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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

1.9 m104 Snapshot - ReleaseNotes

these notes contains changes between 680_m101 and  680_m104.
this release will install as 1.9.104.
Sources can be received from cvs by tag SRC680_m104.

Language packs for es, fr, it, sv, de, pt-BR, ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW are available on .

What's new ?

- if you miss some features in the list or the list is empty, it is possible that the feature-announcement is missing.
- or the issue wasn't added to a CWS, have a look at the issue in EIS.

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List of Feature/Enhancement Tasks

ID Comp Summary
21351 Formula Fixed fonts in the command window, width of the editing area

Integrated Child Workspaces

List of integrated child workspaces:
configure10 misc. config_office fixes m104
lo5 Migration enhacements and some 2.0 showstopper fixes m104
nativefixer7 Installation bug fixes m104
unxlngppc01 Linux/PowerPC fixes m104
dr39 Fix for #i46820# m104
tbe22 OO.o 2.0 bug fixes m104
cmcfixes7 minor build times aids for gcj and parallel building m104
dba20b Incompatible from comphelper m104
mathtype Fix for exporting Formulas to Word 97 (MathType 3.x) format. m104
impress55 Bug fixes for target 2.0
nativefixer8 Installation issues m104
perform04 Performance optimizations for startup m104
unxlngs02 linux sparc port m103
linuxppc02 misc linux PPC fixes m103
duplobj1 Fix for duplicate embedded objects problem. m103
impress54 Showstopper bug fixes m103
swqtrace01 "the show must go on"-fixes m103
swqbugfixes31 fix for issue i48419 m103
l10nfix Translation database sync only m103
impress53 Final bug fixes m103
b2dnorm Fix artifacts in Impress polygons m103
rvojta02 2.0 README file m103
vq15 Restore the ability to use prebuild mozab packages. m103
hc680stoppers2 Fix for i48785 m103
gnomevfsauth fix nasty gnome-vfs issue, without which gnome-vfs authentication can't work. m102
icuopt Optimize icu build under windows m102
ause027 several small build fixes m102
crashrep8 Fixes for crash reporting mechanism. Depends on integration of CWS hrobeta2 waiting for m100. m102
presfixes06 Hotfix CWS for SO8 m102
scimfix fix assertions occuring when using scim IM m102
sj18 Impress/Draw Fixes for OOo 2.0 m102
fwk13 Showstopper fixes. m102
jimmac03 adds / fixes some icons m102
mmeeks06 Fix to developer tool m102
mmeeks07 Trivial --disable-binfilter fix m102
tl11 Some late fixes for Math in SO 8. m101
cmcfixes4 fix for russian non-utf-8 locale
ause026 OOo intro/installer bitmap m101
fr8fix2 fixes for 8. m101
rt08 i46209: move moz/zipped/* into own, SO internal, module m101
thesau01 wrong "replace" suggestion in thesaurus m101
rvojta01 Mandrakelinux becomes Mandriva Linux now. 'Mandrake' word is prohibited from now by Mandrakesoft, SA.. m101
presfixes05 Hotfix CWS for OOo 2.0
getcwswithstate implementation of the perl side in for get_cws_with_state(mws, state)" query exposed to the SOAP API
pj27 Misc. fixes for m97, new languages, language relevant changes from my tree. m101
savewrap1 Saving procedure showstopper fix. m101

