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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m109 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m104s1 and  680_m109.
this release will install as 1.9.109.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m109.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

Feature title TaskId Spec. abstract Component
Frisian in language listbox i40163 feature-info:
Added Frisian to the available languages for character attribution and spell-checking purposes. The underlying LangID value is associated with the fy-NL locale.
Georgian (ka_GE) locale data i43476 feature-info:
The Georgian_Georgia (ka_GE) locale is supported, including locale data.
Belarusian (be_BY) locale data i44875 feature-info:
Belarusian_Belarus (be_BY) is supported, including locale data.
Locale data aligned to the CLDR i47148 feature-info:
The following locale data has been aligned to data of the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) [ ] ar_EG ar_LB ar_SA ar_TN cy_GB da_DK de_DE (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) de_LU (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_AU (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_JM (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_NZ (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_TT (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_US (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_ZA (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) en_ZW (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) es_AR (NOTE: no change, all OOo visible data was already aligned) fi_FI id_ID is_IS For details please see For the following locales the group (AKA thousands) separator now is a non-breaking space instead of an ordinary space, which prevents line breaks within a number and is also in concordance with the CLDR. The ordinary space is additionally accepted by the number formatter during number input though. az_AZ et_EE fi_FI lv_LV mn_MN nb_NO nn_NO no_NO sk_SK Other locales will follow for OOo2.0.1

List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
40163 l10n please add support for the Frisian language
43476 l10n Georgian language support (ka_GE)
44875 l10n be_BY locale data
45919 Installa increasing windows installer's cab compression produces 15mb
47494 gsl Japanese font substitution should be done correctly when exp
47500 ui MimeType icons
47501 ui MimeType icons - IconTool update

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:

localedata4 Alignment of some OOo locale data with the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), and some latest additions of new locales and data. m109
evoab202 Adding evolution 2.0 and 2.2 integration support to OO.o
ause028 several build issues m109
helpfixes1 Fix for i49350 m109
vq17 Fix various build issues m109
ause031 quick CWS to fix MACOSX build breakage; one lost makefile fix from rt10 m109
gslpatches patches for OOo 2.0 tree m108
sysui07 OOo desktop integration updates m108
rt10 Build issues, without influence on any product. m108
cmcfixes8 avoid unnecessary executable stack m108
gcj5 update gcj port to take advantage of new method and change of awt libname
macosx07 Some fixes for Mac OSX port : - enable UTF-8 for filenames and dirnames - make use of scanner available - other fixes in extensions - [to be completed] m107
rvojta03 Fixed Mandriva menu generation, entries, ... m107
freebsd03 FreeBSD issues m107
mmeeks08 trivial linkoo fixes m107
cloph01 (Build-)Fixes for the freedesktop-menus RPM m106
icontool08 Update of document type icons m105
fwk12 showstopper m105
impress56 impress fixes for target OOo 2.0  m105
letterwizardlang This CWS will make sure only Sun official language templates get installed in StarOffice. m105
lo7 Fix utf-8 chracter corruption issue m105
so8onemore localisation m105
officeversions Add one registry key for Windows m105
sch09 fixes for sch OOo 2.0 m105
jimmac04 Fix some basic shape icons m105
xmlsec12 Fixes for Digital Signatures m104s1
os61 Fix of i48267 m104s1
kdeplugfixes Some fixes for the KDE plugin m104s1
mib01 for i48925 only m104s1
readonlydoc1 Fix for "Sand as email" feature for own readonly documents. m104s1
swqbugfixes32 fix for issue i49139 m104s1
pj28 misc. fixes (mainly small l10n) for m103 m104s1

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
49483 porting Module extensions: delivery of *dll
45002 tools compiler directive -tune=pentiumpro doesn't work on all syst
48607 tools Inconsistent RMFLAGS for different 4NT versions
49927 tools dmake -PX does not work
50224 porting latest set of gcj changes
49677 sdk XParametricPolyPolygon2DFactory.idl contains illigal char
19175 Installa register for uri support in Gnome 2
24735 udk Merge bridges/test/java_uno/multinherit into testtools/sourc
39961 porting extensions : lot of problems building nsplugin on Mac OSX SR
41144 porting FreeBSD porting : SDK is unusable
42596 l10n audit locales, cs_CZ
42778 porting static data apparently not initialized in vcl/source/app/svd
43041 l10n Align Malay locale data with CLDR
45077 l10n Locale data validating code in product version
45118 tools Export DEFAULT_TO_ENGLISH_FOR_PACKING="yes" into env.
