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1.9 m113 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m110 and  680_m113.
this release will install as 1.9.113.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m113.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de,nl, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Spec. link Component Base now an optional component during setup i46898
speclink installation
SDK configure: asks for Office or URE 121393 feature-info:
A change was necessary in the SDK so that the SDK can now be used with either an Office or with the new URE. When configuring the SDK, there is now an additional question (after the first one about the "Office Software Development Kit directory"), namely Use an installed Office or an installed UNO Runtime Environment (Office/URE) [Office]: If "Office" (case insensitive) or an empty string is entered, the SDK is configured to use an Office, and configuration continues as before. If "URE" (case insensitive) is entered, the SDK is configured to use a URE.


List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
50507 document additional help images for cs and bg
46898 Database Openoffice BASE isn't an optional component at install
48593 l10n GSI file for Croatian language ui translation in Openoffice
48735 l10n Bulgarian GSI file
48992 Installa Create debian desktop integration module
49367 l10n Patch to support Vietnamese in the build system
49411 l10n Kinyarwanda m103 GSI file now ready
49429 l10n Belarusian language l10n
49480 l10n GSI file for Vietnamese
49493 l10n Turkish GSI/SDF file based on 680_m104 without helpcontent2
49494 l10n Russian GSI/SDF file based on 680_m104 without helpcontent2
49497 l10n GSI file for Bengali
49513 l10n Polish GSI file
50084 l10n Bulgarian extras files
50400 Installa Add Slovak extras for 2.0
50838 gsl [RFE] please dynamically hide adjacent separators in menus

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

SearchHide columnSort ascendingSort descendingMove left
SearchHide columnSort ascendingSort descendingMove left
SearchHide columnSort ascendingSort descendingMove left
Milestone (integrated)
impress59 OOo 2.0 fixes for impress application m113
calc32 Important fixes moved from dr37 m113
hslqdb3 PP1 bugfix for hsqldb and new version of hsqldb m113
ooo20l10n This cws contains the 2.0 localisations m113
lostnotes notes get lost in special cases m113
hr16 fixes misc. small issues reported by OOo community m112
vq16 Various build issues m112
pj29 Add Bulgarian, Danish, Hungarian and Slovak extras. m112
rt11 Minor build issues. m112
optionalbase making Base (to look as if it is) an optional component m112
firefox enable OOo to build against firefox (--with-firefox) m112
linuxppc03 Fix installation bug for Linux PPC architecture for Debian m112
bserver01 outsource non office relevant communication stuff m112
vq18 More build issues ... m112
hidforall Alow helpids to be built on all platforms m112
sb31 First version of the URE product. m111
moresystemstuff2 some more system stuff and optionally link with pam,crypt,xrender instead of dlopen'ing them m111
nativefixer10 OOo 2.0 / new products / Patch and update issues m111
cmcfixes9 minor gcj buildtime issues m111
macosx08 Mac OSX fixes for : mozilla environment build bad test in m110
buildfixes01 Selected fixes for build breaker on various platforms m110
fwk17 Print dialog problems. m110
qadev23 implementation details for testing m110

The new gcc-4.0-pre is more strict about forward declarations in the C++ code.

communitybitmaps20 Images for default/community builds - splash screen, About image, Windows installer and language pack installer images. m110