Fixed Issues

ID Comp Summary
48767 tools linkoo / symlink handling fix.
31175 tools wrong usage of gcc option under Linux
37172 tools CUSTOMMANIFESTFILE not safe against parallel jar file creati
48362 Spreadsh build time zip -u return 12 on rebuild when nothing to do.
48462 tools missing build dependency in soltools
48536 tools 'deliver -delete' with DELIVER_TO_ZIP=TRUE fails on mileston
19120 document Readme contains old email address for groupware
45300 document readme.txt needs correction
46008 document [Readme] $SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING is now _enabled_ by defaul
46800 gsl unable to specify load type ...
47163 gsl fpicker / filter change issue ...
47503 api css.text.TextGraphicObject documented, css.text.GraphicObjec
38842 Installa Installation wizard: provide pictures without Sun logos, ...
42293 porting icu: useless cat, unnecessary awk pattern
42799 porting Flush instruction cache in bridges/cpp_uno for linux sparc
43032 Installa Create or update final OOo 2.0 readme
43238 Presenta VCL canvas still slow on inferior hardware
43449 Formula In imported SO 6/7 documents, text in formulas becomes itali
43457 tools installation error with --disable-binfilter
44924 Word pro Formulas replaced by others when document re-opened
45279 ucb gnome-vfs 2.6+ authentication broken ...
46017 framewor [gnome filepicker] fails to open any files with Russian name
46098 Word pro RTF: export loses text following OLE object
46209 tools Remove moz/zipped/* from the source tarball
46223 Formula Change in Format will reset other formats
46488 l10n Patches and GSI file for Croatian language ui in OOo 2.0
46602 Presenta Effect split shows vertical line
46692 porting Add OOO_LANGPACK_DESC and OOO_LANGPACK_NAME for Hungarian an
46909 Word pro Office crashes using wizards (letter/fax)
47232 Word pro Outline numbering wrong when applying on existing text
47248 Word pro xform binding for a submission is deleted after reload the d
47261 porting Bad RPATH in libstlport
47344 Installa mandrakelinux renamed to the mandriva linux
47372 Word pro Numbering following a Heading paragraph started in wrong lev
47374 Word pro Crash during deletion of outlines
47637 l10n OOo 2.0 letterwizard patch to show up languages: cs, bg, da,
47765 Presenta Text animation by word or by letter doesn't work with group
47795 Presenta Outlined text is badly displayed in presentation mode
47821 Word pro Crash on saving truncates original file
47831 Word pro [RTF-Export] german special chars create corrupted chars on
47876 Presenta Showstopper:Bulleted text not visible with running effect
47891 framewor Multiple recursions in icu build for windows
47961 Presenta interactionen on master don't work
47970 Word pro Crash when using Undo drop-down just after undo becomes unav
48048 Word pro Numbering in 2nd level will be back 1st level after paragrap
48102 Presenta In slide show png and jpg are poor displayed, part 2
48202 Drawing digital signature vanish after loading a document when the d
48205 api implement the perl side for "get_cws_with_state(mws, state)"
48239 porting build flags for linux sparc
48283 gsl Console output while typing asian chars on SUSE93
48298 Presenta Certain font sizes cause outline mode to generate crap
48419 framewor Documents containing Charts get the modified flag set on loa
48426 Presenta Layouts list not updated correctly after switching the views
48457 Presenta Impress: Deleting inserted OLE shape results in GPF
48489 tools rebuild in cli_ure/source/native fails
48553 Word pro Writer preview of documents shows toolbars, crash possible
48622 Drawing Task Pane appears in Draw
48625 Database crash when finish the form wizard twice
48659 Presenta Graphics-Interaction-Calls : Uncontrolled execution of possi
48785 framewor Support link
48803 Presenta Impress crash when outline content introduced by 'paste'
48857 tools W32 build fails in connectivity
48942 Database MediaType has not the correct value for database
29325 tools INCPRE does not generate proper dependencies

