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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m49 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m47 and  680_m49.
this release will install as 1.9.m49, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an interims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m49.

This version includes several new features that need to be mentioned:

OASIS Open Office file format as default file format
(Attention: The newly integrated OASIS Open Office file format implementation within will change within the next minor versions and saving files within this format won't be reliable within this version. On the other hand it would be helpful if some users will have a look at this format)

Increased row limit to 65k rows in Calc
This feature should work and it should be tested extensively

File locking enabled by default on UNIX/Linux platforms
If problems occur with this change it would be good to know about

New toolbar concept and design
As far as I know there are several changes which haven't done it into this version. It would be very helpful to get feedback about usability problems regarding this feature

Automatic Java Configuration, Java Options Panel should find a Java version by itself and it can be configured in /tools/options/java

Some known problems are left:

There are several known bugs which might restrict users from using the application as it should be.

issue 31854    "presentation shows multipane view in presentation mode"
issue 31402    "presentations first slide is painted black"
???             Crash when exiting the application if Draw or Impress
                have been used before.

These bugs were introduced by the implementation of the new multipane view within Impress and they will restrict the use of doing presentations.

Native Installer 1.9.49 is now available with native installer. This includes the Windows Installer for the Windows platform, RPMs for Linux and Packages for Solaris Sparc and Solaris x86. These installation sets were built in the cvs project "instsetoo_native", which will substitute the current "instsetoo" in the near future.


Change into the directory where you unzipped the download file. There you find the complete installation set. Please use the setup.exe in the root of the installation set to start the installation process and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. To deinstall the product again, you have to use the "Add or Remove Software" applet in the Control Panel. That's all. For 1.9.49 this version will only install on Box where the .Net Framework has been installed before, this will be fixed with 1.9.50.


For Solaris you download a file tar.gz. You can unpack this file with "gunzip" and "tar -xvf". After this unpacking you find a Solaris package, that can be installed using pkgadd. The normal way to install a package requires root privileges. You can use the commands:

pkgadd -a adminfile.txt -d . OOOopenoffice-core      (relocatable with the optional admin file (parameter -a)  in which "basedir=/opt/myBaseDir" has to be defined)

For the deinstallation the corresponding command is

pkgrm OOOopenoffice-core

Attention: The maximum length for names of Solaris packages on Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 is 9 characters. To extend this to 25 characters the Solaris system has to contain the following patches:

The longer packages names we introduce by Bug 4025718.
If your building packages on S8 you need patches: 110934-12 (sparc) & 110935-12 (x86)
If your building packages on S9 you need patches: 113713-03 (sparc) & 114568-02 (x86)

The following packages are available

OOOopenoffice-core, the base package that must be installed. This is required by all other packages
OOOopenoffice-writer, the writer application
OOOopenoffice-calc, the calc application
OOOopenoffice-draw, the draw application
OOOopenoffice-impress, the impress application
OOOopenoffice-math, the math application
OOOopenoffice-gnome, gnome system integration
OOOopenoffice-cde, cde sytem integration


For Linux you download a rpm file, that can be directly installed using the rpm command. The normal way to install a rpm or a package requires root privileges. You can use the commands:

rpm -i openoffice-core-1.9.49-1.i586.rpm --prefix=/opt/myBaseDir   (relocatable with the optional parameter --prefix)

For the deinstallation the corresponding command is

rpm -e openoffice-core-1.9.49

The following RPMs are available

openoffice-core-1.9.49-1.i586.rpm , the base package that must be installed. This is required by all other packages
openoffice-suse-menus-1.9.49-1.i586.rpm, suse system integration
openoffice-redhat-menus-1.9.49-1.i586.rpm, redhat system integration

