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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14

1.9 m51 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m49 and  680_m51.
this release will install as 1.9.m49, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an interims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m49.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
new locale data and strings in language listbox i18069 feature-info:
TaskID field of the form can't take more than 3 IDs but needs at least one and doesn't allow a string "see description", so only an arbitrary one in there.. New locale data (and string in language listbox if not already present): #i15834# Malaysian, ms_MY #i16276# Bulgarian, bg_BG #i18069# Interlingua, ia #i18659# Serbian Latin, sh_YU #i18659# Serbian Cyrillic, sr_YU #i20613# Croatian, hr_HR #i27248# Bosnian, bs_BA #i27677# Mongolian, mn_MN #i30508# Azerbaijani, az_AZ New entries in language listbox: #i19321# Galician #i19333# Dhivehi #i19334# Northern Sotho #i26025# Gaelic #i30446# Bengali (Bangladesh) #i30448# Occitan #i30888# Khmer #i31143# North Korea: Korean (DPRK) Changed: #i31143# South Korea: Korean --> Korean (RoK) #i14764# Lithuanian (Lithuania) --> Lithuanian
not set
New database application i20309 At the moment doesn't contain a database application comparable with other competitors. This document describes, how such a database application looks like, and how the “old” parts like data source administration, the designs (table, query, view, relations), forms and reports fit into this new application. speclink dba
New Database registration page for tools options dialog i24466 The registration of database files is necessary for the applications to allow the creation of e.g. mail merge documents or database ranges in spreadsheets where databases are used. Therefore a new dialog, where the user can administrate the already existing database names or create new ones, is needed. speclink dba
navigation bar form control: minor name changes in the property browser i30912 feature-info:
In the course of issue 30912, the following changes happened to the way how properties of the recently introduced navigation bar form control in the property browser are displayed: - The property "Record actions" has been renamed to "Acting on record" - For all the properties "Positioning", "Navigation", "Acting on a record", and "Filtering / Sorting", the list of possible values changed from "Yes" / "No" to "Show" / "Hide". The specifcation ( has been updated to reflect those changes.
not set
Basic IDE Macro Chooser and Macro Organizer i31315 The development of the Scripting Framework allows the user to develop macros in languages other than Basic. This document describes the changes to the Tools->Macros submenus and the dialogs it launches to allow the user manage their macros. speclink framework
Recent file list is now a popup menu in the file menu and extended to 10 items i31348 The File menu gives access to recently used OOo documents. This list is extended to 10 items. It is also a submenu in order to improve the usability of the File menu. speclink framework
Merge cells function changed to toggle i20500 Error: no abstract found speclink sc
Enhanced Header/Footer Dialog Feature i20501 Users are familiar with adding headers and footers to enhance readability and use a consistent style across pages. Currently adding headers and footers is more difficult in Calc than it needs to be. We need to provide a predefined set of choices that users can choose from a list. This feature will also increase compatibility with MS Excel header and footer handling. speclink sc
New cell attribute "Filled" i22926
speclink sc
Grouping in the DataPilot i25110 The DataPilot will be extended to allow grouping of items. This allows to further structure the source data, leading to a more organized view on the results. i-Team Members (The specification owner is part of the i-Team) speclink sc
Table Options in the DataPilot i25111 Two new options for DataPilot tables will control the "Filter" button cell, and the interaction to show or hide details. The "show details" function will be able to add fields to a DataPilot table (drill down). i-Team Members (The specification owner is part of the i-Team) speclink sc
Redesigned Format nebu in Calc i30271 The Format menu in OOo2.0 Calc is no longer context sensitive, i.e. the set of menu commands is fixed for all objects to be edited. The structure and terminology is consistent with the Writer module and matches competitive applications. speclink sc
Import of password-protected MS Excel documents i5362 Password protected Microsoft Office files could not be opened in the past. This new feature allows to open password protected Word and Excel documents, using ARCFOUR encryption . speclink sc
Cell format "Shrink to Fit" i6925
speclink sc
Diagonal lines in cells i8396
speclink sc
dependent types generated by cppumaker i30949 feature-info:
Since header files in cppu/inc/com/sun/star/uno (Any.hxx, Reference.hxx, Type.h) #include some generated .hdl/.hpp files, those are now *always* generated by cppumaker:,, (unless those types are only found in a registry passed to cppumaker with the -X option). This implies that cppumaker always needs to find those types in some of the registries passed to it.