Unconfirmed issues reported since OOo 2.0 Beta

Join the QA Project and help to confirm issues (see

ID Comp Vers Votes Summary
42639 Installa 680m78 0 Recycle Bin Icon in 'Program Maintenance' Dialog
42649 ui 680m78 0 Missing Other Common Sizes of Desktop Icons
42653 Installa 680m78 0 Language Pack Installer doesn't detects newer 1.9.x version
42930 ui 680m78 0 remove checkbox infront of menu icon and make the icon 'pres
43070 Word pro 680m78 0 digital signatures - broken display of locale specific chara
43119 Word pro 680m79 0 Enhance display of Breaks (Nonprinting Characters)
43155 Spreadsh 680m79 0 Filter addition
43202 Presenta 680m79 0 font type has been changed
43343 Presenta 680m79 0 "Master Mode" is very confusing, error-prone and not coheren
43356 Presenta 680m79 0 Stylist doesn't works on design-slide witout any associated
43362 Word pro 680m79 1 PDF Export options to reduce file size
43399 gsl 680m79 0 PDF page transtions: Follow document instead of always use i
43494 Presenta 680m79 2 hyperlinks should support word wrap
43495 gsl 680m80 0 Large font family installed using fontconfig confuses OOo
43510 ui 680m79 0 Input method bar ("[---]", etc.) should be moved or hideable
43559 Word pro 680m79 1 Load Styles... from Master Document
43620 ui 680m79 3 Too few space for German text in installation wizard
43648 Database 680m79 0 Creating Oracle 10g table gives "ORA-00906: missing left par
43674 Database 680m79 0 When large numbers of tables in an Oracle database, some tab
43710 framewor 680m79 0 floating dialogs are closed when clicking on a toolbar
43734 ui 680m79 0 PDF export dialog: inactive text edit field not greyed out
43781 framewor 680m79 0 button "up one level" does not work
43783 ui 680m79 0 Up One Level - dropdown button has contradictory visual lang
43790 Word pro 680m79 0 record case changes
44905 Word pro 680m84 0 exported PDF: form field has wrong font
44912 Word pro 680m85 0 Disabled controlls in UI
44918 Installa 680m85 2 Shortcut icons in Start menu, Quickstart and Programs
45123 ui 680m86 0 No filename in stand-in boxes
45221 Database 680m84 0 Can't print address on envelop using database
45479 ui 680m79 0 Inconsistent Drag and Drop between applications
45546 Word pro 680m84 1 Import Word document, bullet list font larger
45793 l10n 680m78 0 ptBr UI: translation of "Horizontal pitch" in Labels dialog
45800 Spreadsh 680m84 0 Changing print orientation doesn't work
45823 Database 680m89 0 Database Form Entry Issue
45890 Word pro 680m87 0 problem deleting parts of a web page
45935 framewor 680m87 0 Highlight top menu items for better accessibility
45984 Word pro 680m87 0 Find and Replace problem with PgUP and PgDn Arrows.
46097 framewor 680m87 0 Saving Corrupts file when disk not available.
46159 Database 680m87 2 Reports from a native query.
46318 Word pro 680m79 0 Add more languages for spellcheck in distribution
46342 Word pro 680m87 0 spellcheck inserts replacement multiple times
46432 ui 680m84 1 Wrong/missing Italian translations in Writer
46514 Database 680m87 0 Shift+space erroneously mapped
46674 framewor 680m87 0 Appending Basic library destroys its event handlers
46725 Word pro 680m79 0 Modified styles of saved doc differs in virgin installation
46729 Word pro 680m79 0 easy access to showing/hiding text sections
46750 ui 680m79 0 View on document is reset after previewing page
46759 Presenta 680m90 0 Cut-and-Paste CJK characters always cause Impress Crash
46777 Word pro 680m87 0 msw import problem : incorrect changes information
46795 Word pro 680m91 0 Format Paintbrush does not work
46810 framewor 680m87 0 Location of pasted graphic
46827 Word pro 680m87 0 Form Controls Toolbar appears during bullet/number context
47028 ui 680m91 0 Impossible to rename Toolbar button hint
47037 Drawing 680m87 0 Changeable accurance of freedom curve
47050 Installa 680m91 0 Install appears to hang--but doesn't--during lengthy process
47074 ui 680m91 0 Configuration cannot be saved to a file
47075 framewor 680m91 0 crash restore with problems
47079 Word pro 680m87 0 copying autotext from one group to another looses textables
47103 framewor 680m91 0 wizards and standard templates
47187 Word pro 680m91 0 OpenOffice crashes during importing of fonts from the WEB
47214 framewor 680m91 1 Len function deficiency
47215 framewor 680m91 1 WITH statement does not work correctly
47216 framewor 680m91 1 Length specification on declaration of String variables
47294 Presenta 680m91 0 OLE objects disappear in Impress
47391 Installa 680m93 0 Translation for install screens