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
new locale data and strings in language listbox i18069 feature-info:
TaskID field of the form can't take more than 3 IDs but needs at least one and doesn't allow a string "see description", so only an arbitrary one in there.. New locale data (and string in language listbox if not already present): #i15834# Malaysian, ms_MY #i16276# Bulgarian, bg_BG #i18069# Interlingua, ia #i18659# Serbian Latin, sh_YU #i18659# Serbian Cyrillic, sr_YU #i20613# Croatian, hr_HR #i27248# Bosnian, bs_BA #i27677# Mongolian, mn_MN #i30508# Azerbaijani, az_AZ New entries in language listbox: #i19321# Galician #i19333# Dhivehi #i19334# Northern Sotho #i26025# Gaelic #i30446# Bengali (Bangladesh) #i30448# Occitan #i30888# Khmer #i31143# North Korea: Korean (DPRK) Changed: #i31143# South Korea: Korean --> Korean (RoK) #i14764# Lithuanian (Lithuania) --> Lithuanian
not set
navigation bar form control: minor name changes in the property browser i30912 feature-info:
In the course of issue 30912, the following changes happened to the way how properties of the recently introduced navigation bar form control in the property browser are displayed: - The property "Record actions" has been renamed to "Acting on record" - For all the properties "Positioning", "Navigation", "Acting on a record", and "Filtering / Sorting", the list of possible values changed from "Yes" / "No" to "Show" / "Hide". The specifcation ( has been updated to reflect those changes.
not set
Basic IDE Macro Chooser and Macro Organizer i31315 The development of the Scripting Framework allows the user to develop macros in languages other than Basic. This document describes the changes to the Tools->Macros submenus and the dialogs it launches to allow the user manage their macros. speclink framework
RedLining: Add comment if rejection could not restore the old state 112261 If a recorded change is rejected for an Calc document, a comment for the rejecting action is inserted if dependencies to other actions indicate that at least one of them couldn't be properly restored. speclink sc
Calc: New menu entry "Sheet from File" in Insert menu i1834 feature-info:
New menu entry "Sheet from file" in the "Insert" menu: If selected, a File - Open dialog is opened. After selecting a file, the existing Insert - Sheet dialog is opened with preselected "From file" radio button. The sheets of the selected file are already shown in the list box. UI changes summary 1) new menu entry in "Insert" menu: ENGLISH: "Shee~t from file..." GERMAN: "Ta~belle aus Datei..." 2) changed menu entry in "Insert" menu: ENGLISH: "E~xternal data..." -> "Link to E~xternal data..." GERMAN: "E~xterne Daten..." -> "Verknüpfung zu e~xternen Daten..." 3) changed menu entry in "Insert" menu: GERMAN: "D~iagramm" -> "~Diagramm" ('D' was unused and is better visible than lowercase 'i') 4) New slot .uno:InsertSheetFromFile, FID_INS_TABLE_EXT, 26275: ENGLISH: "Tabelle aus Datei einfügen" GERMAN: "Insert Sheet from File"
  speclink sc
Enhanced Header/Footer Dialog Feature i20501 Users are familiar with adding headers and footers to enhance readability and use a consistent style across pages. Currently adding headers and footers is more difficult in Calc than it needs to be. We need to provide a predefined set of choices that users can choose from a list. This feature will also increase compatibility with MS Excel header and footer handling. speclink sc
Table Options in the DataPilot i25111 Two new options for DataPilot tables will control the "Filter" button cell, and the interaction to show or hide details. The "show details" function will be able to add fields to a DataPilot table (drill down). i-Team Members (The specification owner is part of the i-Team) speclink sc
dependent types generated by cppumaker i30949 feature-info:
Since header files in cppu/inc/com/sun/star/uno (Any.hxx, Reference.hxx, Type.h) #include some generated .hdl/.hpp files, those are now *always* generated by cppumaker:,, (unless those types are only found in a registry passed to cppumaker with the -X option). This implies that cppumaker always needs to find those types in some of the registries passed to it.
not set
UNO: Single-interface--based services with no constructors i31194 feature-info:
A single-interface--based service written in UNOIDL as service SomeService: XSomeIfc {}; used to be interpreted the same as service SomeService: XSomeIfc; that is, both the former and the latter were considered to have a default constructor. This has been changed so that the former is now considered to have no constructors at all. This is useful for services that are not intended to be instantiated by clients, like the services which are intended to be accessed by client code via the service only.
not set
Collapsing table borders i29552
speclink word processing
OASIS Open Office File Formats i20153 (OOo) 1.1 and StarOffice (SO) 8 are using the new OASIS Open Office XML File Format as their default file format. The OASIS Open Office XML File Format has been development and standardized by the OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee (TC). Support of the OASIS Open Office XML Format has also been announced by Koffice. New extensions are used to be able to divide the new from the old format and to prevent loading file with new format in an earlier released OOo 1.1. The new file names are the same regardless of the product vendor. So OOo and SO files are called the same. speclink xml

