The Free and Open Productivity Suite
Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m54 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m41 and  680_m54.
this release will install as 1.9.54, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an interims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m54.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link
Kurdish defines, ISO mappings, and language listbox entries i33578 feature-info:
The font attribution dialog offers entries for Kurdish. "Kurdish (Turkey)" and "Kurdish (Syria)" appear under Western languages, "Kurdish (Iraq)" and "Kurdish (Iran)" are listed under CTL languages. ISO mappings and script types: Kurdish (Turkey) => ku_TR Latin script Kurdish (Syria) => ku_SY Latin script Kurdish (Iraq) => ku_IQ Arabic script Kurdish (Iran) => ku_IR Arabic script
not set
Querydesign: Close preview has moved i33038 feature-info:
When executing a query, the preview window appears which displays the result of the query. The only possible way to close the preview again was a toolbox button "Close Window". This toolbox entry will be deleted. Therefore the "View" menu will contain an additional entry called "Preview". When the user toggles this menu entry, the same execution will happen as if the user presses the "Exceute Query" toolbar button. - Toolbar button "Close Window" + Menu entry "View" -> "Preview" Best regards, Ocke
not set
3d gallery theme removed i29291 feature-info:
The 3d graphic objects theme was removed from the gallery
not set
new/changed form related toolbars i33308 This specification covers the Toolbar content changes for 2.0 speclink
XML Digital Signatures and other security features i20156
OOo meta information displayed in Windows Explorer 97715 The Microsoft® Windows® Explorer Details view normally displays several standard columns that list information, such as the file size or file type for every file in the current folder. With 2.0 the Windows Explorer will be extended by a plug-in which makes several meta information of an file available for the column view. speclink
OOo thumbnails displayed in Windows Explorer i24335 The standard file system explorer on all three relevant desktops Gnome (Nautilus), KDE (Konqueror), and Windows (Explorer) support a thumbnail view mode in which a small preview of the respective file system object will be displayed if available. By providing a custom plugin for the particular file system explorer it is possible to display a thumbnail representation of an file. speclink
Enhanced selection for text and tables i20126 Writer currently supports only three different types of text selection: A single word (double-click), a complete line (triple-click) and multiple text selection (like single word/complete line but with CTRL kept pressed). While multi-selection and single word selection are sensible actions the 'complete line' action is very seldom used. speclink
OASIS file formats for XSLT filter i30705 (OOo) 1.1 and StarOffice (SO) 8 are using the new OASIS Open Office XML File Format as their default file format. The OASIS Open Office XML File Format has been development and standardized by the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee (TC). Support of the OASIS Open Office XML Format has also been announced by Koffice. New extensions are used to be able to divide the new from the old format and to prevent loading file with new format in an earlier released OOo 1.1. The new file names are the same regardless of the product vendor. So OOo and SO files are called the same. speclink
File format Names, Extensions and MIME types i32622 (OOo) 1.1 and StarOffice (SO) 8 are using the new OASIS Open Office XML File Format as their default file format. The OASIS Open Office XML File Format has been development and standardized by the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee (TC). Support of the OASIS Open Office XML Format has also been announced by Koffice. New extensions are used to be able to divide the new from the old format and to prevent loading file with new format in an earlier released OOo 1.1. The new file names are the same regardless of the product vendor. So OOo and SO files are called the same. speclink

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
30457 *Testpro Enable forScope and RTTI compiler switch
28636 api Placeware and SWF(Flash) filters dont use provided status in
32609 Database Q-PCD Database-4: Menu changes /Database Module
33308 Database Adjustments and enhancements for Controls, More Controls &
23519 Database [RFE] properties for form controls should open on double-cli
29534 Drawing PDF filter needs to access the GFXLink of the Graphic object
32851 Drawing PDF Export: Object interactions needs to be implemented for
20883 framewor Q-PCD Digital Signatures and Encryption
21596 framewor Q-PCD Unsigned code and configurable trust
32329 framewor Enhanced table selection - Core implementation
27309 framewor Q-PCD EaseOfUse-25b Undo: increase undo stack - Impl
31946 framewor PDF Export - Notes in Calc
29745 framewor Support trigger help with string intead of ID for slot/uno c
30705 framewor OASIS file format in the XML Filter Settings dialogs
31197 framewor Export form fields to PDF
20180 framewor Q-PCD ThirdPartyIntegration-20
20304 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Live Deployment and GUI
21191 framewor non-unixy i18n setup ...