not set
UNO: Single-interface--based services with no constructors i31194 feature-info:
A single-interface--based service written in UNOIDL as service SomeService: XSomeIfc {}; used to be interpreted the same as service SomeService: XSomeIfc; that is, both the former and the latter were considered to have a default constructor. This has been changed so that the former is now considered to have no constructors at all. This is useful for services that are not intended to be instantiated by clients, like the services which are intended to be accessed by client code via the service only.
not set
Browse for database buttons added to Writer dialogs i26302 The Fields-Database dialog has been reworked to add the possibility of selecting database files, which are not connected as a data source. speclink word processing
Positioning of floating screen objects with considering its wrapping style i27349
speclink word processing
Import of password-protected MS Word documents i5362 Password protected Microsoft Office files could not be opened in the past. This new feature allows to open password protected Word and Excel documents, using ARCFOUR encryption . speclink word processing

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
8252 l10n Using ISO 639 and ISO 3166 for language codes
20119 framewor Q-PCD Introduce tool to copy formattings
3316 Presenta Cant insert movies - mpg, avi etc
5362 framewor Support Microsoft Office 97 Encryption
31643 Drawing Crash when changing unit in a Draw document
27909 Chart File crash on opening after adding chart
19979 Database database table column are shifted to the left after execute
17123 Database auto-increment with mysql not working
25041 Database memo field truncates entry despite enough size ( postgres od
3753 framewor Close-Button for Help
19984 Database severe performance problem inserting database rows into calc
31805 Word pro Frame on wrong page of imported 1.1.2 doc (ok in 1.1.2)
30445 framewor crash when I import emf or wmf files.
32692 framewor Smoketest fails if version 5 import/export is enabled
32850 framewor ofa resource317 not found - producing gpf
32897 framewor OLE Activation crashes
31837 framewor status bar config crasher ...
32842 Word pro Format.Frame/Graphic/Object crashes 680m50
24707 api API: sw.SwXTextPortion::XPropertyState::setPropertyToDefault
25331 api API: text.AutoTextContainer
30226 api database documents does not fullfill the requirements of API
30195 Database [cws insight01] crash when close the beamer from form
30225 Database [cws insight01] crash when closing database with open table
30450 Database [cws insight01| crash when connect to an adabas database whe
30622 Database [cws: insight] Crash in database document after pasting spec
31501 Database [cws insight01] crash when click finish in query wizard
32314 Drawing crash when window new and make a reload.
20125 framewor Q-PCD State name of office module in title bar
21596 framewor Q-PCD Unsigned code and configurable trust
30444 framewor Q-PCD Easier way to add tables and manipulate tables in Writ
31227 framewor [docking1] changed access to items in not wide enough ToolBo
31413 framewor [docking1]: Some toolbars not available|empty
31466 framewor Office crashes when TextObject-bar of writer is changed to '
