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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14

1.9 m122 Snapshot - Release Notes

these notes contains changes between 680_m119 and  680_m122.
this release will install as 1.9.122.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m122.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, nl, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS. 

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Component
Locale data: Esperanto (eo) i35255 feature-info:
Added locale data for Esperanto (eo), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: Dzonghka_Bhutan (dz_BT) i36827 feature-info:
Added locale data for Dzongkha_Bhutan (dz_BT), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: Bengali_India (bn_IN) i47575 feature-info:
Added locale data for Bengali_India (bn_IN), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: Nepali_Nepal (ne_NP) i50036 feature-info:
Added locale data for Nepali_Nepal (ne_NP), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: Bengali_Bangladesh (bn_BD) i50434 feature-info:
Added locale data for Bengali_Bangladesh (bn_BD), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: Zulu_SouthAfrica (zu_ZA) i51062 feature-info:
Added locale data for Zulu_SouthAfrica (zu_ZA), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.
Locale data: NorthernSotho_SouthAfrica (nso_ZA) i51064 feature-info:
Added locale data for NorthernSotho_SouthAfrica (nso_ZA), which enables it to be selectable as default document language and number formats are available.

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
42950 framewor scrolling using the scroll-keys or the touchpad of notebooks
50434 l10n Add Bengali Locale data (bn_BD)
35255 l10n Add Esperanto locale entry to i18npool/source/localedata/dat
36827 l10n dz_BT (Dzongkha_Bhutan) locale data
47575 l10n Add Bengali Locale data (bn_IN)
50036 l10n Locale file for language Nepali (ne)
51062 l10n Add Zulu locale zu_ZA
51064 l10n Add Northern Sotho locale nso_ZA
51566 wp Additional debug code for SwNumRule

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:



Milestone (integrated)


QA Rep.
dba20v3 m122 Frank.Schoenheit@Sun.COM Marc.Neumann@Sun.COM
vclshowstop05 fix issue 52326 m122 Philipp.Lohmann@Sun.COM Olaf.Felka@Sun.COM
soreadmeupdate so8 readme system requirements update m122 Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM Olaf.Felka@Sun.COM
gvfs01 m122 Andreas.Schluens@Sun.COM Thorsten.Martens@Sun.COM
localedata5 Locale data for OOo2.0 m121 Eike.Rathke@Sun.COM Oliver.Craemer@Sun.COM
swqbf38 fix for issue i52126 m121 Oliver-Rainer.Duesterhoeft@Sun.COM Eric.Savary@Sun.COM
dba20v2 fixing issue 52166 m121 Frank.Schoenheit@Sun.COM Marc.Neumann@Sun.COM
impress65 Bug fixes m121 Andre.W.Fischer@Sun.COM Christian.Guenther@Sun.COM
pleasereadme cws contains last minute readme updates m121 Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM Derek.Dreger@Sun.COM
swqbf39 fixes for issue i51733 and i52225 m121 Oliver-Rainer.Duesterhoeft@Sun.COM Christian.Guenther@Sun.COM
fwk18 m120 Mikhail.Voitenko@Sun.COM Thorsten.Martens@Sun.COM
mhu09 change all mozilla components m120 Matthias.Huetsch@Sun.COM Marc.Neumann@Sun.COM
leansofficesh fixing issue 51935, by removing (part of) unnecessary content from the soffice start script (*NIX only) m120 Frank.Schoenheit@Sun.COM Thorsten.Martens@Sun.COM
dummywebwizard Don't let you be fooled by the title. In this CWS we need to reinstall the old FormWizard, because there is a dependency on the first Beta version of OOo 2.0 and the future 'final' version. m120 Tom.Verbeek@Sun.COM Marc.Neumann@Sun.COM
mtl10n03 localisation cws m120 Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM
nativefixer16 Changes in installation for SO 8 / OOo 2.0 m120 Ingo.Schmidt@Sun.COM Olaf.Felka@Sun.COM
hsqldb6 m120 Ocke.Janssen@Sun.COM Ocke.Janssen@Sun.COM
mhu08 #i50415# m119 Matthias.Huetsch@Sun.COM Martin.Hollmichel@Sun.COM
swnum03 writer core bugs (numbering) m119 Henning.Brinkmann@Sun.COM Michael.Ruess@Sun.COM
l10ntoolingfixer this are last minute l10n / tooling fixes m119 Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM Ivo.Hinkelmann@Sun.COM
sysui09 More desktop integration fixes for OOo 2.0 m119 Oliver.Braun@Sun.COM Olaf.Felka@Sun.COM
tl13 SO8/OOo2.0 fixes for sw. ->AK: The resource changes are not translation relevant since the one was just make the box where the string gest displayed a bit larger and the other was a change in a German resource. m119 Thomas.Lange@Sun.COM Michael.Ruess@Sun.COM