45298 gsl pspfontcache changes with every OOo startup
45318 gsl psprint threading bug(s) / memory corrupter ...
45810 l10n Include collation data for Khmer
45832 framewor Unused image in desktop\res folder
46528 utilitie libicudata still not compiled with -fpic/-fPIC
46568 l10n Afrikaans locale file errors
46979 porting FreeBSD: portaudio
47148 l10n Align locale data to CLDR
47256 porting Bad RPATH in
47383 Presenta Crash when I selected a slide which is nearly scrolled out o
47475 utilitie Not pre-known separators don't work
47566 l10n Minor locale corrections for da_DK.xml and fo_FO.xml
47758 xml XSLT Transform of XML document to .odt produces randomly inv
47902 framewor KDE VCL bug - white text in menu
47957 gsl warning: missing sentinel in function call (gcc4)
48122 l10n Non-breaking space instead of ordinary space as group separa
48213 tools freedesktop-menus spec file is bash specific
48267 framewor Office crashes with certain settings in Common.xcu
48432 framewor Digital Signatures: ADD-button sometimes without functionali
48435 gsl Crash on exit when using kde plugin
48436 gsl KStartupInfo::appStarted() should be called only once
48478 gsl faked command line arguments not freed
48520 porting config_office/ changes for MacOSX 10.4
48555 gsl kde plugin: missing highlight effect in toolbar
48609 gsl kde plugin: selected menu items white on white
48633 framewor Signatures can't be verified without Mozilla Profile (Linux/
48683 framewor [cws kdeplugfixes] special control in control property brows
48783 Installa Problems with the mandrakelinux-menu RPM
48816 Installa Fix on Master for 680m101 for cp1251.pyc breaks builds with
48825 tools Provide prebuilt mozilla libraries for download
48867 Installa openofficeorg-desktop-integratn does not have install/depend
48921 Installa wrong mime type for odb in desktop integration
48925 porting New symbol has wrong version in sal
49052 gsl JDS3 ja locale: Selected text is deleted with mouse selectio
49104 tools linkoo & types.rdb
49106 Presenta Showstopper: Transparency gradient filling looks destroyed w
49111 framewor plugin: Send document as eMail doesn't work
49139 Word pro OpenDocument file format: attribute value of <style:mirror>
49148 utilitie configuration data inconsistency due to updated xcs file
49149 udk Java URP bridge can hang if MessageDispatcher thread is lost
49153 framewor Plugin: Mozilla plugin doesn't work on Linux
49201 Presenta "Custom" animations: Office does not accept mouseclick to mo
49230 tools Build NSIS installation set if NSIS tools are found by confi
49234 Word pro Letter Wizard in StarOffice should only include SO official
49279 Installa Add Estonian to NSIS
49350 framewor Help-> Help crashes if help not available
49374 gsl sysui build fails with newer glibcs and rpm using libc's glo
49375 Installa Add Bulgarian to NSIS
49422 porting --with-build-version and C2015: too many characters in a con
49431 framewor GPF when trying to open document without appropiate apps. in
49458 framewor Description for soffice.bin is broken
49463 Chart Fontsize of additional inserted Titles after save and reload
49486 porting Mac OSX + Linux PPC / jvmfwk typo in otherjre.cxx
49515 Word pro Browse button on last page of letter wizard doesn't work
49548 porting module libxmlsec Mac OSX / gcc-3.3 breaks : libnss and libns
49678 porting configure/ contains ==, which is bash's extentio
49679 porting FreeBSD porting : crashrep/source/unx/ contains
49680 porting FreeBSD porting : bridge project. catch up recent version of
49682 porting FreeBSD porting : incorrect version number of libxmlsec
49683 porting FreeBSD porting : Do not need -noinhibit-exec at sndfile/mak
49684 porting FreeBSD porting : sndfile project, version number of shared
49685 porting FreeBSD porting : Update to recent version of un
49686 porting FreeBSD porting : Get rid of -ldl for FREEBSD from vcl/util/
49730 Word pro position of all drawing objects in master documents (OpenOff
49929 tools linkoo update
49990 tools tools/source/communi build broken with patch
50051 framewor beanshell: patch creates file with mode x000