8452 framewor localization values should stick globally unless overridden
32207 framewor Pls. review (and approve if OK) specification "Language Sele
20303 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Type Life Cycle
32536 framewor Implement the new Open Document Behavior
12836 gsl PDF Export: exported file does not retain links to external
32198 gsl Provide system floating windows with an owner draw decoratio
30545 gsl also use the Sazanami font for Japanese
33420 gsl Tool Window Splitter looks dated
31524 gsl Make controls paint their window appearance into an arbitrar
32185 gsl Borderline around toolbar button and its child subtoolbar is
32190 gsl Limit the size of frames
32194 gsl Provide gradient for docking area and menubar
32555 gsl we have a native windows fpicker, we can easily do a native
32777 gsl Better default fonts in KDE environment
33202 gsl Triangle on MenuButton controls is too large
28482 gsl Implement basic functionality for notes in PDF export
28572 gsl Implement basic functionality for structured PDF/tagged PDF
29037 gsl Implement transitional page effects on vcl::PDFWriter
29038 gsl Implement PDF widget annotations on vcl::PDFWriter
29581 gsl Implement transparency groups in vcl::PDFWriter
24905 gsl implement basic functionality for links in vcl's PDFWriter
24992 gsl Implement basic functionality for outline in PDF export
16816 gsl PDF Export: files need to be tagged to be accepted from Acro
29090 gsl In pdf, ID entry in the File Trailer is missing
32535 gsl Fonts disply boxes instead of correct characters
20378 Installa Q-PCD ConfigAdminDeploy-43: multi language installation
32276 Installa System integartion of new file formats (Windows)
32277 Installa System integration of new filw formats (*ix)
31020 Installa Install process isn't office session aware
31485 Installa MSI plugin to remove quickstarter link needed
25324 Installa Use cnp sdk as GUI installer for Unix
28298 Installa Optimize different application executables
20374 Installa Q-PCD ConfigAdminDeploy-18: automated custom installs
33578 l10n Add language defines, ISO mappings, and strings for language
31083 l10n Additional Hebrew date formats
33857 l10n Add language defines, ISO mappings, and strings for language
29488 porting Take advantage of the restriction of Sparc platforms to v8pl
33116 porting Create Sparc V9 environment
3316 Presenta Cant insert movies - mpg, avi etc
32754 Presenta PDF Export: In Impress transition effects needs to be export
32098 Presenta Menu Format Impress/Draw: Panel>Pane
25335 Spreadsh Implementation: Positioning and resizing of Cell Notes
2168 Spreadsh LOOKUP doesn't work on document imported from Excel.
21253 Spreadsh Formatted text in cell notes
21255 Spreadsh Implementation for "Formatted text in cell notes" feature
28834 Spreadsh Reduce memory consumption of increased row limit
30205 Spreadsh Excel filter: rowlimit changes, type correctness,
26291 Spreadsh Implementation:Formatting of cell note text box
31183 tools Postprocessing tool to adjust symbol visibility in objects
31195 tools beautify exception check message
32418 ucb Need possibility to work with zip files without special hand
32158 udk idlc: forbid unsigned types as type parameters of polymorphi
21110 ui Implement a Search handler for Windows
32582 ui no separators for Package Manager menu item
24335 utilitie Thumbnail preview of OOo files
25939 utilitie Provide improved error diagnostics for configuration problem
25940 utilitie Provide logging/tracing capabilities for configuration probl
29838 utilitie Add recovery capability to configmgr merging driver
33383 utilitie Sample LDAP.xcu file should not be active at runtime
28654 utilitie Configuration: Add capability to recover from broken configu
31918 Word pro Table object bar should have button for "Table properties"
14790 xml update SVG export to 1.1
20156 xml Q-PCD Security-1: Sign whole XML documents us

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
31111 *Testpro PackageManager ought to work on inflated content
32799 *Testpro PDF Export: in Impress notes pages needs to be exported
30620 api API: sw.SwXDocumentIndex::com::sun::star::text::XDocumentInd
30187 api API: while loading binray documents office crashes
32363 api XStandaloneDocumentInfo buggy with OO.o 1.0 format
24857 api API: svtools.AccessibleTreeListBox::com::sun::star::accessib
30236 api Readonly storages autodisposing is broken.