cmcfixes10 execshield and x86 noexecstack not playing well together. i.e. external pyuno bridging fails. m119
impress64 OOo 2.0 fixes for impress/draw m119 Christian.Lippka@Sun.COM Christian.Guenther@Sun.COM
jl23 Fixes a bug with Java Applets that can cause the office to freeze. m119 Joachim.Lingner@Sun.COM Frank.Stecher@Sun.COM
cmcfixes11 minor build times fixes m119 Hans-Joachim.Lankenau@Sun.COM
doubleprop there are some properties duplicate to handle special cases. They have to be removed, because it makes problems. m119 Sascha.Ballach@Sun.COM Frank.Stecher@Sun.COM

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
49709 api OOoBean: Resizing problem
49791 api OOoBean: loadFromURL fails
50285 api OfficeBean: loadFromURL fails after clearDocument
51088 Database Unhandled exception when trying to load file of unknown form
51837 Database remove define definition from resource
52166 Database crash when switching off preview in query design
52305 Database tables created by the wizard initially open without any colu
52123 document TCR: 'Broken' RUNPATH in shared library and
50899 Drawing File contains deleted graphics
51733 Drawing I can move an object on the masterslide behind the mastersli
51192 framewor Update document from a template doesn't work properly
38475 framewor Patch to import plural documen templates at once
48923 framewor HID_EXPLORERDLG_FILE lost in HID.LST
50979 framewor broken PackageManager/Add FilePicker filter list
51299 framewor XModel::getURL() gives wrong values
51550 framewor Writer OLE in Draw/Impress can not be saved
51687 framewor Document converter looses all stored versions in files
51935 framewor soffice script should not for mozilla libraries
51943 framewor error messages about missing basic files when saving a docum
52326 framewor Office doesn't start with qt3-common-3.1.2
52333 framewor Error: Pen Transparent -> when open any menu
52435 framewor Crash on applying certificate to a macro
49368 gsl Gnome Integration - File Type Registration
49899 gsl OOoBean: Office freezes, because of problem with reparenting
50945 gsl Missing link "/usr/bin/soffice" in mandriva-menus rpm
51121 gsl desktop/share: creation of shared-mime package duplication o
51414 gsl TCR: 'Broken' RUNPATH in shared library
51415 Installa TCR: 'Broken' RUNPATH in mozilla shared libraries
20801 l10n Patch for truncated string in Hungarian (Dialog tab page " w
47962 l10n warning: control reaches end of non-void function
49577 l10n Change in font defaults for Khmer in VCL.xcu
49998 l10n Adding support for using Nepali native numbers
50041 l10n Include collation data for Nepali
50311 l10n Wrong 100 sec separator in Hindu locale
50684 l10n Eras swapped in locale data
50988 l10n British English in Lesotho and Namibia
51070 l10n String not translated, "New address block"
51161 l10n Languages vanished from language listbox
51305 l10n Patch for VCL.xcu to use Nepali fonts
51528 l10n spanish translation refers to "Open Office" instead of OpenD
51529 l10n french translation refers to "Open Office" instead of OpenDo
51530 l10n chinese translation refers to "Open Office" instead of OpenD
51919 l10n break in transex3 ( using gcc-3.3 ) because inline XMLUtil::
52061 Presenta break in slideshow caused by changes in animations
52176 Presenta Slides in slidesorter 'jumps' when I select a slide.
46996 Spreadsh [Assertion] UNKNOWN_PROPERTY on loading *.sxc file
48682 Spreadsh Recording macros in OOo 2.0 beta.
50415 tools Can't compile module sfx2 with debug
51409 tools Build breaks in hsqldb
49225 udk $ character in user dir gets lost
49560 udk Office freezes when closing html doc. with java applett
51385 udk -Wa,--noexecstack breaks pyuno ? (execshield)
51974 utilitie add some stuff to systemstl
51978 utilitie allow sw to be built with standard boost
50173 utilitie testtool: there are images missing in
47340 Word pro Outline numbering not updated after copy and paste
49037 Word pro Outline Numbering Lost After Exporting/Importing WW Format
50905 Word pro mail merge not releasing database document
49570 Word pro Outline counts wrongly when unnumbered Level 3 preceeding nu
51029 Word pro After changing outline via Format menu, TOC empty after upda
51815 Word pro Textfields: getByName doesn't work if field name contains ".
51827 Word pro CWS swnum03: moving Chapter via toolbar or Navigator does no
52126 Word pro Form controls are not visible in HTML
52225 Word pro wrong arrangement of objects

64 issues found

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see
ID Comp Summary
49313 api Basic Programmer's Guide contains mistake
50518 api "Extended Tips" should show "Tips".
