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1.9 m128 Snapshot - Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m123 and  680_m128.
this release will install as 1.9.128.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m128.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, nl, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component
Vietnamese in language listbox i49130 feature-info:
Vietnamese is available in the language listbox (CTL) of the character font attribution.
not set
Tswana and Xhosa in language listbox i50179 feature-info:
Available in the language listbox of the character font attribution: Tswana (Botswana) Tswana (South Africa) Xhosa Previously, Tswana (South Africa) was named only Tswana.
not set
Ndebele, Sotho, Venda, Tsonga, Swazi in language listbox i50987 feature-info:
Available in the language listbox of the character font attribution: Ndebele (South) Southern Sotho Venda Tsonga Swazi
not set

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

52381 gtkplugin can be enabled on Mac OSX
48770 unhelpful configure defaults
47597 rename en_US thesaurus files (change _new to _v2)
51885 Create debian packages during regular builds
52874 rename packages: openofficeorg =>
31230 THAI spell checking
51246 Incorrect UI language detection on Mac OS X

7 issues found

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

hr18 STLport has a nifty debug mode which is enabled by compiling OOo with _STLP_DEBUG defined and linking against the debug version of STLport. In debug mode we gain checking iterators, i.e it's checked that iterators are not invalid and inside the bounds of the container or if iterators belong to the same container if they are compared. Others goodies are checked index operators etc. This CWS contains; 1) fixes for compiling with _STLP_:DEBUG defined 2) fixes for all invalid STL usage found during smoke test m128
buildstatushtml There is new feature in build tool - generation of html page with status of the build, no any operational changes m128
l10nfix123 test cws for cws-translation currently we have only new source strings in this cws. Missing are mws-based changes, this must be the next step!!! m128
oool10n20 OOo 2.0 localisation m128
ivo10 implementation of EIS API / perl tooling m128
impress67 Fileformat issue fix for OOo 2.0 m128
cmcfixes15 make some trivial parts of OOo build-time optional m127
debsize Add Installed-Size to DEBIAN/control m127
configure12 fix --with-package-format for multiple values, extend configure's --help to mention it. m127
cmcfixes16 gtk fpicker: issue with export to pdf picking up first filter entry rather than pdf m127
gslpatches4 2.0 patches m126
gslpatches5 2.0 patches m126
localedata6 Latest fixes and patches to locale data and related. m126
qwizardsmacosx This cws is to resolve problems of the java imlemented webwizard and the formwizard under MacOSX. m126
thaidict Add OOo Thai dictionary. m126
macosx10 m125
myspellukr Allow myspell component to convert from koi-u ukranian encoding to enable ukranian spellchecking m125
debianer Preparing debian packing process m125
mh19121 some minor fixes m125
nojava3 fix --without-java m125
mtl10n04 Localisation updates m125
ibmjdk01 This CWS aims to: 1) Allow building OOo with use of IBM Java SDK also on Linux ix86 2) Allow using of IBM JRE with OOo at run-time 3) Integrate some other java-related issues m125
cmcfixes14 make odk and qadevooo optional builds from configure m125
dicooo01 Provides the latest DicOOo and FontOOo versions m125
fpicandrpath Some .sos in OOo are including non fpic object files, which is problematic. Similiarly has an rpath of 'ORIGIN' instead of ORIGIN m124
gslpatches3 2.0 patches m124
thesaurus20 New thesaurus data for 2.0 (update to WordNet 2.1), renaming thesaurus files from _new to _v2. m124
fwk22 Hot-fixes m124
gslpatches2 patches for gsl m123
pj31 build fixes (parallel build, missing dependencies, ...) m123
hsqldb7 New version of hsqldb -> to fix jdk131 compile errors in m123
cmcfixes12 gcc4 change some implicit forward decls to explicit m123
configure11 misc. configure fixes m123
adc12p Performance problems in Autodoc file writing m123
pj32 Build and misc. fixes for OOo 2.0 (corrupted extras, build enhancement, ...). m123
sysui10 OOo desktop integration fixes. m123
cmcfixes13 gnome dialog: handle files with # in them m123
mmeeks10 Update some icons in ooo_custom_images not used in the default builds (yet). m123