47403 Word pro 680m91 0 cross reference at the beginning of a sentence will trigger
47473 Word pro 680m91 0 Writer Hangs when Autosaving.
47478 Word pro 680m79 0 PDFs can not be combined cause of subsetted fonts
47528 ui 680m93 0 "Enable JRE"-dialog opens several times in "Customize"-dialo
47545 Word pro 680m93 0 Xforms: Crash when adding instance from file
47564 Presenta 680m93 0 impress not registered to handle application/
47589 Word pro 680m91 0 Format of HTML table borders looks different
47593 Presenta 680m93 0 Add a DOM-tree view
47621 Word pro 680m93 0 Writer - closing quotation mark is not shown. And the open q
47762 Database 680m93 0 Problems with decimals when attaching data to my data source
47764 Word pro 680m94 0 Info fields are not exported correctly when saving to SO6/7
47779 Word pro 680m93 0 Footnotes renumbered when printing selections
47782 Spreadsh 680m91 0 text import csv does not show preview
47786 Word pro 680m93 0 Doing mail merge with hidden paragraphs (lines) despite bugs
47830 Database 680m93 2 Static report data doesn't stick to proper columns
47833 Word pro 680m79 2 assignment of macros to keystrokes is recorded (displayed wh
47894 ui 680m94 0 Ugly Icons in Wmaker
47898 Word pro 680m93 0 Load styles in Navigator does not work for StarOffice 5 temp
47907 Word pro 680m95 1 Web wizard is killing OOo if you hold down up or down key at
47908 Word pro 680m93 0 serial letter object error
47912 Word pro 680m95 0 Gentoo: OOo crashes on import of DOC file
47924 framewor 680m95 0 Export dialog checkbox options in wrong language
47927 framewor 680m95 0 soffice.exe no longer opens empty
47950 Spreadsh 680m94 0 Problem while auto-filling growth series with increment less
47967 Spreadsh 680m95 0 Horizontal split bar to split on one column at <=75% zoom re
47975 Database 680m95 0 HSQLDB "identity" type not in list of column types
47980 Spreadsh 680m93 0 MS Excel file import ignores "Allow User to Edit Ranges"
47986 Word pro 680m93 0 Word processor quits OOo when opening files
47999 Word pro 680m95 0 Header losses lines sometimes
48008 Presenta 680m95 0 Error saving presentation with formula object
48071 gsl 680m95 0 Printing to Xerox Phaser 860 changes document
48083 Presenta 680m95 0 Custom Animation panel freezes
48085 Presenta 680m95 0 Powerpoint file has missing animations when played as slide
48099 l10n 680m95 0 problem about chinese characters Autocorrect
48105 l10n 680m95 0 StarSuite Impress crashed when insert a spreadsheet
48124 ui 680m91 0 "custom colors" list should use... chosen colours (colors) !
48130 framewor 680m95 0 OOo seems to hang on saving, useless progress bar
48154 framewor 680m96 0 Open/Save Dialog wild characters in "File Type" drop list
48158 l10n 680m95 0 Format of StarSuite Impress
48180 Drawing 680m95 0 Saving files sometimes not possible
48194 ui 680m95 2 Toolbars disappear
48206 Spreadsh 680m91 2 Pasted styled text copied from text document incorrectly for
48251 Word pro 680m95 0 misaligned field shading
48255 l10n 680m95 1 [IT] not/bad translation "Apri" window
48258 framewor 680m95 0 error connecting to OOo socket without gnome
48260 l10n 680m95 0 can't get the right column name that i entered
48264 l10n 680m95 0 the lable is wrong, should be "view name"
48286 Word pro 680m95 0 Automatic Bookmark title from selection
48302 Presenta 680m95 0 Printing Handouts of Presentations is not Consistent with He
48315 Word pro 680m95 0 Japanese Katagana advance width not correct
48343 ui 680m95 0 [zh-CN] File -> New -> XML Form Document :: Wrong Translatio
48347 Presenta 680m95 0 OO 1.9.95 shows basic shapes Square and Rectangles as quarte
48363 Presenta 680m93 0 Impress : text effects not saved in conversion to odp
48378 Presenta 680m95 0 undo of paste does not reset to previous style
48398 Word pro 680m95 1 Headers and footers in page styles corrupt
48422 l10n 680m95 0 StarSuite Writer: ctrl+down/up can not move per word
48439 framewor 680m95 0 Openoffice fails on file without surname.
48444 Database 680m95 0 Queries and tables are both listed as table (ODBC/MDB)
48446 Database 680m95 0 Table Design/Field properties GUI messed up.
48449 Database 680m95 0 New db wizard not remember register option previously select
48450 Database 680m95 0 Unneccessary options, too many steps to create new database
48452 Database 680m95 0 New Database not remember the last file opened
48455 Word pro 680m95 0 versions comparison
48472 Word pro 680m95 0 spell check often doesn't work
48482 Spreadsh 680m95 0 Preview and Printout have incorrect border thickness
48485 Word pro 680m95 0 spell checker behaves strangely when reaching end of documen