51046 api non-deterministic crash
51420 api EndIf declaration not consistent in help file
51802 api XSheetPastable not implemented
49870 Chart Copy/paste in MS-Word leads to uncomplete title
44072 Chart Show regression line function
51757 Chart Cross chould be available as a data point marker.
52550 Chart Calc extremely slow when editing chart
49871 Chart Copy/paste of a chart to MS-Word does not keep transparency.
44768 Chart Unable to edit chart regression
46704 Chart dynamic magnification of a chart
48012 Chart Calc: chattype 'interpolated' is missing
49145 Chart Chart axis X settings. incorrect view of 'main interval' val
49971 Chart Histogram as a chart type/option
50241 Chart Printing only a chart
50393 Chart Logarithmic scale enchancement
50765 Chart Option to Automatically Put Units on a Scale
51146 Chart Autoformat of chart only displays 10 items
44544 Database Calc Data source not supported
46159 Database Reports from a native query.
48651 Database Outlook2000 Contact List
48960 Database Printing function in Base
50175 Database Error in Query Design with Aliases and Sorting
44845 Database Import MS Access applications
45673 Database WindowsAdressBook (OE Contacts) - Query
46962 Database OOBase Microsoft Access import
47975 Database HSQLDB "identity" type not in list of column types
49824 Database Hyperlinks imported as plain text in Base
50846 Database OOo and Mozilla Thunderbird
50910 Database Query-design incorrectly translates BETWEEN statements with
50912 Database Linking tables with {LEFT | RIGHT | FULL} OUTER JOIN does n
41316 Database Copy and Paste data base row
44719 Database Form Wizard has unusable record focus functionality
45032 Database Importing data from Microsoft Access
45462 Database Cann't read EUC-JP code! MySQL JDBC driver
45465 Database MyODBC crash MySQL bmef table access
45471 Database AutoIncrement Unsigned Invalid Cursor State
45669 Database Stored views and passthru queries are not updatable
45823 Database Database Form Entry Issue
46264 Database Accessing Large ODBC Databases
47762 Database Problems with decimals when attaching data to my data source
47850 Database Wizard field does not accept drag-n-drop file
48446 Database Table Design/Field properties GUI messed up.
48449 Database New db wizard not remember register option previously select
48450 Database Unneccessary options, too many steps to create new database
48452 Database New Database not remember the last file opened
48516 Database Field names of database no ound when using Forms wizard or D
48529 Database Ability to create a full-function DB from a spreadsheet/work
48838 Database Unable to create database
49000 Database Cut and paste between fields is uneffective.
49043 Database JDBC returns DATE as TEXT[varchar] on IBM UniVerse
49181 Database Tables don't resize vertically in reports
49321 Database Report snapshots have several problems
49765 Database time out on LDAP queries
49898 Database DB access to Outlook Express AddressBook, sort order problem
49974 Database DB Access to Outlook Express AddressBook, NULL value handlin
50488 Database confusing reordering of day, month and year after entering a
50738 Database TableDesign.FieldPropertys: 'Length' using different Integer
51085 Database FormWizard empty (mysql) table
51140 Database finishing BASE form automatically closed any active openoffi
51376 Database Formated field with date in slovak
51383 Database Disallowed Implicit Conversion with Money fields in SQL Serv
51438 Database Base has trouble with different files using identical names
51448 Database Wrong charset translation when connetcing to MySQL 4.1
51457 Database Error Defining Table in Base
51631 Database drag and drop table into scalc doc: decimals convert to curr
51683 Database Base Crashes, rest of OO.o crashes and weird errors appear
51754 Database Dropdown control cannot be correctly linked to form datasour
51768 Database Access to PervasiveSQL 9.1 not possible via ODBC/ADO
51927 Database Problem creating IDENTITY auto value primary key
51929 Database Dbase crash when adding new table.
51965 Database Error inserting numeric data into PostgreSQL using JDBC
52053 Database Auto-create Form Crashes on Save
52186 Database Huge problems with mail merge
52192 Database Base relation design diagram does not preserve formatting
52334 Database Tables in OOo Base files lose if the files have been saved t
52386 Database Some document windows refuse to close
52451 Database M118 Can't open tables in Oracle 9i database
52459 Database Mutliple calls to assigned event handler for sub-form contro
52652 Database Base Form Wizard missing field
52763 Database "Edit/Exchange Database..." crashes OOO 2 BETA
44264 Database Russian encoding do not work
45617 Database Misleading title in form edit window
47889 Database Inconsistent: Base GUI allows names not usable in Basic
48700 Drawing Support MS Publisher file format
50631 Drawing Rotated images in PDF-Export
51275 Drawing Tables in drawings
51276 Drawing Blank with copied table
47853 Drawing Easier navigation of large/zoomed-in graphics
48500 Drawing Import/Export Visio
50030 Drawing Provide means for truly scaling an image (in particular, sca
52457 Drawing insert -> fields -> page count doesn't exist in the draw pro
44098 Drawing Column formatting for text
44125 Drawing fit to page not working
45583 Drawing Glue points on spreadsheet cells
45847 Drawing Fontwork upgrade
45945 Drawing Draw and Presentation split screen view
46200 Drawing Borders are not part of the elements width
46765 Drawing Ability to input text along a user defined line path in OOo
47037 Drawing Changeable accurance of freedom curve
47457 Drawing Note possible to keep edit points tool bar docked
47852 Drawing Grouped objects don't show outline when moved
48473 Drawing Groupes content should be analysed (bitmaps etc)
48863 Drawing Fontwork Gallery and Fontworks: vertical text?
48889 Drawing Add Document Outline
48890 Drawing Add printing options like print borders or cutting lines
49122 Drawing support for JPEG 2000 images
49280 Drawing more info in eps files
49316 Drawing connect rectangles on 8 points
49569 Drawing Page preview
49638 Drawing Create a Wizard in draw
50971 Drawing Connector lines should arc/hop over other perpendicular (unr
51291 Drawing Custom Arrow (arrow style)
52244 Drawing OOo crashes which I try to copy a group of drawing objects
52530 Drawing Visio File Support
44887 Drawing focus borders are painted in other application
46571 Formula More Math Characters Desired
45400 Formula Including Unicode arrows and maths symbols in Catalog
46737 Formula The punctuation mark problem.
48508 Formula sec and cosec functions
48865 Formula Refresh timer for formulas "AutoUpdate Display" is WAY too s
50110 Formula Long formula truncates after edit.
50126 Formula Symbol import-export bug with MS MathType format
50314 Formula Formulas exported to word2000 format are nearly unreadable
51670 Formula MSoffice equation objects
50234 Formula formular->caption->extend formular, frame does not resize
49213 framewor "transfer personal data" ignores other 1.9.x
51501 framewor OpenOffice can compromise people's privacy by putting UUIDs
45770 framewor Automatic font colour (color) should contrast with backgroun
46015 framewor RegEx: Allow less greedy regular expressions
47542 framewor When saving a document first time, let OOo fill the archive
49597 framewor Mouse cursor on default button
46283 framewor Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
43795 framewor [NFS] setup wizard reappearing & crash on creating new docum
47214 framewor Len function deficiency
47215 framewor WITH statement does not work correctly
47216 framewor Length specification on declaration of String variables
44139 framewor MS Office compatibility: Save/Discard dialog cumbersome
45396 framewor "Apply" button in "Appearance" box
48669 framewor Hyperlinks positioning in OO when exported to PDF (as tagged
48777 framewor OOo and start menu
50773 framewor Create a document container ala Microsoft Binder
44676 framewor Remember Last Working Directory
43781 framewor button "up one level" does not work
44241 framewor No preview in icon import dialog
44382 framewor Double-clicking a package should open unopkg tool
44485 framewor WindowsBlinds with HyperPaint: OpenOffice does not repaint w
44841 framewor Stressed vowels stop working in greek keyboard setting
44931 framewor Dialog boxes wider than screen area
45935 framewor Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
46242 framewor [interoperability] quick keyboard configuration
46474 framewor Inconsistency in "Styles and formatting" pane across applic
46532 framewor Docked Media Player sidebar very difficult to undock
46595 framewor redo the template organizer ui
46674 framewor Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
46804 framewor unable to open new text file after moving standard template
46810 framewor Location of pasted graphic
46977 framewor Previous versions of OO.o should be able to read 2.0 docs!