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
26075 api API: sfx.AppDispatchProvider::XDispatchProvider
34403 api API: sw.DocumentSettings::Settings::PrinterIndependentLayout
38579 api API: svx.SvxUnoText::com::sun::star::text::XTextRangeCompare
38780 api runner: xmloff.Impress.XMLImporter
40269 tools hid.lst generation should work for all platforms
42513 api API: svx.SvxGraphicObject::com::sun::star::drawing::GraphicO
43779 api API:
46192 api runner: com::sun::star::beans::XPropertyWithState
46788 api runner: enhance logging in some tests
48196 api runner: dbaccess_OQueryDesign::com::sun::star::lang::XInitia
49391 api runner should not use System.getProperty("")
49473 tools cwstools fail when scrambled cvs-password ends with a space
49789 api runner: ask the office for its binary path
49815 tools [CWS_tools] getCurrentMilestone -> get_current_milestone
49934 api runner: fwl.PathSettings should restore changed settings
50105 api runner: fwl.TypeDetection
50139 api runner: fwk.DispatchRecorderSupplier::com::sun::star::frame:
50141 api runner: object descriptions in fwk missing
50171 api runner: multi-interface-tests does not work in scenario file
50254 api runner: fwk.ModuleUIConfigurationManager must dispose the st
50361 api API: framework/qa/unoapi
50506 api create a complex test for interface XUserInputInterception
50540 api API: fwk.StatusBarControllerFactory
50553 api API: fwk.ToolBarsMenuController test must be implemented
50558 api API: fwk.UICategoryDescription testcase msssing
50567 porting gcj will be changing it's libjawt to libgcjawt
50575 porting add xalan.jar to classpath for gcj when building filter frag
50653 api API: fwk.xml contains drafts.ccs...
50689 tools W32-tcsh : tcsh cannot find/start command ending in .exe
50837 tools doesn't recognize of the form -Fx<path>
50922 document additional help images for sk
45749 Database OOo-Base: cannot open tables of readonly documents
47149 api runner: com::sun::star::text::XPagePrintable
47321 Database cannot change existing column to be a primary key in bugdoc
49958 Spreadsh Non-shown notes are lost at saving when there are shown note
43032 Installa Create or update final OOo 2.0 readme
45267 framewor Print dialog mis-mgmt ...
46467 tools more system stuff
46742 Installa Danish extras for 2.0
47459 udk UNO broken ...
47547 Spreadsh Crash at export selection in XLS to PDF
47614 l10n GSI file for en-GB localised version
47633 l10n Please commit HUNGARIAN Extras for 2.0
47819 Presenta Send outline to presentation doesn't work correct.
47929 l10n please add Estonian translation to 2.0
47958 porting warning: missing sentinel in function call (gcc4)
47959 porting warning: missing sentinel in function call (gcc4)
47963 porting warning: control reaches end of non-void function
47965 porting warning: control reaches end of non-void function
48023 Installa Delete deprecated installation/extras/source/autotext/lang/d
48717 Spreadsh XLS file is all gray in 1.9.95--ok in older versions
48810 porting mozilla cannot be build : .mozconfig needed,
48825 tools Provide prebuilt mozilla libraries for download
49028 porting ppc instead of powerpc arch force to install with --force-ar
49029 l10n de Readme: Translate OOo 2.0 readme
49227 porting file conflict in Debian deb packages
49276 l10n GSI: Czech
49419 l10n Danish translation (gsi/sdf) for 2.0
49482 tools Fix encoding for Vietnamese in msiencodinglist.txt
49487 l10n Please merge Finnish translation for 2.0
49504 l10n Hungarian SDF file for 2.0
49518 l10n Gujarati Team has translated fully,
49523 l10n Localisation of UI graphics to Khmer
49524 l10n GSI: Slovak
49525 l10n Localisation of the installer to Khmer language - file_ooo.s
49543 l10n Extras for en-GB localised version of OOo 2.0
49549 l10n Norwegian Bokmal (nb) GSI
49550 l10n Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) GSI
49578 l10n Updated gu-IN and pa-IN translations
49581 l10n Khmer installer for Windows does not install
49609 l10n Updated GSI files for Afrikaans (m104, for 2.0)
49672 l10n Welsh GSI for OOo 2.0
49681 porting FreeBSD porting : powerof2 has already been defined
49856 tools OOo build fails with current Platform SDK - April 2005 Editi
49914 Word pro Send Outline from writer to impress does not work anymore
49932 l10n [FR] Opening Samples directory gives an error
49945 tools configure doesn't find the 2005 PSDK
50057 porting automation: missing forward declaration
50058 porting basctl: missing forward declaration
50059 porting comphelper: missing forward declaration
50060 porting configmgr: missing forward declaration
50061 Database connectivity: missing forward declaration
50062 Database dbaccess: missing forward declaration
50063 porting extensions: missing forward declaration
50064 gsl forms: missing forward declaration
50068 Spreadsh sc: missing forward declaration
50069 Drawing sd: missing forward declaration
50070 framewor sfx2: missing forward declaration
50071 porting so3: missing forward declaration
50072 Formula starmath: missing forward declaration
50073 udk stoc: missing forward declaration
50074 porting svtools: missing forward declaration
50075 framewor svx: missing forward declaration
50076 Word pro sw: missing forward declaration
50077 porting tools: missing forward declaration
50078 ucb ucb: missing forward declaration
50080 porting xmloff: missing forward declaration
50081 porting xmlsecurity: missing forward declaration
50231 Installa Missing write permission may lead to endless loop
50250 Installa extras/source/templates/wizard/memo/lang/delzip is useless n
50302 Installa NSIS: language packs and whole installaton sets for a langua
50306 Installa Images for community builds
50375 l10n please add Estonian helpimages to 2.0
50411 l10n en-GB accelerators for OOo 2.0
50412 l10n en-GB default images for OOo 2.0
50413 l10n en-GB localised versions of ooo_custom_images
50414 l10n en-GB helpcontent2 auxiliary updates for OOo 2.0
50426 tools Wrong license headers
50427 framewor Non-functional --without-mozilla
50487 Presenta Crash when I undo the removing of an animation and an object
50706 Spreadsh Calc loops if autospellchecking is switched off and the whol
50708 tools patch to allow build with firefox instead of mozilla
50709 Installa Constant user directory name
50756 xml leak fix ...
50763 Installa No need to deliver
50767 Installa Dependency clean-up: make setup_native independent from sfx2
50783 tools configure checks in the .NET 2002 location for mscoree.lib
50911 tools do not leave corrupted zip files
50993 Installa Remove untranslateable strings from ulf files
51049 tools W32-tcsh: build breakage in testtools
51053 Drawing crash when executing macro
51092 framewor Fixes for debian systemintegration needed
51130 tools cachestr.hxx is needed in sot
51139 porting vcl project : requires variable TMP
51141 porting vcl project : somehow there is no space after -o
51201 porting automation project: build broken
47968 api API: dbaccess.SbaXGridControl::com::sun::star::view::XSelect