50107 udk make not require executable stack
50117 tools Content of python subdirectory gets wrong permissions during
50132 tools makefile error with new dmake in filter/source/config/fragme
50458 porting MacOS X: static libraries at the end

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
42639 Installa 680m78 0 Recycle Bin Icon in 'Program Maintenance' Dialog
42649 ui 680m78 0 Missing Other Common Sizes of Desktop Icons
42930 ui 680m78 0 remove checkbox infront of menu icon and make the icon 'pres
43070 Word pro 680m78 0 digital signatures - broken display of locale specific chara
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43362 Word pro 680m79 1 PDF Export options to reduce file size
43494 Presenta 680m79 3 hyperlinks should support word wrap
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
43559 Word pro 680m79 3 Load Styles... from Master Document
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
44912 Word pro 680m85 0 Disabled controlls in UI
44918 Installa 680m85 3 Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
45221 Database 680m84 0 Can't print address on envelop using database
45793 l10n 680m78 0 ptBr UI: translation of "Horizontal pitch" in Labels dialog
45823 Database 680m89 0 Database Form Entry Issue
45935 framewor 680m87 0 Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
46097 framewor 680m87 0 Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
46159 Database 680m87 2 Reports from a native query.
46432 ui 680m84 0 Wrong/missing Italian translations in Writer
46514 Database 680m87 0 Shift+space erroneously mapped
46674 framewor 680m87 0 Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
46729 Word pro 680m79 0 easy access to showing/hiding text sections
46750 ui 680m79 0 View on document is reset after previewing page
46777 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problem : incorrect changes information
46810 framewor 680m87 0 Location of pasted graphic
47028 framewor 680m91 0 Impossible to rename Toolbar button hint
47037 Drawing 680m87 0 Changeable accurance of freedom curve
47050 Installa 680m91 0 Install appears to hang--but doesn't--during lengthy process
47075 framewor 680m91 0 crash restore with problems
47079 Word pro 680m87 0 copying autotext from one group to another looses textables
47103 framewor 680m91 0 wizards and standard templates
47187 Word pro 680m91 0 OpenOffice crashes during importing of fonts from the WEB
47214 framewor 680m91 1 Len function deficiency
47215 framewor 680m91 1 WITH statement does not work correctly
47216 framewor 680m91 1 Length specification on declaration of String variables
47294 Presenta 680m91 0 OLE objects disappear in Impress
47391 Installa 680m93 0 Translation for install screens
47403 Word pro 680m91 0 cross reference at the beginning of a sentence will trigger
47478 Word pro 680m79 0 PDFs can not be combined cause of subsetted fonts
47589 Word pro 680m91 0 Format of HTML table borders looks different
47593 Presenta 680m93 0 Add a DOM-tree view
47762 Database 680m93 0 Problems with decimals when attaching data to my data source
47782 Spreadsh 680m91 0 text import csv does not show preview
47786 Word pro 680m93 0 Doing mail merge with hidden paragraphs (lines) despite bugs
47894 ui 680m94 0 Ugly Icons in Wmaker
47898 Word pro 680m93 0 Load styles in Navigator does not work for StarOffice 5 temp
47907 Word pro 680m95 1 Web wizard is killing OOo if you hold down up or down key at
47908 Word pro 680m93 0 serial letter object error
47927 framewor 680m95 0 soffice.exe no longer opens empty
47975 Database 680m95 0 HSQLDB "identity" type not in list of column types
47986 Word pro 680m93 0 Word processor quits OOo when opening files
47999 Word pro 680m95 0 Header losses lines sometimes
48083 Presenta 680m95 0 Custom Animation panel freezes
48085 Presenta 680m95 0 Powerpoint file has missing animations when played as slide
48099 l10n 680m95 0 problem about chinese characters Autocorrect
48105 l10n 680m95 0 StarSuite Impress crashed when insert a spreadsheet
48124 ui 680m91 0 "custom colors" list should use... chosen colours (colors) !