47103 framewor wizards and standard templates
47299 framewor Quicklaunch appears to break roaming profile saves
48029 framewor Slow response on save
48439 framewor Openoffice fails on file without surname.
48725 framewor OOo with Mozilla Thunderbird
48977 framewor Options do not show options
49284 framewor crashrep.exe, crash reporting tool crashes
49413 framewor Firefox like find feature
49531 framewor Create a Firefox Plugin
49532 framewor More option for "HTML Compatibility" option
49535 framewor Equivalent of "Office side" in MS Office XP or 2003
49537 framewor Suggest of enhancement of the help assistant
49631 framewor GNOME desktop settings integration
49637 framewor OOo and XML Visio Document
49651 framewor Add option to disable "Automatic filename extension"
49654 framewor Missing language information in exported pdf
49962 framewor Unappropriate text colour in crash description area
50102 framewor Basic : Private Sub not correctly handled
50597 framewor Recent Documents in QuickStart menu
50662 framewor Unpossible to get back old versions
50815 framewor Error report - no feedback if receive at OO
50972 framewor "Up one level" button behavoir is inconsistent with other bu
50983 framewor Saving document to a network drive is slow
51015 framewor Save as... should complete directory names through highlight
51267 framewor cannot copy data from custom java jtable via clipboard
51333 framewor Add "Apply" button to dialogs "Tools-Options" and "Tools-Cus
51489 framewor Export PDF False
51495 framewor Trusted folder name is case-sensitive in MS-Windows
51581 framewor unable to select text after dragndrop
51583 framewor missing one line of pixels in basic dialog boxes
52154 framewor No keyboard controls
52233 framewor Support the All Users folder
52271 framewor OO freezes when open unavaiale URL
52356 framewor Styles.xml error when contents is copied from another file
52419 framewor Hidden shares specified in AppData registry keys parsed inco
52460 framewor 'dBASE' Name Unification
52516 framewor crashrep crashes, WinXPSP2, OOo 104 thru 118
52531 framewor Cannot initially save on samba network drive
52637 framewor OOo hasn't got MDI interface
52683 framewor linking table to text does not work (m118)
Tue Aug 2 10:01:59 -0700 2005
ID Comp Summary
44176 framewor Editing of paths
44239 framewor Splash screen takes over desktop
46028 framewor Default file format preferences layout is unclear
46816 framewor cannot easily reorder paths
46974 framewor The OO.o Open/Save dlg desperately needs more functionality.
47090 framewor Current document settings should not be in global options di
48667 framewor not all user paths are configurable - have a base user dir?
49345 framewor Integrate MS Office downloaded clipart in OOo gallery
49850 framewor proposal: document as email in various file types
49959 framewor Template management : copying more than 1 style at a time
49961 framewor Template management: seeing styles examples
50166 framewor draw toolbar different in the suite elements
50686 framewor a better open/save dialog
50845 framewor OOo and mail client
50920 framewor Shortcut to refresh file-structure in "file > open"-window:
50974 framewor pdf export settings to be on a per document basis?
51525 framewor Ability to select code page on import of non-Unicode text/do
52075 framewor Add multi language description and keyword (searchable) fiel
52076 framewor Move elements between themes
52095 framewor Option to NOT store thumbnails in documents
52298 framewor Watermark(Background) property for images/objects
52389 framewor OOo and MSWorks
44381 framewor Package export should create
46296 framewor -nodefault doesn't work
44057 framewor Can't open .doc mail attachments with OpenOffice
44692 framewor re-sizing window by dragging botton not consistent
44968 framewor Can't cut and paste
45086 framewor Create folder doesn't obey umask
45145 framewor Allow mozilla plugin to be symlinked elsewhere
45362 framewor Incorrect handling of Intranet names in web plugin
45901 framewor Recent Documents Menu
46004 framewor Overlap of save/auto-save
46097 framewor Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
46225 framewor Display/focus issues under Windows 2003/Citrix Metaframe
46855 framewor When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
47173 framewor No report on crash is sent if recovery is cancelled
47292 framewor Windows Explorer integration defect for file properties
47336 framewor Wrong Toolbar Position
47339 framewor soffice.bin resource hog: freezes the machine - Running MSO
47405 framewor Potential conflict between Adobe Acrobat and OpenOffice
47822 framewor Open Document files won't open in Firefox
47938 framewor WM_SETFOCUS not forwarded to client window in apps
47942 framewor "soffice" script hangs-up (javaldx)
47982 framewor Options->>View->Menu follows mouse pointer MI
48130 framewor OOo seems to hang on saving, useless progress bar
48666 framewor input of arbitrary unicode characters as defined in ISO 1475
48705 framewor Quickstarter icon added to wrong Startup folder
49151 framewor All menu and prompt text within all windows missing in GNOME
49426 framewor repeated focus grabbing on start and document load
49812 framewor Icon size option is wrongly saved when set to "Automatic"
50162 framewor soffice crash on startup - Xlib
50240 framewor In macro editor, double-click variables names does not selec
50931 framewor floating toolbar - inconsistent or ugly font
51021 framewor Ctrl+N doesn't open another calc document
51206 framewor Tabs not readable with some XP skins
51367 framewor Missing backup directory blocks save function
51533 framewor Openning a document
52464 framewor Send as Email doesn't work w/GroupWise
47151 gsl Free RGB Color Selection without adding to color table
49849 gsl brochure "printing" also for pdf export
49869 gsl exporting to pdf only the highlighted area
43495 gsl Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
44069 gsl memory usage grows when printing attached document - regress
44965 gsl fails to interact with scim
46455 gsl Preview in Print box.