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see
ID Comp Summary
43119 Word pro Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43155 Spreadsh Filter addition
43356 Presenta Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43362 Word pro PDF Export options to reduce file size
43477 framewor Failed to open files from network shares
43494 Presenta hyperlinks should support word wrap
43495 gsl Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
43559 Word pro Load Styles... from Master Document
43565 framewor Make Styles in Template Management more discoverable by addi
43574 framewor Suggestions for improving File->New->Templates and Documents
43781 framewor button "up one level" does not work
43790 Word pro record case changes
44918 Installa Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
45823 Database Database Form Entry Issue
45935 framewor Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
46097 framewor Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
46141 framewor No meta-info/summary tab at windows file properties.
46159 Database Reports from a native query.
46674 framewor Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
46729 Word pro easy access to showing/hiding text sections
46810 framewor Location of pasted graphic
47028 framewor Impossible to rename Toolbar button hint
47037 Drawing Changeable accurance of freedom curve
47050 Installa Install appears to hang--but doesn't--during lengthy process
47075 framewor crash restore with problems
47103 framewor wizards and standard templates
47187 Word pro OpenOffice crashes during importing of fonts from the WEB
47214 framewor Len function deficiency
47215 framewor WITH statement does not work correctly
47216 framewor Length specification on declaration of String variables
47294 Presenta OLE objects disappear in Impress
47391 Installa Translation for install screens
47478 Word pro PDFs can not be combined cause of subsetted fonts
47593 Presenta Add a DOM-tree view
47762 Database Problems with decimals when attaching data to my data source
47782 Spreadsh text import csv does not show preview
47786 Word pro Doing mail merge with hidden paragraphs (lines) despite bugs
47894 ui Ugly Icons in Wmaker
47907 Word pro Web wizard is killing OOo if you hold down up or down key at
47927 framewor soffice.exe no longer opens empty
47975 Database HSQLDB "identity" type not in list of column types
47986 Word pro Word processor quits OOo when opening files
48083 Presenta Custom Animation panel freezes
48085 Presenta Powerpoint file has missing animations when played as slide
48099 l10n problem about chinese characters Autocorrect
48105 Presenta StarSuite Impress crashed when insert a spreadsheet
48130 framewor OOo seems to hang on saving, useless progress bar
48154 framewor Open/Save Dialog wild characters in "File Type" drop list
48180 Drawing Saving files sometimes not possible
48255 l10n [IT] not/bad translation "Apri" window
48286 Word pro Automatic Bookmark title from selection
48302 Presenta Printing Handouts of Presentations is not Consistent with He
48315 Word pro Japanese Katagana advance width not correct
48347 Presenta OO 1.9.95 shows basic shapes Square and Rectangles as quarte
48363 Presenta Impress : text effects not saved in conversion to odp
48378 Presenta undo of paste does not reset to previous style
48439 framewor Openoffice fails on file without surname.
48446 Database Table Design/Field properties GUI messed up.
48449 Database New db wizard not remember register option previously select
48450 Database Unneccessary options, too many steps to create new database
48452 Database New Database not remember the last file opened
48472 Word pro spell check often doesn't work
48485 Word pro spell checker behaves strangely when reaching end of documen
48516 Database Field names of database no ound when using Forms wizard or D
48525 framewor OOo window maximized in 2nd screen has right-justified menus
48529 Database Ability to create a full-function DB from a spreadsheet/work
48537 Presenta Text alignment doesn't work
48565 Installa language pack installer is not localized
48579 ui de UI: Grammatically incorrect translation of "...wizard" in
48581 Presenta UI: Toolbar "Presentation": Change tooltip to "Insert Slide"
48680 Word pro Arabic short vowel marks disappear with word wrapping
48697 Presenta Crash when I show a presentation OOo Impress
48700 Drawing Support MS Publisher file format
48704 Presenta Page side and Tasks side
48725 framewor OOo with Mozilla Thunderbird
48730 Word pro Help assistant
48771 Presenta Master pages
48775 framewor Language setting
48788 Installa Base component