31138 api API: forms.OGridControlModel::XPersistObject
26061 api User defined Struct crashes OOo when it contains a syntax er
30863 api CharacterClassification.toTitle () always converts character
25869 api Comments in Basic user defined types
12459 Chart Split-pie charts can lock into wrong-way split
32096 Chart Compile error in chart2/source/controller/dialogs/dlg_Rotate
32576 Chart add missing changes from CWS dr14 in chart2 module
16487 Chart manually scaling interval not possible with numbers near zer
32583 Chart XML Import ignores chart:class attribute at chart:series ele
33928 Database mozilla libraries are not updated for solaris intel
32288 Database [cws insight01] crash when closing a table design with not s
32512 Database Crash after inserting a graphic in an image control
32877 Database crash when deleting a form in the form navigator
30218 Database [cws insight01] repaint of IconChoiseControl not correct whe
30625 Database form control borders always printed in light gray with nativ
31824 Database helpids not correct in control property browser
33677 Database [cws improveforms] slot for "Form Design Tools" not toggled
30618 Database [CWS frmcontrols04] border color not respected while printin
24876 Database invalid UNDO string in table design
26794 Database ParameterNameSubstitution chokes on some queries
27012 Database Unknown sbx-Type!
27015 Database Crash accessing connection queries
31593 Database paint error when resizing property browser
33138 Drawing office can't be shutdown after smoketest
31102 Drawing Reducing the patch set for libjpeg
31244 Drawing [cws oasis] gluepoints on bitmaps lost after reload
32314 Drawing crash when window new and make a reload.
32448 Drawing Crash when closing connector dialog
29128 Drawing Unknown Token 462m was not found in pdf-exported file
26507 Drawing GetSelectEntryPos return in svx/source/dialog/hldocntp.cxx a
31396 Drawing Draw: Cannot switch to master page anymore
31836 Drawing Format menu: Layer entry is disabled.
31932 Drawing wrong settings in Draw View menu.
31972 Drawing Closed slide sorter in draw cannot be opened anymore
32298 Drawing Media Filter for a new gallery theme set to all shows only o
33349 Drawing Two entries for "Spreadsheet" in insert-menu
31104 Drawing cleanup jpeg patch to remove unused code insertion
33056 framewor Cannot register
33459 framewor avmedia module includes files which do not exist
33939 framewor open of binary douments do not work
32850 framewor ofa resource317 not found - producing gpf
33287 framewor W32 build breaks in desktop
32720 framewor Adapt "pagein" to changes from "dialogdiet" cws
32245 framewor applications crash at exit
32541 framewor Macro: Record Macro kills the office
32707 framewor binfilter: `acquire' undeclared (first use this function)
29291 framewor Only one object can be dragged out of the gallery
23697 framewor split() returns wrong value for empty string
26282 framewor Confusing error message appeares if a filter can not be used
30264 framewor AP-Letter: Template description is not correct
30867 framewor WriterWeb's UI filtername wrong
31317 framewor Font Replacement "Screen" has no effect
31245 framewor base for two digit years gets lost
31562 framewor Basic IDE dialog editor has repaint problems
31587 framewor Wrong encoding for Norwegian Bokmal under tools options Lang
31714 framewor Triangle indicating submenu missing in customize menu and to
31756 framewor repaint problems after lock toolbar 2 times
31823 framewor icon selector for customize dialog not working as specified
31880 framewor drag and drop from nautilus file manager not functional
31887 framewor Viewer toolbars are not available anymore. Used by plugin an
32060 framewor File Information in windows explorer is wrong
32219 framewor The statusbar must be below any toolbar
32088 framewor missing icons in drop down list box of the standard toolbar
32356 framewor Click on playposition does not set the position pointer.