48249 gsl PDF form export for PDA (Windows CE) (XFA-forms for acrobat
49048 gsl please add interface for N-Up printing
52572 gsl PDF Export creates incorrect structure
46966 gsl Pulldown Menu not working on Tablet PC edition
48169 gsl wrong character spacing in Writer 1.9.95 in Greek
52241 gsl Writer crashes when open two documents at the same time
44695 gsl No error dialog on print failure / cupsd is down
44947 gsl toolbar arrow button: mouse-over effect is not reset
48524 gsl Printing to foo2zjs broken
44918 Installa Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
49405 Installa Installation of a new version of OOo
48391 Installa Add WordPerfect file association at installation
49465 Installa Shortcuts to Ooo Quickstarter are not cleaned up
44951 Installa Add *.rtf, *.csv to list of file associations
43580 Installa default manual components selection doesn't have all compone
43723 Installa default User/Company
43976 Installa Add installation option to choose market-dominant default fi
44283 Installa Kaffe not recognised as Java Environment
45437 Installa symlinks don't work with license files
46143 Installa please don't require administrative privileges for installat
46157 Installa Setup fails with "wizard interrupted before 1
46208 Installa Please give the subcomponents unique-ish names
46233 Installa Welcome could provide default first and lastname
47050 Installa Install appears to hang--but doesn't--during lengthy process
47391 Installa Translation for install screens
47464 Installa Base missing from custom installer
48565 Installa language pack installer is not localized
48696 Installa About custom install wizard
48788 Installa Base component
49594 Installa Failed install to shared samba directory
51789 Installa Error transex3 compiler !
52650 Installa Bengali installer for Windows does not install
52791 Installa rpm dependencies incorrect (installing only required package
46041 Installa Published Installation with Active Directory Group Policy fa
46298 Installa Install should install a start-menu item with -nodefault
51025 l10n Insert Chinese chars in StarSuite Draw Fontwork Gallery
48099 l10n problem about chinese characters Autocorrect
48880 l10n Can not Drag & Drop Objects throughout the ap
48883 l10n Under version zh-CN language, choose "new" in Toolbar, two
48908 l10n Typical data 15x10, 25x20 setting can not be effected
49364 l10n unreadable character of uninstall dialog
52647 l10n Patch for VCL.xcu for Oriya (or)
52742 l10n Help Content "Definieren von Datenbankbereichen"
52765 l10n [DE] control -> Kontrollfeld or Steuerfeld ?
