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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m47 Snapshot

Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m45 and  680_m47.
this release will install as 1.9.m47, it comes with ugly hacked splash screen to make clear, that this is an iterims build between 1.1 and 2.0.
for snapshot builds there will be no extra source tar balls created, sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m47.

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
"autopilot" renamed to "wizard" in several places i29153 feature-info:
Several auto pilots have been renamed to "Wizards" according to the current linguistic guidelines. In particular, all form control auto pilots are affected, plus the Address Data Source Auto Pilot. The following strings have been changed: Autopilot Adressdatenquelle -> Adressdatenquellen-Assistent Autopilot Address Book Data Source -> Address Book Data Source Wizard AutoPilot Gruppenelement -> Gruppenelement-Assistent AutoPilot Group Element -> Group Element Wizard AutoPilot Tabellenelement -> Tabellenelement-Assistent AutoPilot Table Element -> Table Element Wizard AutoPilot Listenfeld -> Listenfeld-Assistent AutoPilot List Box -> List Box Wizard AutoPilot Kombinationsfeld -> Kombinationsfeld-Assistent AutoPilot Combo Box -> Combo Box Wizard
not set
New toolbar concept and design i20055 Toolbars in are completely renewed. They have further on a context sensitive behavior, but without the toolbar toggle known from 1.1 or earlier. New is also that each program module can have its own toolbar configuration. The 2.0 toolbars provide a lot of usability enhancements which allow an easier customization of the toolbars. speclink framework
New toolbar customization tab i20055 Toolbars in are completely renewed. They have further on a context sensitive behavior, but without the toolbar toggle known from 1.1 or earlier. New is also that each program module can have its own toolbar configuration. The 2.0 toolbars provide a lot of usability enhancements which allow an easier customization of the toolbars. speclink framework
New menu customization tab i20069 The usability of the Menu tab of the Tools/Customize dialog is being improved to make it easier for users to create customized menus and menu items to suit their needs. speclink framework
Basic IDE keyboard shortcuts i29867 feature-info:
In the Basic IDE the shortcut for the command 'BasicStop' was changed from Alt-F5 to Shift-F5. The old shortcut Shift-F5 which executed the commands 'BasicStop' and 'RunBasic' one after the other was removed. The complete list of shortcuts is shortcut command action --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F5 RunBasic Run code starting from the first line, or from the current breakpoint, if the program stopped there before. Shift-F5 BasicStop Stop. F7 AddWatch Add watch for the variable at the cursor. F8 BasicStepInto Single step through each statement, starting at the first line or at that statement where the program execution stopped before. Shift-F8 BasicStepOver Single step as with F8, but a function call is considered to be only one statement. F9 ToggleBreakPoint Set or remove a breakpoint at the current line or all breakpoints in the current selection. Shift-F9 ToggleBreakPointEnabled Enable/disable the breakpoint at the current line or all breakpoints in the current selection.
not set
Redesign of the Tools->Configure dialog Events tab i30032 The usability of the Events tab of the Tools/Customize (formerly Tools/Configure) dialog is being improved to make it easier for users to create event bindings and align this tab with usability changes in the other tabs. speclink framework
Installation of option-dependent configuration settings. i25937 This document describes how installation-dependent configuration data can be installed with native installers. The mechanism used previously had certain conceptual problems and can't be readily ported to non-native installers. The document also describes how installation-dependent configuration data is defined for the new schema. In the solution described, installation-dependent configuration is defined together with its globally available counterpart in module officecfg. During the build process this master data is split into globally available common data, locale-dependent data and installation-dependent data. During installation, installation-dependent data is first installed into a spool directory and then imported from that directory into the active configuration tree, by using a UNO importer service during post-installation. In typical native installers the importer service is excuted by helper CLI-program. speclink installation
Create named ranges by typing into the name box i20335 The Name Box – alas the Sheet Area Field – in Calc can be used to define new cell ranges by simply typing a name. The immediate display of a tool tip tells the user that she is about to create a new named cell range. speclink sc
Support for HYPERLINK() function i27972
speclink sc
Changed "AutoPilot Functions" to "Function Wizard" i29206 feature-info:
The name "AutoPilot Functions" has been changed to "Function Wizard". This affects the title of the Wizard dialog, and the quick help of the toolbox icon.
not set
No more .properties files containing localized descriptions of registry schema items i18588 feature-info:
The *.properties files containing localized descriptions and labels for configuration schema items are not installed (under $(install)/share/registry/res) any more. There were no clients of this data left. [Note: the internal 'ecomp' product is broken by this, but is being removed currently and should not be tested any more. Instead the schema item descriptions (only the default language - in all known cases english) are now left inside the installed schema files (under $(install)/share/registry/schema), where they can be found by interested users (developers or system administrators) much more easily.
not set
Context menu in read-only documents now has a "Copy" entry internal feature-info:
The context menu of read-only documents in Writer and Writer/Web now has a "Copy" entry to copy selected content to the clipboard
not set
word processing