48130 framewor 680m95 0 OOo seems to hang on saving, useless progress bar
48154 framewor 680m96 0 Open/Save Dialog wild characters in "File Type" drop list
48158 l10n 680m95 0 Format of StarSuite Impress
48180 Drawing 680m95 0 Saving files sometimes not possible
48194 ui 680m95 2 Toolbars disappear
48255 l10n 680m95 1 [IT] not/bad translation "Apri" window
48260 l10n 680m95 0 can't get the right column name that i entered
48264 l10n 680m95 0 the lable is wrong, should be "view name"
48286 Word pro 680m95 0 Automatic Bookmark title from selection
48302 Presenta 680m95 0 Printing Handouts of Presentations is not Consistent with He
48315 Word pro 680m95 0 Japanese Katagana advance width not correct
48347 Presenta 680m95 0 OO 1.9.95 shows basic shapes Square and Rectangles as quarte
48363 Presenta 680m93 0 Impress : text effects not saved in conversion to odp
48378 Presenta 680m95 0 undo of paste does not reset to previous style
48422 l10n 680m95 0 StarSuite Writer: ctrl+down/up can not move per word
48439 framewor 680m95 0 Openoffice fails on file without surname.
48446 Database 680m95 0 Table Design/Field properties GUI messed up.
48449 Database 680m95 0 New db wizard not remember register option previously select
48450 Database 680m95 0 Unneccessary options, too many steps to create new database
48452 Database 680m95 0 New Database not remember the last file opened
48455 Word pro 680m95 2 versions comparison
48472 Word pro 680m95 0 spell check often doesn't work
48485 Word pro 680m95 0 spell checker behaves strangely when reaching end of documen
48516 Database 680m95 0 Field names of database no ound when using Forms wizard or D
48525 framewor 680m95 0 OOo window maximized in 2nd screen has right-justified menus
48529 Database 680m95 0 Ability to create a full-function DB from a spreadsheet/work
48537 Presenta 680m95 0 Text alignment doesn't work
48565 Installa 680m95 0 language pack installer is not localized
48575 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Some strings don't fit
48579 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Grammatically incorrect translation of "...wizard" in
48581 l10n 680m95 0 UI: Toolbar "Presentation": Change tooltip to "Insert Slide"
48584 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Typo in Crash Recovery / Dokumentenwiederherstellung
48680 Word pro 680m95 1 Arabic short vowel marks disappear with word wrapping
48697 Presenta 680m95 0 Crash when I show a presentation OOo Impress
48699 Drawing 680m95 0 Support LaTeX file format
48700 Drawing 680m95 0 Support MS Publisher file format
48704 Presenta 680m95 0 Page side and Tasks side
48725 framewor 680m95 0 OOo with Mozilla Thunderbird
48730 Word pro 680m95 0 Help assistant
48771 Presenta 680m100 0 Master pages
48775 framewor 680m100 0 Language setting
48788 Installa 680m100 0 Base component
48802 ui 680m95 0 parametered hyperlink URL truncated
48838 Database 680m100 0 Unable to create database
48872 Presenta 680m99 0 Handout: Header and Feat error
48879 l10n 680m95 0 Drag&Drop hyperlink from Calc to Writer, the linkage is lost
48880 l10n 680m95 0 Can not Drag & Drop Objects throughout the ap
48881 l10n 680m95 0 The message box of Expand slide is not displayed
48883 l10n 680m95 0 Under version zh-CN language, choose "new" in Toolbar, two
48908 l10n 680m95 0 Typical data 15x10, 25x20 setting can not be effected
48909 l10n 680m95 0 Can't select a word by double clicking normally in grid la
48917 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Macro recorder does not format columns completely
48919 ui 680m100 2 [Java framework] Error in function findPlugin (fwkutil.cxx).