48516 Database 680m95 0 Field names of database no ound when using Forms wizard or D
48525 framewor 680m95 0 OOo window maximized in 2nd screen has right-justified menus
48529 Database 680m95 0 Ability to create a full-function DB from a spreadsheet/work
48534 Word pro 680m95 0 bullet is taken when paragraph will be copied in
48537 Presenta 680m95 0 Text alignment doesn't work
48546 Word pro 680m95 0 incorrect previous/next icons in navigator
48548 Word pro 680m95 0 double toolbar : navigation
48551 framewor 680m95 0 incorrect restoration after exiting fullscreen mode
48565 Installa 680m95 0 language pack installer is not localized
48575 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Some strings don't fit
48577 l10n 680m95 0 .odt looks different between DE and US UI
48579 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Grammatically incorrect translation of "...wizard" in
48581 l10n 680m95 0 UI: Toolbar "Presentation": Change tooltip to "Insert Slide"
48584 l10n 680m95 0 de UI: Typo in Crash Recovery / Dokumentenwiederherstellung
48594 Database 680m98 0 Tablewizard: ShortName longer than 10 chars
48628 Database 680m95 0 Automatische Dateinameserweiterung ?
48653 Word pro 680m98 0 Table: Alignment of formula cell not saved
48655 Presenta 680m95 0 Unable to midify presentatio
48665 Database 680m95 0 can not change fields name in table wizard ....
48680 Word pro 680m95 1 Arabic short vowel marks disappear with word wrapping
48697 Presenta 680m95 0 Crash when I show a presentation OOo Impress
48699 Drawing 680m95 0 Support LaTeX file format
48700 Drawing 680m95 0 Support MS Publisher file format
48704 Presenta 680m95 0 Page side and Tasks side
48717 Spreadsh 680m95 0 XLS file is all gray in 1.9.95--ok in older versions
48725 framewor 680m95 0 OOo with Mozilla Thunderbird
48728 Spreadsh 680m95 0 Web request
48729 ui 680m100 0 Menu display issue with Qt Keramik style
48730 Word pro 680m95 0 Help assistant
48742 ui 680m95 0 Grammar error in the Document Converter Wizard
48753 tools 680m95 0 rscpp is built with ST option but uses MT libs
48755 tools 680m95 0 default configure can't correctly check for xinerama on free
48756 tools 680m95 0 ldap libs aren't linked in properly on freebsd-4
48757 tools 680m95 0 libjpeg isn't located in /usr/lib on freebsd-4
48758 tools 680m95 0 building with external expat on freebsd-4 does not find libs
48759 Spreadsh 680m93 0 Wrong visualization when pressing CTRL-ENTER in a wrap-enabl
48771 Presenta 680m100 0 Master pages
48775 framewor 680m100 0 Language setting
48776 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Dynamic cross table
48788 Installa 680m100 0 Base component
48802 ui 680m95 0 parametered hyperlink URL truncated
48818 Spreadsh 680m91 0 Prints content one column to right
48824 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Backspace delete contents no longer deletes multiple cell co
48838 Database 680m100 0 Unable to create database
48855 Word pro 680m93 0 Math objects are shown empty
48872 Presenta 680m99 0 Handout: Header and Feat error
48876 Spreadsh 680m95 0 "date with time" conversion
48879 l10n 680m95 0 Drag&Drop hyperlink from Calc to Writer, the linkage is lost
48880 l10n 680m95 0 Can not Drag & Drop Objects throughout the ap
48881 l10n 680m95 0 The message box of Expand slide is not displayed
48883 l10n 680m95 0 Under version zh-CN language, choose "new" in Toolbar, two
48905 Word pro 680m95 0 Cannot Spell Check (its integrated into the formatting)
48908 l10n 680m95 0 Typical data 15x10, 25x20 setting can not be effected
48909 l10n 680m95 0 Can't select a word by double clicking normally in grid la
48917 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Macro recorder does not format columns completely
48919 ui 680m100 2 [Java framework] Error in function findPlugin (fwkutil.cxx).
48959 framewor 680m99 0 docking windows like stylist or navigator depends on WinXP s
48960 Database 680m90 0 Printing function in Base
48968 Spreadsh 680m95 0 Cannot copy sheet from read-only document with menus
48977 framewor 680m99 0 Options do not show options
48990 Spreadsh 680m100 1 default encoding for DBF and other file
49073 Word pro 680m99 0 Font rendering problem during print
49089 Presenta 680m100 0 Background graphics disappear in display sometimes
49107 api 680m95 0 Error saving Powerpoint presentations with embedded Word Doc
49112 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Pageview distorted by erroneous long formula wrapping
49122 Drawing 680m100 0 support for JPEG 2000 images