Features and Enhancements

ID Comp Summary
20338 Database Q-PCD Database-15: Read and Write access too Address Books
28398 Database Update mozilla components form v1.0 to v1.7
12378 Database [RFE] table control auto pilot: allow for queries to be the
28672 Database [RFE] Interoperability: allow images for radio button and ch
24681 Database "Word break" property for push button, option button, check
24683 Database Toggle property for push button
24684 Database BackgroundColor property for check box, option button
24685 Database "Take Focus on Click" property for push button
24686 Database HideSelection property for text box, combo box
24688 Database "SpecialEffect=flat" property for option button and check bo
24692 Database Text alignment for push button, option button, check box, li
24694 Database BorderColor for every control which has Border property
30102 Drawing PNG filter in goodies and svtools needs to be removed
20055 framewor Q-PCD Provide a standard toolbar behavior
20069 framewor Q-PCD Improve usability of modifying menus
21151 framewor Q-PCD ConfigAdminDeploy-45: Arch independent $HOME
24937 framewor Programmtic control of toolbar items
29636 framewor There are lots of global objects in OOo, be nice to reduce t
29745 framewor Support trigger help with string intead of ID for slot/uno c
30169 framewor UNO based image manager
30032 framewor Redesign of the Tols->Configure->Events tab
24939 framewor Support docking within the UNO based frame layout manager
25236 framewor Persistence of toolbar states
25237 framewor Cascaded floating toolbars
25238 framewor New docking concept
25239 framewor Support new sub toolbars
25240 framewor Custom Toobars
25241 framewor Customize toolbars with drag&drop of toolbar items.
26790 framewor WW8: adjustment due to unification of drawing objects and Wr
26791 framewor core impl. of the unification of drawing objects and Writer
25117 gsl Allow toolbars to be placed side by side
25121 gsl Implement Sub-Toolbars
30611 gsl Pls. find substitution candidates for the desktop-UI font by
29088 gsl use system cursors where appropriate on X systems
29451 gsl OutputDevice::HasGlyphs returns wrong value on success
24913 gsl Provide better abstraction for docking windows
25115 gsl Provide a drag area for toolbars
26046 gsl VCL core support: images in RadioButton, CheckBox, and Fixed
26047 gsl VCL core support: relative alignment of images and text Rad
29521 gsl messages about that printing stuff is missing
16683 gsl User default: Use system font
24682 gsl VCL core support: toggle capability for PushButton (alternat
24687 gsl VCL core support: alternative flat bitmaps for RadioButton a
24689 gsl VCL core support: alignment for ListBox and ComboBox
24691 gsl VCL core support: alignment for PushButton
24693 gsl VCL core support: colored borders for Window::GetBorderStyle
29767 Installa make 680 builds identify as 1.9.x
8252 l10n Using ISO 639 and ISO 3166 for language codes
27542 Spreadsh Excel Import: new CustomShapeObj needs to be activated
28221 Spreadsh Excel XML export transformation - Styles
28236 Spreadsh Q-PCD EaseOfUse-MMP-01 create ranges in Calc - Impl
27974 Spreadsh Implementation: suppport HYPERLINK() function
26634 tools Integrate valgrind into OOo
29185 utilitie increase build granularity of officecfg
29531 utilitie enable use of commands to access toolboxes for testtool
25937 utilitie Support installation of configuration data by native install
27615 Word pro Place cursor in front of label
27601 Word pro Do not hand down paragraph attributes "keep with next" and "
27077 xml XSLT transformation should support user fields