48584 l10n de UI: Typo in Crash Recovery / Dokumentenwiederherstellung
51889 lingucom Thesaurus ignores plurals
45997 porting Windows NT4 support
50502 porting Installation incorrectly changes owner, permissions on /, /A
52592 porting Error in typesconfig
52643 porting configure complete BUT dmake DO NOT work
43494 Presenta hyperlinks should support word wrap
48167 Presenta ppt file shown wrongly in OO1.1.4 and OO1.9.95 -- but differ
51714 Presenta Print handouts with lines for notes
46072 Presenta Better control of slide transition timing
47203 Presenta Improve the navigation through Impress slides
48302 Presenta Printing Handouts of Presentations is not Consistent with He
47677 Presenta Allow export pdf to write just notes pages
50012 Presenta Easy (PDF) export of a subset of slides (pages)
50013 Presenta Named character styles should be also available in the Prese
43356 Presenta Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43932 Presenta OO.o Impress video clips
43941 Presenta Runs the wizard when opening a file
44009 Presenta Slide pane doesn't save the last slide zoom factor
44114 Presenta Video handling of Impress 2.0 under Linux
44121 Presenta Open existing presentation with wizard done by pressing [cre
44363 Presenta Export to HTML - option to use slide names
44441 Presenta New Callout Shapes
45042 Presenta Printing produces errors or takes too much time
45963 Presenta Line Spacing tool
45965 Presenta Format loss with user-created text boxes in PowerPoint
45975 Presenta Layout> Title Slide - font not picked up from Master
45977 Presenta Impress Wizard - doesn't find templates
45995 Presenta Enhancement of "Format" Category (Priority 3)
45996 Presenta Enhancement of "Format" Category (Priority 3)
45998 Presenta Defect of "Documet Management" Category (Priority 1)
45999 Presenta Enhancement of "Document Management" Category (Priority 2)
46000 Presenta Enhancement of "Document Management" Category (Priority 3)
46100 Presenta Enhancement of "View" Category (Priority 3)
46104 Presenta of "Start" Category (Priority 1)
46105 Presenta Enhancement of "Window" Category (Priority 1)
46106 Presenta Enhancement of "Insert" Category (Priority 1)
46107 Presenta Enhancement of "Insert" Category (Priority 2)
46108 Presenta Enhancement of "Insert" Category (Priority 3)
46114 Presenta Enhancement of "Assistance" Category (Priority 2)
46123 Presenta Defect of "Slide Show" Category (Priority 2)
46125 Presenta Enhancement of "Slide Show" Category (Priority 3)
46183 Presenta Enhancement of "Format" Category
46189 Presenta About "Recently Used Menu"
46243 Presenta Enhancement of "Print Range"
46247 Presenta Enhancement of "Line" Format.
46255 Presenta About Korean/English Auto Conversion
46257 Presenta Using Pictures as Backgrounds on slides
46260 Presenta "Rehearse Timings" doesn't work.
46265 Presenta "Hyperlink" Problem.
46303 Presenta Import MS PPT Graphs
46345 Presenta Enhancement of "Help Agent"
46357 Presenta Enhancement of "Interationn of Slide show"
46463 Presenta OO crashes when a Powerpoint document is opened
46621 Presenta possibility to hide or move the "grey views bar"
46888 Presenta Coral Presentations
46990 Presenta native ppt file poorly presented
47019 Presenta Impress: Full screen clashes with display manager
47217 Presenta Impress "Create Button" wrong when opening existing presenta
47284 Presenta Normal view and slides
47294 Presenta OLE objects disappear in Impress
47404 Presenta Opening an Existing Presention in OOo 2.0 Beta 1.9.91 Impres
47534 Presenta Unable to print slide handouts directly using the direct pri
47593 Presenta Add a DOM-tree view
47990 Presenta Change default pen color from neon green
48083 Presenta Custom Animation panel freezes
48105 Presenta StarSuite Impress crashed when insert a spreadsheet
48347 Presenta OO 1.9.95 shows basic shapes Square and Rectangles as quarte
48378 Presenta undo of paste does not reset to previous style
48469 Presenta complex ppt file very slow
48537 Presenta Text alignment doesn't work
48697 Presenta Crash when I show a presentation OOo Impress
48704 Presenta Page side and Tasks side
48771 Presenta Master pages
48907 Presenta setting tab stops on ruler in Impress
49089 Presenta Background graphics disappear in display sometimes
49197 Presenta Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
49200 Presenta Decimal tab does not work with integers (implied decimal)
49440 Presenta Slide sorter view corrupts on windows toolbar raise
49521 Presenta Import of powerpoint presentation looses Tag data
49529 Presenta Custom trajectory
49568 Presenta Black slide "Click to exit presentation"
49571 Presenta Save as an image
49674 Presenta Impress Crashes when I try to view the attached document
49762 Presenta Duration of pause for "Auto" in slide show settings should
49830 Presenta oo 1.9.104 Cannot copy formules from PPT presentation to OO
49964 Presenta Powerpoint presentations with linked objects crash Impress (
49999 Presenta Transitions are very slow and do not respond to ESC key
50410 Presenta Lock during editing in impress.
50476 Presenta slide advance time limit too low
50731 Presenta Some animations have black background when playing.
Tue Aug 2 10:01:59 -0700 2005
ID Comp Summary
50828 Presenta Add more Note Layouts
50921 Presenta Opening embedded OLE Object (PDF) results in hang
50981 Presenta The Zoom in and Zoom out behave different
51074 Presenta Defect with windowmaker window manager
51247 Presenta HSB colour dialog allows unreasonable entries
51672 Presenta view objects post animation
51785 Presenta Impress Seems unable to Edit Hyperlinks in PowerPoint Show f
52242 Presenta Inline equations
52308 Presenta Lock while editing two files.
52472 Presenta OOo 2.0 Impress does not seem to support Layers
52553 Presenta Export dialog doesn't remember last directory selection
52595 Presenta Slideshow transitions very slow
52655 Presenta ppt display breaks between 1.4 and 2.0
52665 Presenta [DE] Missing letter in Impress UI under "Extras - Optionen -
52712 Presenta Add-on toolbars show on top of presentation slideshow
52755 Presenta Default .pps file association behavior
52773 Presenta Hyperlink does not work in slideshow
46103 Presenta KO: Gallery- Name needs to be changed.
44551 Presenta shortcut problem with subscript / superscript in Impress an
47048 Presenta application/sdp, application/vnd.stardevision.impress and th
49845 Presenta Powerpoint import gives wrong result
45767 Spreadsh background colour (color) button not working in spreadsheets
43155 Spreadsh Filter addition
43921 Spreadsh Right click on sheet name doesn't bring up context menu corr
44116 Spreadsh Displaying non-accurate width of numeric field
47120 Spreadsh Border formatting - 1.75pt line thickness needed
47212 Spreadsh redraw of screen during dragging scrollbar
47782 Spreadsh text import csv does not show preview
48280 Spreadsh cannot open file from university web site
49498 Spreadsh =info function to provide some environment information
49925 Spreadsh XServer Crash on Launch
49938 Spreadsh Attached file takes 2 minutes to open uses 780MB memory
51458 Spreadsh importing excel worksheet with imbedded image with merged ce
51640 Spreadsh Allgemeiner Ein-/Ausgabefehler
51769 Spreadsh Calc Notes Appear Outside Screen Display
52137 Spreadsh "Align ..." buttons displayed incorectly.
52138 Spreadsh Can not sort by hidden columns
52151 Spreadsh Auto Fill disappears on sheet when sort is performed on anot
52278 Spreadsh Percent sign in file name causes export as PDF error.
52292 Spreadsh Advance filters not working
52345 Spreadsh Can't assign keys shortcut to a spreadsheet (.ods) macro
52425 Spreadsh Page preview shows next page icon active when only 1 page
52469 Spreadsh Values in Excel sheet edited by Calc are displayed as formul
52483 Spreadsh Entering dates in the key field doesn't work
52496 Spreadsh Allowed characters for naming of sheets in Calc
52500 Spreadsh Zooming in multi tab spreadsheet adjusts zoom factor in all
52559 Spreadsh VALUE() fails on HTML table cell with trailing non-breakable
52568 Spreadsh Image Referencing is not honoured
52594 Spreadsh Data Pilot can not handle two fields with the same name (fro
52610 Spreadsh Impossible to reset all styles
52611 Spreadsh Unpredictable sort range
52784 Spreadsh Unwanted results with Autocomplete - Can't Disable Auto-Comp
45713 Spreadsh A3 print problem with HP deskjet 9300
51568 tools is not executable after check out
48488 ui User-selectable sets of keyboard shortcuts
50134 ui Make ZOOM Button a Dropdown for Selecting the Zoom Levels
48919 ui [Java framework] Error in function findPlugin (fwkutil.cxx).
