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342 commits by 18 developers resulted in 6353 lines added, and 6338 lines removed.

Branches with changes this week

( from 01:54 Monday December 22 2003 UTC (week 51)
to 17:57 Sunday December 28 2003 UTC (week 51) )

cws_fix645 ooo111fix2
cws_src680 cfg04 interop12 ivo04 jl3 ooo20031216 os26 qadev15 qwizards1
cws_srx645 draw23 nativewidget1
merged branches  none
misc  HEAD and other branches

Projects which were changed

(excluding integration and resyncing)
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Branch GroupBranch
(linked to the branch changes below)
API (aka api) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 jl3
Database Access (aka dba) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
misc HEAD
External (aka external) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
Application Framework (aka framework) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
Graphic Applications (aka graphics) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
Graphic System Layer (aka gsl) fix645 ooo111fix2
srx645 draw23 nativewidget1
src680 ooo20031216
Installation (aka installation) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 jl3 ooo20031216 qwizards1
Localization (aka l10n) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ivo04 ooo20031216
misc HEAD
Lingucomponent (aka lingucomponent) misc HEAD
Porting (aka porting) src680 ooo20031216 qadev15
misc HEAD
Spreadsheet (aka sc) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
Word Processing (aka sw) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 os26
Build Tools and Environment (aka tools) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216
Universal Content Broker (aka ucb) fix645 ooo111fix2
UNO Development Kit / Component Technology (aka udk) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 jl3 ooo20031216
Utilities (aka util) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 cfg04 ooo20031216
XML File Formats (aka xml) fix645 ooo111fix2
src680 ooo20031216

Detailed changes on each branch

cws_src680_ivo04 was changed by Ivo Hinkelmann(ihi)
modified : #110250# #i15636# #110908# Write Unix lineends && additional \n removed

cws_src680_ooo20031216 was changed by Ken Foskey(waratah)
modified : #i1858# unitialised variable: removed erroneous int keyword
modified : #i1858# remove duplicate driend definition in class
tools/autodoc/source/parser_i/inc/s2_luidl/ : pe_excp.hxx, pe_struc.hxx ;
modified : #i1858# correct potential unitialised values
util/sot/source/sdstor/ : stgavl.cxx, stgstrms.cxx ; util/unotools/source/ucbhelper/ucblockbytes.cxx
modified : #i23913# remove TRY CATCH macros
util/extensions/test/sax/ : testsax.cxx, testwriter.cxx ; util/extensions/workben/ : pythonautotest.cxx, pythontest.cxx, testcomponent.cxx, testframecontrol.cxx ; util/extensions/test/stm/ : datatest.cxx, marktest.cxx, pipetest.cxx ;
modified : #i1858# correct for some uninitialised variables
xml/package/source/zippackage/ZipPackage.cxx gsl/psprint/source/fontmanager/fontmanager.cxx l10n/transex3/source/ : export.cxx, merge.cxx ; gsl/psprint/source/printer/printerinfomanager.cxx gsl/psprint/source/fontsubset/ : sft.c, ttcr.c ; udk/jurt/source/pipe/com_sun_star_lib_connections_pipe_PipeConnection.c
modified : #i1858# initialise an unitialised variable
udk/registry/source/reflread.cxx porting/sal/rtl/source/math.cxx udk/cppu/source/uno/prim.hxx
modified : #i1858# initialise some variables that may be unitialised when used
util/tools/bootstrp/prj.cxx util/tools/source/ref/pstm.cxx util/tools/source/intntl/intnlang.cxx
modified : TRY: Remove TRY CATCH macros out of commented out code
modified : #i1858# unitialised variable: remove gcc warning only
l10n/i18nutil/source/utility/widthfolding.cxx util/configmgr/source/xml/valueconverter.cxx
modified : Remove duplicate Dear User from readme text file
modified : #i23913# replace old TRY catch macros with simple C++ code
modified : #i1858# work around for an unitialised warning in gcc
modified : #i1858# remove trailing text after #else
modified : #i23913# remove unneeded header used for old TRY CATCH macros
util/svtools/source/twain/twain.cxx graphics/svx/source/msfilter/eschesdo.cxx
modified : #i23913# remove TRY CATCH macros and unneeded header used
graphics/sd/source/core/drawdoc.cxx sc/sc/source/filter/excel/ : XclExpCharts.cxx, XclImpChartsApi.cxx ;
modified : #i1858# add default to initialise a potentially unitialised variable
udk/cppuhelper/source/unourl.cxx udk/idlc/source/astoperation.cxx
modified : #i23772# improve the pam security header test for linux
tools/config_office/ :, configure ;
modified : Include required $ escapes on directory separators
modified : #i1858# correct for some unitialised variables
modified : #i1858# initialise an unitialised variable, add U after unsigned constant
modified : #i1858# correct a potentially uninitialised value
dba/dbaccess/source/ui/querydesign/QueryDesignView.cxx dba/dbaccess/source/core/api/StaticSet.cxx dba/dbaccess/source/ui/control/RelationControl.cxx dba/dbaccess/source/ui/misc/WColumnSelect.cxx
modified : #i1858# correct uninitialised variable
modified : #i1858# overcome unitialised warning from gcc (not real problem)
modified : #i23885# correct for permissive, needs override of volatile
modified : #i1858# work around a warning issued by gcc
modified : #i1858# quiet an uninitialised variable warning in gcc
gsl/rsc/source/rscpp/ : cpp6.c, cpp5.c, cpp4.c ; gsl/rsc/source/rsc/rscinst.cxx gsl/psprint/source/printergfx/printerjob.cxx
modified : #i1858# initialise some variables that may be unitialised when used Reset the pTargetBuffer pointer to NULL when it is deleted, forcing deleted pointer error if one exists
modified : #i1858# remove test of unsigned less than 0, always false