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
29828 api API: forms.OCheckBoxModel::XPersistObject
25306 api API: forms.OCheckBoxModel::XPropertyState::setPropertyToDefa
29468 Database Menue item in wrong menue in form navigator - navigation bar
6883 Database OOo LDAP data source access requires a patch to mozilla
3227 Database Macros which are bound to the "fill parameters" event of a f
28522 Database spin buttons and scrollbars named "Control" in the property
29153 Database change autopilot to wizard
30643 Database Assertion: getModelLineEndSetting: cought an exception! - by
31038 Database [cws dba13] crash when deleting a control via control naviga
27816 Database Form Autopilot doesn't work, error while starting
28806 Database dates before 1900-01-01 incorrectly shown in forms
29477 Database password character is enabled when multiline is active in pr
29478 Database content of URL field disappear when leave the field
29570 Database crash when open FORMAT / CHARACTER in a RichTextControl
30598 Database 3D border around property browser textfields with flat theme
30859 Database ERROR: FmFormView::implInitializeControlModel: caught an exc
30861 Database property browser has wrong background color with native widg
24495 Database new record via formular with default values doesn't work cor
26549 Database multi line text field grabs focus when traveling in a databa
26720 Database german expression doesnt filter
27072 Database Typing in form highlights and then loses data
21645 Database remove duplicate property UI names from SVX
28502 Database controls still there in hidden sections after deleting contr
28669 Database "Alignment" not completely respected for drop down date fiel
29021 Database [regression] copying a list box loses items
29304 Drawing Property browser dissappeared after switching design view of
29519 Drawing Impress/Draw looses soft formating while loading
29976 Drawing Icons in navigator are broken
29181 Drawing crash when removing a form control shape from Drawing docume
29644 Drawing debug code has been checked in
28193 framewor Copy and Paste between OOo and KDE applications can fail.
26665 framewor GetRanges wrong in SvxBorderTabPage
9394 framewor Templates and Documents Dialog hides sample file names
27559 framewor Memory leak in SfxSingleTabDialog
24965 framewor Copyright 2003 -> 2004
27445 framewor Inserting OLE objects via API doesn't work
29791 framewor sfx slot SID_BASICIDE_TOGGLEBRKPNTENABLED must be UI configu
29810 framewor Tools/Options->Office/General Year (2 digits) not saved
29866 framewor some Basic IDE slots have wrong group id
29867 framewor change Basic IDE keyboard shortcut for BasicStop
29559 framewor Autocrashreport-Feature (TestTool) does not work on Solaris
29764 framewor Template HCP data contain wrong locale
29834 framewor remove plugins & addins & filters from paths dialog
29837 framewor Change default for plugin path setting
29988 framewor New Toolbar added via configuration API does not appear imme
30019 framewor Accessibility: Ui font color is not HC compliant in the Navi
30930 framewor Repaintproblems of floating toolbars in Linux/KDE
30958 framewor Wrong position of floating sub-toolbars in cws docking1
29960 framewor Tools/Options-> options not saved
30050 framewor CreateSvxScriptOrgDialog should not need a res ID as paramet
30339 framewor Using of self defined document templates does not work with
15668 framewor "Save As" filling filename with different, existing file
27093 framewor Cursor focus disappears in Options dialog
28477 gsl [frmcontrols04] disabled push buttons are not properly paint
19158 gsl ugly colour pop-down / sizing / scrolling issue ...
28567 gsl Mismatching textwidth / charwidth calculation for overlappin
30828 Installa Additional packaging progress tasks:
29645 Installa soffice.lst variables missing in openoffice.lst
29518 Installa Remove readme files from user data directory
29523 Installa Remove license files from user data directory
30474 Installa sysui: Unpackaged files in RPM
30920 Installa Always enable path selection at custom installation
30340 Installa javaldx creates user installation directory during setup
24947 l10n transex3 cannot merge the string """ correct