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
31536 api UnoControlImageControlModel should support image resource UR
30912 Database Make text clearer for new navigation control
22705 Drawing Implementation of the slide sorter panel.
21498 framewor Q-PCD More complete coverage of undo-able actions: see paren
20405 framewor Q-PCD Programmability-AB-01
25260 framewor No error message is displayed when execution of script fails
31315 framewor Rework Basic IDE Macro Chooser and Macro Organizer
26679 gsl Font Management in GSL needs cleanup
30917 gsl Cannot choose between multiple CUPS queue instances
20355 Installa Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-5: Start Menu Integration
20356 Installa Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-7: Mime-type registration for OpenOff
29569 Installa Add Tooltips to launcher items on UNIX
8252 l10n Using ISO 639 and ISO 3166 for language codes
30108 l10n Strings for language listbox: Interlingua
30275 l10n Strings for language listbox: Bosnian
30446 l10n Strings for language listbox: Bengali (Bangladesh)
30448 l10n Strings for language listbox: Occitan
30888 l10n Strings for language listbox: Khmer
31143 l10n Strings for language listbox: N. Korean
18069 l10n Support for interlingua as document language
19321 l10n Add Galician to language list box
19333 l10n Add Dhivehi to list of locales
19334 l10n Add Northern Sotho to list of languages
18659 l10n Can't set default language to Serbian
15834 l10n Missing Malaysia currency (and Malaysian locale data in gene
27248 l10n Add Bosnian locale data
27671 l10n Add Mongolian language
27677 l10n Add Mongolian locale
30508 l10n Azerbaijani localedata for i18npool
28757 porting Sun ONE Studio 8 compiler
1834 Spreadsh Q-PCD affiliate: Make insertion of external spreadsheets eas
20501 Spreadsh Q-PCD EaseOfUse-30
25111 Spreadsh Table options in the DataPilot
28518 Spreadsh Timeformat AM /PM is written in lower case
25608 tools Add @since to C++ autodoc
30967 tools Autodoc @since tag: Use OOo versions
30968 tools Implement strip-functions in csv::StreamStr
26261 tools Enable Autodoc for multiple inheritance of IDL interfaces
20317 udk Q-PCD Programmability-22
29740 udk PropertySet helpers in C++ and Java
29741 udk Retrofit existing udkapi/offapi services/singletons as (sing
29432 udk install .NET assemblies with MSI
31194 udk Allow for single-interface--based services that have neither
31281 udk Make published status of UNO entities available via com.sun.
31416 utilitie merge-on-the-fly for officecfg
19335 utilitie Enable ISO 639-2
29551 Word pro Collapsing borders - xml im/export / API
29552 Word pro Collapsing borders - core implementation
20153 xml Q-PCD MSInteroperability-MIB-13: OASIS Open Office XML File
20158 xml Q-PCD Security-3: Sign single elements (e.g. meta data) usin
18170 xml "in" as length unit