cws_src680_ooo20031216 was changed by Pavel Janík(pjanik)
modified : #i8594#: Add makefiles for x86_64.
tools/solenv/inc/ :, ;
modified : #i8593#: Do not include sigcontext.h on x86_64.
modified : #i8604#: Let nas build on x86_64.
modified : #i8585#: Configure updates for x86_64.
modified : #i22408#: Use -fPIC for python libraries on x86_64. This is manual merge from cws_fix645_ooo111fix2.

cws_src680_qadev15 was changed by Mindy Liu(mindyliu)
modified : #114401# some small errors modified
porting/sal/qa/osl/socket/ : osl_SocketAddr.cxx, sockethelper.cxx ;
modified : #114401# remove osl_Socket_Const.h
modified : #114401# some little modify
porting/sal/qa/osl/socket/ : sockethelper.hxx, sockethelper.cxx ;

cws_src680_qadev15 was changed by Lars Langhans(lla)
modified : #114401# replace IP_PORT_XXX, services, protocols, cleanups
modified : #114401# make old Socket resitent to new changes.

cws_srx645_draw23 was changed by Stephan Schaefer(ssa)
modified : #110720# merge back to 7PP2

cws_src680_os26 was changed by Oliver Specht(os)
modified : #114571#
modified : #114571# SwTxtFld::Expand() is const, now
modified : #114571# aExpand is mutable and Expand() is const, now
modified : #114571# force layout creation in ::execute()

cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 was changed by Dan Williams(fa)
modified : st_mem (svtools/source/memtools) needs to be built before svtools/util, dep was missing.

cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 was changed by Kevin B. Hendricks(khendricks)
modified : properly delivering .dylibs from testtools
modified : lockf does not exist under MacOSX 10.2.X Replacing with flock under those conditions
modified : update dictionary
modified : fixes to allow pyuno test dmake runtest to pass on MacOSX fixes hardcoded assumptions about .so versus .dylib Please make sure my Python looks okay since I do not write python
udk/pyuno/source/module/ : pyuno_dlopenwrapper.c, ;
modified : old macosx cleanups
framework/sfx2/source/control/unoctitm.cxx framework/framework/test/threadtest/ udk/ridljar/prj/d.lst udk/codemaker/prj/d.lst util/fileaccess/prj/d.lst gsl/dtrans/prj/d.lst xml/package/inc/ZipPackageFolder.hxx tools/solenv/inc/ :,,, ; api/odk/prj/d.lst util/io/source/TextInputStream/TextInputStream.cxx xml/xmloff/prj/d.lst udk/registry/source/registry.cxx udk/bridges/source/remote/iiop/ api/offapi/prj/d.lst util/tools/bootstrp/ udk/cpputools/prj/d.lst util/io/source/acceptor/ : acceptor.cxx, ; graphics/sch/prj/d.lst udk/rdbmaker/prj/d.lst installation/extras/prj/d.lst sw/sw/source/ui/uno/unotxdoc.cxx util/io/prj/d.lst l10n/i18npool/source/transliteration/ framework/idl/prj/d.lst tools/xml2cmp/prj/d.lst installation/instsetoo/prj/d.lst ucb/chaos/prj/d.lst util/unzip/prj/d.lst gsl/UnoControls/source/base/registercontrols.cxx udk/bridges/source/remote/urp/ ucb/uui/prj/d.lst sw/sw/source/core/doc/ : gcc_outl.cxx, ; installation/scp/prj/d.lst udk/jurt/prj/d.lst ucb/ucb/prj/d.lst util/automation/prj/d.lst graphics/svx/source/fmcomp/fmgridif.cxx sc/sc/prj/d.lst framework/desktop/prj/d.lst graphics/svx/inc/xoutx.hxx gsl/rsc/prj/d.lst framework/framework/source/classes/ : imagewrapper.cxx, rootactiontriggercontainer.cxx ; sw/sw/source/filter/xml/swxml.cxx sw/sw/prj/d.lst util/io/source/TextOutputStream/TextOutputStream.cxx l10n/transex3/prj/d.lst util/jut/prj/d.lst udk/cppuhelper/inc/cppuhelper/ : compbase.hxx, compbase1.hxx, compbase10.hxx, compbase11.hxx, compbase12.hxx, compbase2.hxx, compbase3.hxx, compbase4.hxx, compbase5.hxx, compbase6.hxx, compbase7.hxx, compbase8.hxx, compbase9.hxx, implbase.hxx, implbase1.hxx, implbase10.hxx, implbase11.hxx, implbase12.hxx, implbase2.hxx, implbase3.hxx, implbase4.hxx, implbase5.hxx, implbase6.hxx, implbase7.hxx, implbase8.hxx, implbase9.hxx ; framework/sfx2/prj/d.lst xml/xmloff/inc/txtimp.hxx framework/framework/prj/d.lst udk/cppuhelper/source/ : component_context.cxx, factory.cxx, implbase.cxx, macro_expander.cxx, propshlp.cxx ; l10n/i18npool/prj/d.lst graphics/svx/source/editeng/ : editundo.hxx, impedit2.cxx ; udk/cppuhelper/prj/d.lst udk/salhelper/source/ xml/package/source/zippackage/ : ZipPackageEntry.hxx, ZipPackageFolder.cxx, ZipPackageStream.cxx, ZipPackageStream.hxx ; l10n/i18npool/source/localedata/ sw/lingu/prj/d.lst dba/connectivity/prj/d.lst udk/unoil/prj/d.lst l10n/i18nutil/prj/d.lst gsl/toolkit/prj/d.lst sw/linguistic/prj/d.lst util/comphelper/prj/d.lst tools/soltools/mkdepend/ util/configmgr/prj/d.lst util/external/prj/d.lst xml/sax/prj/d.lst udk/bridges/inc/bridges/cpp_uno/bridge.hxx gsl/UnoControls/prj/d.lst framework/framework/source/threadhelp/transactionmanager.cxx sw/starmath/prj/d.lst util/unotools/prj/d.lst udk/codemaker/source/cunomaker/cunotype.cxx sw/sw/inc/ : cellatr.hxx, charatr.hxx, fmtanchr.hxx, fmtclbl.hxx, fmtclds.hxx, fmtcnct.hxx, fmtcntnt.hxx, fmteiro.hxx, fmtfordr.hxx, fmtfsize.hxx, fmtftntx.hxx, fmthdft.hxx, fmtline.hxx, fmtlsplt.hxx, fmtornt.hxx, fmtpdsc.hxx, fmtsrnd.hxx, fmturl.hxx, format.hxx, frmatr.hxx, grfatr.hxx, ndgrf.hxx, ndnotxt.hxx, ndole.hxx, ndtxt.hxx, node.hxx, swatrset.hxx, unotxdoc.hxx ; udk/codemaker/source/cppumaker/cpputype.cxx util/svtools/prj/d.lst udk/cppu/prj/d.lst udk/vos/prj/d.lst graphics/sch/source/ui/unoidl/ChXDiagram.cxx framework/framework/test/typecfg/ graphics/sch/source/ui/inc/ChXDiagram.hxx util/XmlSearch/prj/d.lst graphics/svx/prj/d.lst external/regexp/prj/d.lst installation/scptools/prj/d.lst udk/stoc/prj/d.lst installation/setup2/prj/d.lst udk/cppu/inc/com/sun/star/uno/Sequence.hxx util/io/source/connector/connector.cxx api/udkapi/prj/d.lst ucb/ucbhelper/prj/d.lst installation/wizards/prj/d.lst util/extensions/prj/d.lst gsl/vcl/prj/d.lst graphics/sd/prj/d.lst udk/remotebridges/prj/d.lst util/tools/prj/d.lst util/comphelper/inc/comphelper/ : IdPropArrayHelper.hxx, proparrhlp_impl.hxx ; api/offuh/prj/d.lst util/sandbox/prj/d.lst dba/dbaccess/prj/d.lst
modified : Issue number: 23892 Fix for the multiple spellchecker entries This fix is also needed in cws_src680_ooo20031216 Kevin
modified : fixing makefile so that bridgetest knows about MACOSX .dylib endings and not just .so for unix. This builds the components necessary for the pyuno test routines
modified : removing include of wchar.h on MacOSX since it is not needed and breaks MacOSX 10.2. I do not think wchar.h is needed by ANY platform since I see no wide char functions being used anyplace in the code (nor should they be since wchar is not supported on many platforms, that is why we have sal, isn't it?)

cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 was changed by Joerg Budischewski(jbu)
modified : #i23546# fixes a problem in the uno component module administration, which leads to zombie modules under certain circumstances. Does not fix the complete issue.
modified : hardcoded .so + .dylib replaced with SAL_DLLEXTENSION

cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 was changed by Pavel Janík(pjanik)
added : #i19298#: Add Dutch extras.
installation/extras/source/migration/lang/dutch/MailConvert.sdw installation/extras/source/templates/presnt/lang/dutch/ : prs-novelty.sti, prs-strategy.sti ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/letter/lang/dutch/ : wizbrf1.stw, wizbrf2.stw, wizbrf3.stw ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/web/lang/dutch/ : cnt-album.stw, cnt-bilingual.stw, cnt-chapters.stw, cnt-empty.stw, cnt-fixonecol.stw, cnt-fixtwocol.stw, cnt-formcontact.stw, cnt-formcustomer.stw, cnt-formfix.stw, cnt-formvar.stw, cnt-list.stw, cnt-onepic.stw, cnt-standard.stw, cnt-twotitles.stw, stl-banana.stw, stl-blkjeans.stw, stl-blue.stw, stl-blueblock.stw, stl-bluejeans.stw, stl-fieryred.stw, stl-hightech.stw, stl-mint.stw, stl-music.stw, stl-nostalg.stw, stl-orange.stw, stl-petrol.stw, stl-seventies.stw, stl-standard.stw, stl-strwbryice.stw, stl-sun.stw, stl-tracks.stw, stl-turquoise.stw, stl-wetblue.stw ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/desktop/lang/dutch/ : html.stw, idxexample.sxw, url_transfer.htm ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/agenda/lang/dutch/ : wizagn1.stw, wizagn2.stw, wizagn3.stw ; installation/extras/source/autotext/lang/dutch/ : acor1043.dat, crdbus50.bau, crdbus54.bau, mytexts.bau, standard.bau, template.bau ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/styles/lang/dutch/ :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ; installation/extras/source/palettes/lang/dutch/ : arcer.soh, einden.soe, klassiek.sog, modieus.sog, palet.soc, stijlen.sod ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/report/lang/dutch/ : cnt-01.stw, cnt-011.stw, cnt-012.stw, cnt-02.stw, cnt-021.stw, cnt-022.stw, cnt-03.stw, cnt-031.stw, cnt-032.stw, cnt-04.stw, cnt-041.stw, cnt-042.stw, cnt-05.stw, cnt-051.stw, cnt-052.stw, cnt-06.stw, cnt-061.stw, cnt-062.stw, cnt-default.stw, stl-01.stw, stl-02.stw, stl-03.stw, stl-04.stw, stl-05.stw, stl-06.stw, stl-07.stw, stl-08.stw, stl-09.stw, stl-10.stw, stl-default.stw ; installation/extras/source/wordbook/lang/dutch/soffice.dic installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/memo/lang/dutch/ : wizmem1.stw, wizmem2.stw, wizmem3.stw ; installation/extras/source/templates/layout/lang/dutch/ : lyt-cool.sti, lyt-darkblue.sti ; installation/extras/source/templates/wizard/fax/lang/dutch/ : wizfax1.stw, wizfax2.stw, wizfax3.stw ; installation/extras/source/misc_config/lang/dutch/ : labels.ini, starmath31.sms ;
modified : Minor whitespace changes to line-up help texts.
tools/config_office/ :, configure ;