18588 l10n officecfg and extracting schema?
19043 l10n officecfg project contains strings that should not be transl
27732 l10n localize and timestamp format (e.g. 23:23:7 instead of 23:23
26484 porting build fails in hwpfilter with system zlib
27453 porting uninitialized variable in vcl\source\gdi\implncvt.cxx
29537 porting extra CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
29292 Presenta Binfilter: Impress crash when I save 2 times in binary forma
28076 Presenta errors handling file with unix carriage returns in windows
14569 Spreadsh named range in copied sheet
29206 Spreadsh rename function autopilot
28456 Spreadsh Error: Here is a double Style
29269 Spreadsh XLS-Export: grouped radiobuttons crashes Excel
29490 Spreadsh Cannot set "TextColor" property at edit fields
30209 Spreadsh Boolean Cell value only shown written with cell style
30251 Spreadsh Flat Calc Export dublicates some automatic styles
23089 Spreadsh Sorting doesn't change relative references consistently
24235 Spreadsh Text delimiter on CSV Import is not interpreted correctly if
25439 Spreadsh YIELDDISC: Excel vs Calc
28319 Spreadsh Calc List Box dialog: deleting contents of Source cell range
25429 Spreadsh This document takes too long to load
25890 Spreadsh multinomial / var-arg add-in functions ...
26521 Spreadsh A xls file with VBA cannot be open
29766 tools merge ooo112fix[n] to HEAD
30244 tools CWS tooling for OpenOffice
27573 tools Wrong written names in about box - part 2
29939 udk ::cppu::bootstrap(): use get_this_libpath() instead of $ORIG
26913 ui Saving scheme not possible (OK is disabled)
23822 utilitie Warnings indicate potential error zcodec.cxx
29951 Word pro MS Word Import: 680m41 crashing doc file
30310 Word pro Outline numbering on custom heading styles not retained
27554 Word pro Error: ImageList::ImageList(): Double Id (12021)
27969 Word pro scroll bar ----> scrollbar
20698 Word pro Save as picks the wrong filename depending on file sort orde
27224 Word pro Crash when ungrouping objects in Header
28501 Word pro yellow box instead of grouped objects in following page head
29199 Word pro changing order in master document crashes
29438 Word pro crash with tables at end of columned section
29526 Word pro Crash after deleting table rows
29529 Word pro footnote disappears
29778 Word pro Loop on open document (table with "no wrap" frame)
29879 Word pro Closing of document let the office crash.
29909 Word pro MS Word Import: 680m38 crashing doc file
29527 Word pro Massive repaint problems with tables
30327 Word pro Fixed line spacing cannot be set
29968 Word pro Remove hidden text in SwDoc::RemoveInvisibleContent()
30006 Word pro crash while formatting WW doc with table in two-column secti
30040 Word pro Crash in SwIndex::ChgValue()
30046 Word pro Pasting table excerpt into other table creates new table in
30221 Word pro Notes are 'read-only'
30295 Word pro permanent creation of temporary SdrObjects without any user
30312 Word pro New indent of numbering should be 1/4 inch
30315 Word pro CTRL-Tab should insert tab in whole numbered paragraph
30453 Word pro Cannot place cursor in number label on Win
30986 Word pro Bitmaps on dialog are mixed up
22922 Word pro crashes when sorting multiple-column indexes
25947 Word pro read error on .sxw file
26173 Word pro Implement UI of Q-PCD MSInteroperability-17
16319 Word pro Document body not repainted when F&R dialog windows are move
18823 Word pro Hyperlink Document Targets not updated
21478 Word pro Footnotes not displayed correctly & system hangs
26937 Word pro Toolbar icons for added buttons display badly
25904 Word pro Lock when opening a given sxw file
27756 Word pro Crash when opening a specific file
30010 Word pro ungrouping draw objects causes them to go all over the place
26762 Word pro export Dic00o.sxw as Masterdocument hangs
27114 Word pro hyperlinks in table of contents not working
29771 Word pro MS Word Import: Freezing doc file
28254 xml XHTML file not valid: Minimum space between numbering<->text
28257 xml XHTML: Lists view has to be more clearly
29047 xml Missing linebreaks in Code Examples
29048 xml No table borders visible
29050 xml Margin not existent for images
29051 xml Numberation without margin BEFORE list, but undesired indent