48838 Database Unable to create database
48880 l10n Can not Drag & Drop Objects throughout the ap
48881 Presenta The message box of Expand slide is not displayed
48883 l10n Under version zh-CN language, choose "new" in Toolbar, two
48908 l10n Typical data 15x10, 25x20 setting can not be effected
48909 l10n Can't select a word by double clicking normally in grid la
48919 ui [Java framework] Error in function findPlugin (fwkutil.cxx).
48960 Database Printing function in Base
49089 Presenta Background graphics disappear in display sometimes
49107 api Error saving Powerpoint presentations with embedded Word Doc
49122 Drawing support for JPEG 2000 images
49171 framewor Unable to save to webdav folders
49197 Presenta Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
49200 Presenta Decimal tab does not work with integers (implied decimal)
49235 ui user interface unreadable using system font for UI
49321 Database Report snapshots have several problems
49364 l10n unreadable character of uninstall dialog
49405 Installa Installation of a new version of OOo
49440 Presenta Slide sorter view corrupts on windows toolbar raise
49470 framewor Filter Selection accepts OK with no filter specified
49498 Spreadsh =info function to provide some environment information
49511 Word pro Insert FontWork for menu
49529 Presenta Custom trajectory
49531 framewor Create a Firefox Plugin
49532 framewor More option for "HTML Compatibility" option
49535 framewor Equivalent of "Office side" in MS Office XP or 2003
49537 framewor Suggest of enhancement of the help assistant
49568 Presenta Black slide "Click to exit presentation"
49569 Drawing Page preview
49571 Presenta Save as an image
49637 framewor OOo and XML Visio Document
49638 Drawing Create a Wizard in draw
49645 framewor Read/write to Windows shares: file does not exists
49651 framewor Add option to disable "Automatic filename extension"
49654 framewor Missing language information in exported pdf
49662 Spreadsh Sort column selection to be persistent
49725 Presenta Error message "File cannot be written" when saving document.
49765 Database time out on LDAP queries
49804 Formula Imported MathType formulae elements not italicised as they s
49812 framewor Icon size option is wrongly saved when set to "Automatic"
49898 Database DB access to Outlook Express AddressBook, sort order problem
49972 l10n it locale: wrong translation of "integer" to "integrale"
49974 Database DB Access to Outlook Express AddressBook, NULL value handlin
50012 Presenta Easy (PDF) export of a subset of slides (pages)
50013 Presenta Named character styles should be also available in the Prese
50030 Drawing Provide means for truly scaling an image (in particular, sca
50031 ui left part of menubar becomes corrupted after window size cha
50090 Word pro Wordperfect import doesn't retain hidden format
50102 framewor Basic : Private Sub not correctly handled
50110 Formula Long formula truncates after edit.
50126 Formula Symbol import-export bug with MS MathType format
50130 Formula csub, csup import-export bug with Microsoft MathType
50131 Formula Alignment import-export bug with MathType (alignr, alignl, a
50162 framewor soffice crash on startup - Xlib
50281 Word pro Increasing paragraph below spacing leave dialog box glitch
50319 Word pro Offer more structure options for "Text to Table" Conversion
50321 Presenta Moving a formula to a new location » it is impossible to sa
50396 Word pro The printing page number differs from the true page number
50421 Presenta Impress wont save presentations with charts after upgrade on
50431 Word pro pasting text changes spaces to hard spaces
50441 Formula Formula font size should alwasy follow font size of the prev
50500 framewor WEEKDAY function (type 3) in Basic returns wrong value for m
50502 porting Installation incorrectly changes owner, permissions on /, /A
50503 porting "file does not exist" when trying to open filename with non-
50518 api "Extended Tips" should show "Tips".
50600 document GESTEP localize=false
50602 Presenta Impossible to save presentation after import of the formula.
50632 Word pro Pasting styles with text into tables.
50723 Formula MS Word 97 Eq fields not imported at all !
50731 Presenta Some animations have black background when playing.
50732 framewor Openoffice will not close
50738 Database TableDesign.FieldPropertys: 'Length' using different Integer
50755 framewor Misguiding ERRmsg: DIR/x does not exist instead Permission d
50762 Word pro index and tables + heading outline numbering
50792 Presenta OOo crashes when adding a spreadsheet to a presentation
50846 Database OOo and Mozilla Thunderbird