Fixed Issues

51755 scp2 parallel build, ure should depend on langmacro ?
51774 parallel build in rsc/source/parser
47548 parallel build of module moz
51745 parallel build in cpputools/source/registercomponent
50807 There are some .so which are including object files compiled
51735 make nas an optional compile
51673 printing doesn't check the return value from cups or lpr to
46314 pyuno package should own symbolic links created during %post
51940 break in package with gcc-3.3 on Mac OSX ZipPackageFolder.h
52489 xmkmf not needed, when configured --with-system-nas
48755 default configure can't correctly check for xinerama on free
52512 build broken with --disable-java
51851 bad name for libnpsoplugin on Mac OSX
52178 parallel build in module freetype
48757 libjpeg isn't located in /usr/lib on freebsd-4
52532 sysui/desktop/mandrive does not build on vanilla build machi
47680 Enable the build of the crashdump only when --enable-crashdu
51133 Build fails in instsetoo_native
52673 [mandriva-menus] Error-message by starting fr
52757 missing image in OLH
52051 parallel build in automation
52318 non-existent help pages
41148 export/xhtml/header.xsl: OpenOffice vs.
52820 Remove old thesaurus files
14069 Problems with placement of Hebrew vowels (nikud | diacritics
40239 officecfg/readlicense{,_oo} fails to build with --disable-ja
51391 instsetooo_native: building modifies source-files (Image.bmp
52031 Wrong target in instsetoo_native/util/
51368 Missing dependencies in
44904 English thesaurus mixes synonyms and superordinate terms
50066 padmin: missing forward declaration
50079 vcl: missing forward declaration
50067 psprint: missing forward declaration
50483 64bit: Wrong getting of work area rectangle
50682 memory leak in vcl::NetWMAdaptor
50482 64bit: crash while initializing fontconfig
53151 make odk and qadevooo optional builds
52018 'Could not parse...' output when uninstalling
51749 NSIS language and Native Installer language should be the sa
51012 VCL.xcu for South African languages
49338 KO: vcl.xcu has incorrect default font information for ko-kr
53187 MySQL field names with spaces cause incorrect query
50571 misplaced combining character with lohit tamil
30133 KOI8-U support for MySpell
51990 Building Mozilla (--enable-build-mozilla) fails for W32-tcsh
52482 missing gcc4 forward decls
49311 fix preedit handing with some gtk immodules
36817 Incorrect display of Dzongkha script in
53218 crash while undo in outline view
53165 Drag'n'Drop of multi-selection in outliner crashes office
51034 startup / speedup & memory saving ...
51254 psprint/ don't stat all fonts we use on startup ... (twice)
50812 memory leak in keysymnames.cxx
53327 wrong definition order of dmake macros
52932 Supcicious code in layout code discovered
47471 Licence copyright is 2002
48756 ldap libs aren't linked in properly on freebsd-4
51964 Support for ARCH_FLAGS when compiling the module icu
53366 remove usage of _DLL_ define in source files
51954 binfilter: warning: uninitialized variable is used
53238 fix unintended rebuilds of odk
51959 binfilter: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
53290 odk should use javadoc from build environment to allow gjdoc
52722 update-desktop-database not run by any deb trigger
52569 "Userland" installation fails because of using LD_LIBRARY_PA
53285 FreeBSD poritng : solenv/inc/ : catch up $Revisio
44750 german string in en-US GSi file
52290 zh-CN localize patch for ooo2
48285 patches for enabling the use of a scanner on Mac OSX
43766 Inappropriate Thai date formats / non-functional
49536 Some bug in "Locale setting" option
52647 Patch for VCL.xcu for Oriya (or)
25416 Bug in Encoding of Hebrew letters in filename
53318 List Bengali (Bangladesh) as CTL language
53466 Patch for correct recognition of Dzongkha native digits in o
53550 changes in Dzongkha locale
52872 Patch to change Nepali fonts in VCL.xcu
53006 Patch for VCL.xcu for Bengali language
53356 Correction of Dzongkha fonts for VCL.xcu
48186 WebWizard uses Java AWT
48819 np_sdk: some potentialy dangerous warnings
48947 openoffice-core left after upgrading to version with openoff
51963 Support for ARCH_FLAGS when compiling the module stlport
53701 make selected externals optional builds
53640 --with-package-format and more values
53840 configure's --help doesn't mention --with-package-format
53823 Dependencies broken in instsetoo_native/util/
53145 vcl/util/ broken for xinerama and xrender
52443 vcl fails to link with xinerama=no
51748 parallel build in vcl: kde depends on
53064 "File -> Export as PDF ...." defaults to HTML (GTK-filepicke

91 issues found

$Id: 1.9.m128_snapshot.html,v 1.2 2006/07/06 14:18:17 st Exp $

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