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
  new cvs modules modules

Unconfirmed issues reported since m32

ID Type Reporter Comp Summary
26545 FEATUR aparan framewor Minimized Application Window with special functions
26605 ENHANC aparan framewor Easily moving around with the keyboard
26669 DEFECT aparan Word pro Double clicking the leftside ruler in Writer does not bring
26729 DEFECT aparan framewor User defined Toolbars - Configuring and User Interface
27238 ENHANC aparan Word pro RFE-Format character dialog - area for applying changes to
27906 DEFECT tcsoftwareguy Word pro Opening Help from Writer, causes an error & blank dialog
28167 DEFECT mjneedles Database Improper representation of Smallint(3) field
28256 FEATUR ansorg Presenta allow Upper/lower case as character style setting
28327 DEFECT davidvo gsl PDF Generation Failure for Word document with mathematical f
28481 ENHANC aaronforjesus ui Dockable Dialog Boxes
28771 DEFECT r6144 ui Menu customization doesn't work
28785 ENHANC lcn ui Options/Language settings ; UI needs to be improved
28996 DEFECT andy_dd Presenta memory leak in batch document conversion
29007 ENHANC lcn framewor Format/Ruby only for Asian languages ?
29009 ENHANC lcn framewor Ruby format in HTML editor
29045 ENHANC bigserpent Formula asterisk * as superscript from MathType is not understood
29094 DEFECT arielt Presenta Page blink with motion on top of background
29120 ENHANC arielt Presenta Presentation loads slides and remains stuck for some seconds
29371 ENHANC oharboe Presenta Render preview asynchronously
29525 DEFECT bigserpent Formula Big symbols (integral, sum) display shifted
29557 ENHANC oharboe Presenta Add capability to edit slides directly in Slides view
29562 DEFECT oharboe Presenta Scrolling up and down in the slides view flashes on secondar
29758 DEFECT helmerj ui changing the UI font doesn't work
29957 ENHANC kasey framewor Event textboxes are not editable.
30174 ENHANC kelvine ui Suggestion to increase Scale limit from 130% to 160%
30541 DEFECT aparan porting The autopilot for Installing new dictionaries is broken
30587 DEFECT jlp Formula Printing from Formula Editor should take page format into ac
30997 DEFECT ezh ui horizontal scroller position
31005 DEFECT hli Word pro zoom factor can't recover to default when changing zoom fact
31047 DEFECT selecter framewor Java runtime loop query
31188 ENHANC ralphie ui Tools->Options->View->Mouse->MousePositioning should be remo
31190 ENHANC ralphie ui Simplify Memory Options
31203 DEFECT ralphie ui Iconsistent UI Terminology: Printer Settings vs. Printer Set
31214 DEFECT hli Word pro Tools/Calculate doesn't work well after inserting page numbe
31231 ENHANC ralphie framewor Tools->Options->>Print Usability Problems

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