50873 porting vcl breaks on create bundle for libvcl680mxp.dylib
50910 Database Query-design incorrectly translates BETWEEN statements with
50912 Database Linking tables with {LEFT | RIGHT | FULL} OUTER JOIN does n
50921 Presenta Opening embedded OLE Object (PDF) results in hang
50931 framewor floating toolbar - inconsistent or ugly font
50971 Drawing Connector lines should arc/hop over other perpendicular (unr
50972 framewor "Up one level" button behavoir is inconsistent with other bu
50990 Drawing Images get exported to SVG and PNG not original format
50992 porting Mac OS X: Tiger builds don't work on Panther
51021 Spreadsh Ctrl+N doesn't open another calc document
51025 l10n Insert Chinese chars in StarSuite Draw Fontwork Gallery
51038 Spreadsh OO1.9.104 on W2K takes 5,5 minutes to open 24MB Excel Sheet
51046 api non-deterministic crash
51084 Spreadsh FINDV() argument with brackets fail.
51103 Spreadsh Conditional formatting not working properly wuen duplicating
51197 Spreadsh Document title code in header only displays as file name
51236 Spreadsh Autocomplete does not preserve case
51247 Presenta HSB colour dialog allows unreasonable entries
51251 Presenta graphic in master is not sent to background
51264 Word pro Navigator slowing down OOo in large docs
51267 framewor cannot copy data from custom java jtable via clipboard
51269 Installa Old version paths ignored
51275 Drawing Tables in drawings
51276 Drawing Blank with copied table
51284 Drawing cannot save drawing containing formulas
51293 Spreadsh Unable to add advanced filter
51359 Word pro Can't add text frame to MailMeerge document
51398 Word pro CUT/PASTE in table doesn't work
26364 Word pro Bulleted Lists
26478 Word pro MailMerge-User Interface and Functioning
26545 framewor Minimized Application Window with special functions
29007 framewor Format/Ruby only for Asian languages ?
29009 framewor Ruby format in HTML editor
41104 Spreadsh Needs Spec: Make Calc "Data Validity" more powerful and easi
41251 framewor separation of advanced preferences
43428 ui Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
44239 framewor Splash screen takes over desktop
47095 ui cursor position tolerance for docking
47542 framewor When saving a document first time, let OOo fill the archive
48777 framewor OOo and start menu
49345 framewor Integrate MS Office downloaded clipart in OOo gallery
50166 framewor draw toolbar different in the suite elements
50614 *Testpro Test
50845 framewor OOo and mail client
46283 framewor Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
48169 gsl wrong character spacing in Writer 1.9.95 in Greek
48337 l10n File -> New -> XML Form Document :: Missing "XML" in other t
51362 Presenta missing action type in metafiles
48442 Database Error in auto generated column for primary key feature
48453 Database The base wizard has confusing options, hard for users to und
48584 l10n de UI: Typo in Crash Recovery / Dokumentenwiederherstellung
50229 Word pro Auto text Dialog does not have enough length for Japanese c
22644 gsl Scrolling in Special Characters dialog
28481 ui Dockable Dialog Boxes
29045 Formula asterisk * as superscript from MathType is not understood
40364 gsl Office window "x" close button should always appear
40488 framewor Support StarOffice launch without user install directory or
40514 Drawing Usability: Page size should automatically set to size of an
40645 Spreadsh Calc Find/Replace does not provide 'whole words only' checkb
40999 Word pro Hard to set H and V Rulers to an exact unit size - provide t
41057 Presenta After Install of JMF:OOo crashes after insert mov-file as pl
42175 Word pro Partial reset in Tools-Customize
45479 ui Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
45617 Database Misleading title in form edit window
46554 Word pro Printing pfm fonts to postscript file renders wrong font
46704 Chart dynamic magnification of a chart
46855 framewor When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
47079 Word pro copying autotext from one group to another looses textables
47740 Word pro annoying toolbars behavior
47779 Word pro Footnotes renumbered when printing selections
47900 Presenta letter 'g' filled in flash export
48566 Word pro add "TITLE" attribute to html link <a href>
49992 framewor in Win98 SE program menues are garbled
50393 Chart Logarithmic scale enchancement
50860 Word pro Printing to PDF loses hyperlinks
51160 ui Only show installed languages in Character formatting dialog
51206 framewor Tabs not readable with some XP skins

$Id: 1.9.m113_snapshot.html,v 1.2 2006/07/05 11:09:46 st Exp $

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