48959 framewor 680m99 0 docking windows like stylist or navigator depends on WinXP s
48960 Database 680m90 0 Printing function in Base
48977 framewor 680m99 0 Options do not show options
49073 Word pro 680m99 0 Font rendering problem during print
49089 Presenta 680m100 0 Background graphics disappear in display sometimes
49107 api 680m95 0 Error saving Powerpoint presentations with embedded Word Doc
49122 Drawing 680m100 0 support for JPEG 2000 images
49158 Word pro 680m99 0 table cell select / text select like MS Word 97+
49171 framewor 680m100 0 Unable to save to webdav folders
49197 Presenta 680m95 0 Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
49200 Presenta 680m95 0 Decimal tab does not work with integers (implied decimal)
49235 ui 680m100 0 user interface unreadable using system font for UI
49299 Word pro 680m95 0 Autotext dialog does not have area which display ShortCutKey
49308 Installa 680m103 0 old macro path not removed when importing 1.1.4 profile
49321 Database 680m100 0 Report snapshots have several problems
49356 framewor 680m99 0 zoom factor doesnt change
49364 l10n 680m95 0 unreadable character of uninstall dialog
49368 gsl 680m100 0 Gnome Integration - File Type Registration
49405 Installa 680m100 0 Installation of a new version of OOo
49423 Word pro 680m100 0 Defect formatting page in Word Processor
49440 Presenta 680m100 0 Slide sorter view corrupts on windows toolbar raise
49470 framewor 680m100 0 Filter Selection accepts OK with no filter specified
49498 Spreadsh 680m90 0 =info function to provide some environment information
49511 Word pro 680m100 0 Insert FontWork for menu
49529 Presenta 680m104 0 Custom trajectory
49531 framewor 680m104 0 Create a Firefox Plugin
49532 framewor 680m104 0 More option for "HTML Compatibility" option
49535 framewor 680m104 0 Equivalent of "Office side" in MS Office XP or 2003
49537 framewor 680m104 0 Suggest of enhancement of the help assistant
49568 Presenta 680m104 0 Black slide "Click to exit presentation"
49569 Drawing 680m104 0 Page preview
49571 Presenta 680m104 0 Save as an image
49637 framewor 680m104 0 OOo and XML Visio Document
49638 Drawing 680m104 0 Create a Wizard in draw
49645 framewor 680m104 2 Read/write to Windows shares: file does not exists
49651 framewor 680m104 0 Add option to disable "Automatic filename extension"
49654 framewor 680m104 0 Missing language information in exported pdf
49725 Presenta 680m104 0 Error message "File cannot be written" when saving document.
49765 Database 680m104 0 time out on LDAP queries
49785 ui 680m100 0 Adding Recent Documents to Toolbar does not work
49804 Formula 680m104 0 Imported MathType formulae elements not italicised as they s
49812 framewor 680m104 0 Icon size option is wrongly saved when set to "Automatic"
49828 Spreadsh 680m99 0 Unable to import text files into Calc
49830 Presenta 680m99 0 oo 1.9.104 Cannot copy formules from PPT presentation to OO
49865 framewor 680m104 0 Versions created in OO.o version 1 not saved
49898 Database 680m104 0 DB access to Outlook Express AddressBook, sort order problem
49972 l10n 680m100 0 it locale: wrong translation of "integer" to "integrale"