31942 framewor crash when opening property browser
32509 framewor Active-X Control doesn´t work
31901 framewor Memory corruption in OPropertyBrowserController
26791 framewor core impl. of the unification of drawing objects and Writer
31585 Installa Installation stops with error in assambly component
30200 Presenta Impress: Crash when I export the attached file to Flash
31414 Presenta crash when I cancel the modify layout dialog.
31533 Presenta I can't save a document with an presentation background
31401 Presenta Closing office brings a crash
31854 Presenta presentation shows multi pane view in presentation mode
25110 Spreadsh Grouping in the DataPilot
31364 ui crash by clicking on toolbar options button of empty toolbar
31779 ui [docking2] Crash while adding empty menu
31358 utilitie testtool: command to get the count and list of qaErrorLogs
26302 Word pro Impl for browse button to load database file in fields->data
25802 Word pro Crash when I click on Business card tab on BusinessCard dial
27767 Word pro WW8: adjustments for the positioning of floating screen obje
28701 Word pro core impl. of the positioning of floating screen objects wit
28702 Word pro impl. of UI for new compatibility option 'Consider wrapping
31490 Word pro MS Word Import: 680m47 crasher
31564 Word pro Wrong/broken tabpage for frame/Graphic dialog
31573 Word pro MS Word Import: 680m47 freezer
31111 *Testpro PackageManager ought to work on inflated content
23397 api API: sw.SwXTextCursor::XWordCursor
24857 api API: svtools.AccessibleTreeListBox::com::sun::star::accessib
25180 api goteendof Word() broken
25719 api It is not possible to set the view grid options
26146 api API: sw.SwXAutoTextContainer::XNameAccess::getByName()