Fixed Issues

Fri Jul 30 04:02:19 -0700 2004
ID Comp Summary
29789 *Testpro Crash after previewing a more complicated control scenario
31294 api API: sw.SwXMailMerge::DataAccessDescriptor
30574 api API: fwk.Frame::com::sun::star::lang::XComponent
30975 api runner: utils.dbg could not display PopertyValue[]-Pairs
30236 api Readonly storages autodisposing is broken.
30570 api API: fwl.FilterFactory::com::sun::star::container::XNameRepl
30811 api API: sc.ScTableSheetObj::com::sun::star::sheet::XFormulaQuer
31221 api XOutputStream::flush() implementation in file UCP
31375 api API: sc.ScAccessibleDocumentPagePreview
26812 api API: runner::stats::SQLExecution
30525 api runner could not handle network path on windows
26654 Chart build fails in sch with preprocessor error (non-product buil
29153 Database change autopilot to wizard
29128 Drawing Unknown Token 462m was not found in pdf-exported file
29186 Drawing Switching to different display quality has no effect
29181 Drawing crash when removing a form control shape from Drawing docume
29973 Drawing Insert duplicate slide - rectangle unvisible
29994 framewor svx needs dependency for jvmfwk
29999 framewor OOo file thumbnails must be saved in 'Thumbnails' folder
25269 framewor Scripting Framework scripts should be deployable using pkgch
25682 framewor Cannot invoke a script from the command line
25870 framewor BeanShell editor do not use classpath for script execution
26299 framewor User configuration has language dependencies
26501 framewor when inheriting from a template using typename is generally
29782 framewor Help-ID in BeanShell Macros / JavaScript Macros doubled
31229 framewor [docking1] toolbox tearoff and open menu implemented differe
30017 framewor Arrows in license box points to the wrong direction
30376 framewor No alien-warning when saving Master-Doc in 5.2 format
30924 framewor BeanShell/JavaScript Script Organizer doesn't conform to spe
30951 framewor In ScriptOrganizers ( BeanShell & JavaScript ) edit/creat/de
31141 framewor Wrong german string encoding in source\dialog\scriptdlg.src
31688 framewor missing checkbox in tools - options -accessibility - 'Allow
29060 framewor OOCalc's use of StaticGravity causes the titlebar to be plac
29650 gsl DRAWMODE_GHOSTEDLINE always paints white text underline
29873 gsl psprint: jump depends on unitialized value
30513 gsl OO.o hangs if cupsd hangs
30571 gsl VCL plugin: slow painting of help application if main window
30914 gsl Cannot print to CUPS queue with multiple instances
28763 gsl Loading document hangs if CUPS printer doesn't deliver PPD
29881 gsl startup time increased
30972 gsl problem with unitialised data
31148 gsl resources for new PDF dialogue need to me commited before CW
29765 gsl fix for freetype, version 2.1.6: includes via macros
30232 gsl make the printed postscript resolution independent
30268 gsl deadlock when scrolling (crashed) flash animation
30429 gsl 'Kochi Gothic' instead of 'kochigothic' in VCL.xcu
30472 gsl Some errors in sysui/desktop/gnome/*.desktop
30551 gsl Enable rendering of ttf font with pOS2->usWinAscent and pOS2
30919 gsl Proper Translation for Portuguese Keys
31173 Installa ulf files for Windows native installer
30307 Installa Java location not toggeling
30410 Installa Some settings are wrong at first office start
31015 Installa Native Installer: Gnome-Intgeration package doesn't work
14764 l10n Lithuanian locale minor corrections
31314 l10n Error: GroupId > 255 chars / macro end detection
15863 l10n Complete mappings of MS-LANGIDs <-> ISO code names
16276 l10n Bulgaria (BG) local
20613 l10n add .xml file for croatian croatian internationalization
27732 l10n localize and timestamp format (e.g. 23:23:7 instead of 23:23
28925 l10n UI.xcu and Error: "Unknown language code:
28110 porting linux sparc UNO Changes for Multiple-Inheritance Interface T
27789 porting neon format string vuln, CAN-2004-0179
27021 porting configure cannot detect Xaw.h
27032 porting FreeBSD porting libxml2 project
27033 porting FreeBSD doesn't have alloca.h
27041 porting FreeBSD porting: vcl project malloc.h is deprecated
27042 porting FreeBSD porting add some include files for vcl/unx/source/pl
27753 porting FreeBSD: build fails psprint, strhelper.obj : The isnan() ma
27043 porting FreeBSD doesn't require/need/have -ldl
29352 porting gcc34 cppuhelper problems
30051 porting neon vulnerable by control characters
18739 Presenta PDF Export does not use lastest imput
29641 Presenta Display objects on Background needs refresh
28485 Presenta white font color changes into black color
25907 Spreadsh UNDO/REDO of deleting subtotals overwrites data
24277 Spreadsh Format Autoformat Turquoise sets language to German
17043 Spreadsh Undo broken for multi-sheet paste
19527 Spreadsh Typo in German version (function Arbeitstag)
29893 tools Build of svtools fails because of the use of SOLARSRC instea
29919 tools W32-tcsh build produces "undeletable" nul files (680)
30071 tools Clean up solenv/inc/startup
28192 tools enable "with mozilla" as default
30156 tools Change switches of rsc with filename to -xx=<filename> synta
30478 tools libxml2 depends on zlib
32010 tools Resources for german office are english
28717 tools Build failed in scp2/util: issue?
28953 tools Disable the output of to stderr
29321 ucb Closing i/p & o/p streams after writing to file causes error
29648 ucb XSimpleFileAccess move for failes for url of type
29119 udk Java-UNO component loader broken...
29389 udk Remove jvmaccess::JavaInfo class
29433 udk adapt cli-uno bridge to UNO changes
29473 udk jvmfwk, after product update JRE may not be selectable
29787 udk remove PATH dependency for cli-uno client applications.
30342 udk refactorize jvmfwk plugin / add parameter in function from j
30949 udk cppumaker does not generate all dependent types
31129 udk C++ UNO cannot distinguish Optional<char> from Optional<unsi
30974 udk document polymorpic structs in cli-uno language binding
29587 udk loadComponentFromURL fails to load new document when loading
30599 ui Assertion in PasswordDialog
29602 ui java option dialog: use radio buttons instead of check boxes
29748 Word pro crash on open document
30832 Word pro (still) Terrible performance on kernels 2.6.x while any CPU-
30086 Word pro wrong section columns size when selecting a two columns layo