32729 framewor Media file preview does not stop on dialog closing
32510 framewor ScriptProviderForBasic: separation of application basic macr
32516 framewor enable setting of string and numeric IDs on all windows
33583 framewor add module dependencies for helpcontent2
33213 framewor Although submenu exists, "Organize Macros" shows 3 dots
30812 framewor Commit of -Wall changes
29514 framewor nswrapper: netscape vs. mozilla
28182 framewor Send Fax - Pressing the 'Cancel' button actually sends an in
33362 gsl [cws: toolbars2:] Crash on "Dock Toolbar"
31733 gsl static_casts problematic with Forte C++ 6 Update 2
32041 gsl Build breaks in vcl/source/window
31142 gsl vcl changes for building with external nas
23496 gsl Make fax printer fully functional again on Unix
31298 gsl translate help in "VCL Debug Options" dialog into english
30462 gsl spin fields + drop down not working anymore
31409 gsl Large memory leak in rsc2
31422 gsl [docking1] undocked toolbar changes orientation by switching
31504 gsl patch startup using libsn
31551 gsl VCL child windows can be overpainted
31603 gsl Font Changes between 1.1 & 680 Causing Problems
31921 gsl NWF: mouse over effect for tabitems incorrect when focussed
32181 gsl Toolbar grip does not conform to spec
32284 gsl [docking1] accessibility of toolboxes broken
32237 gsl Rotated font display
33121 gsl in special character dialog the glyphtable jumps to 'Basic L
33381 gsl Better support for gtk scrollbars
33397 gsl property->command page for fax printers shows wrong command
33447 gsl Wrong border for edit fields in gtk plugin
30836 gsl startup notification compile error in SRC680_m45
31033 gsl Value never assigned.
31474 gsl gtk nwf fixes for widget states & other stuff
32452 gsl [CWS pdf01] exporting submit buttons to PDF yields strange r
17966 gsl print queue error handling ...
30082 gsl OOo Will not start if iiimf is enabled in GNOME
32036 gsl line repainted to Automatic
32490 gsl Condensed/Expanded characters give wrong paragraph mark
32066 gsl Xinerama is linked staticly even when dynamic is preffered
32499 gsl Xinerama is linked staticly even when dynamic is preffered
29979 Installa Error sw680mi.dll when installing OO680m41.
32518 Installa installation of en_US native instset isn't possible
33173 Installa CDE intefgration package fails
33641 Installa NativeInstaller: indication of CWS build is missing in boots
30971 Installa install .NET assemblies into program directory
31391 Installa nonessential notes in a product-build installation at the co
32273 Installa incorrect title bar text for windows installer
32453 Installa Update List of Mime Types
32454 Installa 'configimport' opens a console
33145 Installa en_US as fall back in multi lang should be unchooseble
33203 Installa destination path on windows is not completely relocatable
32858 l10n dbaccess: toolbox.hrc: No such file or directory (missing de
23407 l10n English emf caption incurrectly printed RTL
27675 l10n localize and timestamp format (e.g. 23:23:7 instead of 23:23
30891 porting W32 build fails in sal / autodoc
32394 porting build failed in jvmaccess
32396 porting calc data validity makes crash in linux sparc
33012 porting linux sparc building needs map files
25507 porting rhino still builds when Ant is not present
27032 porting FreeBSD porting libxml2 project
32552 porting extensions/source/ole needs ATL (doesn't supported by .NET20
32065 porting Solaris x86 /usr/ccs/bin/as doesn't accept -q flag
33340 porting Propose osl_getFileSize
30801 porting use system libraries where possible
31791 porting convertsinglebytetobmpunicode.cxx: crosses initialization of
30774 porting how to build sparc v7 or v8 ?
31187 porting dlopen()'ing lib{pam.crypto}.so instead of so.{0,1}
31854 Presenta presentation shows multi pane view in presentation mode
32161 Presenta text disappear when I switch between normal and outline view
32639 Presenta Multi pane view: crash when I assign a slide design and clic
31283 Presenta [cws oasis] view setting is not loaded with bugdoc
27242 Presenta color of the 'front side' of shape is white; in PPT it is cy
31584 Presenta Grey screen when starting presentation
31926 Presenta wrong settings in Impress View menu.
32109 Presenta Bitmaps in Impress Slide Sorter not displayed correctly
32358 Presenta Wrong entry in context menu of Layout control in Task Pane
32641 Presenta Thumbnails missing for Impress templates
33758 Presenta Missing menu and toolbars in Impress-slidesorter
13821 scriptin Format() in scripting is broken Format(123.555, ".##") Rem .
