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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

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What is

For users, is the world's leading open-source office productivity suite. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times to date and reaches a broad audience across fields of applications, languages, and cultures.

For developers, is much more than that. provides a complete, open and free development platform that provides cross-platform compatibility and great extensibility.

With more than 7 million lines of code, 28 single projects, 100 localized languages, and around 1,000 contributors, is one of the world's leading open source community in terms of size, vibrancy, and vitality.

The Philosophy

We design and create, as a community, an easy to use and feature rich office suite running on all major platforms based on open standards like OpenDocument and XML.

UNO, you know!

At the core of is the OOo API, commonly referenced as UNO - Universal Network Objects. The UNO API is designed to bind to several languages including Java, Python, C++, and Javascript allowing developers to interact with and extend the use of the office suite.

Use web services to connect to the internet, use COM and OLE to connect to other applications on the system, or access system resources directly through CLI.

Share your Code

Share your code to the world with the OO-Snippets-Project – a code repository for developers on different components and different languages.

Whatever it is, C++, Java, Basic, or Python: you will be able to see how developers contribute day in and day out with different snippets of reusable code.

Extend, Expand and Customize

With the Extensions feature, you don't need a high level of understanding of the UNO API to start extending OOo into places you didn't think possible.

Use your own tools to expand functionality and even better, easily integrate with other applications you develop by using common standard protocols.The Extensions capability is so powerful that you can already find a growing body of commercial and free extensions in the Extension Repository.

ODF — Open Standard

Users create millions of documents using office software every day. Safeguard the future of these documents by using the power, flexibility and openness of Open Document Format (ODF). ODF was the first open and ISO standardized office document format. Use ODF and guarantee
compatibility of your company's knowledge with future waves of technology.

Powerful Scripting comes with Basic, an object oriented language with which you can access components deep within the UNO API in the form of services.

The ease of use of Basic, combined with the power of the UNO API, creates an environment for both rapid and powerful development and integration.

Not a Basic fan? What about the popularity of Javascript or the elegance of Python? The scripting framework gives you flexibility to choose your development language, while giving you complete access to native libraries in different languages.

Read the Fine Manual

Comprehensive documentation is available in the Developers' Guide explaining the internals of and hidden secrets of the powerful API. You are always welcome to the IRC development channel for 24x7 support, where experienced developers mentor newcomers.

The website also holds a complete list of support mailing lists for developers, on all components and all technologies. Join and participate in specialized technical conversations with experienced developers.



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