cws_src680_qwizards1 was changed by Ron Piterman(rpiterman)
modified : Bugfix : attribute PositionX did not use Integers template.
modified : Bugfix

cws_src680_qwizards1 was changed by Mustafa?(mexx)
modified : Fix method text
modified : Fix image relative path
installation/wizards/source/tutorials/ : Functions.xba, ShowInfoDialog.xba, TutorialsDialog.xdl ;
modified : Fix open document
modified :
installation/wizards/source/tutorials/Functions.xba installation/wizards/com/sun/star/wizards/tutorial/executer/

cws_src680_jl3 was changed by Daniel Boelzle(dbo)
modified : #i23687# =>
udk/stoc/source/corereflection/ udk/stoc/test/ :, testcorefl.cxx ;
modified : #i23687#
api/odk/pack/copying/ udk/cppuhelper/test/ udk/stoc/prj/d.lst installation/scp/source/global/udk_complete.scp

cws_src680_cfg04 was changed by Sarah Smith(ssmith)
added : #114570# component library name change
util/configmgr/util/ :, ;
modified : #114570# cfgmgr component library name change
util/configmgr/util/ util/configmgr/

cws_src680_interop12 was changed by Christian Lippka(cl)
files from: graphics/svx/source/sdr/contact/displayinfo.cxx graphics/sd/sdi/sdslots.src xml/xmloff/source/draw/sdpropls.cxx graphics/sd/source/filter/pptin.cxx graphics/svx/source/svdraw/svdfppt.cxx graphics/sd/source/ui/app/: menu.src, menuids2.src, strings.src,

cws_srx645_nativewidget1 was changed by Stephan Schaefer(ssa)
removed : move NWF interfaces to SalGraphics
files from: salnativewidgets-none.cxx salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx
modified : move NWF interfaces to SalGraphics
gsl/vcl/source/window/window3.cxx gsl/vcl/win/source/gdi/ : MAKEFILE.MK, salnativewidgets-luna.cxx ; gsl/vcl/inc/ : salframe.hxx, salgdi.hxx, window.hxx ; gsl/vcl/win/source/window/MAKEFILE.MK gsl/vcl/unx/source/window/ : salnativewidgets-none.cxx, salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx ; gsl/vcl/source/gdi/salgdilayout.cxx
modified : move NWF to SalGraphics
gsl/vcl/unx/source/window/ gsl/vcl/unx/source/gdi/
added : move NWF to SalGraphics

HEAD was changed by Richard Holt(rholt)
modified : trying out commit on new checkout
modified : putting v104 into CVS
lingucomponent/www/dicooo/ : DicOOo.sxw, version.txt ;
modified : updating
modified : editing, utf-8, $date $
modified : editing $date$
modified : checking utf-8 (Bluefish is great for converting)
modified : editing layout
modified : add $date$
modified : adding $date$
lingucomponent/www/ : download_dictionary.html, index.html ;
modified : split apart the Spanish and Portuguese dict packs
modified : editing
modified : updating to utf-8
modified : testing $Date: 2004/01/14 13:13:35 $

HEAD was changed by Ivo Hinkelmann(ihi)
added : Directory l10n/translation/en-GB
added : #i23270# Initial en-GB commit
modified : Arabic localization Update
modified : Typo

HEAD was changed by Marc Schwanz?(msc)
modified : new version
dba/www/downloads/ : SDBTestTool.tar.gz, SDBTestTool_src.tar.gz ;

HEAD was changed by Ken Foskey(waratah)
modified : Correct some html and typos on the page
modified : Change info about setting up dmake

HEAD was changed by Stefan Taxhet(st)
modified : added title
lingucomponent/www/ : index.html, index.html ;

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