22214 scriptin Basic Format not working with value zero
32212 sdk SDK DevGuide database example is broken
3875 Spreadsh Multiple Cell Select Doesn't Work Unless Two Or More Cells A
27407 Spreadsh Save default row format to decrease Excel file size
33028 Spreadsh Crash after switching on Record changes for Spreadsheet
32879 Spreadsh Sample "Biorhythm" crashes the office
33033 Spreadsh Can't see Japanese text in "Text Import" dialog
12577 Spreadsh Excel imp/exp: shared formulas
194 Spreadsh Xcl Exp: Default style of all cells
29930 Spreadsh No warning if xls file with more than 256 sheets is loaded
30107 Spreadsh Array formulas are broken when rows are deleted
30350 Spreadsh Excel export: Data Validation and Conditional Format crashes
30411 Spreadsh Huge filesize while saving to xls
30816 Spreadsh Performance problem while scrolling in bugdoc
30908 Spreadsh Dropdown button of list validity wrong in merged cells
31242 Spreadsh Charts are displayed with wrong colors
31252 Spreadsh [CWS OASIS]Conditional formats get lost
31290 Spreadsh [cws oasis]Font settings are not set on loading
31677 Spreadsh Paste cell as link from another file fails
30921 Spreadsh undo for references broken
31189 Spreadsh Protect Document setting lost on loading in cws OASIS
31795 Spreadsh Copy/Cut/Paste of Columns Broken in Calc 1.9m47
31846 Spreadsh Mouse click not recognized after context
32417 Spreadsh Delete rows breaks formulas with relative references
32664 Spreadsh Wrong toolbar in notes
32666 Spreadsh Context on note selects cell from the back
32667 Spreadsh Textattribute center is lost in notes after saving
32669 Spreadsh Notes loses position while switching to RTL canvas
32673 Spreadsh Height of notes not stored
33049 Spreadsh No effect on set option to warn on signing if document conta
33052 Spreadsh Recommend password protection doesn't work
33054 Spreadsh Remove personal information on saving does not work
33087 Spreadsh Trusted sources are not evaluated
33090 Spreadsh Path to trusted sources is not evaluated
33093 Spreadsh No warning if macro should be executed on load and Macrosecu
33095 Spreadsh Option for 'recommend opening document read only' is not eva
33097 Spreadsh Protect Record Button should change to unprotect but does no
33215 Spreadsh Excel import: Number formats in cell styles lost
33443 Spreadsh Print directly does not trigger the printing warning
33448 Spreadsh (signed) in title bar even if I've changed the content of a
24129 Spreadsh file error: possible some data are lost
24672 Spreadsh Formulas changing when saving Excel 97 files
16277 Spreadsh Excel export: Corrupted Formulae when saving
18334 Spreadsh PDF export defect
27955 Spreadsh problem if starting or ending to select an erea at a merged
28468 Spreadsh calc hangs when drag&drop to locked cell
31482 Spreadsh Sum lost when saved as Excel 97/2000/XP
26431 Spreadsh Named cell references not updated after row insertion
30543 Spreadsh Form controls in imported Excel files do not print
31882 Spreadsh Importing Excel sheet with graphs offsets tab count
12638 Spreadsh Excel drawing object fails to import correctly
ID Comp Summary
31044 tools Build breakage in qadevOOo/tests/java/ifc - missing EOL in J
31676 tools W32-4nt: Build of dmake fails when starting winenv.bat
29893 tools Build of svtools fails because of the use of SOLARSRC instea
26396 tools Configure check for bison to ensure version <= 1.75 OR >= 1.
31666 tools XRMEX (at least) not defined for cygwin build
33727 tools testtool: resetapplication crashes office if toolbar is undo
33423 tools Installer relies on variables that do not exist in the envir
33258 tools Sun Workshop compiler version checking wrong
29919 tools W32-tcsh build produces "undeletable" nul files (680)
28835 tools enable non-product builds of
31318 tools Use ft2build.h to include freetype header
32042 tools desktop depends on berkeleydb
32565 tools Breakage when rebuilding officecfg
33519 tools Patch to work in windows (cygwin) environment
33520 tools Add a tool to checkout / update a cws from cvs
17992 tools dmake patch to enable && in .IF statement
30244 tools CWS tooling for OpenOffice
30751 tools dmake prints "echo: No match" on error
30779 tools dmake doesn't echo recipe lines when creating files to be .I
30874 tools remove unitialised warnings from code
30887 tools dmake: Inconsistent license headers and copyrights
31067 tools cleanup: offmgr on head
31082 tools Fix some rough edges of cws tooling
31255 tools Add verbose recipe echoing option to dmake
31369 tools Implement test for valid gcc 3.4
31446 tools Require cygwin 1.5.x
32475 tools W32-4nt build broken for external projects (680er version)
33400 tools Improve error handling of
23779 tools Patch to use system libs (berkeleydb, curl, freetype, nas, m
26833 tools The build somehow uses X11 makedepend
30915 tools Spanish localized VS .NET compiler version not detected
33043 tools cwsresync: resync to non existing milestone with no message
32388 tools Unused STLport 4.5.3, unnecessary IRIXGCC* moz zip files
30579 ucb Remove obsolete (chaos) MailDocumentConverter service
20704 udk Currency type generates error on multiplication and division
29492 udk cppumaker -L leads to problems
25687 udk Add @since tag to C/C++ API changes of sb10 and sb14
29084 udk bridges tests do not terminate after running successfully
29787 udk remove PATH dependency for cli-uno client applications.