52346 ui File tree colour (color) hard-coded
44376 ui add option to turn shadow color transition in toolbars off
50137 ui Center the Document on the Screen (instead aligning it to th
44105 ui OOo 2.0 icon blured
43636 ui toolbars: please add item "Close" to the menu that opens whe
44834 ui Some buttons should not retain focus after activation
45678 ui Keep splash screen open until main window becomes visible
46956 ui make it easier to change shortcut key
47571 ui Saving file where directory has extended chars results in ne
47634 ui Insufficient room to read messages in pop-up boxes
48018 ui Allow copy/paste the message shown in a MsgBox
48076 ui UI Bug with black outlines around options, etc
48579 ui de UI: Grammatically incorrect translation of "...wizard" in
48679 ui Drop-down menu useability enhancements.
49235 ui user interface unreadable using system font for UI
50031 ui left part of menubar becomes corrupted after window size cha
52348 ui Rulers numbers colour (color) hard-coded in margins
52349 ui Buttons picture or text colour (color) hard-coded
52762 ui Flickering saving bar in writer
43428 ui Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
46460 ui options dialog box not resizable
47095 ui cursor position tolerance for docking
50044 ui Different configurations of the layout for different program
43595 ui Stylist and Navigator should look like and have a X-button i
44247 ui make Toolboxes remember last tool selected
44250 ui Message from macro security treats Cancel as OK
45479 ui Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
46053 ui Pop-up pane instead of multiple message boxes
50138 ui Optimize the Customize Toolbars Dialog
51160 ui Only show installed languages in Character formatting dialog
46016 utilitie Unopkg cannot parse an XML manifest with leading whitespace
43559 Word pro Load Styles... from Master Document
45088 Word pro Language changes when writing
43962 Word pro Mail merge lacks custom fields
44549 Word pro need access to thesaurus in right click menu
45135 Word pro "JRE Required" Error Message Will Not Close
49739 Word pro Only Writer defaults A4 instead of Letter on Mexican locale
46005 Word pro PDF Export does not allow form saving
47799 Word pro Access to input fields made easier/more intuitive
49653 Word pro Arabic fonts do not display correctly like English font when
50860 Word pro Printing to PDF loses hyperlinks
44640 Word pro Label layout doesn't follow page rotation
48680 Word pro Arabic short vowel marks disappear with word wrapping
50203 Word pro comments like in MS Word
50982 Word pro Exporting to PDF with links
51116 Word pro Form Wizard crashs in last step
52103 Word pro user-added custom dictionary does not work
49253 Word pro Global Slot Command execute: Zoom, OfficeBean
43119 Word pro Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43641 Word pro "keep paragraph to table" should calculate differntly