26347 api API: dbaccess.ORowSet::XResultSetUpdate
28638 api filters dont use provided status indicator
29943 api Iteration through paragraphs inside a selection returns all
29233 api TextTableCursor.getRangeName() returns lastcell:firstcell
32138 Chart mark chart2 API as unpublished
23992 Database Deleting fields in ODBC Access data source cause Ooo crash
24594 Database Create a spec for the new database registration dialog
24595 Database Implement the new database registration dialog
24598 Database Implement API for the database registration
30395 Database [cws insight01] ERROR: not able to store alien attributes
20311 Database Q-PCD Database-1: Database access functionality should be ad
21643 Database Import of own file format
24168 Database [CWS insight01] 'save' and 'save as' menu item missing in FI
24171 Database [CWS insight01] save as doesn't create valid file
24173 Database [CWS insight01] crash when save a new query
24176 Database [CWS insight01] not possible to create a new datasource | se
24209 Database [CWS insight01] save messages after insert a table
29289 Database The QA tests have to change to the new db model
30175 Database [cws insight01] cancelling the save-as dialog not respected
30199 Database [cws insight01] the report wizard doesn't start
30253 Database [cws insight01] the advanced properties dialog is to small i
30305 Database [cws insight01] color picker appear after cancel the file op
30365 Database [cws insight01] some icons are corrupt
30366 Database [cws insight01] a doubleclick on a task in the tasklist open
30368 Database [cws insight01] form is in live modus when open for editing
30382 Database [cws insight01] [RFE] when editing a table, the preview shou
30388 Database [cws insight01] it takes to long after click next in the con
30390 Database [cws insight01] DEL key works in readonly databases
30401 Database [cws insight01] save dialog appear when closing new form. no
30413 Database [cws insight01] error when double-clicking an empty forms fo
30416 Database [cws insight01] [RFE] allow to move forms/reports within the
30417 Database [cws insight01] copying object folders does not copy contain
30437 Database [cws insight01] Close Windows is missing in FILE menu
30597 Database [cws insight01] [RFE] add database entry to start menu on wi
30626 Database [cws: insight] Crash by renaming a MySQL JDBC table
31520 Database [cws insight01] a form with a '/' in the name can't be used
31814 Database ListBox of types in the database -> Connection Properties di
31891 Database [cws insight01] menu items missing in INSERT menu in relatio
24467 Database Dialog for database registration
25410 Database Database name must be extened to support a databsae URL and
25411 Database Database name must be extened to support a database URL and
25414 Database Database name must be extened to support a databsae URL and
27832 Database sort dbase query with field alias doesn't work
28754 Database OFlatTable::getEntry() illegal string operations
30603 Database [cws insight01] cancelling the creation of a new database do
31834 Database Form toolbar disappear when focus is in control property bro
20673 Database Chengin column name while copying a table
21468 Database ADO/MDB: varchars are turning into longtext fields
21820 Database Navigation and traveling problems with special MS SQL Server
21957 Database Unable to open data source from password encrypted OO calc s
24491 Database Crash when moving an MS Access read only record
24931 Database Need to Select a column using column header twice to delete
25060 Database Significant screen rubbish left moving columns in Query Desi
25146 Database TimeValue() function using Query Designer with ODBC out by t
27455 Database The filter in the beamer doesn't work with grouped queries
28341 Database DROP INDEX always has a schema name before the index name
18608 Database wrong data written when entering date into ADO/MDB table
18612 Database unable to copy bugdoc table from ADO/MDB to MySQL
18836 Database 'between' keyword in query design with spreadsheet datasourc
19843 Database copy table auto pilot: copying records stops on first error
12497 Database create index forces use of asc, or desc
27286 Database SQL parse problem with GROUP BY clauses
27414 Database crash when editing data source data
25875 Database Ooo crash if I try to insert data using Memo[LONGCHAR] field
25624 Database queries form mysql cannot be imported into the mysql databas
26432 Database UNIQUE index on a DOUBLE or FLOAT causes MySQL error HY090
26794 Database ParameterNameSubstitution chokes on some queries
31722 document PackageManager Tools menu item has no help id
22705 Drawing Implementation of the slide sorter panel.
26495 Drawing gcc warning fix
31681 Drawing Cannot fill a figure that is filled "invisible" from toolbar
31713 Drawing Text style does not get pasted in Draw
31723 Drawing Format Paintbrush should be inactive when text in draw objec
31746 Drawing Format paintbrush cursor must'nt show bucket if target is no
32298 Drawing Media Filter for a new gallery theme set to all shows only o
30394 Formula unused code in starmath
31512 framewor testtool: sub menu not accessible by menu-command
22465 framewor Possibility to access the UI of an embedded object
31711 framewor Marcos aren't executed when use in a embedded object
26282 framewor Confusing error message appeares if a filter can not be used
29739 framewor Missing Help-IDs for new menu entries Tools - Macros
31404 framewor SvTreeListBox shows vertical scrollbar unnecessarily
31348 framewor menu: File>PickList - Impl1 (menu changes)
31354 framewor [docking1] Wrong toolbar comes up when bitmap is selected
31417 framewor Menubar is greyed out after opening document with custom men
31427 framewor Drop-down button doesn't work on buttons in the navigator to
31467 framewor [docking1] longnames in hid.lst are double
31511 framewor [docking1] HID_SOURCEVIEW SourceView in WriterWeb is missing
31594 framewor Toolkit windows must be disposed (not ref-counted)
31682 framewor Icons with drop down menus won't open when placed at the end
31716 framewor customize menus and toolbar tabs do not match specification
31718 framewor Custom menu can't be deleted in Tools/Customize/Menu tab
31756 framewor repaint problems after lock toolbar 2 times
31831 framewor Toolbar in StarBasic IDE is not responsive
31887 framewor Viewer toolbars are not available anymore. Used by plugin an
31896 framewor 'export source adds no file extension
32266 framewor No title for sub-toolbars "Drawing", "Insert Cells" in Calc/
32292 framewor GetItemCount doesnt work on Listbox.
32356 framewor Click on playposition does not set the position pointer.
32729 framewor Media file preview does not stop on dialog closing
32447 framewor Tools->Customize-dialog has identical RIDs for Menu and Tool
32510 framewor ScriptProviderForBasic: separation of application basic macr
32675 framewor Remove filter related warning on closing of a document.
32164 framewor Menu Help: Improvements (2) - Timing of Tool Tips
32166 framewor Menu Help: Improvements (2) - IMPL
20304 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Live Deployment and GUI
23439 framewor Farsi should be defined as CTL language
25616 framewor We need shadows on graphics.