49974 Database 680m104 0 DB Access to Outlook Express AddressBook, NULL value handlin
49992 framewor 680m100 0 in Win98 SE program menues are garbled
50012 Presenta 680m104 0 Easy (PDF) export of a subset of slides (pages)
50013 Presenta 680m104 1 Named character styles should be also available in the Prese
50030 Drawing 680m104 0 Provide means for truly scaling an image (in particular, sca
50031 ui 680m103 0 left part of menubar becomes corrupted after window size cha
50049 Database 680m104 0 Database form won't recognize
50090 Word pro 680m104 0 Wordperfect import doesn't retain hidden format
50102 framewor 680m100 0 Basic : Private Sub not correctly handled
50108 Formula 680m104 0 Chosen font doesn't apply to Catalog symbols
50110 Formula 680m104 0 Long formula truncates after edit.
50126 Formula 680m104 0 Symbol import-export bug with MS MathType format
50130 Formula 680m104 0 csub, csup import-export bug with Microsoft MathType
50131 Formula 680m104 0 Alignment import-export bug with MathType (alignr, alignl, a
50162 framewor 680m104 0 soffice crash on startup - Xlib
50167 Word pro 680m104 0 Text pasted unformatted takes up stranges style
50206 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Scenarios are visible under the "sheet" tab of the navigator
50270 Word pro 680m104 0 "Number of words" (word count): fields not taken into accoun
50281 Word pro 680m104 0 Increasing paragraph below spacing leave dialog box glitch
50288 Word pro 680m104 0 Highlighting underline bug
50300 Word pro 680m104 0 Default bullet is "non-printing character"
50319 Word pro 680m104 0 Offer more structure options for "Text to Table" Conversion
50342 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Buttons lose anchoring with zoom in large spreadsheet
50388 Word pro 680m104 0 Insertion bar should be slanted for italic text
50393 Chart 680m104 0 Logarithmic scale enchancement
50396 Word pro 680m104 0 The printing page number differs from the true page number
50431 Word pro 680m100 0 pasting text changes spaces to hard spaces
50441 Formula 680m104 0 Formula font size should alwasy follow font size of the prev
50452 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Editing a cell temporarily clears the cell below.
50498 framewor 680m104 0 Cannot link image to URL - stupid temporary file created ins
50500 Spreadsh 680m104 0 WEEKDAY function (type 3) in Basic returns wrong value for m
50502 porting 680m107 0 Installation incorrectly changes owner, permissions on /, /A
50514 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Formatting Cells shortcut key
50516 framewor 680m100 0 Draw, Impress : UI doesn't find document macro to run
50518 api 680m104 0 "Extended Tips" should show "Tips".
50566 Word pro 680m104 0 Spelling mistake in Envelope Wizard
50574 Word pro 680m104 0 Tables do not respect wrapping round images
50600 document 680m91 0 GESTEP localize=false
50632 Word pro 680m104 0          Pasting styles with text into tables.
50655 Chart 680m104 0 Excel Combination Chart reset to columns onlly chart
50660 Database 680m104 0 Base - can't create relationships to compound/joint keys
50675 Installa 680m100 0 Setup doesn't start on W2003 Server (SP1+TS)
50681 Database 680m104 0 Address-Book Datasource Wizard must allow user to specify ad
50683 Word pro 680m104 0 WinWord master document not correctly imported
50691 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Usage of NETWORKDAYS in Basic
50698 Spreadsh 680m104 0 Height of vertical scroller isn't updated after paste
50723 Formula 680m104 1 MS Word 97 Eq fields not imported at all !
50731 Presenta 680m104 0 Some animations have black background when playing.
50735 Word pro 680m104 0 Writer crashes after saving hebrew document
50736 Database 680m109 0 TableDesign.FieldPropertys:Font Height to big: masks next li
50738 Database 680m109 0 TableDesign.FieldPropertys: 'Length' using different Integer
50755 framewor 680m109 0 Misguiding ERRmsg: DIR/x does not exist instead Permission d
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
47095 ui 680m91 0 cursor position tolerance for docking
47542 framewor 680m87 0 When saving a document first time, let OOo fill the archive
48777 framewor 680m100 0 OOo and start menu
49345 framewor 680m100 0 Integrate MS Office downloaded clipart in OOo gallery
50166 framewor 680m106 0 draw toolbar different in the suite elements
46283 framewor 680m89 2 Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
48169 gsl 680m95 0 wrong character spacing in Writer 1.9.95 in Greek
48337 l10n 680m95 0 File -> New -> XML Form Document :: Missing "XML" in other t
48442 Database 680m95 0 Error in auto generated column for primary key feature
48453 Database 680m95 0 The base wizard has confusing options, hard for users to und
50229 Word pro 680m104 0 Auto text Dialog does not have enough length for Japanese c
50503 porting 680m107 0 "file does not exist" when trying to open filename with non-
45479 ui 680m79 0 Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
45617 Database 680m84 0 Misleading title in form edit window
46554 Word pro 680m84 0 Printing pfm fonts to postscript file renders wrong font
46704 Chart 680m87 0 dynamic magnification of a chart
46855 framewor 680m87 0 When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
47740 Word pro 680m93 0 annoying toolbars behavior
47779 Word pro 680m93 0 Footnotes renumbered when printing selections
47900 Presenta 680m95 0 letter 'g' filled in flash export
48566 Word pro 680m95 0 add "TITLE" attribute to html link <a href>
50715 Word pro 680m106 0 MS Word import: "EDITTIME" should be imported as c.s.s.text.

$Id: 1.9.m109_snapshot.html,v 1.2 2006/07/05 11:09:46 st Exp $

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