49132 Database 680m100 0 m100 wont open database sources created in v1.9.95
49137 Word pro 680m100 1 sxw open inconsistency between 1.0.3 and 2 beta
49138 Spreadsh 680m82 0 Function wizard - function description not updated
49158 Word pro 680m99 0 table cell select / text select like MS Word 97+
49171 framewor 680m100 0 Unable to save to webdav folders
49172 Chart 680m100 0 Ctrl+Z doesn't invoke Undo in some circumstances
49197 Presenta 680m95 0 Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
49200 Presenta 680m95 0 Decimal tab does not work with integers (implied decimal)
49205 Word pro 680m95 0 Mail Merge Wizard create empty pages
49222 Word pro 680m100 0 Mailmerge performance decrease
49231 Word pro 680m99 0 Rotated Japanese Letter in imported 'Microsoft Graph Object'
49235 ui 680m100 0 user interface unreadable using system font for UI
49266 Word pro 680m102 0 copying from calc spreadsheet into writer's table incorrectl
49287 Spreadsh 680m99 0 Copy sheet and undo make freeze jump sheets
49297 framewor 680m102 0 Selecting Paths causes crash
49299 Word pro 680m95 0 Autotext dialog does not have area which display ShortCutKey
49308 Installa 680m103 0 old macro path not removed when importing 1.1.4 profile
49312 api 680m100 1 Intermittent document save problem
49321 Database 680m100 0 Report snapshots have several problems
49326 framewor 680m95 0 autorecovery is not functioning
49337 Word pro 680m100 0 OLE Object won't be displayed after safe
49347 Spreadsh 680m99 0 Autofilter gives wrong results
49356 framewor 680m99 0 zoom factor doesnt change
49364 l10n 680m95 0 unreadable character of uninstall dialog
49368 framewor 680m100 0 Gnome Integration - File Type Registration
49397 Installa 680m100 0 Popup hints on a .msi file in the language packs appears as
49405 Installa 680m100 0 Installation of a new version of OOo
49423 Word pro 680m100 0 Defect formatting page in Word Processor
49440 Presenta 680m100 0 Slide sorter view corrupts on windows toolbar raise
49468 Spreadsh 680m99 0 delete contents listed twice in "customize keyboard" dialog
49470 framewor 680m100 0 Filter Selection accepts OK with no filter specified
49479 Spreadsh 680m100 0 Styles and formatting deletion does not work.
49482 l10n 680m95 0 Fix encoding for Vietnamese in msiencodinglist.txt
49491 Spreadsh 680m103 0 Double click on Calc statusbar does not show Navigator
43428 ui 680m79 0 Add numbers to list of availbel windows in "Window" menu
44239 framewor 680m79 0 Splash screen takes over desktop
47095 ui 680m91 0 cursor position tolerance for docking
47542 framewor 680m87 0 When saving a document first time, let OOo fill the archive
48777 framewor 680m100 0 OOo and start menu
49345 framewor 680m100 0 Integrate MS Office downloaded clipart in OOo gallery
46283 framewor 680m89 2 Access to PKCS #11 module breaks Mozilla profile detection
46880 Installa 680m91 0 SO installer fails to fire appropriate events - GOK UI grab
46881 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus doesn't announce anything useful when going thro
46882 Installa 680m91 0 Installer progress dialog not keynav-able
46883 Installa 680m91 0 "Installing..." dialog progress indicator container doesn't
46884 Installa 680m91 0 Gnopernicus flat review of "Installing..." dialog halts the
47510 Word pro 680m91 0 [regr] print incorrect - overlapping characters
48169 gsl 680m95 0 wrong character spacing in Writer 1.9.95 in Greek
48337 l10n 680m95 0 File -> New -> XML Form Document :: Missing "XML" in other t
48345 l10n 680m95 0 Two shortcuts using the same key!
49025 Presenta 680m90 0 affine texture transform in misleading coordinate domain
48442 Database 680m95 0 Error in auto generated column for primary key feature
48453 Database 680m95 0 The base wizard has confusing options, hard for users to und
49311 gsl 680m99 0 fix preedit handing with some gtk immodules
45617 Database 680m84 0 Misleading title in form edit window
46554 Word pro 680m84 0 Printing pfm fonts to postscript file renders wrong font
46704 Chart 680m87 0 dynamic magnification of a chart
46855 framewor 680m87 0 When opening document, window shows briefly in wrong locatio
47740 Word pro 680m93 0 annoying toolbars behavior
47900 Presenta 680m95 0 letter 'g' filled in flash export
48566 Word pro 680m95 0 add "TITLE" attribute to html link <a href>
48995 Presenta 680m90 0 Improves scrolling behaviour among slides when zoom is large
49210 Drawing 680m100 0 resolution (ppp) when exporting to wmf

$Id: 1.9.m104_snapshot.html,v 1.3 2006/07/05 11:09:46 st Exp $

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