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

cellborders Implementation of collapsing table borders m48
instfixer Installer fixes m48
jl9 Fixes for Cli-UNO bridge m48
fontlists02 Get more consistency into VCL's font management: m48
vcl23 gsl bugs on the way to OOo2.0 m49
oasis Implementation of the OASIS XML File Format m48
dr21 UI bugs for OOo 2.0 m48
isocodefix1 Quick fixes for the mergebuild cws m48
watchwindow2 Q-PCD Programmability-AB-01, replaces cws watchwin m49
impress2 Implementation of the tool panel for the new Impre m48
vcl24 Tasks for OOo 2.0 m49
qadev18 qadev bugs m49
scriptingf7 Scripting Framework package manager support.
mergebuild02 merge on the fly for "officecfg" m49
calcundo Calc undo enhancements m49
launchertips Tooltip help strings for start menus m49
tableoptions Table options in DataPilot m49
tbe11 Rework Basic IDE Macro Chooser and Macro Organizer m49
iha01 visible resource bug on tabpage tools - options - m49
sb20 Minor UNO fixes m49
jmarmion2 CWS for enhanced Header/Footer dilaog for Calc m49
redlincom Add a comment in the Accept/Reject changes dialog m48
i18naddloc Additional LANGIDs, string resources, locale data. m49
jl8 Fixes around use and selection of JREs m49
dba14 ongoing DBA bugfixing towards OOo 2.0 m49

Unconfirmed issues reported since m32

ID Pri Reporter Comp Vers Votes Summary
31873 P2 mlavergn gsl 680m48 0 Opening a document in OOo build 680m48 causes lpd to spin on
31741 P3 donatn2net Chart 680m47 0 chart legend labels incorrect
28167 P3 mjneedles Database 680m34 0 Improper representation of Smallint(3) field
29525 P3 bigserpent Formula 680m38 0 Big symbols (integral, sum) display shifted
31047 P3 selecter framewor 680m45 0 Java runtime loop query
31554 P3 thefox97 framewor 680m47 0 Previous Window Position not saved.
31623 P3 aparan framewor 680m47 0 provide a context menu in empty space of the menubar to show
31625 P3 aparan framewor 680m47 0 Zoom - value not remembered individually for different docum
31636 P3 maollier framewor 680m47 0 Document as e-mail with Opera
31927 P3 tuharsky framewor 680m47 0 No activity report during long lasting operations
31991 P3 robotii framewor 680m47 0 Athlon 64 slow startup
28327 P3 davidvo gsl 680m34 0 PDF Generation Failure for Word document with mathematical f
31502 P3 javiersola l10n 680m45 0 Patch for VCL.xcu. Khmer and Lao fonts
30541 P3 aparan porting 680m41 0 The autopilot for Installing new dictionaries is broken
28996 P3 andy_dd Presenta 680m36 0 memory leak in batch document conversion
29094 P3 arielt Presenta 680m36 0 Page blink with motion on top of background
29562 P3 oharboe Presenta 680m38 0 Scrolling up and down in the slides view flashes on secondar
32260 P3 joeclarkia Presenta 680m47 0 Outline View Persistent Text Size
32262 P3 joeclarkia Presenta 680m47 0 Keyboard Commands During Presentations
28771 P3 r6144 ui 680m36 0 Menu customization doesn't work
29758 P3 helmerj ui 680m38 0 changing the UI font doesn't work
31505 P3 ralphie ui 680m45 0 Send by Fax: Bad Discoverability
31449 P3 rivanvx ui 680m47 0 Window state and position are not saved
31458 P3 rivanvx ui 680m47 0 Checkbox for allow animated text/graphics doesn't work
31473 P3 rivanvx ui 680m47 0 %TYPE_COLON% and %SIZE_COLON% are shown in file tooltips
32049 P3 thefox97 ui 680m47 0 Locked Toolbars do not refresh correctly on Writer load
26669 P3 aparan Word pro 680m32 0 Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
27906 P3 tcsoftwareguy Word pro 680m34 0 Opening Help from Writer, causes an error & blank dialog
31619 P3 drcowsley Word pro 680m38 0 Errors importing paper size
31214 P3 hli Word pro 680m42 0 Tools/Calculate doesn't work well after inserting page numbe
31690 P3 hli Word pro 680m46 0 Somthing wrong in Clipboard in the TextFrame
31984 P3 tuharsky Word pro 680m47 0 placing borders to table cells affects not all selected cell
31742 P4 donatn2net Chart 680m47 0 Chart data labels should be vertical
31934 P4 mandreiana framewor 680m48 0 default window size is not remembered anymore
32264 P4 joeclarkia Presenta 680m47 0 Slide Removal Leads to Incorrect Outline View
32205 P4 eyalbens Word pro 680m48 0 Impossible to select two diff. objects
31203 P5 ralphie ui 680m45 0 Iconsistent UI Terminology: Printer Settings vs. Printer Set

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