31370 udk idlc doesn't catch certain recursive uses of structs
32130 udk is nonfunctional
32131 udk ctor broke
32148 udk javamaker generates bad class files
32151 udk Handle all enums correctly in JNI-UNO bridge
32281 udk socket URP broken between C++ and Java on Linux 2.6
32348 udk empty component context in bootstrap function
32449 utilitie Testtool: size method for navigator not available anymore
33224 utilitie remove leading "./" in internal zip file structure
15455 Word pro PDF Export: active hyperlinks, visited links
32515 Word pro regression: header & footer submenu does not open
31607 Word pro WW8: too many bullets converted from Word
3317 Word pro para anchored graphics do not cause
32842 Word pro Format.Frame/Graphic/Object crashes 680m50
30878 Word pro Crash on Insert\Fields\Other\Page
31900 Word pro crash reading undo history after deleting Draw object
31930 Word pro crash undoing creation of character style
32002 Word pro Crash undoing page columns
32539 Word pro Copy draw object from draw to writer crashes office
32889 Word pro Undo: Apply attribute from Format Paintbrush -> GPF
21837 Word pro Bugdoc leads to crash by endless recursion in Basic
31480 Word pro Assignment of attributes not possible when whole paragraph i
31698 Word pro Unify representation of frames/graphics and drawing objects
9684 Word pro Exporting large writer files to PDF take a very long time
28749 Word pro convert drawing object positions in the transformer from OOo
28795 Word pro Incorrect display of Khmer Language while Typing
32480 Word pro It will be wrong when insert table with "+-------+".
30241 Word pro WW8: Too many paragraphs numbered on import
30554 Word pro Remove unused code from SW
30655 Word pro Bullet/Numbering no longer works for numbering which need Na
31999 Word pro open Context menu in text when selection in table active ->
32949 Word pro Wrong string in the undo history when inserting a graphic fr
32952 Word pro Wrong string in the undo history when executing Insert - Fil
32970 Word pro Undo of Frame Styles properties changes does not work
32581 Word pro Validation error
32620 Word pro Lading document very slow
32355 Word pro Frame with drawobject in footer initially squeezed
32457 Word pro Underline of pdf-exported doc will be bold.
32964 Word pro wrong positioning of floating screen objects in vertical lay
33313 Word pro crash on changing anchor type
33242 Word pro Frame "to character": anchor moves from first to last char a
31182 Word pro Word Completion: Change of default minimal word length
22197 Word pro Writer doesn't run other new path default to "My Documents"
27030 Word pro picture in headings disappearing after saving document
28745 Word pro style duplicate for drawing object style in file format
17371 Word pro Hyperlinks imported from RTF-files don't work
26215 Word pro PDF export shows invalid images
32765 www Add Daniel Carrera to credits page.
