools 680m54 0 Win 32 Build Fail in instsetoo
31499 ui 680m47 4 Menus need to be updated
32309 ui 680m47 4 Toolbars look awful in Windows XP without Luna Theme
31598 ui 680m48 2 And a custom color to the color picker
35472 ui 680m56 2 Toolbar gradients need disable option
30997 ui 680m45 0 horizontal scroller position
31505 ui 680m45 0 Send by Fax: Bad Discoverability
34372 ui 680m47 0 Incorrect mousover when toolbar is in focus
33392 ui 680m49 0 Options -> Colors needs buttons to load a color palette
33682 Word pro 680m51 2 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
32545 Word pro 680m47 0 Inserted text interpret as deleted text in .doc file
33668 Word pro 680m51 0 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
33810 Word pro 680m51 0 Select wrong left and right table columns when resize them
36071 Word pro 680m54 0 using a macro to export to word reduces height of elements
36171 Word pro 680m55 0 *.doc'S Properties lead to crash
36311 Word pro 680m58 0 No name for toolbars
36400 Word pro 680m58 0 Writer not save document with picture.

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