30463 gsl Alpha VDev does not handle text color correctly
31373 gsl Long-click on toolbar button doesn't work
31422 gsl [docking1] undocked toolbar changes orientation by switching
31306 Installa Install Java Loader with the product
31307 Installa /opt/productname has to be relocatable
31308 Installa Build Java installer class file dynamically
31309 Installa Java and Ada RPMs and Packages
32144 Installa small bug fixes in native packaging process
31043 Installa Please review the module description for the installation mo
31020 Installa Install process isn't office session aware
31485 Installa MSI plugin to remove quickstarter link needed
32273 Installa incorrect title bar text for windows installer
25324 Installa Use cnp sdk as GUI installer for Unix
23521 ja We would like to have secret or closed mailing list
32451 l10n localize exports German chars in wrong encoding
32065 porting Solaris x86 /usr/ccs/bin/as doesn't accept -q flag
30542 Presenta Missing string resources for new header&footer slots in impr
31376 Presenta add ui strings for Q-PCD MS Interop12
31410 Presenta crash when I select an autolayout placeholder and assign ano
31419 Presenta Presentation type windows doesn't work correct
28759 Presenta Calc OLE has wrong text color
31397 Presenta Bugs in new slide sorter
31717 Presenta Format paintbrush from autolayout text generates line arroun
31835 Presenta Format menu: Modify Layout must be slide layout.
31951 Presenta Task Panel: I must click with the right mouse button instead
31954 Presenta Arrow of the Panel drop down box doesn't work.
30407 Presenta Menu Format Impress/Draw: unable to customize - Impl
29742 sdk Update DevGuide: Uno Ease of Use Features
20500 Spreadsh Q-PCD EaseOfUse-59
22640 Spreadsh Implementation: Calc "Shrink to fit" cell property
Thu Aug 26 02:43:26 -0700 2004
ID Comp Summary
23675 Spreadsh Implementation: Diagonal cell border lines
22928 Spreadsh Implementation: Add "Fill" to horizontal cell alignment
31252 Spreadsh [CWS OASIS]Conditional formats get lost
31411 Spreadsh Spec / Impl for Help of Java Option Dialog missing
32086 Spreadsh Cell attribute Filled is not written to Oasis
32093 Spreadsh diagonal borders lost
23177 Spreadsh Calc didn't use General Page preview Icon
30271 Spreadsh Menu Format Calc: unable to customize - Impl
24998 tools testtool: remote command returns directories as file
31893 tools Can't Set comments in description with TestTool
26338 tools TestTool: enhance visibility for qaErrorLog strings
30244 tools CWS tooling for OpenOffice
31082 tools Fix some rough edges of cws tooling
30579 ucb Remove obsolete (chaos) MailDocumentConverter service
32418 ucb Need possibility to work with zip files without special hand
32348 udk empty component context in bootstrap function
20340 ui Q-PCD EaseOfLearning-16 View Menu
21109 ui Specification for Search handler on Windows
30639 ui Q-PCD EaseOfLearning-16 View Menu - Impl
31872 ui Q-PCD EaseOfLearning-16 View Menu - Writer/Writer-Web/Math -
29824 ui Menu Help: Improvements - Impl
31253 ui Need a message for the case when target file is corrupted.
31150 ui wrong icon for the command "Zoom Out"
31362 ui [docking1] View->Toolbars is not available
31459 ui Q-PCD EaseOfLearning-16 View Menu - Impl1 Math
14168 ui Wrong focus behaviour of page tabs in StarOffice help
30341 ui initial size of help windows is undersized
30548 utilitie testtool: command 'gpf' is no 'real' gpf
31820 utilitie [docking1]: drop down menu on toolbar button doesn't open
31821 utilitie testtool: toolbar is reserved word without any use
24555 utilitie If a resource is missing, a wrong one is loaded
27588 Word pro Writer: Book preview mode for page preview: String review
29297 Word pro implement format paintbrush feature in writer
10826 Word pro OO +/- system lockup with scroll, save of doc with many foot
23512 Word pro Loop when switching to online layout in certain Word documen
26250 Word pro consider lower spacing of table inside table cell
30402 Word pro lcl_CheckAutoFmtId in poolfmt.cxx is unused
30451 Word pro Changing draw obj size via dialog creates 2 undo steps
30554 Word pro Remove unused code from SW
30557 Word pro Grid: wrong character position when writing text in table
31553 Word pro Apply Style Doesn't seem to work
31763 Word pro Strange progress bar behaviour during 'Find & Replace'
31917 Word pro Toolbox controler doesn't work on PagePreview
32089 Word pro Crash when opening doc containing frame with drawing object
32728 Word pro Can't delete media file
29875 Word pro Menu Format Writer: unable to customize - Impl
19922 Word pro Word 97 incompatibility
20505 Word pro OO Writer hangs for "empty pages" on "Page Preview"
27399 Word pro width of text columns changed after saving, closing and re-o
26831 Word pro Writer crash on load document
30983 xml It is not possible to open a newly commited embedded object
23294 api API: sw.SwXChapterNumbering::XIndexReplace