29393 xml Loading of XSLT based filters (Docbook, Word) fails
32362 xml User field have value 0 when reloaded (OXT format)
31910 xml TransformerBase::m_aExtPathPrefix has funny value
32339 xml Oasis: stock-updown-bars become stock-japanese-candle-stick
32346 xml Oasis: chart:symbol becomes chart:symbol-type with different
32366 xml Oasis: There is no longer a property stock-with-volume
32368 xml Oasis: property lines-used dropped

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

encodingfix English strings have been fixed m54
insight02 cws for bugfixes for the new database m54
enhselect Enhanced table/text selection feature m54
iha02 Prio2 Fix for Paintbrush Feature m54
ab10fixes SO 8 fixes m54
ooo20040815 community child workspace for general fixes/patche m54
swqbugfixes06 Writer team bugfixes for Q m54
oasissysint Desktop/System Integration of OASIS file types, r m54
kurdish Add Kurdish to language defines, ISO mappings, and m54
svg02 update SVG export DTD to latest spec (1.1) m54
improveforms implementing the rest of <a href="http://w m54
filteredcells Change cell formatting and deletion of cells/conte m54
sardinian Add language defines, ISO mappings, and language l m54
toolbars2 long running toolbar tasks like:
- owner draw d
tablebutton Table object bar should have button for "Tabl m54
vcl25 bugs m54
opendocbehavior Implement the new Open Document Behavior. m54
gtkfpicker1 Use the system gtk fpicker if gnome is running and m54
getfilesize1 add osl_getFileSize to use instead of seeking to t m54
desktintgr02 OOo filter for the Windows Indexing Server
pdf01 New PDF features

pl: sj kindly has agreed t
impress11 Bug fixes for the Multi Pane GUI. m54
dba15 ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0 m54
swundo03 Undo improvements m54
ooo20040704 new OOo CWS m54
i18n14 i18n framework bug fix for SO 8 m54
qwizards2 Feature CWS: Implementation of Fax Wizard, Agenda m54
dr20 Calc bug fixes for SO8 m54
pj01 Build fixes for SRC680_m52 m54
lookup Implement Excel's undocumented behavior of [HV]?LO m54
dr12 The new PCD feature "Formatted text in cell a m54
customizer Customizing the installation process m54
vq01 Patches for the cws tooling m54
vcl26 OOo2.0 bugs m54
referr Fixes for errors in reference handling of formulas m53
xmlsec05 XML Security m53
cfglogging Implement improved logging for the configuration m53
fontlists03 Using the new CWS FontLists02 infrastructure to f m53
help2 CWS for tooling regarding the new help format. Ple m53
tune03 Misc. tuning efforts for SO 8 (all platforms) m52
swdrawobjapi Adjust the representation of drawing objects in th m52
jl2 CLI-UNO related issues, java framework issues m52
hr6 Small CWS for misc fixes to CWS tools. m52
cfgruggedised Better robustness and data recovery for the config m52
syssettings01 UI Language selection in multi-lingual installatio m52
eou25b Ease of Use 25: Increase possible Undo steps m52
nsplugin2 develop Mozilla plugin of StarOffice, which enable m52
rowlimit2 Decrease memory footprint of extended row limit of m52
oasis2 - bug fixes for oasis file format
- regression
aw016 BugFixing and smaller changes for SO8
AW: Insta
sb21 minor bugfixes m52
jl11 bug fixes, for example for Java framework m52

Unconfirmed issues reported since m32

ID Pri Comp Vers Votes Summary
33825 P3 Chart 680m51 3 pyramid charts
31742 P4 Chart 680m47 0 Chart data labels should be vertical
33561 P3 Drawing 680m49 0 Additional white pixels in exported pixel grafic
34183 P3 Formula 680m51 0 Intuitive UI (input)
29045 P4 Formula 680m36 0 asterisk * as superscript from MathType is not understood
32656 P2 framewor 680m49 2 Template Not Saved
31991 P3 framewor 680m47 2 Athlon 64 slow startup
32493 P3 framewor 680m49 2 You cannot select multiple images
33035 P3 framewor 680m49 1 Displaying paths as URLs in dialogs
26545 P3 framewor 680m32 0 Minimized Application Window with special functions
26605 P3 framewor 680m32 0 Easily moving around with the keyboard
29007 P3 framewor 680m36 0 Format/Ruby only for Asian languages ?
29009 P3 framewor 680m36 0 Ruby format in HTML editor
31047 P3 framewor 680m45 0 Java runtime loop query
31623 P3 framewor 680m47 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31624 P3 framewor 680m47 0 Toolbars - Customize dialog has no option to show/hide toolb