43790 Word pro record case changes
44108 Word pro Can't make random with sort?
44212 Word pro Insert Table, Number of rows/columns allows non numbers.
44387 Word pro The media viewer is behaving strange
44496 Word pro PDF-export: broad line with text is drawn much too thin
44882 Word pro Laserjet2300 printing numbered lists broken
44917 Word pro When sending to PDF option to show bookmarks and page
45034 Word pro PDF and formulaires
45075 Word pro add rank xerox labels to label listing
45129 Word pro Blank pages incorrectly appear in exported PDF
45361 Word pro Trad-Chinese-zh input problem
45438 Word pro Use of Keyboard in Font of "Insert Special Character" Crashe
45444 Word pro Words are added to spelling dictionary with curly-quotes
45747 Word pro terminal server & printers
45752 Word pro DL Envelopes incomplete printing of address
45848 Word pro HTLM document no longer appears in the Windows XP menus
46055 Word pro hebrew page format
46263 Word pro Cannot copy forumulas in tables (word processing)
46275 Word pro Opening .sdw with GBK codes
46346 Word pro enhancement of print range(this page)
46383 Word pro Template ex .stw loses formatting (decimal tab in centered p
46654 Word pro Add common hi-tech industry words to Spell Checker!
46729 Word pro easy access to showing/hiding text sections
47111 Word pro Auto-inserted empty page should honour page layout
47186 Word pro Very slow startup when default printer unavailable
47447 Word pro the font name showed in font selecting menu is messed up
47478 Word pro PDFs can not be combined cause of subsetted fonts
47484 Word pro Not printing proper page size or simplex.
47781 Word pro Abbreviated (small font) numeral suffixes cause normal font
47786 Word pro Doing mail merge with hidden paragraphs (lines) despite bugs
47966 Word pro Create table of contents frame in html
48013 Word pro Writer: Caption of embedded objects at the top isn not possi
48254 Word pro scroll corrupted text display
48286 Word pro Automatic Bookmark title from selection
48311 Word pro KO: The window of install cancel is not L10n'ed
48315 Word pro Japanese Katagana advance width not correct
48341 Word pro [SS8] Insert ->'File...' is different subject text between m
48475 Word pro text in tables in 1.1.4 docs is all squished in one place
48476 Word pro Label-making and mail merge are bloated and overcomplicated.
48485 Word pro spell checker behaves strangely when reaching end of documen
48558 Word pro Adding Calc File as data source
48720 Word pro Function uppercase only to the first caracter of a word.
48730 Word pro Help assistant
49015 Word pro Configurable colors of nonprinting characters
49158 Word pro table cell select / text select like MS Word 97+
49343 Word pro justified text in arabic script inserts random underscore ch
49540 Word pro Wordperfect Templates will not convert properly
49650 Word pro the characters whose glyphs are missing in the default font
49848 Word pro UI brochure printing
49876 Word pro Spellcheck handling of words with underscores
50090 Word pro Wordperfect import doesn't retain hidden format
50281 Word pro Increasing paragraph below spacing leave dialog box glitch
50319 Word pro Offer more structure options for "Text to Table" Conversion
50396 Word pro The printing page number differs from the true page number
50431 Word pro pasting text changes spaces to hard spaces
50499 Word pro complete style formatting should be easily viewed (and compa
50603 Word pro Down-arrow on last line to move cursor to end of line
50629 Word pro "Syncronise" option in Format->Frame->Borders
50632 Word pro Pasting styles with text into tables.
50642 Word pro Allow AddSpacingAtPages to be overridden for word docs
50800 Word pro HTML comments - export to PDF
50818 Word pro Masterdocument - Include documents in reverse order
51111 Word pro Font type and size is set to default font 12pts when pasting
51156 Word pro Cannot copy and paste text and graphics from IE web page
51187 Word pro invalid work of macro changing case
51486 Word pro Printing Envelopes to HP 2100 and HP 2200DN does not work pr
51519 Word pro "Restart at 1" setting for first item of first numbered list
51532 Word pro PDF export; Bookmarks do not include "Additional styles"
51563 Word pro Repagination causes pagebreak between paragraphs
51565 Word pro euro sign printed directly always on column 1
51616 Word pro Strange numbering of Headings
51641 Word pro Merging multiple records to a single page fails
51705 Word pro Only first user defined code is available when using filters
51737 Word pro note warning even if all notes are deleted
51739 Word pro autocorrect doesn't respect locale
51778 Word pro Screen refresh problem in Writer on Windows XP
51906 Word pro Labels and envelope field substitution defect
51920 Word pro Special character "diameter" not properly handled
51987 Word pro Increment value can't be set to non-integer in 'numerical fi
52202 Word pro Can't save OpenDocument documents in 64 bit version
52204 Word pro No "plain text" option for special paste
52277 Word pro pictures dissapears after reporting: "read-error"
52279 Word pro Problem refreshing the active document after it lost focus
52358 Word pro Writer: paragraph styles get lost at save/open
52401 Word pro Updated database fields will not update
52470 Word pro Selecting a sentence by mouse picks up wrong footnote anchor
52484 Word pro will not print envelopes
52499 Word pro Disabling spellchecker for words with numbers does not work
52533 Word pro PDF contains invalid name objects on export of radio buttons
52534 Word pro PDF: radio button groups get exported with wrong name
52536 Word pro PDF: Export values of radio buttons are ignored
52544 Word pro entering special chars & compose
52546 Word pro Crashes when trying to assign a macro to a form event throug
Tue Aug 2 10:01:59 -0700 2005
ID Comp Summary
52576 Word pro Printing problem in the Writer component
52583 Word pro “Snap to text grid (if active)” checkbox is always turne
52642 Word pro Bug supposedly fixed but isn't - full /tmp file system cause
52668 Word pro page counter mistake
52677 Word pro Document layout not preserved after reopening or repaginatio
52684 Word pro Tips is not in the Help Menu
52750 Word pro Templates missing
52774 Word pro Openoffice hangs with users loged in with a ldap-account
52792 Word pro upgrading jvm causes UI errors
43757 Word pro Opening document based on a modified default template gets "
48317 Word pro KO: [SS8] '설치' Characters missing in install windows.
48329 Word pro KO: [SS8] Text in 'Export' window is not L10n'ed.
48330 Word pro KO: [SS8] Text in 'Open' is not L10n'ed
48332 Word pro KO: [SS8] 'edit->Accept or Reject' is different subject name
48334 Word pro KO: [SS8] Insert->'Mnual Break' is different subject text be
49648 Word pro Font problem in beta releases through 1.9.100 / fixed in 1.9
50229 Word pro Auto text Dialog does not have enough length for Japanese c
45893 Word pro Rechecking User Entered Word Corrections in Spellcheck Dialo
44075 Word pro allow run-in headings
45418 Word pro Superscript continues beyond endnote reference
45579 Word pro Fields don't keep character formatting
45828 Word pro Envelope creation
45926 Word pro save to disk OLE objects embedded in MS Word files in non-su
46047 Word pro PDF import-filter missing
47079 Word pro copying autotext from one group to another looses textables
47295 Word pro Navigator in Writer not intuitive
47740 Word pro annoying toolbars behavior
47779 Word pro Footnotes renumbered when printing selections
48566 Word pro add "TITLE" attribute to html link <a href>
49114 Word pro Modify Link window should have a "Browse..." button to pick
49604 Word pro Cannot navigate between Mailmerge Fields
51592 Word pro ability to preview page in grayscale
51905 Word pro Inconsistent menu element: Envelope, Lables and Mail merge w
52330 xml Ordered Lists are not nested correctly in the flat XML
52414 xml Links with additional formatting in some of the text creates
47480 xml Supporting WordML - stl:... smart tags???

635 issues found

$Id: 1.9.m122_snapshot.html,v 1.4 2006/07/05 11:09:47 st Exp $

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