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Development digest
25th January 2004

by C.P. Hennessy

Development news

Development News

Japanese government supporting a project to add PGP digital signing of documents

Announced on the discuss mailing list was a project to implement PGP signing of OOo files. This should complement the effort already underway by the Sun developers.

Tamil OOo 1.1 Linux Build released

The Tamil team has released a Linux test build of the Tamil localized 1.1.0.You can see a screenshot and many others in the link above. They already have a Windows build available at the location above. The announcement is here.

Using OOo's XML sax parser to construct a DOM in StarBasic (and python)

Robert Sanderson wrote this example which demonstrates several things :

A french translation of Andrew Pitonyaks StarBasic document is available

Some great work from the french team has produced a translation of Andrew Pitonyaks document which is a great starter for StarBasic and is full of examples

Native Widget Framework updates

Lots more work on the NWF, include this mail where Dan Williams states that the NWF should be close to feature complete in 2/3 weeks.

Also of note is that Jan Holesovsky(kendy) the KDE developer working on the NWF has been hired by SuSE. This makes a great addition to the Sun developers and the RedHat developer Dan Williams.

Many updates to Starbasic for compatability

In this email Andreas Bregas gives an overview on improvements being made to the compatability with VBA and general improvements to StarBasic:

German team's collection of over 50 templates

The Germanophone project have a collection of over 50 templates (all under LGPL/SISSL, most covered by JCA) online.

Their next major step is to include these templates (or a subset) into OOo package.

Developing Calc functions using the Scripting Framework

Duncan Foster was wondering whether it was possible to add functions for Calc formulas in StarBasic or any other language. Niklas Nebel informed him that it was and actually that there were several ways to do this. However there will have to be some more work on the part of the Scripting Framework and the User Experience team.

This weeks Issuezilla summary

No summary this week as the digest is going out earlier than usual. However you can find all the necessary stats here.

This weeks CVS summary

Some of the interesting developments over the last number of weeks include:

week 4 (2004):

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