23300 api API: sw.SwXNumberingRules::XIndexReplace
22377 Database wrong sharing of data-source-connections in special case
24179 Database [CWS insight01] the sort icons in the toolbar don't toogle |
24210 Database [CWS insight01] remove recordmarker and the navigation bar f
30391 Database [cws insight01] ERROR: FmGridHeader::PreExecuteColumnContext
14237 Database A resultset should hold the creator statement alive
20303 framewor Q-PCD Programmability: Type Life Cycle
31976 Word pro Row could not be deleted due to page breaking cell
30864 Database en UI: Conjoined sentences "can not create index values are
32548 tools trivial Soap::Lite -> SOAP:Lite
29398 Word pro Navigator button remains selected when Navigator closed

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

gcc340fixes01 cws for gcc 3.4 fixes in SRC680 m50
dr19 SO8 bug fixes for Calc m50
enusencoding This cws fixes ~ 24 en-US strings with wrong encod m50
cfgruggedised Better robustness and data recovery for the config m52
db2003tk Make berkeleydb buildable without wdvenv/ConvertDS m50
bff2 CWS to reduce includes in binfilter module to get m50
swobjpos04 New compatibility option for positioning floating m50
icu2003tk Make icu buildable for .NET 2003 without using Con m50
dialogxml1 Fixing dialog libraries xmlscript import/export bu m50
i18n13 I18n framework bug fixes. m50
jl10 Diverse fixes, e.g Java bridge, automation bridge m50
jlmsi installation of .NET assemblies and smaller cli-un m50
dr14 New Calc cell formatting features: Shrink To Fit, m50
grouping Grouping of items in DataPilot m50
os35 Use static format menu instead of the currently co m50
pbhelp02 Features and tasks of the help. m51
docking2 Fixes for EA related to the work done on docking1 m50
formatpaintbrush02 implement new feature 'Format Paintbrush' m50
insight01 Q prototyping for the new database application
swqbugfixes04 Writer team Q bug fixes m50
fixgh testtool fixes m50
autotranslationfix Hotfix for DB Merge issue wrong encoding of German m50
aw017 This is a joined copy of aw012, description copied m50
encryption Import of encrypted MSO documents. m51
impress15ea Bug fixes. m51
impress18ea Bug fixes for the Multi Pane GUI m50
docking3 Fixes for bugs related to docking1 changes in the m51
jmf2 Media framework related tasks m51
tbe12 2.0 bug fixes m51
unotlc UNO type life cycle Q-PCD and additional fixes of m51
gt10thaiinput Thai input sequence checking m51
syssettings01 UI Language selection in multi-lingual installatio m52
tune05 Startup Performance: Remove unused code (starting m51
hr5 Small fixes for CWX tools, simple fix for unxoli4 m51

Unconfirmed issues reported since m32

ID Comp Votes Summary
31190 ui 4 Simplify Memory Options
32656 framewor 2 Template Not Saved
31991 framewor 2 Athlon 64 slow startup
33233 Drawing 0 move object by keyboard causes hang/crash if key repeats
32907 Presenta 0 Effects cause crash when associated with Paper medium
32633 Database 0 Database query LIKE is case sensitive
33406 Formula 0 OOo Mazth misinterprets "=" sign
31047 framewor 0 Java runtime loop query
31623 framewor 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31624 framewor 0 Toolbars - Customize dialog has no option to show/hide toolb
31625 framewor 0 Zoom - value not remembered individually for different docum
31636 framewor 0 Document as e-mail with Opera
31927 framewor 0 No activity report during long lasting operations
32493 framewor 0 You cannot select multiple images
32701 framewor 0 Export to PDF of Selected Graphic is wrong
33035 framewor 0 Displaying paths as URLs in dialogs
31502 l10n 0 Patch for VCL.xcu. Khmer and Lao fonts
32260 Presenta 0 Outline View Persistent Text Size
32262 Presenta 0 Keyboard Commands During Presentations
32263 Presenta 0 Can't undo slide deletion
30997 ui 0 horizontal scroller position
31505 ui 0 Send by Fax: Bad Discoverability
31499 ui 0 Menus need to be updated
32309 ui 0 Toolbars look awful in Windows XP without Luna Theme
31598 ui 0 And a custom color to the color picker
33124 ui 0 Options>>View>Look&feel / View Flat Buttons
33222 ui 0 RFE: provide a "file problem report" function [on the help m
33223 ui 0 RFE: Provide improved navigation of HELP pages
33392 ui 0 Options -> Colors needs buttons to load a color palette
31214 Word pro 0 Tools/Calculate doesn't work well after inserting page numbe
32545 Word pro 0 Inserted text interpret as deleted text in .doc file
33236 Word pro 0 Master document created from large file - subdocs lose style
31742 Chart 0 Chart data labels should be vertical
29957 framewor 0 Event textboxes are not editable.
31231 framewor 0 Tools->Options->>Print Usability Problems
33120 framewor 0 In special character dialog some subset names are missing
32264 Presenta 0 Slide Removal Leads to Incorrect Outline View
33121 Word pro 0 in special character dialog the glyphtable jumps to 'Basic L

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