31625 P3 framewor 680m47 0 Zoom - value not remembered individually for different docum
31927 P3 framewor 680m47 0 No activity report during long lasting operations
32701 P3 framewor 680m49 0 Export to PDF of Selected Graphic is wrong
33807 P3 framewor 680m50 0 For Each syntax to basic
33717 P3 framewor 680m51 0 Toolbar, dock option is not necessary. The magnetic borders
33797 P3 framewor 680m51 0 Lots of dialog badly rendered with dark background theme
33830 P3 framewor 680m51 0 Make magnetic borders and toolbar dock more efficients
33831 P3 framewor 680m51 0 After using toolbar dock option, the toolbar should blink fo
33850 P3 framewor 680m52 0 Toolbar customisation more difficult than in 1.1.x!
34299 P3 framewor 680m54 0 Del a site out of a document
34365 P3 framewor 680m54 0 scrollbar doesn't support Windows shortcut menu
29957 P4 framewor 680m41 0 Event textboxes are not editable.
31231 P4 framewor 680m45 0 Tools->Options->>Print Usability Problems
33892 P5 framewor 680m51 0 Add a typography checker
34345 P3 gsl 680m54 1 PDF export produces slow, dark (bold) text Stylus BT font
34329 P3 Installa 680m54 2 shlxthdl.dll failing to register
34354 P3 Installa 680m54 0 Installer removes all files and uninstalls OO.o
28256 P3 Presenta 680m32 0 allow Upper/lower case as character style setting
28996 P3 Presenta 680m36 0 memory leak in batch document conversion
29094 P3 Presenta 680m36 0 Page blink with motion on top of background
29371 P3 Presenta 680m38 0 Render preview asynchronously
29557 P3 Presenta 680m38 0 Add capability to edit slides directly in Slides view
29562 P3 Presenta 680m38 0 Scrolling up and down in the slides view flashes on secondar
32260 P3 Presenta 680m47 0 Outline View Persistent Text Size
32262 P3 Presenta 680m47 0 Keyboard Commands During Presentations
32263 P3 Presenta 680m47 0 Can't undo slide deletion
34202 P3 Presenta 680m51 0 Change font size using "+/- n"
29120 P4 Presenta 680m36 0 Presentation loads slides and remains stuck for some seconds
32264 P4 Presenta 680m47 0 Slide Removal Leads to Incorrect Outline View
28481 P3 ui 680m34 2 Dockable Dialog Boxes
31499 P3 ui 680m47 2 Menus need to be updated
32309 P3 ui 680m47 2 Toolbars look awful in Windows XP without Luna Theme
33223 P3 ui 680m49 1 RFE: Provide improved navigation of HELP pages
28785 P3 ui 680m34 0 Options/Language settings ; UI needs to be improved
29758 P3 ui 680m38 0 changing the UI font doesn't work
30997 P3 ui 680m45 0 horizontal scroller position
31505 P3 ui 680m45 0 Send by Fax: Bad Discoverability
34372 P3 ui 680m47 0 Incorrect mousover when toolbar is in focus
34373 P3 ui 680m47 0 Toolbard do not dock properly when window content is not dra
31598 P3 ui 680m48 0 And a custom color to the color picker
33392 P3 ui 680m49 0 Options -> Colors needs buttons to load a color palette
33473 P3 ui 680m50 0 add shell extension support for odb and oth file format
34087 P3 ui 680m51 0 Desktop tips are not working...
34231 P3 ui 680m51 0 General input/output error while accessing
34347 P3 Word pro 680m54 2 File :: Properties crashes OOo when file opened from Win Exp
33668 P3 Word pro 680m51 1 Mouse right-click on a toolbar to customize it
34336 P2 Word pro 680m53 0 Bibliography Database bug (CS2C), crash while "column arrang
26669 P3 Word pro 680m32 0 Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
27238 P3 Word pro 680m32 0 RFE-Format character dialog - area for applying changes to
31619 P3 Word pro 680m38 0 Errors importing paper size
31214 P3 Word pro 680m42 0 Tools/Calculate doesn't work well after inserting page numbe
32545 P3 Word pro 680m47 0 Inserted text interpret as deleted text in .doc file
33682 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Powerful UI of Envelope auto-create based on database is nee
33796 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Automatic colors are not working well when using dark backgr
33810 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Select wrong left and right table columns when resize them
34035 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Page styles lose "next style" attribute
34326 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Fail to show word doc's bullet properly
34348 P3 Word pro 680m51 0 Fail to show doc file with certain indentation
34079 P3 Word pro 680m52 0 When click on hyper link, link opened successfully, but Wind
34351 P3 Word pro 680m54 0 Numbering styles don't work when used in heading styles

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